the whimsical raven

kibuto  asked:

✍ 14. …a beloved toy or pet they had as a child.

Raven didn’t grow up with pets in the house, though there were Chocobos (and even a horse!) in the stables, of course. The first toy he can remember receiving was a wooden sword from his extremely unimaginative father whose future plans for his son was pretty clear. 

He wasn’t allowed toys of a purposeless or whimsical nature, however, Raven made a toy for himself in secret. It was a little dragon that he stitched together from a pillow case that he cut up and stuffed with socks. He would toss it around his room to make it “fly” and even took it with him when he was old enough to scale the walls of the city. He’d sit on archways and look down at the people with his little stuffed dragon at his side.

He’d forgotten about it for years and years until the time came, after his parents were killed, to take Alderscorn manor for his own. At the insistence of his butler, Raven moved into the master bedroom as he was now Lord of the manor. He found the little dragon behind a tall bookshelf as it was moved. It was tossed into the fireplace with out a second thought.