This generation is fucked up. Too many two-faced people. Kid Cudi was dissing Drake, and later was hospitalized. Then Drake gave him a few bars on Two Birds One Stone, and then everybody was hating on Drake for dissing a person who's having a breakdown. All of a sudden J. Cole is dissing Kanye West for no reason, while Kanye West is hospitalized - and then y'all praises J. Cole for that? This is too messed up
I’m not convinced that the Democratic Party can be reformed. I think it still has a kind of allegiance to a neoliberal orientation. It still has allegiance to Wall Street […] This is a party that couldn’t even publicly oppose TPP… Couldn’t vote to stop fracking, and so on. They can’t even talk about the Israeli occupation honestly… Why? Because they tied to the lobby, they tied to AIPAC. So that, when you have those kinds of restraints on you, these albatrosses around your neck, how are you going to be a party for the people? […] There has to be some integrity and moral consistency. And unfortunately, the Democratic Party just strikes me as not being able to meet that challenge.

Fun Fact Friday: To Migrate or To Staycation? Sagebrush is a Great Home for These Birds

By Nancy Patterson, Public Affairs Specialist, Greater Sage-Grouse Rocky Mountain Region

Brrr! It’s getting cold out in northern sagebrush country! With snow beginning to fall, animals are on the move. Like Greater sage-grouse, more than 350 species call this place home, but some only spend part of the year here and others stay year-round.

Many birds head south. Sage thrashers and Brewer’s sparrows fly to the warmer southern United States and Mexico. Swainson’s Hawks left months ago, gathered into kettles of tens of thousands of birds to travel all the way to Argentina for the winter months. Imagine doing a round-trip trek of more than 12,000 miles from South America to northern North America each year like these world travelers do!

For some, the sagebrush landscape is their favorite winter resting spot. All summer Rough-legged hawks spent in the Arctic tundra. Their journey south brings some of them to the western sagebrush landscape. You might see them perched on utility poles, transmission lines, fence posts, and other high ground throughout the winter months.

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Crossover Logic

Dominators: We want the guy who broke our truce and altered the timeline. The universe is at risk.

The Govt: You must be looking for Reverse Flash, he altered the timeline and he kills people.

Dominators: We are also concerned about all these meta-humans running around. These meta-humans might be a future threat.

The Govt: You definitely want Reverse Flash, he created all the meta-humans after he changed the timeline by creating a particle accelerator explosion. And he kills people. Intentionally.

Dominators: No, we want Barry Allen. Even though the truce has been in place for 65 years, we’re suddenly only concerned about people who recently altered the timeline.

The Govt: We also have these folks flying around in a ship who have been changing timelines for the past year. How about them?

Dominators: No, we want Barry Allen. He’s a meta-human. If we take Barry Allen then all bad meta-humans will cease to be a threat to the universe. If he surrenders, we will leave you in peace.

[Barry Allen is willing to turn himself over to save the world, but his heart is full. He wants to say goodbye to Iris but he has no lines. Barry pleads with the writers]

Barry: Before I leave, let me run to Iris and tell her goodbye. You know I’m fast. It will only take a few seconds. Or I could call her…

Writers: No, Barry, that will take too much time. We can’t spare time for the most important people in your life.

Barry: Ok…Cisco is here with me right now. Cisco is one of my best friends. We see each other every day; he let me live with him. We’ve saved each other’s lives. He saw me lose it over Iris on Earth 2. He and Iris are getting closer. He brought her into the speedforce to rescue me. He might still be mad at me right now, but he should be the one to tell Iris that I love her and I’m leaving. He can comfort her.

Writers: No, Barry. Felicity is the best choice. You know Iris and Felicity interacted two years ago at Jitters. Remember that? And then they saw each other at a restaurant a few months after that. It should come from her. Tell Felicity to pass on your message.

***30 second scene where Barry tells Felicity to tell Iris he loves her cut for time.***