the white bear king valemon

Fairy Tale Meme:

4 OTPs - [The White Bear and The Girl from East of the Sun and West of the Moon]

The next Thursday evening came the white bear to fetch her. She got on his back with her bundle, and off they went. After they had gone a good way, the white bear said, “Are you afraid?”

No, she wasn’t.

Okay, so I just finished watching The Polar Bear King (1991) (which is a movie based on the fairy tale White-Bear-King-Valemon/East of the Sun, West of the Moon), and now I desperately want a coldflash AU. 

But, seriously, could you picture it? Leonard lives as a prince of the Winterland, and one day he meets a white bear who isn’t actually a bear, but King Barry of the Summerland. Barry was turned into a great white bear by the evil troll-witch Eobard, for refusing to marry him. And Leonard falls in love with Barry and agrees to marry him. Barry says that Leonard must never look upon his face, but Leonard gets to curious and one night he does and Barry must go off to marry the troll-witch Eobard. Leonard sets off in a fury to rescue him, worried that he ruined their happily ever after. But at the troll-witch’s castle, Leonard is aided by Cisco and Caitlin who help him defeat Eobard and save Barry. And then they ride off into the sunset and are happy. 

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