the west wing musical

(Un)familiar Road

msa-ghost-stories did this amazing recording and I just HAD to write a fic for it. I’m sorry it’s not up to par, guys, I just really wanted to show how much I love it.

All dialogue is taken directly from their recording, which I highly recommend.

Update: It’s been almost 6 months since the release of MSA and I still can’t write Vivi *head desk*

Is this even considered a fic if I just wrote what they already recorded?

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“Not for nothing, but the people I talk to don’t believe that story, and the people you’d like don’t care.” 

someone come talk about this line with me. there’s so much going on that I have feelings about that I can’t articulate. 

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The West Wing Musical- Josh is struck by caffeine withdrawal, causing him to rush to the bullpen in desperation. Of course, it’s then time for a musical number to break out as all the senior staff join him to sing about coffee deficiency through the hallways of the White House. 

April: Where Broadway & Cable Collide!

Many of the stars opening Broadway shows this month started out and continue to appear on your TV! Whether behind the scenes or on the stage, this is a month to celebrate truly versatile artists of both stage and screen!

Kelsey Grammer, currently starring in Finding Neverland, became a household name on the hit show Frasier, the hugely successful Cheers spin-off, playing the hilarious Frasier Crane…

speaking of Cheers

Roger Rees, who stars in The Visit, played Robin Colcord on Cheers and had a recurring role as Lord John Marbury on the critically-acclaimed, smash-hit TV show The West Wing

speaking of The West Wing

Kristin Chenoweth, receiving raves in On the Twentieth Century, starred in the political drama before landing a guest roll on the ever-popular Glee!

speaking of Glee

Matthew Morrison starred as the dreamy director of McKinley High School’s glee club in Glee and is back on Broadway as J.M. Barrie in the upcoming Finding Neverland. *Video bonus: Hedwig’s Neil Patrick Harris guest stars.

speaking of High School…

Vanessa Hudgens got her big break in the Disney Channel’s High School Musical! Thank heavens for her starring role as Gigi, which opened at the Neil Simon Theatre this week. 

speaking of musical shows about musicals (just go with it)

Stars of Something Rotten! Brian D'Arcy James and Christian Borle appeared in Smash, the musical series about the making of a musical. They have also both made guest appearances on The Good Wife

speaking of marriage

David Garrison, currently starring alongside Chita Rivera in The Visit, has an extensive background on the tube, but is especially well known for portraying Steve Rhoades on the sitcom Married… with Children.

speaking of wives (we’re on a roll!)

It Shoulda Been You is directed by David Hyde Pierce, who we’ll never forget as Niles Crane on Frasier… The show also stars Edward Hibbert, Harriet Harris (both of whom appeared on Frasier as Gil Chesterton and Bebe Glazer) & Tyne Daly, who is a four-time Emmy Award winner  for her portrayal of police officer Mary Beth Lacey on Cagney and Lacey. (phew!)

speaking of calling the cops

Conrad Ricamora (The King & I) has a recurring role on the crime drama How to Get Away with Murder and (spoiler alert) his character didn’t put that girl in the water tank.

speaking of who-done-its

Michael Cerveris, now starring in Fun Home, appears as the other worldly September Observer in the sci-fi epic Fringe.

speaking of epics… 

Stage17 Stageist Sierra Boggess stars in the Stage17 original Series What’s Your Emergency!

So run to Broadway & see your favorite TV stars live in person!