the white orchard

My best friend got me a really beautiful early graduation gift. Obsessed with my new 18 inch white mesh CS-426 from Orchard Corset. She ordered some corsets and they were delivered the following day! We are so impressed with Orchard Corset and all of their lovely creations. 💗

Beyond excited to be seasoning my second corset! Thank you Anna! @imaradiocure

No porn blogs PLEASE.

Okay Mattel. Stop it. Just stop it right now. We know this perfect couple made in heaven is never gonna be canon so you need stop teasing us about it.  

I…I can’t. The adorable. It’s too much. These cuties have too much power over me. If ever the chance Hell becomes a solid block of ice and Apple x Raven become official I will explode into glitter.


…Also Rosabella cameo! Yay!…I guess (I don’t even care honestly)…

Screencap from The Legacy Orchard.


The Witcher 3 concept art: White Orchard

The game begins near a small Temerian village, in surroundings which at first glance seem almost idyllic. Clear skies abound and the orchards’ trees are bursting with white flowers. It takes a moment to notice the tell-tale signs of war: collapsed roofs, turned-over carts littering the roadside, and abandoned possessions strewn about neglected farmyards. This juxtaposition of a warm, sunny spring and a landscape rife with destruction and conflict lends color and credence to the game’s atmosphere. In this land, as is often the case in reality, war continues to upend human lives no matter the weather or the time of year.