the wheat one is my favorite!

There are (at least) two Jewish ways of encountering God.
The first is imitating God – doing what God does.
God clothed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. So, we have to give clothing to the poor.
Just as God heals the sick, we must heal the sick.
Just as God buried Moses on Mount Nebo, we must tend to burying the dead.
Amazing, actually. The small things we do have major consequences.

There is a second way of encountering God.
It is being God’s partner — picking up where God left off.
 If you’re Jewish, have you ever considered how much you do in your Jewish life that is all about being God’s partner?
Just one example: saying a blessing over food.
We can’t recite motzi (the blessing over bread) over wheat. And you can’t recite kiddush over a cluster of grapes.

Here is why.
God makes wheat and grapes.
But people have to transform those raw materials into bread and wine.
But, my favorite way that Jews do the God-partnership thing is through the pursuit of justice.
(Lawyers and others involved in the legal profession: heads up).
As the Talmud states, “Every judge who renders a fair decision is like a partner of the Holy One in the act of creation.” (Talmud, Shabbat 119b).
The Talmud also promises that “a judge who decides a case in accordance with true justice causes the Shekhinah, God’s Presence, to dwell in the midst of Israel.”
By seeking justice, we can bring God into the world. 

—  Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin
Abandoned Setpieces: The Found Footage Documentary

So, my friend watched Marble Hornets for the first time and as he watched and commented he came up with some of my favorite names for the Operator.

Slenderous One
Slended Bacteria
Slended Guy
Skinny Jeans
Tall Gentle Slender
The Ghastly One
Supernatural Dead Stretch Armstrong
Slended Wheat
The Tall One
Ol’ Longlegs
Tall, Gangly, and Handsome
Big Asshole
Suity McLong
Big and Ugly
White Ass
Pale Moon
Long Legs
The Thin Man
Thin Mints

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uh dude if you could hit us up with some boyf riends au where they r cute and fluffy and meet the tree bros please and thank u

fuck yeah bro, au where the treebros live in new jersey. also its relatively long so the rest is under the cut

AO3 Link

Jeremy closed the door of Michael’s 1999 PT Cruiser, “Hey.”

He smiled as Michael turned the key, leaning over the stick shift to give him a peck on the cheek. “Where are we going?”

Michael grinned, “I found this awesome spot, you’ll see.”

Jeremy smiled over at him, turning on the stereo. Catch A Fire, Michael’s favorite Bob Marley album, was in, and they listened quietly together as Michael backed out of the school parking lot.

“I’m excited for you to see it.” Michael admitted as they passed by the McDonald’s, heading out of town. “Brooke brought Cloe there once for a date and she says it was beautiful.”

Jeremy smiled, after all of the events of last year, he was glad to be able to be…Happy. Yeah. Jeremy realized that he was happy. Happier than he had been in a long time. He reached over for Michael’s hand, lacing their fingers together as they continued down the road. They drove through a suburb, joking about the pastel houses and white picket fences, but Jeremy thought quietly to himself that he might want that someday. With Michael. Maybe.

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As everyone knows, your brain cannot function without food, particularly without healthy food. When studying, your mind is on overload and it can be stressful. Studying can last from five minutes to six hours, but keeping your brain energized is key.

I have composed a list of some of my favorite snacks along with some others. All of these are vegan friendly but are great for anyone!

-tea (any calming tea is good, also tea that is used for headaches can help because i get headaches when i work for too long) (my favorite teas are mint, fruit teas, green tea with citrus, cinnamon/vanilla) im not sure exactly what they are called but my therapist always puts different kinds of powders in my tea that have antioxidants or vitamins and theyre like super foods. you can get tons of different ones and you cant really taste them but they can add some extra umph to your health.

-smoothies (one of my favorites)
•1/2 cup black berries
•1/2 cup raspberries
•4-8 strawberries
•two (preferably frozen) bananas
•handful of spinach

-apples with peanut/almond butter

-a fruit burrito (i accidentally made this when there was no food in the house and ive loved it ever since)
•whole wheat tortilla
•butter (i used vegan butter)
•fruits of choice (i use strawberries/bananas)
~spread the butter on the tortilla and heat it up to your liking.
~cut the fruit
~put the fruit in the middle of the tortilla so it fits when you roll it up
~sprinkle cinnamon/sugar and roll it up and youre good to go!

-sweet potato chips

-plantain chips (they taste like fries if you get good ones)

-veggie sandwich (you can get this at subway or make it at home and modify it to your liking)
•bread of choice
•(at home i add avocado or black beans)

-nice cream (basically a frozen smoothie haha)
•frozen fruit of choice
•bananas (mostly the base but not mandatory)
•anything you want to add in flavor wise such as mint extract, vanilla extract, or cacao powder
~literally just blend it and it should be fully blended but a thicker, cold consistency
~if it is not thick enough blend in some ice or freeze it to your desired texture

-blue corn chips

-granola (obviously)

-fruit (if youre lazy like me)

-spinach salad
•toppings of choice (strawberries/pine nuts for me)
•balsamic vinaigrette

-peanut butter/avocado sandwich (its amazing i swear)
•peanut/almond butter
•whole grain bread
~mash up the avocado until it is a creamy consistency
~mix in cinnamon
~spread peanut butter on both slices of bread
~spread the avocado/cinnamon mix on one side and enjoy!

-juice (if you have your own juicer)
•spinach or kale
•apple juice
~make it to your liking but that is my favorite combination of fruits in juice

-Silk Very Vanilla or Chocolate soy milk cartons (little 8oz ones that come in a pack but fill you up if you are just a little hungry or in a hurry and have TONS of calcium and protein) (you can get almond ones too)

-pretzels & peanut butter

-oats/oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon

-quinoa dishes (you can do anything with quinoa/rice/couscous and they are very good for you and fill you up) i personally add vegetable oil with curry and peppers

-Outshine fruit popsicles. made with real fruit juice and are wayyy healthier than other frozen treats (lemon is my favorite)

-trail mix
•any dried fruits/nuts/toppings your little studying heart desires


-ABC company cookies (you can get them at Whole Foods or Smoothie King, theyre huge cookies that are good for you and taste amazing)


Those are just some things I love eating and are somewhat healthy. Some of them require cooking, but others you can just pull out of the fridge! Happy studying! Blessed be! xx.

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I want to go vegan but I'm allergic to soy. Any tips?

Hi there! Sorry that this response is a bit late!

As most of us know,  soy often becomes a popular alternative to meat products and dairy within a mainly plant based diet. They offer a high-quality source of protein, and even iron and calcium. However, if you are not able to consume soy, it is not impossible to go vegan:) When going vegan, it is obvious that you will probably consume more fresh fruits and vegetables; which does not contain soy (YES!). So, half of the battle is already done. Some great alternatives to soy are:

  • Seitan: A dough made from wheat gluten. It can be used in many things like soup, stir fries, and salad.
  • Beans and Legumes: Some popular ones are kidney beans, chickpeas, navy beans etc. These are great when eaten with grains like rice, quinoa, and pasta!
  • Seeds and Nuts: Great to eat for iron and protein! However, these can be contaminated with soy in the manufacturing process, so I would still check the labeling. 
  • Non-Dairy Milk: My favorite is almond milk, but cashew, coconut, rice, and even hemp are fine. All of these still provide good minerals. 

I hope this helps! I also found an informative chart as well. Good luck!

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any angst recs? :o


I will try my best, anon, my best. I don’t do tragic angst, but tugging-at-your-heart-string-nonstop that kind of angst. Beware, people who has a weak heart like me. Here comes the (more) angsty (but hopefully not too tragic) one-shot fic rec:

the yellow room by ohhotlamb (Rated T.)

“I told you, we broke up like six months ago. We’re not dating anymore.”

Hanamaki eyes him suspiciously. “You live together.”

“Yeah, so?”

“There are pictures of you two kissing stuck to your refrigerator.”

Hajime shrugs. “That wasn’t my idea. Anyways, they’re good pictures. Good lighting.”

Note: Need to rec even though it’s quite a popular one. This has wrecked me bad, really bad while I read this. Tears everywhere. Just recalling the story makes my heart ache. Read it if you haven’t and prepare for angst.

have mercy on me by hiuythn (Rated T.)

Hajime looks at the black and white slides, takes in the way the plant grows uninhibited inside him. He presses a hand to his ribcage. It doesn’t even feel like there’s anything wrong.


Or, Hajime gets the Hanahaki disease.

Born from unrequited love, the patient throws up flowers and could suffocate if not treated. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

Note: When hanahaki disease happens, angst is ensured. Happy ending, happy ending guys!

it’s bad enough we get along so well by loveclouds (Rated T.)

Post-graduation, Iwaizumi doesn’t want Oikawa to have to choose between him and volleyball. The only thing he can think to do is to tell Oikawa how he feels and force Oikawa to turn him down, maybe even move on, but they both find out that love can be a lot more stubborn than that.

Note: Extreme pining is considered angst right? Either way I am recommending this. These boys pine so hard my heart can’t handle it sometimes. One of my favorite characterization of my boys. Just. No word.

In shambles by I_am_sorry (Rated M.)

Oikawa Tooru is in love with the best (male) courtesan of all Japan.

Note: I am sorry. I am so very sorry. No happy ending and I am dead already. In my heart, there’s a following story where they find their happy ending because I they need deserve that.

Space by EclecticInkling (Rated T.)

Tooru imagines fields of grass and wheat and flowers covering the now-barren landscape, fed by the scattered lakes and underground water reservoirs of Carystus, and tries not to think of the life on the planet they left behind. Tries not to think of his rooftop garden, or the apartment he used to inhabit, or Hajime’s broken expression on the night they whispered their goodbyes before Tooru’s launch, attempting to push it all to the back of his mind behind visions of this alien world terraformed.

It doesn’t work, but at least he tries.

Note: I’ve mentioned this fic before (and it’s a two-shot instead of one-shot) but I’d rec it again anyway if you want some angst. The vastness of space and time in this fic, you’d feel the loneliness so great that your heart would hurt with them. 

Bonus (one that did it to me and made me realize I can never take a fic with major character death again):

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Eating Japanese for Weightloss

Japan is a country where people generally live longer lives. Also, in comparing to western countries a most Japanese people are not overweight. By no means is every Japanese person healthy, but in general Japanese people tend to live healthier lives based on their culture alone!

This all of course has to do with the factor of what foods were available to ancient civilizations in Japan and all over Asia. 

Okay, now it’s going to get a little more personal! I am now moving to take the challenge of having a “Japanese Diet’ for the next few months along with my workout regimen to see how it changes me! In having the "Japanese diet” I am going to take the following steps or change my diet in these ways:

1. Eat smaller portions - this is in just about every diet plan imaginable. But in truth, Japan as a nation is used to having smaller portions. Like a lot of Asian countries, families will sit at a table with a variety of choices that they all share. This is kind of like Tapas, and a lot of other countries do something similar as well. Even so, with the exception of some Ramen places, most restaurants I went to in Japan gave you smaller portions than what you would find in an American restaurant. 

Also I plan on using smaller bowls and containers for my foods somewhat like these:

2. Drink Green Tea and Barley Tea- Green tea is probably the best tea around. In Japan you can find bottled, unsweet green tea in EVERY drink vending machine. The common brand is Itoen’s Oi Ocha, and it is my favorite! But because Oi Ocha is about $2 for a one-serving bottle, one can brew their own tea to save money! I tend to make a huge pot of it, and put it in the fridge in a pitcher for every day drinking! Also, it is good to have a hot cup of green tea with every meal. It supports your metabolism and is high in antioxidants, as well as curbs your hunger a bit. Another good tea that is found in most Japanese homes is Barley Tea. Now this tea is VERY bitter and may not suit the American palette, but it is also high in antioxidants and very beneficial to health, so I would at least try it if I were you! You can actual buy barley tea bags that are strong enough for one pitcher! 

Here is what I drink/plan to drink:

3. Starting dinner off with a soup! - Take time to remember every time you go to an authentic, or not so authentic Japanese restaurant. What do you have to start out with. Soup or salad? Both great choices! BUT, the soup will be the better one. Soup fills you up more than salad and may help you consume less of your actual meal. (That means leftovers for lunch! YES!) This is one way to get yourself into smaller portions! I want to get some small pre-packaged soups, though I may have to be weary of sodium content! I can always make my own too. Usual contents in Miso soup are also great for you such as tofu, seaweed, and scallion!

4. Eat only Buckwheat/Soba or udon noodles - Both of these common noodles for Japanese people are made with wheat and are better than our bleached counterpart. My favorite way to eat soba noodles is cold with a dipping sauce! You can also saute it and have yakisoba, or just a soba soup. Udon soup is also great, and I loooovve Curry Udon! Basically I plan on substituting any pasta I usually eat, with Japanese noodles! Spaghetti? Soba spaghetti!!! That’s the plan! Also, I plan to make any traditional Japanese soba and uton meals because they are just too good <3

The cold soba/zarusoba I was talking about!

5. Eat more fish or seafood - Being an Island nation, Japan owes their health to their location! Being surrounded by fish and seafood made it a staple rather than the great use of beef we see here in the U.S. In general Japanese people eat more fish and shellfish, whether cooked or not. I for one love tuna and salmon, both cooked and not. The only problem with making this change for my diet is the price. Seafood can be pricey! Hopefully I can add more seafood to my diet and not break the bank. But loving raw salmon and tuna is good for me, haha. No matter which way you look at it, fish is a leaner meat and the oils from the fish can do great things for your skin. 

6. Eat more veggies - Another thing that is prominent in the Japanese diet and has a lot to do with how many people there can stay lean is the amount of vegetables they consume in comparison to Americans. Also, they don’t often eat as much of the starchy veggies we do. Either way, the plan for me is to introduce more vegetable dishes into my diet and keep it interesting! Going to have to do some research for new and exciting dishes to prepare, but I’m super excited!

7. Eat with chopsticks - Eating with chopsticks is in no way difficult for me. I am quite good actually, but in general, chopsticks can hold a lot less food than a fork or a spoon. This allows the eater to eat more slowly and not consume too much too fast. (Though  with ramen it is the opposite but I digress) Eating most of my meals with chopsticks is the plan here in order to help me also with portion control! 

These will be the 7 main things I will focus on as I continue to ‘eat Japanese.’ I plan to update often telling others how I am doing! 

Let me know if you want to start as well and want to support one another!

Till next time,



Grilled Veggie Wrap

What I like about the whole foods/ plant based diet, is that since it mostly consists of grains and veggies, meals are super easy to make for on-the-go. One of my favorite on-the-go lunches is the Grilled Veggie Wrap. It’s super simple and quick but will keep you full and satisfied. Perfect for those quick lunch breaks, or enjoy with some chips and juice for a nice relaxed lunch.

Ingredients (3 wraps):

½ a green squash

5 portabella mushroom heads

½ a bell pepper

1 cup of cooked brown rice

Multi-grain/whole-wheat wraps

Red pepper dressing

Favorite seasonings

A spoon of siracha


·         Cut up the vegetables, in rather big chunks, and seasoning with some salt & pepper. Then put on pan to grill. Grill each side for about 2-3 minutes each on high flame. This will give it a nice charred look while also softening the flavor.

·         Then, in a pot, throw in your rice, seasonings and siracha. Toss around until the rice catches the flavor. I used chipotle, hot pepper seasoning and some breadcrumbs (for texture).

·         Now to put your wrap together. Start off by spreading your red pepper dressing on your wrap. Red pepper dressing just consists of blending red bell peppers with oil, water and seasoning.

·         Then throw the veggies and rice onto your wrap.

·         Lastly, wrap it up! (no pun intended) and enjoy!

Like I said, super easy. And very much whole foods/ plant based. I think it is really important to eat food like this because that is how you can learn to appreciate the actual flavors of the veggies. A lot of people feel that without meat there isn’t going to be any flavor or anything “meaty” to look forward to. But if you make vegetables a certain way, such as cut in big chunks and just lightly grilled, you enter a whole new flavor palette. And that is exciting.

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Oh HELL NO you read Blue Sky??????????







Haru sighed happily in the park, tending to a garden that she had rented out. The girl was content with just gardening. It was one of her favorite hobbies, picking out a seed and helping it grow with nurture and love. Plus it always made her laugh how people would go ‘oh you grow flowers’ and she’d reply with ‘no, I grow these lovely potatoes, carrots and other foods. I’ve even tried wheat’. The expression on their faces were so funny

The slender girl got up from her spot and wiped some sweat form her forehead, not noticing that her hands were so dirty. She turned around, ready to leave when she noticed a lovely woman walking down the road….ooooh my. She ran up to the bulging beauty, keeping a somewhat nervous smile on her face “uhm, hello there!”….she didn’t have anything else to break the ice with. 

I used to believe in destiny, you know? I go to the bagel place, see a pretty girl in line, reading my favorite novel, whistling the song that’s been stuck in my head all week, and I think: ‘Wow…hey, maybe she’s the one?’ Now I think: 'I just know that bitch is going to take the last whole wheat everything bagel.’

I stopped believing. Not in some depressed I’m-gonna-cry-during-my-toast way. Not in a way I even noticed until tonight. It’s just, every day I think I… believe a little less, and a little less, and a little less, and that sucks.
—  Ted Mosby, “The Best Man” How I Met Your Mother
Can We Talk About This?

I was going through the list of voice actors for Gravity Falls. I already knew one of my favorite voice actors, J.K. Simmons, was in it. He voices a few characters in things I like such as Cave Johnson from Portal 2, and Tenzin in the Legend of Korra series. Now, what I wasn’t expecting was Cecil Baldwin, who voices Tad Strange.

Cecil Baldwin is the voice of Cecil Palmer in Welcome to Night Vale. This is a place where everything is weird, like Gravity Falls. Cecil is no exception to this weirdness. In Gravity Falls, Tad Strange is the only normal person. He loves bread. In Night Vale, wheat and wheat by-products are illegal. So bread is illegal. This is wonderful.

so people in a group chat im in were talking about “where do baby countries come from” and I, decided to throw a few pages of my two cents in there. And then post it here because i actually?? like it?

Imagine you’re a human, part of a group of people large enough to give themselves a title/ have a cause, and. ok so you’re walkin through say the woods or maybe a field of crops and you find a lost looking child.

“Where did you come from?” u should ask. They point to . a hole in the ground. that’s where baby nations come from.

Take china for example. Some farmer plants peach trees right. because peaches are delicious. But where he planted one, instead some fuckin lost sassy child pops outta the ground maybe within days of being planted. This is uncalled for but hey you’re part of a country now. thats your mascot.

Aph england was probably found near a battlefield-turned-farm in a crop of wheat. France? Probably found between 2 rose bushes (though nobody knows what plant or patch of dirt he really came from, he was just found trying to pick the roses and look cute)

My favorite of all being Japan, whos country was just starting up with all those rice farms and rice kingdoms. Imagine ur a farmer and ur just tending to your field and you rake up this annoying loser child.

Aph america? probably found in a corn field.


30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 3: Symbols and Icons of this Deity

Cailleach Bheur

Cthonic in nature, the Hag has very little associated with her that would be found outside of nature. Actions taken in her name generally are done in reaction to her environments and protection then of it. These things then associated with her are based on her legends, as well as a few of my personal associations.

Deer: deer are the Hag’s “cattle” after a fashion, she milks them and herds them, protecting them in the wilds and sometimes showing favor to hunters in order to help them bring down a meal. Though be wary to bless what you hunt in a manner that pleases her, lest she takes the gift back.

Standing Stones, Natural Monuments: As she strode across the land, carrying her basket of stones, she dropped or threw them, creating monoliths and standing stones, natural features and barrows. These dark wild places are her domains and places to leave her an offering. I personally think that Connemara marble is one of her personal favorites, I believe.

Wolves: These were another of her personal favorites, sometimes riding on the back of a giant wolf across the plains of snow during the dead of winter. My personal gnosis also leads wolves to be directly associated to her in one of her epithets: The Mother of Wolves.

Grain: The Hag taught man how to harvest their wheat and grain, showing them the best times to plant and the best times to collect it. Bread, wheat dolls, oatmeals and other such products or meals are strongly associated with her.

Holly: Native Irish holly is a four season plant, hardy and looking very different from the “classic” Christmas holly, though it does have the same effects as a poisonous plant the same winter associations.

Owls: The Hag is said to take the form of a large bird sometimes to make her way around the land, I personally consider this to be an owl given some mythological context in the Carmina Gadelica.

Winter: All of those things of the cold dark, ice and snow, frozen rivers dead trees and the bones of creatures fallen to hunger or hunt. In a way, winter is analagous to death and while the Hag is not a psychopomp, her creatrix role and her role in the Wilds connects her intrinsically to the cycle of life and death.

I feel like a pancake pro😍 I love pancakes and I think these have got to be my favorite ones!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Pancakes:

1/3 cup quick oats
1/3 cup flour (I used whole wheat)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp stevia or ¼ cup brown sugar
Milk (I use almond milk and add to desired consistency, about ¾ cup)
Mini chocolate chips!

Mix all dry ingredients together and then add in the milk. Make pancakes on the stove over low-medium heat. Check underneath and flip when you see some bubbles.

I just eat these as is. I don’t add anything else to them! Not even some syrup. Yup, they’re that good. It’s like having dessert for breakfast! Which means these are also a great “breakfast for dinner” recipe!

29, 35, & 37-Peter Parker

29. “Oh, I’m definitely dead.”
35. “There goes my innocence.”
37. “We will get out of this together, got it?”

You were currently giggling while pulling Peter, your boyfriend, throughout Stark Tower. He was extremely nervous.

“Y/N? Are you sure we should be doing this?” he asked nervously, “It’s just past midnight, which means your dad is home.”
You smiled. “Relax Peter. Dad’s normally in his lab at this point, and that’s in the basement.”

You continued to pull him up some stairs and into the kitchen. Chuckling, you let go of his hand, where he nervously walked to the table. You hurried to the fridge pulling out some midnight snacks. You brought your load over to the kitchen table and sat in front of Peter. He was shaking his leg as his nerves were on overdrive. You smirked, tossing a ziploc bag to him.

“Some leftover wheat cakes from yesterday,” you told him.
He smirked. “You remembered.”
“Hard not to,” you quipped, “Here’s some butter, syrup, and anything else that could make it taste better.”
There goes my innocence,” he joked before shoving one into his mouth.

You chuckled. He smiled softly as he began to eat his favorite food. You dove into your own favorite snack. The two of you talked while sharing the midnight rendezvous. It seemed like hours went by when only one had. All of a sudden, your phone lit up. You glanced down to see a text from your dad.

Oh, I’m definitely dead,” you groaned.
”What? What is it?” Peter asked, nerves increasing.

You handed him your phone. He read the text aloud.

“’Is there any reason Underoos is in my tower?’ He can see us?”
“Ms. Stark. Your father is currently leaving his lab,” FRIDAY alerted you.
“Crap,” you muttered.
Peter shot to his feet. “What? Y-You mean Mr. Stark is-is coming up here? As in now?”
You quirked a brow, thinking. “FRIDAY, override dad’s visual feed please.”
“Of course, Ms. Stark.”

You snatched Peter by the hand, stopping his rant. He looked at you worriedly.

“I-I can’t let him see me. He-He doesn’t even know we’re dating-”
“Peter,” you cooed, grabbing his face, “We will get out of this together, got it?
He gulped but nodded. “O-Okay.”
“Follow me.”

Gripping his wrist, you and Peter snuck through the tower via stairs. You paused, running back to grab the wheat cakes, before hurrying back to Peter. FRIDAY gave you a map of where Tony was currently in the tower. Adrenaline pumping, you and Peter ran out into the cool night air. You were smirking wildly while your boyfriend was trying to calm down.

“That-That just happened. Isn’t he going to ground you or something?”
You shrugged. “Maybe. But, he’ll get over it.”
“And if he doesn’t?”

You smirked before kissing Peter on the lips. Slightly surprised, he widened his eyes before settling into it. After a few moments, you pulled back.

“It’ll be worth it.”

Want to Request? : Prompt List (Closed)

I got tagged in an alphabet meme by @pearasect!! thank you so much, i love these!

a-age: 22!
b-birthplace: Long Island
c-current time: 12:30am

d-drink you last had: Iced Tea

e-easiest person to talk to: hmmmmm my sister Kerri!

f-favorite song: Honestly? Circle of Life. Its so true, you know!! its one of those songs you hear, but really gotta listen to
g-grossest memory: honestly i’m not quite sure. i went running two summers ago and did 6 miles – i thought it’d be a good idea to do a wheat grass shot on the run back, but didnt account for 1) I had NOTHING in my stomach, 2) my body was still processing the workout, and 3) wheat grass is absolutely fucking vile no matter how good it is for you. so i went home and vomited Green.
i- in love?: don’t talk to me or my 80 billion boyfriends ever again

j- jealous of people?: No honestly! It makes me happy when I see people happy being who they are and doing what they love. That’s the human experience!
k-killed someone?: even if i said yes y’all’d be like “wow” and keep scrollin for gay babadook memes
l-love at first sight or should i walk by again: girl What
m-middle name: Marie
n-number of siblings: 3!
o-one wish: I want to stay and protect this place - its people, its life, its spirit. Most importantly, I want everyone to see what I see when I look at this place. no one would ever feel like giving up ever again, or fighting.

q-question you’re always asked: “Why don’t you wear pants?”

r-reason to smile: YOU EXIST!! YOU GET TO FEEL and LIVE and THINK and EXPERIENCE, and the odds you could EVER do that were slim to none! I am SO Glad you’re here. It’s an honor to be existing with all of you.
s-song you sang last: Oh man, That’s How You Know from Enchanted. I’ve been singing a lot, lately! I’ve been trying to get reacquainted with my breath control.
u-underwear color: Tan,
t-there was no T in this questionnaire!! weird!!

v-vacation: CTCON BOUND, BIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x-x-rays: i’ve never broken a bone but i’ve gotten x-rays done!
y-your favorite food: this is a really broad question but i’m just gonna go with mini hotdogs because im a low class slob
z-zodiac: Capricorn!

I tag @inhumanrobot, @guiltyblue @atomicmuffin @sugarpuffducky and @blazgear ! if you guys want!