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A Call for Help

It pains me to type this, but could anyone here help me either RT or tweet @koreaboo​ regarding this tweet and article? 

This image has been uploaded without my permission, which is copyright infringement by a “newssite” using clicks for money. 

Furthermore, I have never volunteered any of the personal information in the article; it is all a piss-poor attempt at paraphrasing the Buzzfeed interview (I gave explicit permission for Buzzfeed to repost my images). 

Koreaboo’s privacy policy states:

I have referenced this in my emails to them (that I actually sent before they posted that tweet), but they remain obstinate and have not taken anything down. 

I would highly appreciate any tweets or RTs of my replies to them, or any emails or messages or any form of communication really. Thank you!

i really recommend reading about lgbt history from sources other than tumblr, like perhaps books, before lecturing people like “duh if you just learned your lgbt history you’d see that [claim you’ve heard on social media]!”

maybe you’ll find support for your claim, maybe not, but either way you’ll be more informed about the history you’re saying is so important, and that’s a good thing

eyesthatseeindarkness  asked:

Since most of the messages are in the form and shitposting/trolling, I'm going to make an effort to be constructively critical. Your art is good, drawing wise at least, but the face(s) could DEFINITELY use work style wise. The faces are either too round for the character and throws off the features, while noses are too big and/or round. I think you're trying to go for a realistic style but it clashes with the rest of the art style which makes it comes off as...uncanny.


Amelia dropped by to hand over a gift to a fellow nerd.

Woah, it’s a really big box! She seems really excited for you to open it.

You wonder what-

it’s Lucy with a pink bow tie on her head and a letter expressing her love for you

You weren’t sure what you were expecting but Ame seems extremely happy about it.

(She hopes you are too.)

There are people and yes sometimes they're insufferable

There are people
they have not a shred of consideration
no conceptual implementation
of a phenomenon known as
“Benefit of the Doubt”

There are people
they will assume the worst of you
they will believe this to be true
the truthful unequivocal representation of you

There are people
they live amongst us and create
anxiety and confusion and indignation
with the conjecture they shamelessly fling
about themselves like walloping weapons
of mass destruction

There are people
they are vocal about their goodness
their attributes they carry with pride
absolutely incapable of being in the wrong
their self-righteous a flag hoisted
upon the grave they dig in your soul.

There are people
they go the extra mile to seem victimized
You – ever the “bag guy” in their books
what a favour they bestow upon you
when they choose to associate with
a third-rate, third-class, third-world lout like yourself.

There are people
they are the way they are
this does not mean you should be
as they are. Be better. They think they are
but you can be. And you probably are.