the white medusa

Hermes and Medusa have a friendly conversation on the care and feeding of magical snakes!

Had the idea for this little spin off story all the way back when working on my Hades and Persephone Inktober–and now I’ve finally drawn them together! Well, painted.

Acrylic, 7 hours. Done for a gallery show at work! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.

Isle of the Lost Headcanons I

- The Headless Horseman lives on the Isle - although single, childless and alone. Not even his horse. And still without a head. I like to imagine him with a pot-belly.

- Madame Medusa’s pawn shop is located in the bazaar. It’s now a mother/daughter business with her daughter, Maggie.

- Jafar and Medusa are business rivals. Jay’s officially banned from the store.

- Medusa lives on her broken-down river boat with her daughter and their pet crocodiles.

- She and Cruella De Vil are heavy frenemies - although they’re delightful to eachother face-to-face, both complain about the other behind their backs; gifting each other rubbish they no longer want and stealing from each other when they come around each other’s houses.

- Her car, unlike Cruella’s, was repossed when she was banished to the Isle.

- Humbert the Huntsman (from Snow White) also resides on the Isle. Of course, the Evil Queen hates him. Anyone who wants to have her favour (not many) avoid him like the plague.

- He’s the laughing stock of the Queen’s ex-staff. All those who joined her in exile, that is.

- The man from Bambi lives in a small cottage in the woods away from the small town on the Isle. He’s never seen. You can hear his dogs howling in the night at the moon sometimes.

- Tamatoa lives down near the beach, near the docks. Although now he’s smaller, less threatening, and a lot less shiny. More like an annoying Sebastian.

- The Ringmaster and Stromboli are drinking buddies. They both complain about losing their ‘star-act’ and how their businesses failed after they’d gone. Stromboli regrets the cage. The Ringmaster regrets the firefighter clowns.