• Hrishi Hirway:Josh has told me about how meticulously you would prepare on set.
  • Josh Malina:The West Wing, as tv shows go, had a lot of rehearsal.
  • Richard Schiff:Yes, and that was the culture John Spencer and I helped create.
  • Josh Malina:Yeah, I suspect that’s true. It was a little bit like working on a play, which is not the normal…
  • Richard Schiff:There’s two factors there: A. We were all theater people. B. Aaron Sorkin’s writing is play writing. It has depth and it also has nomenclature we might not understand. It also has policy we might not totally get, and we need clarification. We also need to know how we feel about it. That requires attention. You can’t just throw that crap against the wall and pray.
  • Hrishi Hirway:You guys would rehearse without cameras?
  • Richard Schiff:Oh yeah.
  • Josh Malina:Yeah.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final bows for his farewell performance in “Hamilton” on Saturday night seemed routine, if not overly humble for the departure of the show’s star and mastermind… then the theme song to “The West Wing” kicked in from the orchestra pit.

Mr. Miranda giggled and took a couple of shy bows, only to turn around and be embraced then pushed back to the front of the stage by Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington, for a proper bow. (NYT) (x, x)


Josh: Sam asked CJ to move the briefing to two o’clock, so that we could fold in the teachers; CJ had emergency root canal surgery at noon and so was unable to brief.
President Bartlet: Who did?
Josh: I did.
President Bartlet: Oh, God.

President Bartlet: Before we go on, CJ, if blood is gushing from the head wound you just received from a stampeding herd of bison, you’ll do the press briefing. 


Digital #Ham4Ham 3/23/16 –The West Wing Cabinet Battle