the whispering!

I’ve never really understood,
I’ve always floated by.
Somehow this plan was working
and I never questioned why,
until your heart settled on me
and put me through distress,
that day I had to wonder if
I’d rather not progress.
The first 3 dates are comfortable
but I don’t like to move.
I like getting to know you
without needing to improve.
Maybe I haven’t been in love
but the thought is suffocating - 
just walk with me, just hold my hand
just find me captivating.
—  Grazia Curcuru

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In TSH something that really bothers me is why are they all at a liberal arts college? I mean why isn't Henry at Harvard and Francis in Rome studying classics? I guess what i'm asking is them all being at an unexceptional academically rigorous school a deliberate set up by Tartt to highlight the pretentiousness of the characters?

Potentially. It’s explained in the book though; Henry wouldn’t get in because he hates not doing exactly what he wants, and his whims would not be allowed on another campus; that and the fact that he despises exams and has very specific knowledge rather than broad general culture, both of which must have impacted his SATs or whatever you have across the pond. As for Francis, he’s described as clever but awfully lazy, meaning that he must have had good grades only in the fields he’s already gifted in or that his environment has already helped him develop. The twins wanted to get away from the South, are not as rich as the others, and most likely not as scholarly; and Richard and Edmund were just not that good.

So it’s a mix between them wanting to shelter themselves from the reality of an exacting school, circumstances (Richard with his late application, Henry wanting to study with Julian potentially…), and creating a contrast between them being convinced of their own elitist superiority yet merely triumphing in a mediocre environment which does not even care for them in the first place, but only tolerates them by ostracising them and looking the other way from their quirks.

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One time someone pointed what at you and your mom?!?!

A gun.

Mom doesn’t speak english, she SUCKS at it, so I went with her and my step dad to the US and helped them talk, I was p much their translator.

It was a funny trip but when we leaved the touristic zone to see the city a lil better we got thirsty so mom and I went to find a store.

We found a lil one and when we where in mom said “Catiush recuerda no pedir nada muy caro que no sacamos mucha plata” and I answered her “No te preocupes mami que de todos modos no tengo mucha sed”. 

When the guy heard our accents and us speaking spanish he took a gun and pointed it at us really subtly, I guess expecting us to steal him something or some shit like that.

When I found out I did a sign to mom and she saw it too, she was MAD AF but also hella scared (mom doesn’t get too well with white ppl because she says they’re all self-centered racist assholes) we just turned away and left without saying anything else, when we where out mom started complaining and I tried to calm her down… and she tried to calm me down.

This have never ever happened to us here in Colombia so it was a new experience we would rather never have again.

Ok but when Matt was describing Delilah and Silas Briarwood on the skeletal dragon (dracolich is still unconfirmed) this is how I imagined the them.

Because, Matt said that Silas’ arms were wrapped around Delilah, which to me meant that he was behind her.

I was tagged by a couple of people to pick one favorite character from 10 different fandoms. This was at least a few weeks ago, so naturally I’m first getting around to it now. Also, since heaven forbid I ever actually follow the rules of these games, does anyone mind if I pick two characters from five different fandoms instead?! I CAN?! Thanks, you guys are the best :)

In no order:

Harry Potter 

1. Hermione Granger

Brilliant, brave, realistically and interestingly flawed. She’s a blend of some seemingly contradictory characteristics: she can come off as bossy and arrogant in some ways yet is deeply insecure in others, she’s academically gifted yet often socially and emotionally confused, she’s bold and assertive yet often afraid of change, and so on. The result is one of the most unique, memorable characters since…ever :)

2. Luna Lovegood

Imaginative, creative, intuitive, smart in such a fascinating way, more self-aware and insightful than she’s generally given credit for, genuinely kind and so completely, totally true to herself. 


1. Paige Matthews

Sassy and brave yet deeply vulnerable, impatient and snarky yet incredibly compassionate, very logical yet highly creative, genuinely eager to connect yet also fiercely independent and quirky with a need to follow her own path. Like Hermione, Paige has some seemingly contradictory traits that come together to make for a compelling and relatable character (because who among us ISN’T a mass of contradictions?!), and bonus points for her being one of TV’s few adopted children who genuinely viewed her adoptive mom and dad as her “real parents”!  

2. (Early Seasons) Phoebe Halliwell

Vibrant, warm, loving, effervescent, adventurous, infectiously optimistic even when life gave her reasons not to be, relatably impulsive and reckless sometimes yet genuinely eager to learn from past mistakes. The widespread dislike for this character still hurts my strange little heart :)

(Prue should be here too, but I’m trying to play by the rules!)

Ghost Whisperer

1. Melinda Gordon - The sadly underrated heroine of my sadly underrated show! I love and connect with her so deeply. She’s extremely emotional and sensitive yet also depicted as strong and brave. (Many TV writers seem to labor under the illusion that women have to appear stoic and cold in order to be considered ‘strong’, which…no). She’s deeply compassionate and kind even when she has reasons not to be. Sure, she has flaws—she gets fixated on certain things to the point of obsessiveness, she has trouble letting go, she can be so distracted by her role in helping the dead that she’s not always totally present and focused on her day to day LIFE, and, like all of us, she can be stubborn—but those shortcomings just make her human and more interesting. Overall, she’s as lovable and admirable a woman as you’ll find. What do I admire about her most? I’m glad you asked ;) Despite insecurities and a lifetime of being told she’s “crazy”, she always remains quietly but firmly true to herself and her beliefs.  

2. Rick Payne - I mean, obviously I love Jim, and he’s pretty much the perfect guy…but he’s just a tad TOO perfect to be very interesting as a fictional character :) Rick, though, is DEEPLY flawed—an emotionally closed off, deliberately obnoxious wiseass who uses sarcasm to keep people at a distance since he’s afraid of getting close to them, an odd mixture of arrogance and insecurity, and painfully awkward to the point where you can nearly always count on him saying and doing the wrong thing. Yet he’s also loyal, brilliant, passionate about all sorts of interesting things and secretly sweet. And, yes, I’m the one person who ships him with Melinda (though only if Jim had remained truly dead, of course!) 


1. Amy Santiago

My adorkable, hilariously neurotic, kind, brave and brilliant Amy :) She reminds me a bit of Hermione in the best possible ways! 

2. Jake Peralta 

I normally don’t like the ‘cocky manchild’ type, but Jake awesomely subeverts most ‘manchild’ tropes—yes, he’s often silly and immature, but he’s also incredibly sweet, loving, surprisingly emotionally aware, a determinedly cheerful optimist even when life’s been rough, and, in his own way, highly intelligent. 


1. Buffy Summers 

Could I possibly give you a more dully precistable answer?! I’ve already rambled at length about why I love her, so I’ll spare you all the usual pro-Buffy babbling :) 

2. Rupert Giles

A brilliant, socially awkward, introverted nerd with a secretly soft heart and a surprising badass streak? You just described my ideal guy :) 

I think many of you have done this one already, but I’ll tag @princessofsunnydale @babygirl06301 @buffy-angel-and-co @we-pay-for-everything @hermione-mak-gilmore @starshollowisonahellmouth @bangelicchocoholic @austennerdita2533 @stydiariarkle @sarah–tonin and anyone else who sees this! 

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"Sorry. The old Neal can't come to the phone right now? Why? Because he's dead." Post-Vault!Neal or Dark One!Neal =p

 Note: takes places end of s4/early s5 as Emma becomes the Dark One.

It’s dark and damp and too-warm. It had been easy to be brave in the heat of the moment, when she didn’t have time to think. There’s a part of Emma still here, a part that the dark and damp and too-warm hasn’t pushed out, and that part can’t regret her choice, would do it again over and over and over, but still

She’s alone. The thought whispers around her, snakes it way around her body and clamps into her skin. She’s been alone for most of her life. She’ll always be alone–


“Henry,” she whispers to herself, and it feels like she’s kicking and screaming and biting against this thing. “Your son is Henry and he needs you. You have parents, and they need you. You’re–”


His voice is small and quiet, but it feels like a bucket of ice water.

Not alone. Not entirely. 

She’s shaking and her skin is covered in chill bumps and she’s not sure if the feeling in her stomach is panic or hope.

“Oh, God. You’re…how are you…I don’t understand?”

He grins, almost sheepishly. “I made a deal, remember? How are you here?”

The feeling in her stomach sours, but she’s awake now. Awake and not alone.

“I’m the savior,” she says, wryly. Even in the dark, she can see the understanding in his eyes. He steps forward and grasps her hand, gently, and it’s a lifeline. It’s comfort the same why it was was when they were young and more alive and whole than this, and it keeps the dark at bay, just a little. 

“Let me help,” he says, voice low. She looks up, sharply.

“Are you insane?”

“After being down here? Probably.” He smiles, wryly. It’s so good, the thing building inside her rears its ugly head and floods angrily through her veins. 

“You can’t. It’s mine.” 

“It’s not,” he says, firmly. “It’s fucking evil. It’s not anyone’s, but if anyone can get rid of it for good, it’s you.”

“You can’t be–”

“Listen,” he says, sharply. “It’s not like I’ve been able to much good, down here. Let me be good for something, Emma. Please.”

He grasps her hand firmly. She feels the darkness poke out, tenatively, feeling out the trade.

A life for a life, she thinks, bitterly. She squeezes his hand.

“I’ll fix this,” she promises.

He smiles, widely. “Yeah. I know.”


Suddenly, she’s flung back from him, and everything fades to black.

When she comes to, it takes her a moment to realize she’s dropped out of a living nightmare.

When her limbs begin to feel like hers again, she shifts, pushing herself up. She’s not shocked at the figure huddled in the corner, but it hits her like a ton of bricks, all the same.

“Neal?” she calls out, balling her hands into a fist.

Slowly, he looks up. His hair is soaked and his eyes are too bright and when he speaks, it’s laced with something else.

He gives her a wry grin, and she shudders.

“Not exactly.”