the well manicured man

Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Whatever.

Anthems for the bad bitches in teen movies who strike fear in the hearts of the students and faculty alike and can steal your man with the snap of their well-manicured fingers.


  1. Norgaard-The Vaccines
  2. Bubblegum Bitch-Marina and the Diamonds
  3. Rip Her To Shreds-Blondie
  4. Lolita-Lana Del Rey
  5. Barely Legal-The Strokes
  6. Heathers-Surf Curse
  7. Primadonna-Marina and the Diamonds
  8. Sixteen-No Doubt
  9. Jennifer’s Body-Hole
  10. Fluorescent Adolescent-Arctic Monkeys


Also I feel so bad for the person who made this beautiful collage because its been stolen and reposted from them so many times I have no idea who even made it


65 things you need to know about the Mythology of the X-FILES....



1. The Syndicate was formed in 1973, when it broke free from the US government.

2.  Throughout the years, members included Well-Manicured Man, Cigarette-Smoking Man, William Mulder, Victor Klemper, Deep Throat and Alex Krycek.

3.Prior to its official formation the Syndicate existed as a secret group within the State Department as early as 1952.

4.  Their early pre-Syndicate jobs included relocating Nazi scientists, like Victor Klemper, to the US to aid in alien experimentation.

5.And covering up the 1953 rediscovery of the black oil.

6.On October 13, 1973, the Syndicate created the Project, a join effort between the Syndicate and the alien colonists.

7.The Syndicate exchanged their loved ones for an alien fetus, as genetic samples from both species.

8.Cigarette Smoking Man gave up his wife Cassandra Spender, while William Mulder reluctantly volunteered his daughter Samantha

9.The Syndicate and its Project were destroyed by the faceless aliens in 1999 though their work continued.

10.  The Colonists, also known as the Greys are the aliens working with the Syndicate on the Project.

11 Because they come from the star system, Zeta Reticuti, the Colonists are also known as Reticulians.

12.  They crash-laned in 1947, though they previously existed on Earth in other forms.

13.  The Greys reproduce by gestating in humans who are infected with the black oil.

14. The Colonists are birthed from their hosts as long-clawed aliens, but they eventually shed their sking and become Greys.

15.  The government has also used fake Greys to distract from the actual alien plot.

16.  The black oil, also known as “Purity or black cancer” is an alien virus with multiple functions

17.  Black oil predates humans on Earth and it first infected our primitive ancestors in 35,000 BC.

18.  Purity may have arrived on our planet via a meteor from Mars that also contained the building blocks for human life.

19.  That same theory suggests the the black oil communicated with the aliens which crashed into Roswell.

20.  Some people infected with the alien virus gain special powers, like Gibson Praise, who could read minds.

21.  The plan was to infect humans by bees during colnization, with the bees carrying the virus…through genertically-modified corn.

22.The Greys ultimate goal is the colonization of Earth..which would lead to the destruction of mankind.

23.  In 1947, Harry Truman, became the first US President made aware of the alines plans for colonization.

24.  The government collected genetic data for post-apolcalyptic identification, and kept it at the Strughold Mining Company…a front for the Syndicate.

25.  William Mulder, believed the Syndicate’s biggest mistake was working with the Greys on colonization, which led to his work on the vaccine.

26.  The date for colonization was set as December 21, 2012…which was when the Mayan Calender ends.

27.  Members of the Syndicate secretly worked on a vaccine called Purity Control that would resist the alien viruse.

28.  The vaccine would reject the black oil and eventually destory the alien race, preventing colonization.

29.  A successful version of the vaccine created by the Russians cured Mulder and Scully when they were infect with the black oil.

30. Creating alien-human hybrids was a joint effort between the Colonists and the Syndicate, as part of th eplan for colnization.

31.  Hybrids would be spared during colonization, but they would eventually serve as slaves to the colonists.

32.  Hybrid clones appear human, but have some alien traits, including caustic blood, the ability to breathe underwater and faster healing powers.

33. Failed hybrid experiments include Billy Miles who was left in a vegetative state after his abduction.

34.  And Emily Sim, created from Scully’s ova, who died from a rare blood disorder at age 3.

35.  And the Samantha Mulder clones, which were imperfect because they were lacking certain aline characteristics. 

36.  Samantha Mulder’s abduction, which was part of the Project, was hugely influential on Mulder and led to his work in the X-Files.

37.  She was cloned multiple times, and her clones were used by the Cigarette Smoking man to trick Mulder into believing she was alive.

38.  But the real Samantha returned from her abduction as a child.  She lived with Cigarette Smoking Man and his son Jeffery Spender and she was subjected to continued experiments.

39. Mulder learns that Samatha actually died as a young girl when her soul was taken by the walk-ins, benevolent beings who save children from unhappy lives.

40.  The Colonists monitor their abductees with implants, usually inserted into the nose, neck or teeth.

41.  Implants are also used to keep track of hybrids, like Ray Soames and Cassandra Spender.

42.  Removal of a specific type of neck implant causes cancer, which nearly killed Scully.

43.  According to the Cigarette Smoking Man, these chips may actually be able to cure all human disease, including Cancer.

44.  Cigarette Smoking Man’s wife Cassandra Spender was the first successful hybrid, also known as patient X.

45.  She was disabled by her multiple abductions, but she was later cured by another abduction.

46.  Once Cassandra learned of the plans for colonization, she wanted to die to delay the “Greys’ plans”

47  The Syndicate planned to present her to the Colonists, but the meeting was infiltrated by the faceless rebels, who killed Cassandra and destroyed the Project.

48.  The faceless rebels are renegade aliens, possibly of the same species as the Grey’s who are trying to prevent colonization.

49.  Aside from humans, the rebels are the only beings in the universe not infected with the black oil.

50.  That is because the rebels purposely disfigured themselves, self-mutilating to protect themselves from the possibility of infection.

51.  Like the other aliens, the faceless rebels can shapeshift, and are vulnerable in one spot at the base of their heads.

52.  They are responsible for the deaths of countless abductees, all in an effort to stop the Program and impede the Colonists.

53.  Bounty hunters act as police for the Colonists, though they are likely also Greys.

54.  While they can shapeshift like the other alines, they generally take the same form.

55.  The bounty hunters were tasked with destroying all the hybrids clones prior to the colonization in order to get rid of proof of an alien presence.

56.  Super-Soldiers are a type of alien deployed to make sure humans do not survive colonization.,

57.  They are created by abducting humans, performing horrific experiments on them, and then infecting them with the aline virus.

58.  Billy Miles, the first abductee Mulder and Scully encountered, was eventually turned into a super soldier.

59.  Super soldiers sought out William, Scully’s son, but once he was born, they realized was not only a threat and left.

60.  Like the other aliens, super soldiers are vulnerable to magnetite, which is what killed Knowle Rohrer.

61.  William is Scully’s son who was conceived miraculously as Scully was thought to be unable to have children,

62.  It is hinted that Mulder is William’s biological father, but this is never officially confirmed.

63.  At one point, William was believed to be a perfect human being and thus a threat to the super soldiers, but they learned he was another imperfect hybrid.

64.  Jeffery Spender injected William with magnetite which removed his alien characteristics.

65.  Scully was forced to give William up for adoption but now that he is human, he can go on to live a normal life.

to be continued……..

11 Reasons Why Blixa Bargeld has Ruined Other Men for Me

He used to wear bondage gear and makeup 24/7

Blixa is attractive no matter how he poses.

He’s been caught kissing many men, and not caring. (This is Wolfgang Muller)

He’d not afraid to wear women’s underthings for the camera.

Even when sustaining an injury to his leg he still performed elegantly for his fans.

Look at those well manicured feet and painted toe nails!

Hats! The man can rock a hat better than the Queen of England!

He’s a great Dad to his little girl.

He’s gorgeous!


He can cook!

There are much more things that this, but I am feeling light headed from all this photo goodness and white wine.

xfiles drinking game:
  • take a sip every time they call out each others name trying to find each other eg: fight the future cornfield scene “MULDER!!!! SCULLY!! MULDERRRR!!! SCUUUALLLLAAAY!” (not every time they say each others name in casual conversation)
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully call each other on the phone and scully starts w “mulder, its me” cue: “where are you?” from either one of them
  • take a sip each time mulder and scully gaze at each other / wordlessly understand each other 
  • take a sip every time mulder has a farfetched theory he pulled straight out of his ass and guesses right; cue: scully proceeding 2 roll her eyes so far back she can see her braincells dying
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully argue w/ skinner
  • take a sip each time krycek fucks up
  • take a sip each time one of them shows their badge / proves their identity / “agent mulder and scully fbi”
  • take a sip every time scully is typing up a report / field journal
  • take a sip each time mulder calls/meets up with/ sees an informant (deep throat, mr. X, well manicured man,…); this includes CSM
  • finish ur glass every time scully gets kidnapped/hurt/is the target of the guy theyre after
  • finish ur glass every time mulder runs away alone without warning scully and she has to save his musty ass
  • finish ur glass every time scully says “i’m fine, mulder”
  • finish your glass every time their computers do smth crusty 90s computer could not do 
  • finish your glass when scully’s right
  • take a shot every time mulder touches crime scene evidence and brings it to his mouth
  • take a shot each time mulder sees supernatural shit and scully arrives too late
  • take a shot everytime scully fills in for any science related job ever ie: superscientist and overqualified scully knows everything there is to know about science ( x )
  • take a shot when mulder or scully says “believe” in whatever context
  • take a shot each time someone whos not mulder impersonates mulder and flirts w/ scully
  • take a shot each time there are insects involved in an xfiles.
  • take a shot every time samantha mulder is mentioned / a reference is made to her abduction

EDIT: the opening isnt included in the drinking game + my advice: dont go pure

ficlet:  London Calling

Rating: Teen/Mature

Notes:  Happy birthday Patty!  And thanks to @txf-fic-chicks for throwing this fic party. Set after Fight the Future.


She holds the handle on the heavy hotel room door when she goes out for the night, lets the latch slip into its cradle.  Mulder is just next door, most likely napping.  Her new perfume trails down the hallway, wallpaper hugging the scent of loamy fields and bejeweled queens, neat bespoke suits and desperate paisley bursts of repressed desire.  

The swipe of her credit card at Penhaligon’s produced a manic tingle in her fingertips this afternoon - the bottles lining the wall like preening debutantes, their crystal ball-capped necks encircled in satin ribbons.  Happy birthday, she thought as she signed her name to the thick receipt paper, smiled at the round-toned shop girl.  I am alive and in London, Arctic basements full of alien viruses be damned.

There’s something briefly thrilling about the idea of Mulder sleeping while she explores the city alone. But there is another kind of thrill when he comes through the revolving door, combs his way through tea-time armchairs, a paper bag in hand.

“Hot date?” he asks. It’s trite and smirky, but it also tells her he’s noticed certain things; knee-high black boots, the black wrap dress knotted at her waist, the extra sheen of her red lipstick, so bright it could scar a water glass for life.

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Andy Kaufman Still Alive? No, But Mulder and Scully Got Married. David Duchovny Tea Leoni divorce news sparks conspiracy theories.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson secretly married? It’s got to be something out of an X-Files, right?  Everything about that show smacked of conspiracy. It’s why we watched. We were all Night Stalkers looking for a good flashlight scene. It fed the need for mysterious dark corners of almost truths: Who killed JFK? Did Paul McCartney really die in a car crash in 1966? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? What crashed in Roswell? Should Bigfoot be on the endangered species list? Any of which could have been an X-file. It was just a matter of time until The X-Files had an X-file of their own.

Sure, maybe The X-Files deserved a more creepy pasta kind of urban legend, like the series was actually the FBI’s way of disseminating information and getting the world ready for mass-alien abductions or using a spin-off to warn about the Twin Tower bombings. But no, the X-Files’ X-file is just a sex-file. It plays into the romance of the show and all those years X-Files fans wanted Dana Scully and Fox Mulder to kiss.

David Duchovny and Téa Leoni announced that their divorce was final over the weekend. Duchovny filed in June, citing an irreparable breakdown of the relationship. Weeks ago, tabloids reported that Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were dating after Anderson was spotted coming out of Duchovny’s place in New York amid rumors that he and Leoni were reconciling.

After reporting this for another magazine, I was contacted by a self-proclaimed insider. Just like on The X-Files itself when a well-manicured man gave insider tips to Agent Scully or Deep Throat and X came out of the shadows to guide “Spooky” Mulder through the looking glass. I had my own deep cover insider, a lone gunman, if you will. Hopefully unarmed. I will call this person Deep X. And I’ll tell you what I know about Deep X.

Nothing. I don’t know shit about Deep X and if I were writing this for an online news zine I could get in deep shit because Deep X can be some online lunatic fringe and Fringe was another show entirely. Maybe not entirely, Fringe was so deeply derivative it could have been X-Files outtakes. This informant could be anyone: an X-Files fan or someone who hated the show; someone who just wanted to see their made-up story in print.

Deep X claims to know “a couple of people who are very close to Anderson and Duchovny.” Inasmuch as feeding an urban legend, this is meaningless. The deejays who ran the first Paul Is Dead report didn’t know the band or anyone in their Apple corps. The first Elvis sighting could have been an impersonator on break. The first person who saw Jesus on a taco wasn’t even a member of the clergy.

Deep X contacted me through email, claiming that Duchovny and Anderson secretly got married years ago, that they have children together and that they wouldn’t have to hide all this in plain sight if it weren’t for Tea Leoni. I ignored it. At my peril. When the Duchovny Leoni divorce announcement came out this weekend, I got an email from Deep X asking “believe me now?”

There are gossip magazines and tabloids that might just label this as an anonymous source and run with it. I’m not saying I believe it. I’m just saying, as an X-Files fan, it’s a story I could wish was true. I was never a Tea Leoni fan anyway and I don’t care if Gillian Anderson’s hair could be a little too red, if you know what I mean. The idea that the actors who played Mulder and Scully could have hidden something like this for years would rank it up there with Rod Stewart getting his stomach pumped because he gave one too many blow jobs.

The X-Files is all about mythology. Part of what feeds that was the chemistry between the two stars. Mulder and Scully teased and occasionally squeezed, but like most things on network TV, never pleased. It took them years to kiss. The idea that they were doing something deep under the covers themselves was always a thing of fan fantasy. Not mine, I actually preferred them separate, smoldering from afar in their unimaginative ties and feet too short to reach the pedal. I wouldn’t care if Duchovny was actually a celibate, just so long as Mulder hit on bug scientists named Bambi.

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Also, I’m considering renaming this Tumblr “Fuck Yeah, John Neville!” Because FYJN!!! 

I totally forgot about The Well-Manicured Man character, and having him introduced now is a total breath of fresh air (literally, because The Smoking Man was making us all sick with his habit). 

Neville did it all, working as a touted member of London’s Old Vic Company in the West End, moving to Canadian theater and then eventually films. He’s most well-known for his role in Terry Gilliam’s “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,” but (and not to sound like a total hipster here) I know him more for his turn in one of my favorite films, David Cronenberg’s 2002 thriller, “Spider,” starring Ralph Fiennes. It was actually Neville’s last film - he died in 2007 of Alzheimer’s complications.

All in all, Neville’s a welcome addition, even if his character’s plot points are a wee bit confusing (wait, so William Mulder worked with ex-Nazis and the government to keep files and tissue samples of all living Americans born after a certain date to allow the Nazi doctors to sample the DNA and create alien-human hybrids? Or … wait, what?!).

Season 3, Episode 1. “The Blessing Way.”

anonymous asked:

5 and sambucky?

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Bucky works his jaw from side to side and looks away. Coming to this banquet, ball, benefit, whatever was a mistake. Especially because of the way he feels about Sam. Forget the image of Samuel T. Wilson in a tailored suit that looks like it was made for a god. Forget his bright smile and how god damn charismatic he is.

None of that is the problem. Well it is, but it’s not the problem. Bucky’s real problem is the gnawing itch under his skin whenever someone not so secretly places their hand just a little too low on Sam’s back. How someone will walk by and let their gaze linger for a space of time too long to be casual.

Bucky can see them undressing Sam with their eyes, and part of him gets it, really. But to them Sam is nothing more than a pretty face with some seriously dangerous cheekbones. They don’t know that Sam used to work at the VA with soldiers that had PTSD. They don’t know that Sam has PTSD, and they probably don’t care.

How could they?

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Nothing To Me

A submission for the cheating!Akashi scenario! I’m that part of that fandom where I both dislike and like him ;)

[TW] Ambiguous relations towards the end; older!male and younger!woman (albeit it’s legal)

Also, that you for the opportunity to submit this~

Fixed some formatting and tenses! This is a submission by @fairyteirus who wrote a continuation to the infamous Akashi request!

Note that this is NOT work by our blog, none of the original content has been changed. Credit goes to the original writer! -Admin Fyre

Like a howl of pain in the silent hill of chaos that murked along the edges of his shattered fantasy. A cherry blossom that withered along the fragments of reality and dream, a single petal that resembled revival in the hellish abyss of vice and venom.

That was who you were in his eyes. A wondrous miracle that clouded his mind like a medicine that shrouded his once darkened veins. Oh, if only he had realized this before his judgement was forever cracked open.

“Akashi Seijuurou became nothing to me.”

He watched you smile delicately at the TV show host as you explained your separation to the world. His eyes never failed to widen when you spit out such cruel words from such pretty lips. The hand that held the remote began to tremble when you explained how he tossed your heart in his hands and manipulated your feelings like any ill-conscious man ever did. You pressed a well manicured nail under your eye to catch a drifting tear that threatened to slip past your lashes. And the sad part was that Akashi truly wanted you to cry. To show some sort of emotion towards him. Because when you left him there to rot, you only looked at him with the dead eyes that never yielded to disgust.

“He has no value to me, as a man, anymore.”

Akashi felt his heart strings pluck to the rhythm of your ever hateful melody. Memories that danced along his gaze made his chest tighten ever so painfully. Nostalgia where you took his hand for the first time, where he opened the door for you wherever you went, or even when he knelt down and promised for you to be the only one. He breathed in through his nose, only to let out a ragged dry sob at your next words.

“I will continue to respect him as a businessman, but he is lower than dirt to me as a person.”

The redhead chuckled in self deprecation when you laughed at a jab the tv show host replied to. He clutched at his hair and dug the blunt of his nails across his scalp. It had been months since he last walked out of his office. Months since he saw anything that resembled the kind of hope you used to embody. Months since he had last had any shred of happiness in his life. And it had broken him.

“I’m truly grateful to people like Kuroko-san and Midorima-san, who helped me get back on my feet.”

Your smile lit up the room as pictures of your shortcoming success began to float across the screen. You had come a long way in such a short time. Magazines had persistently asked for interviews after you walked out of him. Articles splurged out when you were voted to be the number 9 in the Most Powerful Woman Alive poll that year. Job offers popped up everywhere and you finally moved to be one of the most trending models in the business. Of course, Akashi knew you were beautiful and ambitious. But he never knew it would be to this extent after the divorce.

“I’m happy now. I’ve realized that now I know my worth as my own person. Not just being Akashi Seijuurou’s wife.”

His bloodshot eyes twitched underneath the stream of light that entered the room. Akashi didn’t bother to spare a glance at the seething female in the doorway. Sayuri ground her teeth together at the empty shell of the man she was pained to say she once embraced. Needless to say, both their companies were doing well since the separation. However, their client list was slowly losing to ruin since you began to become a very powerful figure in the country. Not many people accepted having their contract to be with someone who could so easily turn on betrayal.

“I was invited to a small runway showing this week. I hope this event will be when my career really starts.”

He continued to stare at the screen, watching you on the conference projector with remorse. His thumb drummed against the rewind button to start the recording all over again. This had been a nonstop cycle since you first appeared on the media.

“I did do one last thing before I decided to leave. I renewed his passport for him. Shanghai is always a nice place to be during the fall.”

It was the 68th time he watched this recording. That day.

“Miss ________, you have a visitor.”

You turned from your dressing room mirror to let out a lazy smirk at the male before you.

Because as Akashi always thought, you were like a dandelion in the hazen fog with wrinkled petals and hollow veins. You were light in the burning embers of hell. And even the strongest men fled to you like a moth to a flame.

He handed you an elaborate bouquet of flowers that rested along your arm neatly. The faint ghost of a smile twitched at the corner of his lips when you faintly brushed your knuckles against the tops of his fingertips during the exchange.

“Now to what do I owe this pleasure, father-in-law?”

The dressing room was then closed shut.