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Game On│01

Spy!AU Jungkook x Rivals!OC 
Length: 6.8K 
Type: Mindless Fluff aka my specialty hehe
Warnings: May have angst in later parts; ments of weapons and violence, etc. 
Recommended OST: (x
(a/n): this wasn’t supposed to see the light of day until I finished all my other things but I figured I might as well post it because it’ll give me motivation to finish it T^T also… how long has it been since my pure pure fluff days? this part is realllyyyy just fluff hahah next part may have angst and action so stayed tuned bebs. As always comments and feedback is always appreciated. I must give credit where credit is due and say that this is loosely inspired by the Gallagher Girls academy, but mainly the concept of the academy and the mother as a headmistress, but other aspects are birthed from my fluffy ass imagination.

→Summary: “As the daughter of the headmistress, you’re not particularly impressed by the age old history of the academy, the stories turned bland since you spent most of your childhood hearing the tales as your bedtime story. In fact, you remain unfazed by most circumstances, but as luck would have it, these circumstances happened to exclude a certain golden boy named Jeon Jungkook.” 

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Aha, got him.

Trailing your eyes to from the receding figure to your cellphone, you can’t help but feel the corners of your lips tug themselves upwards.

Yes, this is how it should be. You had no reason to worry, even if it is a mission against his school today.

Rhythmic tapping of your fingers against the screen and your sneakers scratching against the pavement is all that is heard as you drift away from the scene, almost but not quite letting your guard down. You never let your guard down. Subtle vibration of the phone alerts you to the next step of the mission and you swipe your finger across the glass surface, expectant. A familiar robotic voice greets you,

“Hello, welcome to the final stage of your practical. Enclosed in locker 080604 between the intersection of 5th and 7th street you will find a package. Retrieve it. A carrier will arrive at exactly 12:00a.m. on Platform 4 from a train heading South. Deliver the package safely by 1:07a.m. and return to campus by the curfew of dawn. Best of luck.” by the time the voice is done speaking you’ve already thrown the device a few meters away from you where a tiny explosion can be heard. 


Sighing slightly, because you’re going to have to run this one, you’re sprinting towards the underground tunnels and away from the crowded streets of downtown, too preoccupied to notice the man in all black on your trail.

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This is Our Song | Min Yoongi

Genre : fluff, little angst, Soulmate!AU

Description : a soulmate system which a song will suddenly played in your mind whenever your soulmate listens or sings to it from far away.

Pairing : Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Word Count : 4,2K

Plot : a story about a girl and a boy who have always been there for each other behind every songs they shared. One time, a love song was played and stuck in their minds for a very long time until they sang a long with it at the same time, with a same song, but at different places.

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   Your POV

Stressed. Depressed. Dying. Those are three things that represent your feelings because of the math exam you’re facing right at this miserable moment. You don’t even know what you don’t know, but yeah, you need to pass. You’ve never been this focus before and you’re trying so hard to remember things you had studied yesterday night.

But life hates you so much because suddenly a song was played inside your fraught mind, made you stopped writing your answers and just stared blankly at your test paper. The piano in the beginning, the melodies, each harmonies were soothingly beautiful that made you wanted to fall asleep right away because it sounded like a sweet lullaby.

      W-whose song is this?? I haven’t heard of it, not even once…

Thoughts started running through your mind, distracting you from the exam which your attention should be on right now. But you didn’t care anymore because you’ve realized something. You realized that your mom was right. She has been right all along.

“Mom, you’re right..” you said that to your mother who was sitting in front of you. “Right about what sweetie?” She asked with a confused face, at first she didn’t realize until her face started to light up and from that you knew she got the point, she got one point from being right this whole time.

“What is it? Whose song did he give to you? Was it good?” you’ve never seen her this excited and curios before, questions kept coming out from her mouth.

“Mom I can’t believe it’s real, I never believed this kind of soulmate system which you share songs using your mind with your soulmate from far away like, it sounded so ridiculous to me…” you said which more like mumbling and waited for your mom’s reply, but she said nothing and just smile playfully at you, teasing you because she wanted to hear your final words.

“and yeah, I didn’t believe it until today, until a strange song which I’ve never listened to suddenly was played inside my mind, it was really beautiful and it made me forgot all the surroundings.. it was just.. really calming,” you said while still putting a disbelieve expression in your face.

“Honey, now you know. Be patient, let the fate brings you to him.”

Him.. Him who I just noticed that actually exists.

Him whose hands are where my future belongs to.

    Yoongi POV

Yoongi was glad that he was sick so he didn’t have to go to school today. He was now lying in his bed, thoughts filling his mind. It’s been 18 years but he hasn’t gotten any signals from his soulmate, unless she really exists.

      What if she doesn’t exist? What if this whole soulmate system thing was a lie?

He let out a small groan, holding his head with his small hands. He was too worried, he was way too worried about his future. One scary though came into his mind, made his heart stopped from beating for a split second.

      W-what if.. She.. Died..?

He started biting his nails, anxiety wrapped him like a blanket. After several minutes of silence, he stood up and walked towards a draw next to his bed. He pulled it out and took out his white earphones. He plugged them in his phone and he scrolled through his music libraries until his finger stopped on a song.

He put on the earphones and throw himself on the bed. He closed his eyes, enjoying every strain of it, each harmonies filling his eardrums, it’s soothingly beautiful that made him forgot his anxiety for a while.

And I told you to be patient,
And I told you to be fine,
And I told you to be balanced,
And I told you to be kind,
And in the morning I’ll be with you,

Skinny Love by Birdy blast out from the speakers, filling his eardrums, beautiful enough to calm all the devils inside him. He hopes that somewhere in the part of this world his soulmate is listening to this song too. He hopes one day she realized that he actually exists and that he spent his years of existence waiting for her.

   Your POV

You were sitting on your bed side, the thoughts of him kept lingering in your mind. You won’t forget this day, the day when your soulmate from far away gave you a very beautiful song. It made you happy how it came just right in time. Right where you were feeling anxiety and hopeless. It felt like he was holding the light that you needed the most, whilst he walked into your life for the very first time.

You decided to do something. Something you thought you would never do because you didn’t believe it at first. But all these things make sense to you now.

You put on your earphones and clicked played on your phone screen.

    Yoongi POV

Yoongi felt sick being at home all day so he went out to get some fresh air for a while. Yoongi was walking alone at the park in the middle of the night, he wasn’t sure of what he was doing or what he was thinking. But one thing he was sure of was that no matter how hard he tried, how busy his day was, how tired his body was, the thoughts of his soulmate never left his mind, not even once. “I think about someone who I haven’t met too much, I care about her too much, more than I should,”

Suddenly he stopped from moving towards, he was just standing there, his eyes got bigger and he didn’t move for a minute.

And if you say you’re okay
I’m gonna heal you anyway
Promise I’ll always be there
Promise I’ll be the cure

His mouth dropped open, he felt like the world stopped spinning, the clock stopped ticking, he could not believe what just happened.

He closed his eyes, trying to absorb every lyrics of the song that was played in his mind, the first song his soulmate has given to him.

A big smile was painted on his glowing face, he could not resist the excitement he felt in his chest. Today was the day, the day when his soulmate decided to show up in his life for the very first time and he couldn’t be more grateful of it.

    She is alive and she promised that she would heal me.. From far away…

That day was the day which changed both of your lives. Both of you have been sharing lots of songs together through minds for the past several months, both of you felt so happy, you both were always be there for each other behind every songs. But you did not take this seriously, it still felt like a fantasy to you, meanwhile Yoongi kept wishing upon a star for this fantasy to be real. He wanted no one else but you.

       Your POV

Two years has passed, you got a new class and a new boyfriend.

“(Y/N)-ah, let me help you with that bag, it seems so heavy!”

“It’s okay, Jimin, I can hand-”

You were about to stop him but his hands already took your bag away from you and he put it on his back. “Let’s go, we’re gonna be late!” he smiled at you sweetly and grabbed your hand.

You know this isn’t right. You should’ve not let his arms wrapped around your waist at the first place, you should’ve not let him whispered I love you’s into your ears under the moonlight and telling you that everything was gonna be okay, you should’ve not let him love you, but you did because you love him too.

The idea that he wasn’t your soulmate who has saved your life for so many times with the songs he shared with you, kept haunting you every single night. You want no one else but Jimin. But you know the truth cannot be buried forever. If he’s not your soulmate then it doesn’t worth the fight, because in the end it will always be you and your soulmate. You’d give up the whole universe and all the stars in it if that is what it takes for Jimin to be your soulmate, but you know that’s not possible, everyone knows it is not.

      Yoongi POV

Min Yoongi was 20 when he entered a new school that majoring in Music. He has always loved music, it what keeps him living. That’s why he was really happy when his soulmate shared her song for the first time, it made him love music even more because he realized that music isn’t just a blessing to his ears but also to his heart.

There was a day when both of you didn’t share a single song and after that day, everything changed. His soulmate showed up randomly with so many love songs which clearly tell that she is in love with someone and that she’d do anything for her boyfriend to be happy. Min Yoongi noticed it, so he decided to share songs with himself because he was afraid that he would annoy her.

He may not know her yet his heart ache a little when a love song was played in his mind.

He may not know her yet he wished nothing but only for her happiness.

      Your POV

You were walking towards your locker and you twist its knob based on the digits you set and you opened it. You were busy putting the books you’ll need that day inside your bag while someone gave you a small peck on your left cheek. “Good morning, beautiful !” your handsome boyfriend is standing next to you right now, smiling beautifully at you. “Good morning, chim!” you smiled back at him. When you finished putting all the books inside your bag, he grabbed your hand and both of you were walking together to the class. Jimin is your senior, his class is downstairs but he always comes to you first every morning and walk you to your class. He is just as sweet as that.

”(Y/N), I have an English test tomorrow, I was wondering if you’d like to come to my house after school and teach me some grammars, you know I really suck at it, babe,” he said to you as his lips turned into a pout.

Oh god, can he stop being so goddamn adorable ??

“Yeah, sure, anything for you baby,” you said that to him. “Thanks, babe, see you later!” he waved at you after he gave you a small peck on your forehead. You are on your own now and you let out a deep sigh then entered the class.

“(Y/N)-ah I didn’t know you were this smart in English,” your boyfriend complimented you as his mouth dropped open, made you blushed. “Jimin-ah, stop it !” you shouted at him while you jokingly hit his back with a pillow and chuckled. He really loves seeing you getting blush when he showered you with compliments.

“Now, focus on your study or I’m leaving,” you tried so hard to sound angry but he knew you were just playing around so he gave a small peck on your lips all of sudden and said, “okay, my beautiful English tutor.” he smirks at you and started writing again.

You stood up to grab your earphones from your bag. You know this is a stupid idea but you have to do this before it’s late. You know this is going to hurt both of you but you need to find an answer to the question which had been haunting you every single night.

You sit back next to Jimin who was still focusing on answering the questions. You smiled at how cute he looked when he was concentrate doing something.

You cursed at yourself to remind yourself that it’s not the right time to admire your cute boyfriend. You immediately plugged in your earphones to your phone and put them on. You ‘clicked’ play at a song, as the intro started to blast out from the speakers, you put all your attention on Jimin.

Your eyes kept observing his face expression, the way he frowned his forehead as he think for an answer, the way he put his pencil at the tip of his soft lips as he read the questions written on the paper.

The song has reached to an end yet his face expression stayed like that, nothing changed. He seemed really easy to answer all the questions, not bothering about a song was played in his mind, because there was none. There was no song was played in his mind. Your heart sank as the truth has spoken by itself.

My boyfriend isn’t my soulmate.

Your tried so hard to hold the tears from falling down, it hurts, the truth hurts a lot. You let out a deep groan, deep enough that made Jimin turned his head facing you and asked you if you were okay. You faked a smile.

“I’m okay, have you finished it ? Let me check your answers.”

You know you’re not ready for this and you never will be, but you have to because you cannot expect the world to forgive you for being selfish and give you exactly what you wanted. The stars seem like they were too far away to hear every wishes that came out from your mouth every single night for Jimin to be your soulmate. It’s over now, you need to stop lying to yourself and him.

“Jimin, I need to talk,” those words came out from your mouth sending a confused expression on his face because you never sounded nor looked this serious before.

“What is it baby? Is there anything that bothers you?” he stares right into your soul as he hold both of your hands. “I.. I need to tell you something, follow me.”

You grabbed his hand and lead him to a small room next to the canteen. As both of you arrived, you closed the door and turned your body to face him.

“Jimin, do you love me?” a stupid question came out from your mouth, stupid enough to make him stare at you for awhile.

“Is that even a question? You know that I love you so much, (Y/N)..” his genuine answer made you hesitate to continue what you’re doing right now but you know you can’t so you threw your last question, “even if we are not soulmates?”

“(Y/N) I never believed in that soulmate system thing, it’s full of lies besides I believe we are soulmates since we love each other, right?”

“I do love you Jimin, I really do. But we can’t do this, we can’t fight against the world..” you could see Jimin got hurt by every words you threw at him, seeing him like this made you want to jump off a cliff.

You took out your earphones, plugged them in, and put them on. You clicked play on a song, a heartbreak song.

“Are you listening what I’m listening to right now?”


“I’m sorry, Jimin. This is all my fault, I’ve been so selfish. You can hate me as much as you wan-”

You didn’t have the chance to finish your words when Jimin’s plump lips suddenly pressed against yours. You closed your eyes, the only think you wanted to do in that moment was to stop the time. You wanted to stay like that forever, be in his arms forever. But once again, the world didn’t offer you what you wished for. He pulled his face away from yours and that was how both of your last kiss ended.

“(Y/N), I love you so much, I would never hate you besides it’s not your fault.” Tears came streaming down your face, he is too sweet to be real, he doesn’t deserve this. “Sshh, don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry like this,” he said that to you as he wiped your tears away with his hand.

“(Y/N), can we hug for the last time?” you nodded and his strong arms wrapped around your waist. You felt so sad because you knew the world that you were holding between your arms right now, was the world you were about to let go.

Park Jimin has always been your world, but now it’s time for you to find your real world.

       Yoongi POV

Yoongi was in his room, sipping a cup of coffee when a song all of sudden played in his mind. He was surprised because he didn’t expect a sad love song from his soulmate, it was sad enough that made Yoongi wonder if his soulmate was okay.

If I could change the world overnight
There’d be no such thing as goodbye
You’d be standing right where you were
And we’d get the chance we deserve, oh

Yoongi may not know his soulmate but he could feel the sound of heart being shattered behind this song, every lyrics of it represent two people who had no chance to be together because the world was against them.

Yoongi felt really sorry for his soulmate, he hoped that he could do anything to make her feel better. His fingers made a slow tapping sound on the desk as he was thinking so hard.

His face lighten up when a brilliant idea came up. He quickly stood up to grab a piece of paper and a pen, then he walked towards his piano.

    Your POV

Ever since that day, you feel like you lost all your hopes. You feel like the world is falling apart. You miss Park Jimin so much and suddenly all the sad love songs were about him. You feel bad for your soulmate because you know somewhere in the world, he listened to every sad songs you have been listening to for these past few days.

You kept telling yourself to stop being sad and get your shits together, still it’s not as simple as that. You were still mad at the fact that the universe has brought up you and Jimin together but at the same time not letting both of you to grow old together and to be a true soulmate for each other.

You let out a deep sigh and tossed your body to the bed. You were lost in your own thoughts as you were staring at the ceiling above you.

As always, your soulmate came just right in time behind a song he decided to share with you. But this time was different. You weren’t sure if it was just you who have been living under the rock or this song was never popular.

The harmonies, every strain of the piano blessed your whole existence, you weren’t sure if this song was never popular because it was too beautiful for people not to love this song. The deep voice of a man who sang it sounded so unfamiliar for you, but you enjoyed every minute of it. You tried to memorize all the lyrics as you typed them on your phone.             


Darling, hang in there, we’re almost there                                                 

Promise me you’ll stay behind every songs that we share                     

Because eventually fate will bring us side by side                                           

And from that day I will always remain by your side                                 

Holding you tight and whisper “everything is gonna be okay.”

The song has come to an end and you realized that the lyrics were more like a poem than a song. You immediately went to the browser and typed the lyrics to look up for the song title, but the result was null. You felt sad for a moment because you needed the song title, you never knew you needed it so bad in your life. But then you realized something.

Did he write this.. For me..?

You smiled at the though of it, you weren’t even sure why you came up with this assumption but one thing you were sure of was that you love lifting your hopes up with your own expectation.

But if your assumption was true, and if your soulmate was the one who wrote this sweet love song for you, then the only thing you wanted to do was to find his location and asked him to sing it again in front of you.

You may not know him but you felt really thankful for everything he has done to you. He has filled the darkness in you with the colors he decided to use to paint you through every lyrics.

You may not know him but his existence himself has already given you a new hope.

     Yoongi POV

Yoongi hoped that his soulmate loved the song that he wrote for her. He wished that he could do more than this, he’d sell his soul just to be where his soulmate is right now. He cares about her, a lot. He wondered if she’s gotten better now and has finally moved on from her past boyfriend, he hoped she did because he could not help but feeling jealous.

He smiled at himself because of how dumb he was for feeling jealous over a girl he hasn’t even met. A phone call from his best friend broke the silence.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, see you!” he hung up as he stood up and grab his car key, ready to heading off.

      Your POV

“HAPPY BIRTHDAAAYY!!!” you shouted at your best friend and gave her the biggest hug ever. “Ah, (Y/N), thank you for coming, I’ve missed you so much!” said your best friend with a glowing face that made you smile really big because you’ve missed her too.

You are now sitting in the front row, gathering your guts until it’s finally your turn to perform something on stage. Your best friend has this all set up, she has always excited to see you sing. Last week she asked you to sing one song for her on her birthday party, you couldn’t protest and agree to it.

There was no music to accompany your voice, but you tried so hard to stay calm so that every lyrics that came out from your mouth can be heard clearly.

       Yoongi POV

“Yoongi why are you always late??”

“Geez, at least I came. By the way, happy birthday stop being so annoying.” he said that as he handed a present to his best friend. “Yeah, whatever, Min Yoongi, and what’s this??” her face lightened up as he received the gift from him. “You’ll find out later, anyway where should I sit?” he was looking around to observe the situation. “Hurry up, take a seat wherever you want, the show is going to start soon.” her best friend lightly pushed him to move signalling him to take a seat. “Show? What show?”

“Min Yoongi, will you just shut up and enjoy the show?”

“Okay, I’ll try.” he answered sarcastically making her best friend rolled her eyes. Don’t get him wrong, he loves his best friend so much, it’s just that this is him, he was born with a natural talent of being sarcastic every time he opens his mouth.

The show has about to started when a girl entered the small stage in front of him. Her beauty caught Yoongi’s attention, he has never seen a girl this beautiful. He has never put a glanced for a girl this long because he usually just doesn’t care about his surroundings but not this time, all his attention was on her.

He was staring at her as she raised the microphone and started to sing.

He gasped. He knew this song, no one knew, but he did and he knew it so well because he was the one who wrote it.

He stood up and heading towards without thinking twice. He could feel all the eyes were on him as he made every steps towards the piano at the corner of the stage. He put both of his hands on the piano tiles and started to play.

      Your POV

You were about to reach the first bridge when suddenly a piano strain started to play from behind made you gasped a little. You took a peek and saw a good-looking man with a shining black hair was pressing every piano tiles as he closed his eyes, seemed like he has done it for million times.

W-wait, how did he know? How can he know the keys to this song?

The euphoria of the thoughts of your soulmate made your body shivered a little. The broken pieces of your heart just got brought back together. Everything seemed has gotten clearer and brighter.

He is real and he is here right now.

The song has finally come to an end, sending around of applause from the audiences. You can’t help but smile really big and proud of yourself that you could make it without passing out because feeling nervous.

The party has ended but your new life has just begun when your soulmate decided to walk towards you and smiled beautifully at you,

“Thank you for keeping your promise.”

Writing A Musical - Step Six

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 3, 026

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Step Six: Don’t Stress

“Lin, this is the sixth time I’ve called you. I know you’re probably annoyed by the sound of your phone, but I’m a little worried. It’s been almost a month since the gala and you’ve only texted me three times. And two of those were about the show. Just — I’m worried, okay? Call me.”

You were walking home from a lunch date with your brother when you passed by the diner. It made you think of Lin and how distant he had been since the gala.

“He’s fine.” You told yourself. “Don’t worry about it.”

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