the whisky bar

My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 6.6.17

vintage finds by forestercollective

forestercollective always has the most beautiful, eclectic, minimalist vintage wares to peruse — i’d love to see a real-life shop curated by these folks! too cool. i’m in LOVE with these unique home items. milk glass is such a beautiful hue, and i’m all about old-school art books. rad.

Whisky Confidence

I wanted to write another smut piece and after I started typing it just kept going and going. Ooops. So it’s kinda long. But it basically nothing but smut with a little introduction at the start. Enjoy! 

Rafael Barba x Female Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut

Word count: 6188

“Take a turn here onto 57th,” Barba demanded from the passenger seat, “It will be a lot faster.”

“I am fine the way I am going thank you,” you replied as you continued driving down 9th Avenue.

“57th will be faster,” he repeated. “Do you want to get there or not?”

“I am driving, okay Miss Daisy?” You glanced his way to see him glaring back at you. “Why don’t you go read a book or something?”

He continued to stare at you with contempt in his eyes as you missed the turn he wanted to take. Benson had asked that you accompany him in speaking to a suspect at his place of work. She thought that having both of you there might just fuel his ego enough to force him to slip up.

“Fine,” he finally said, “I wouldn’t listen to the New York born and bred citizen either.”

“You don’t drive in this city Barba. I do.”

Your working relationship had always been like this. Small quips at one another that usually amounted to nothing but the rolling of eyes from the rest of the squad. It never came from a place of malice but rather frustration at the job at hand and a mutual appreciation for sarcasm. You were both able to use your quick wit to create a back and forth banter that may have bordered flirtation but never crossed the line. You were still professional enough to keep it workplace appropriate.

“You know, Miss Daisy would never be driven around without some music to accompany the trip,” Barba said, straitening up in his seat wriggling his shoulders. “What have you got?”

Smiling you reached over to turn the radio on accepting his request.

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