the white panther party


Elaine Brown, Former Leader, Black Panther Party (The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World)

“ I wanted to be white. Like so many black people do, but they’re not prepared to make that confession.”  

Regarding the above quote, I wasn’t sure if she meant just African Americans or if she had travelled all over the world and met many black people, and had projected her views onto them.  I can only speak for myself and say I have never wanted to be white.

Can I say that as a person who did not learn ANYTHING about the Black Panther Party in middle school, high school, OR college because it wasn’t part of the curriculum or was just glossed over (in case of college) that these people who are now saying “THEY’RE A BLACK SUPREMACIST HATE GROUP NO BETTER THAN THE KKK” probably just heard this shit second hand from their racist white relatives and just took their word for it instead of doing their own fucking research?

Because that’s probably absolutely what is happening. I promise you.


Bones 12x10 Promo “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party” (HD) - ft. Betty White

Black capitalism is a hoax. Black capitalism is represented as a great step toward Black liberation. It isn’t. It is a giant stride away from liberation. No Black capitalist can function unless he plays the white man’s game. Worst still while the Black capitalist wants to think he functions on his own terms, he doesn’t. He is always subject to the whims of the white capitalist. The rules of Black capitalism and the limits of Black capitalism are set by the white power structure.
—  Huey P. Newton, Black Panther Party, 1969