the white rabbiit

Can I tell you something about my Tumblr?

The reason why I went with “thewhiterabbiit”

I was watching The Matrix when all of it came to me. I remembered about Alice in Wonderland, and how it all came together, but yet none of it made sense unless you really payed attention. 

How by simply following a white rabbit could lead you to endless things that you could never possibly imagine. How in Alice in Wonderland, she is taken to somewhere safe and in this .gif it’s accurately described, how she starts to fall in the hole and it turns into darkness and the light begins to fade. But yet as she’s falling, things start to get distorted, out of the norm, things simply don’t seem the same, things begin to go mad, sad, depressed, overly happy, and filled with all kinds of emotions and pictures, even animals and insects are completely different. And in The Matrix how Neo enters the real world. How everything is so much different, and completely the opposite of what he thought it would be. How it’s so surreal, the mirror begins to melt and he is awakened in a new reality. In a sense that’s how my tumblr is. Even though lately I haven’t made much personal posts, and when I do, I tend to hide them with a bunch of other posts, because you’d have to pay attention. Really pay attention to where i’m going and what’s inside me. I know it’s not much of what describes me completely, but it gives you more of an idea, these are thoughts that inhabit my mind, a dark, but yet bright place, where everything is different, where there is all kinds of emotions, dwelling deep beneath me. A place that you could never possibly imagine, where things are infinite and it doesn’t matter what you were told, because my tumblr can be filled with all kinds of things… 

Maybe i’ll start publishing more of my writings and stories… Who knows?