the whispering one

So after that discussion with leiftan Ez says something like ‘Well, I was going to invite you tonight but if you already have plans…’ then he’s about to leave gardienne grabs him and:

Ez: ‘What? You want me to be your third wheel in your romantic date or something?’

Gardienne: ‘No…but I didn’t say that i was going to go with him’

And after you choose to go with Ez’

Ez: *whispers* ‘Hehe, one point for me’

Gardienne: ‘What did you say?’ (I don’t think i heard him)

‘Nothing, Nothing’

I’m Dying

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: death, extreme angst

Request: @ccxx-mirror “Harry x reader prompt number 26 plz”

Prompts: “I’m dying”

As soon as the bullet hit your chest, you knew things were going the complete opposite way as you’d hoped. You fell to the ground, clutching your chest and crying out in agony. Your partner, Harry, managed to take out the rest of your enemies and rush over to your side, trying to stem the bleeding.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, ripping off a piece of his suit to use as a makeshift bandage, using his thumb to gently wipe the tears away from your eyes as you drifted in and out of consciousness. “Stay with me, can you do that?”

“Harry, there’s no point.” your voice was a hoarse whisper, as you grabbed one of his hands to hold for comfort. “I’m dying.”

“No, no…” he shook his head, trying to get hold of Merlin. There was no signal. “You can’t, you can’t die, Y/N.” He held you close to him, pressing light kisses to the crown of your head, running his hand through your hair. 

Losing the woman he had loved since he could remember was not something he ever expected to happen. He was always the one desperately trying to keep you safe. Now he was blaming himself for turning his back for five minutes, and you was hurt.

“I love you, Harry.” you whispered, staring up at him. Not once had you seen him cry, never. He was always the one who would give you a reason not to cry, not to be upset. But this time, it was inevitable. 

“Don’t leave me.” Harry let out a sob, pressing a final kiss to your lips, holding you as close to him as possible. You let in one last sharp intake of breath, before falling limp in his arms. 

Harry let out a cry of disbelief, anger, grief, all in one. He closed your eyes, before standing up, vowing to find whoever was responsible for this happening to you, to him. 

And boy, would they pay for it.

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Hey! Can I get a character description so that maybe just maybe I understand myself ? Sagittarius sun, Leo rising, Aquarius moon, Libra mars, Capricorn Venus and Sagittarius mercury ! Thank you 💕

That feeling you get down in the pit of your stomach that stretches to the tip of your toes and makes you want to run circles round the world.
That itch in the back of your throat that forces you to speak.
To scream.
To curse.
To shout out the heavens about all the little inconsistencies.
Standing still doesn’t come easy, but that prickling sensation between the shoulder blades demands reflection. Work this out. Don’t take a step until you’re certain.
It’s a conundrum.
A riddle for the ages.
Complete and utter contradiction.
Like hell are you going to outright admit you shouldn’t have done that.
It’s all conflict management from here on out.

The ones who whisper your name in the dead of night and promise you’ll never amount to anything, never fit into the story, are fucking scumbags.
Look at you, fogging up the windows with your breath and leaving little nose prints.
What’s so great about being in there, anyway?
There’s a million people all around you. All pressing their faces and their hands to that same damn window.
You’re on the inside of the outside. 

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Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.


…you know what it feels like to get booped off an edge. You just…let it happen and die a little inside is all.


movies list : Whisper of the Heart (1995 - Dir. Yoshifumi Kondo)
“Shizuku, do what you believe in. But it’s not easy when you walk your own road. You’ve only got yourself to blame.”