the white flower we call a daisy

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There is another ask by me, but I wouldn't if you didn't like these type of asks. ( If I'm wrong, please forgive me.) Could you please analyse the flowery symbolism behind the scene where Real Ciel falls, and before that? I know from your posts that roses means love and it's not what it seems, but what about the rest? Thank you very much.

Hello again. ^^ You’re right, I like to analyze flower meanings. :) This one could be a bit difficult, though, since there are so many different flowers but I’ll try.

So these are the flowers I’m seeing here and their respective meaning in the language of flowers:

Roses: They can have many meanings – depending on their color which we can’t tell from this picture – but the most prominent one is love which would fit quite well with this picture. Also, roses (especially the thorns) are often associated with the Phantomhives throughout the manga so they appear quite often in connection to the family (probably because the Phantomhives, like roses, have two sides; and one is quite dangerous (represented by the thorns)). In this picture, however, we see no thorns on the roses so here the positive side (’love’) is dominating.

Daisies: White daisies stand for innocence and loyal love which fits here, as well.

Lily of the Valley: They stand for the return of happiness. The scene is showing how the twin and their parents come back from their trip and see our Ciel again and since his family is what made our Ciel happy you could indeed call it ‘the return of happiness’ which is what the lily of the valley represents.

I’m not quite sure about the fourth flower but it could be acacia which stands for friendship or concealed love or it could also be lilac which represents love, humility and youthful innocence. 

So basically all these flowers are standing for positive emotions like love, innocence and happiness. And that’s what I think is represented here in this picture because in this moment our Ciel is talking about him being happy and that was all before the tragedy struck. He was still an innocent boy back then, happy to be with his family and loved.

This picture also reminds me of the one from chapter 126:

While the one from the flashback is bright and shows the positive sides where our Ciel was still happy and accepting these feelings the one from chapter 126 is the opposite. Similar flowers are being used but it’s dark and the flowers are withering at our Ciel’s feet, symbolizing that he’s not accepting the feelings of happiness and love around him anymore (like Soma is saying). So there could be an intended contrast between these two pictures; showing how much our Ciel has changed.

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the jahan au: charlie frederick mulclaire

[start from the beginning]

  • not-so-little jahan, age 16, starts dating his first Real Boyfriend
  • he’s been dating this dude on the dl for like three months maybe?
  • well, “the dl”
  • robomom knows all
  • and robomom tells rootmom everything
  • She approves, so root approves (after much additional digging)
  • shaw knows too, sort of. she’s observant but in denial
  • “friends hold hands all the time”
  • she doesn’t want to think about her little prince being grown up and having a boyfriend, so she doesn’t
  • she still gives him scooby doo fruit snacks in his lunchbox

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Can you make more parts for the wrong dorm thing? It's really good

You can find Part 1 here, and part 2 here. 

I’m surprised at how comfortable Sam seems in my home, especially the morning after. Again, she hasn’t scurried off in the night, and she isn’t embarrassed by her predicament in the least. In fact she seems quite at home on my couch, sprawled out onto all corners with one of her legs propped over the arm of the end. She sniffles in her sleep and turns to face the cushions.

I shouldn’t really harbor any feelings of any kind save for perhaps confusion and irritation for this girl. But in truth, having her here has been more pleasant than not and it means that the bloke she’s been hiding from can’t get to her.

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