the whale noise

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1, 2 and 7 of the second artist ask meme you posted ;) ;)

1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
When I draw for de-stressing, I prefer traditional art but if not, digital is the way for me.

2. How long have you been drawing?
I’ve been drawing since I was six! You know how long that is but let’s keep quiet about my age, sister. :P
I was the kind of student who drew on her test papers. NO REGRETS. XD

7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring? (2nd ask meme)
Outliniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. I think it’ll work nicely if sis does the sketching, i do the outlining, and xai does the coloring.

XAI: *whale crying noises*

A whale may be the source of that mysterious noise coming from the Mariana Trench

  • Science may finally have given us an answer to the most burning question of 2016: What is that noise coming out of the Mariana Trench?
  • According to a study published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, the strange noise is most probably the previously unheard call of a baleen whale.
  • “It’s very distinct, with all these crazy parts,” Sharon Neukirk, senior faculty research assistant in marine bioacoustics at Oregon State University, said in a statement.
  • “The low-frequency moaning part is typical of baleen whales, and it’s that kind of twangy sound that makes it really unique. We don’t find many new baleen whale calls.” Read more

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to: japanese imperial demon army | subject: vampire nobles

1st progenitor: unknown.
2nd progenitor: saito. urd geales.
3rd progenitor: krul tepes. lest karr. gabel parthe.
5th progenitor: ky luc.
7th progenitor: ferid bathory.
10th progenitor: fuola honte.
13th progenitor: crowley eusford.
15th progenitor: lucal wesker.
17th progenitor: chess belle. horn skuld.
19th progenitor: mel stefano.

It’s hard to hear your friends when you’re in a crowded room! And right now, many places in the ocean are becoming like that crowded room, as noise pollution – like sounds from ships – makes the ocean environment much louder than it used to be.

That’s a major concern, since many marine animals, like humpback whales, depend on sound for everything from communicating with their mates and offspring to finding food. 

Dr. David Wiley, research coordinator at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, has been studying the impacts of ship noise on foraging humpback whales. A recent study he collaborated on is among the first to show that humpback whale foraging behavior is significantly altered from exposure to ship noise. As the intensity of ship noise increases – from increased shipping, for example – humpback whales decrease the number of bottom-feeding events per dive, perhaps because ship noise interferes with the sounds they produce to coordinate their bottom-feeding behavior. 

(Photo: Laura Howes)


1. spread your studying out. DO NOT pull any all nighters - sooooo not worth it.

2. talk to teachers before the test (like, days before!) if you are confused on a concept. DO NOT leave it until last min!

3. write (pretty much) ALL the info from the unit on a plain piece of paper, and try not to look at notes! judge how much of the unit you know.

4. eat a filling breakfast that you can easily digest (no whale noises please, stomach!)


1. have 2 pencils, an eraser and go to the bathroom before!!!!

2. PACE, pace, pace. if you find yourself spending too much time on a problem, move ahead! stay aware of time left, but don’t let it occupy your mind

3. the best problems to do first are the most important/biggest/most point value problems.

4. if the problem is multiple choice, look for familiar words/phrases you know from studying - even if it’s worded a bit differently.

5. RELAX! even if you didn’t do your best on this test, it will not be the end of the world! put it into perspective :)

T6T script
  • Car Seat Boy: Surprise! (dies)
  • Sherlock: (smashes a thatcher bust) (has a fight with a hot guy in a swimming pool) Gotta dash I have a dentist appointment. Dr Samarra
  • Rosie: (throws rattle)(stops existing)
  • Mycroft: (has relationship problems with his fridge)I love acronyms. Idk why. Secret societes and stuff.
  • Mary: (jumps)(blood)(falls)Haha Sry for that one time I shot u Sherly, ily John, I'm a hero (dies)
  • John: *angry whale noises*
  • Ben:
  • Martin:
  • Mark: I'm brilliant I know

EXORCISTS: human beings who have bonded with a shard of Innocence and serve the Black Order. They fight against the Millennium Earl, the Noah Family and their army of Akuma.

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My experience with S4 E1

An hour before airing:

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About to start:

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Sherlock tweeting in a serious meeting:

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Birth giving Mary in the cab:

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The continuos tweeting:

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Sherlock with Rosie:

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Sherlock with the dog:

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Mean guy hurting sherlock while they fight:

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A.G.R.A :

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Mary drugging Sherlock:

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Sherlock finding Mary:

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Mean guy finding John Mary and Sherlock:

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They didn’t die:

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Mean guy telling about the torture:

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John not telling Mary about the BLOODY WOMAN:

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Finding out who the betrayer was:

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Stupid woman pointing a gun at Sherlock:

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Mary jumping in:

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Mary dying:

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Sherlock almost crying because of Mary:

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John’s whale noises:

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John shouting at Sherlock:

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Watching Mary’s video at first:

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But then…

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Molly telling Sherlock that John doesn’t want him:

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Save John Watson:

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Me with this community:

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Me alone:

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My message for the producers:

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What i’m gonna do for the rest of the night:

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What i’m gonna do while waiting for the next episodes:

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[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩


Old Lady: *Pulls out gun at the aquarium*
Police Force Including Police Chief: *do nothing*
John Watson: *same*
Old Lady: *pulls trigger*
Mary Watson: *decides to dive in front of the bullet of her own volition because she has agency and is an independent human being with control over where she chooses to throw her body*
Sherlock Holmes: *is at Disney World*
Mary Watson: *gets shot by the bullet she voluntarily jumped in front of*
John Watson: *whale noises* WHAT THE FUCK, SHERLOCK, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!?!?!