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The Zodiac Signs’ Deeply Buried Truths and Dreams

To understand a zodiac sign’s motives, you must understand the workings of their mind and heart. Dreams and ideals can help to grasp their patterns of behaviour which would otherwise be inexplicable to us. 

*use sun, moon or dominant sign

The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

A fire sign’s fantasy world begins where the fairytale book ends. It’s a realm of romance and myth. In fact, the fiery signs mythologize everyday-life to a large extent and transform their reality into a stage where everybody plays their part. Their fantasies can be quite black and white, full of clichés and old and well-known tales. When their lives lack drama, they simply project their brilliantly colorful dreams onto the people or situations in their surrounding. They can not stand the grey dullness of the emprical world and their minds are the best escape.

The Aries’ fantasies are of a quite chivalric nature as, deep down, they are knights in shining armor looking for a noble cause or a damsel in distress. For them the Age of Courtly Love is not over and they live according to the rules of the Round Table or the Order of the Garter as their dreams revolve around honour, loyalty and praise. Aries needs adventure, a lost cause to participate in, a war to fight, a heart to win back, otherwise they grow cold and experience psychic indigestion.

Leos love to create myths and stories concerning their self. They are highly idealistic and envision a world where good is purely good and bad is purely bad - they don’t really see grey shadows or the subtleties of human nature. The lion wants to be the hero or the heroine, anyone really who is respected, looked up to and appreciated. Their dreams are full of romanticism and love they pour into their beloved subjects/children/objects of affection and about the tenderness they receive in return. 

Like their arrows, Sagittarius’ visions are aimed at some distant future or a faraway possibility. In the centaur’s dreams nothing has limits and their abilities and possible journeys are endless. It’s hard for them to cope with people telling them that something is impossible because they strongly believe that every goal can be reached, no matter how absurd it sounds. What really drives a Sagittarius are unexplored paths, unexplicable mysteries and a sense of anticipation that lingers in the air. Because of that boundless realm in their head, the centaur understands that life is meaningful and that everything teaches a lesson and encourages growth but the light of their visions can rarely be transformed into reality. 

The Earth Sings (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

The fantastic and uncomprehensible world exists for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn as well but unlike the fire signs, earth signs tend to not recognize it as a part of their actual life but as something supernatural. They are terribly afraid of disorder which is why most of them will opress their imagination and dreams rather than embrace them. And while they know almost everything about the world surrounding them, spirituality and fantasy have the potential for them to come to terms with their inner self. They probably really need and want to retreat in a realm of dreams but they often feel too occupied with everyday-life and therefore guilty “wasting” their time drowning in fantasy. 

Taurus needs to escape into a world of beauty from time to time. When the reality is too cold or things just do not seem to work out, they like to drown in things which are exquisite and beautiful, either physically or with their mind. If they can’t have their real piece of luxury they like to think about times when they will or had and just generally knowing about all the art in the world, like paintings, music or good food keeps them going. They are one of the most sceptic signs and the ones who value the known and reliable most, so it is most likely that their dreams revolve around something they can actually capture with their senses.

Virgos are quite romantic and imaginative souls but they are not idealistic like most of the water and air signs. Their minds are neatly and orderly arranged knowledge gained through quiet observing and silent curiosity. Their oftentimes cold or brusque exterior is a protection for the possible gunshots reality could take at them. Their safe haven is a mind that has a resolution for every situation, where every thing is coloured and structured in its realest, most detailed form to shut out all dangers from outside. Virgos wish the world were a more equal and better place but they have to protect themselves before they can help others.

Achievement to Capricorn is what romance is to the fire signs. Without goals and challenges, a Capricorn can grow cold and be thrown headfirst into depression because this unfriendly world can not offer him meaning anymore. The most mysterious of the earth signs, known as ambitious, working and plodding, is a magician, a chaser of mysteries in disguise. A true Capricorn knows how to make peace with the earth, and, in the end, all their hard labour is just a steppingstone to a more profound, reflected and introspective side to their nature. Once they have learned how to live in this world, they can use their newly found freedom to pursue their love of the mysteries, which, for them, revolve around all the energies that govern life.

The Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Air signs are the children amongst the zodiac and there is no one quite so familiar with the existence of wonders like a child. They have an incredible emotional depth and are incurable romantic at heart. Every emotional experience they make is profound and meaningful and immediately valued as one with an idealistic outcome. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius lack a certain worldliness because they seem to understand nearly everything. But all the mysteries and secrets of the world can only be understand by them when matched with a correlating system like religion or occult. They need to understand in order to be sane which is why some mysteries (the truly inexplicable ones) will never cease to fascinate but scare them.

A true Gemini is an eternal child. The world will never cease to overwhelm and amaze them and they will make it their life-long mission to gather broad and comprehensive knowledge about it. Geminis learn for the sole delight of self-taught wisdom and quenching that unbearable thirst that seems to be part of their nature. In-depth analyses are something you will not ever see a Gemini make because there is so much the universe can still teach and they simply have no time to think about something for too long. So it is no suprise that the twins are the least introspective of the signs, the vast pool of wonders around them is more important than sitting down and thinking about one’s own motives.

A Libra’s life is seen through a tinted glass that shows all the bauty it can contain. Like the true children of Venus that they are, Libras seek the Beautiful, the Good and the True and their dreams revolve around a world in which every being has their perfectly fitting counterpart and ordinary life is lifted to idealistic heights. Most of them feel like a part of them is missing and will never stop believing in finding perfection in form of a worthy companion, fulfilling job or just general happiness. Their quest for the Good and Beautiful can seem like hollow flattery to the more sceptic signs like Capricorn and Scorpio but dreamers will appreciate their efforts to preserve fantasies rather than destroy them with a brutal truth that is rarely ever absolute anyways.

Aquarius’ ideals mean everything to them and they would gladly give their life for the realization of their dream about universal love, equality, a brighter future. Without the ideas of an Aquarius, no real progress can take place, like their symbol the Waterbearer they offer the water of life to humanity. Their dreams are their ideals and their ideals are their reality. But while Aquarians always have an inept sense of the big picture, they lack comprehension for the personal and that makes it incredibly difficult for them to not only be humanitarian but also a fearlessly feeling human.

The Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

To the water signs everything is motivated by feeling as they move in the world with instinct, at home with what is irrational and inexplicable. Their reality is made entirely from what they feel and they subconciously assign an emotion to literally everything. Their own world contains a whole universe of dreams and fantasies and they mean so much to them because they are stuffed with profound truths that are part of a water sign’s core personality. They oppose the logical and rational values of our time and the processes of the intellect which are typically assigned to the air signs. They speak the language of the heart or  gut (which is a water sign’s most powerful tool).

Like their symbol the crab, Cancers’ home is the border between earth and water.They need the security of dry land like commitment, promises and truths but they also feel a strong pull towards the depths of the ocean of imagination. Their dreams and longings oftentimes revolve around stability, being needed and loved and the emotional subtleties underlying their fantasies are important for a Cancer’s personal and introspective growth. But individuals born under this sign are painfully self-protective, so do not expect them to talk to you about their secret longings and even if they do, be aware of them not telling you the whole truth. 

While the element of air is idealistic, water signs are more realistic and especially Scorpios know that ideals are important but life is different. They are as sensitive as their watery companions and possess the same emotional awareness but they can not afford romance because they are painfully aware of the human nature not only being great but also very animalistic and vicious. No other sign understands the shadows of being human as good as Scorpio and no one accepts and embraces the darkness as willingly. After all, there is nothing else to do. What really drives this sign is the will to make something of themselves as they want to find the profound truth of their being.

Pisces is the true sign of the mystic and they desperately need and are aware of another reality, a magical, elusive world which makes ordinary life meaningless. A lot of people born under the fishes are deeply religious (not necessary in an orthodox way) as they hold on to practices that are concerned with a side of life that is uncomprehensible, vast and profound. Unlike their watery fellows, Pisces’ sensitivity and deep wisdom about the futility of human behaviour is focused more outward and people with this sign are generally not as concerned with their own well-being and more focused on the hapiness of those around them.

I’ve received some messages in the past asking me how do i pick my colors… and i did this in an attemp to explain myself 💦💦 i might have failed.

Well the thing is, i don’t consider myself very good at painting nor i think i use really WOAH AWESOME colors so i get a little lost when asked how do i pick my palettes when really is not rocket science.

My best advice as a person who have no idea what are they doing is to E X P E R IM E N T.

Don’t limit yourself from what you see on the real world. Feel like coloring a girl with blue skin? using pink as a shadow? go for it! try stuff! even if it ends up looking hella weird! at least you tried you know. And tbh is fun.

I guess thats what my “creative process” is all about. How many different ways i can put pink on a drawing Hahaha

i hope yall have a good week🌸 i feel super stupid for doing this hahah!

Vocal Profile: Ailee


Vocal Fach: Light Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: D3-A5-C7
Supported Range: G3/G#3-E5/F5-Bb5/B5
Vocal Peak: Now

Ailee may be better known in the Korean world, as the K-pop diva who can belt party jams to heartfelt ballads, but it doesn’t mean that she’s lost the East Coast in her. Born in Denver and having lived in New Jersey until she was 20, Ailee’s trademark powerful pipes have a lot of American influence- something that sets her apart from the rest of the Kpop industry. However, her well developed and well rounded voice is also to credit. It’s clear Ailee has put work into her voice, and that only proves to be rewarding in the end.

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semi-polite-anti-christ  asked:

My grades have fallen recently, and I was wondering if you have any tips to get them up for the end of the semester?

you gotta work your booty off. 

ask your teacher if they could offer you some extra credit or let you retake a test you didn’t do well on. when you ask, be kind about it. don’t make it sound like it’s their fault in any way. make it clear that you screwed up and you fell behind (even if you do blame the teacher, you gotta sell it this way when you’re asking). and just be nice about it, it’s not the end of the world if they say no. approach them after their class or in email if talking to them would stress you out too much (but face to face may be better). 

try something kinda like this: “hey (teacher’s name), i’ve been super stressed this semester and my studying wasn’t up to par so my grade is at __% right now. i really want to turn this around and prove to you that i know the material. is there anything that i could do to bring my grade up? i’m hoping to get up to a __% (don’t aim too high. if you have a D don’t ask for an A. just go for a C or B depending) but really any little bit could help so that my GPA doesn’t drop. is there any chance that i could retake one of my exams or turn in some missing assignments or do a paper for extra credit or anything at all?”

even if you’re stressed or don’t like the teacher, you gotta be kind and respectful. at this point the teacher holds their grade in your hand. so suck up to them a bit.

if they say no, then so be it. don’t stress it. you’ll still have a final that should be able to bring your grade up. so you just gotta study your booty off and make that final your bitch. (here’s some general study tips that could help you out, and feel free to message me if you need some help understanding anything)!

if they say yes, great! do what they offered you and work your ass off on it. make that extra credit assignment the best damn assignment you have  ever turned in in your fricken life. i am more than happy to double check your assignment if it’s a paper or something i can look over (message me and we can figure it out).

keep in mind, the worst thing they can say is no. if they say no, then that’s ok. don’t stress it. it’s just one class. it’s just one grade. it won’t matter in 30 years what grade you got in a certain class. 

let me know if you have any more questions! i’m happy to help 💕

- sam xx

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Relax, its my opinion XD. I still think that Mutsuki must dies in the end, maybe committing suicide for a good cause, who knows...

You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. I’ve just seen a lot of ableist stuff floating around about Mutsuki, so that wasn’t entirely directed at you to be clear!

But TG’s a very anti-suicide manga, and anti-martyrdom as well. I’ll bluntly state that Mutsuki has to survive or at least want and try to survive after being redeemed for the manga to work on a thematic level. If the new world ghouls and humans create cannot offer hope to characters who have been so exploited by the old world like Mutsuki, what is even the point of creating a new world? If characters whose lives have been tragedies due to no fault of their own have to die for a new world to exist, well, I think TG has already shown us how creating a world or a throne built on corpses of the weak/inconvenient goes: it creates a monster that will eat your world and everything you’ve worked for.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

@livingdeadblondequeen finally your crossroads prompt request with the awesome Goldie Hawn movie Overboard is finally taking shape!!! Hoping you can have the rest for Thanksgiving. Just want to give you something on this occasion cause I adore our chats and love you long time hehe. Here’s a long awaited preview, luv (role reversal btw). 

Klaus is a rich, yacht owner who ends up in small town in Oregon with mechanical difficulties. Asking a local carpenter for assistance with a closet while they’re stranded turns out to be the beginning of an interesting and vengeful scenario.  


Elk Cove, OR

“Well, the entire civilized world knows that all closets are made of cedar.”

“Well, here in Elk Cove see we don’t know ‘bout them closets, nor bathrooms neither. Why you’re lucky I’m even house broken.”

“Nice pretend accent, you’re just being facetious now,” the English snob scowled. Caroline was fairly certain it was his default setting. “Not that you’d probably know what that word means of course.” 

“You’re right,” she agreed sarcastically but knowing exactly what it meant, earning a curious glance in return. “I’m not house broken at all, I lied.”

“My yacht is broken down and stuck at port in this god forsaken town and all I wanted was a bloody closet built below,” he hissed. “But then you show up and…”

“And what?” She asked, hands now firmly on hips. She couldn’t miss his dark, blue eyes flicker lazily over her short, denim shorts and t-shirt combination, albeit briefly.

She should have been offended because even though he was an insolent ass he was also unfortunately, extremely attractive. That dark, blonde hair curling over his ears teasingly and a pair of sinful crimson lips doing nothing to soothe her unexpected arousal.  

“Well, I guess I thought being a carpenter you’d be somewhat different.”

“Oh, I know what you’re getting at, buddy. You know, not sure what decade you were born but, not all carpenters are men and your sexist attitude isn’t appreciated.” What he did next she didn’t expect. Instead of the frown that had been permanently plastered on his face since she arrived, Caroline noticed a small but playful tug on his lips. “And I expect full payment.”

“Oh, I won’t be paying you anything, Miss Forbes. As I’ve said many times, although you don’t seem to understand, this isn’t what I requested,” he reiterated stubbornly. 

“What, not enough shoe racks for your extensive collection of designer stilettos?” Again, his expression surprised her, that playful tug now morphing into a full blown smirk. Bastard.

“I’ll pass on your footwear compliments to my wife,” he chuckled. Caroline immediately wondered what she saw in this smug idiot. Until she appeared, almost on cue, and the mystery was solved. They were just as frustratingly vain as each other.  

“Niklaus,” she bleated, her high pitched voice well and truly cutting through the stifling air. “These gnats keep landing on my wet nail polish. I guess I’m supposed to walk around with their little corpses stuck to my fingers, is that it?


“Oh yeah, it’s easy for you to say. You don’t have to sit out here in the heat with your hair frizzing to oblivion. I look like some sort of a bushman.” Caroline had to resist the urge not to laugh at the brunette princess whose day was ruined by some unexpected nail polish drama. 

“And you are?” She drawled, taking in her appearance judgmentally. Caroline had dealt with many difficult customers in the past but never the self entitled, vanity twins. As much as she wanted her money, Caroline much preferred getting as much distance between them as possible.

“The person you met earlier this morning but I can understand your memory loss in the horrible drama you’ve been dealing with.” She couldn’t miss his earlier smirk increasing even stretching further across his face. “I’ll be on my way.” She grabbed her tools and strode towards the stern purposefully.

“But, your money,” he called out behind her retreating back.

“So, you’ll give it me?”

“Well, no,” he  baulked. Caroline was beginning to realise this guy liked to tease and nothing more. 

“But I earned that,” she argued, finally turning to face him. 

“Sorry sweetheart, but you really didn’t.”

“Asshole,” she replied gruffly, not bothering to look backwards again as she stomped away. 

She’d worked her ass off and deserved to be paid. Obviously he could afford it but had no intention of rewarding her hard work. Caroline struggled for every penny but he didn’t care. These were two people she could live without for the rest of her life. “And don’t ever call me sweetheart.”

5 days later…

“So, what exactly do I do?” Klaus asked, looking around the small room ominously. The mystery blonde had rescued him from the Elk Cove local hospital after falling overboard in the dead of night from his yacht and his resulting amnesia was profound. 

“You stay at home and do the housework while I earn us a living,” she explained slowly. Even though she wasn’t at all familiar to him yet, Klaus knew she was extremely attractive attired in a floral, blue dress and fitted, denim jacket with her golden waves fanned out across her back. 

“But these hands don’t look…”


“Domesticated.” She paused briefly and Klaus couldn’t miss the slight roll of her blue eyes.

“You’ve suffered a heavy blow to the head which is understandable, but maybe you should try and do some housework, so you can familiarise yourself.”

Klaus looked at her blankly, still perplexed. Apparently she was his wife according to the hospital and this was his life even if it felt so foreign right now. Unbeknownst to him, Caroline considered this plan her well deserved revenge.


Being 27 years old and being a Taylor fan is complicated because apparently saying that Taylor Swift is just an imperfect human being who makes mistakes is not well accepted in this fandom. It seems we have to act as if the world were just black and white and there are only good or bad people and Taylor clearly is an angel. Come on people, we all commit shitty attitudes and make wrong choices and we have moment where we are spoiled, selfish or even cruel. EVERYONE! I’m the kind of person who tells friends when they’re wrong because at the end of the day telling a person that she’s always right is wrong because the person grows up without facing the real world.

anonymous asked:

When I started reading CN I got this sick feeling that I get when a creative work makes me emotional/really sad. I almost couldn’t picture that story ending well for Tony. I almost expected Steve to be more of a jerk because you establish pretty well that it’s a crummy world they live in where people are socialized in all sorts of nasty ways. The fact that you drove that home so well is a credit to you as a writer. And it got me thinking if Steve hadn’t been so sincerely nice? 1

(2) like nice at first but with the expectation of something in return. And that clearly wasn’t the story you wanted to tell and I can respect that but by the same token I couldn’t help the feeling I’d seen A/B/O fics go that route a lot? And the whole idea of a fanfic anyway is seeing a story that made you feel something and sparked your imagination and made you want to take it in a new direction. Oh well. Maybe if I ever get back into fic writing.

I would love it if something I wrote had a hand in spurring you back to writing!  I think that would be a very interesting take on the trope to have a sort of darker version of Steve.  

For me, in that ‘verse, the qualities that made Steve a good person and a good Alpha to begin with, most importantly his devotion to and deep need to care for his Omega, were enhanced by the serum same as everything else.  He was a good man to begin with, but good becomes great, as Erskine says.  The sort of point under all of that was what it takes to be a great Alpha is not all that BS macho posturing, violence or putting down of Omegas, but being someone who sees their Omega as an equal, not because of how the Omega relates to him, but because of who the Omega is in and of himself or herself, and who is not threatened by that, but able to love their partner completely and without reservation.  What if it turned out that the qualities that best define a great Alpha are the ability to love without expectation of return, a duty of care and an overriding respect for individual autonomy?   You know, basically, what if there are just qualities that make you a good person and not a good Alpha or good Omega?  (i.e., what if being a good man or a good woman meant the same thing?)

Maybe it has been done a lot or maybe it is a bit trite, but I like trite, I suppose. I write romance.  It isn’t reinventing the wheel. I will pushback a bit and point out that the crummy world you read about, though?  That’s our world.  Almost every single example in there was taken directly from something applied to women, and most of those things are still happening today, not some token of history.  I changed very, very little, and what changes I did make were generally to make CN ‘verse less horrible than the actual things happening in our world.  I hope that people are able to see that when they read it.  That this is a mirror of our world.  

That’s not to say a different approach wouldn’t be fascinating, and that’s the great thing about fic.  You can take a basic trope and write it thousands of ways.  I’d love to see more exploration of these ideas and even something that completely turned them on their heads.  I would love to read it and I really hope you decide to get back to writing! 

anotherdramadrama  asked:


Liz oh my god!!!! I was actually going through and deleting all my 1 year + old messages (I guess it was called fan mail back in the day lmao) and you were there??? And I was like wuuutt??? And then I realized that before I took my little break we talked??? And I remember it like I stalked you so far back like it was crazy dedication and you called me out (LMAO) and then you made me feel better about applying for colleges cause I was so nervous and I was like “yeah this totally is a Liz thing to do.” Because, despite your HORRID and DISTURBING love of m*yonnaise, you are truly so kind and funny and also sometimes I feel like I really just need to protect you from all the bad things in the world. I guess I’m just not at all surprised that you ended being someone who helped me a long time ago because you’re always someone that’s kind to me these days as well. I want all the good things for you. You always brighten my day and I care about you a lot ❤️

okayjacklynn  asked:

Do you know if the FCC’s net neutrality vote will affect Canadians? I’m trying to read up on it but I don’t fully understand 😭

Yes, it will. Because the majority of the world’s most used and popular websites are hosted on American servers (Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) they will be subject to American laws on Net Neutrality.

Some large companies may have Canadians servers and in that case there shouldn’t be a slowdown on this end, but for many smaller websites/companies I’m sure it could have a negative effect. Cost pressures in the USA could be shifted to Canadian providers as well.

This is from a reddit discussion board on the topic (up voted almost 200 times):

Whatever happens in the states regards to Net Neutrality is going to also affect us here in Canada. The internet isn’t easily divided up into regions, it’s essentially one massive entity and as such it’s inevitable that some of our traffic is going to come through the states. On top of, many of the services we use on the net are US based, Reddit for example. If the states allows their telecos to prioritize and price different traffic that inevitably going to spill out into additional costs for our services and telecos who buy bandwidth from the US backbone. The cost and consequence of which will be passed on to us.


Yuzuru at World Championships 2017

No-commentary video of SP above;  post-SP interview with Eng subs below.

No-commentary video of Free Skate:

Japanese commentary (parts of FP) + interview with Eng subs: 

Thanks to 6277 for the subbed videos with proper credit to Sophie Moroi for her translation, and with her permission too.  (I saw videos in Youtube that used Sophie’s translation with no permission, and even worse, with no credit to her whatsoever!)   

And I love no-commentary videos… thanks to siberia1982 for the SP and FP ones! 

Victory Ceremony:  I was watching the competition on live stream and praying so hard during ‘Hope&Legacy’.  When he finished his perfect FP, tears just streamed down my face.  YOU DID IT, YUZU!!!!  Then, after the last skater’s turn, when it was confirmed that Yuzu got the gold, I started crying again.  And I could not stop crying throughout the medal ceremony!  I was watching it on live stream and I kept wiping my eyes so that I could see clearly!   Ahhhhhh……… finally, through all those ups and downs of the past 2+ years, through all the pain and heartache, finally!!! he got the reward that he worked so hard for.  You really deserve that gold medal and all the happiness in the world, Yuzuru!!!

Gala exhibition, the beautiful Swan Prince in ‘Notte Stellata’: 

(much thanks to respective video uploaders)  

What a privilege to know you and to be your fan.  Thank you, Yuzu, and CONGRATS!!!!

Don’t Freak IV

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Steve Harrington x Reader


Requests are OPEN

I guess I lost it before I even had it,” That was the last thing Steve said when they got to his car.  It echoed in Y/N’s head the whole trip home. Then she got to thinking what life with Steve could’ve been like. All the things she did with Jonathan, she imagined doing with Steve, then she imagined more intimate moments like stolen kisses, affectionate hugs and cuddling. She shook her head and turned the volume up to the radio, hoping whatever was playing would drown out the less than sane thoughts going through her head.

After my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray
Watching through windows you’re wondering if I’m okay
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after-

Y/N’s hand slammed on the radio, silencing Cyndi Lauper, then covered her mouth as a sob escaped. Every emotion she felt with Steve in the car finally made its way out. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself, but it just seemed to make things worse.

Y/N parked her car next to her mother’s in the driveway and sat. She turned the key to shut the ignition off, then rested her forehead against the wheel and cried.

She didn’t know what time it was by the time she gathered herself up and trudged into the house. All of the lights were off and the house was silent. Y/N kicked her shoes off on the side mat and hung up her keys.

Y/N walked as quietly as she could down the hall to her room and silently shut the door. She flipped the light switch on and looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It was after midnight.

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Thor accepting that Loki is The God of Mischief, but recognizing that he could be more. Thor being able to talk to The Hulk like a typical meat head, but also being able to dish about science with Bruce Banner. Thor trying to help Bruce cope with his anxiety and trying to convince Valkyrie to take up the sword again, even when his world is falling apart and time is running out. Thor stating that it doesn’t matter what happens to him as long as his people make it out alive. Thor trusting that everything will be okay as they make their way to Earth, and telling Loki all of this because in the end he’ll always care about Loki’s well-being no matter how many times he stabs him in the back (literally.) Thor always prioritizing everyone’s needs, acknowledging his limitations, and pushing past them to do what is needed to save others. Thor Odinson, everyone.   

every road leads to an end

this is for everyone in my inbox who asked for a mike coming out story.


Mike’s hands are shaking as he reaches for the phone on the corner of his desk - a hand-me-down he’d nabbed from Nancy’s room when she’d packed all of her things and headed off to college two summers ago. He nearly knocks the entire thing to the floor in his haste to grab it.

“Get a grip, Wheeler,” he mumbles out loud to himself, but he can’t quite stop the tremor from coursing through him - it’s the adrenaline, maybe. Probably not fear. Definitely anger.

Mike shakes his head and pulls out a piece of crumpled paper from his desk drawer, taking his time to punch the neatly-written numbers into the keypad on the phone. It rings once, twice, three times.

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I really liked the way they handled his character in Monster Bash, felt like it was a good way to show where he stands as a person after the recent developments he underwent. In Demoncism Tom showed some real desire to change, putting effort into it, in what was a dangerous and painful procedure in the show, and essentially a metaphor for therapy to us viewers. This happened right before Sophomore Slump, an episode that showed Marco at his lowest to then show him taking the choice that is now helping him grow, moving to Mewni and getting, this time for real, out of his comfort zone. This set a unavoidable comparison between the two characters, putting Tom, the one who had always been problematic and full of issues, on a “higher level” than Marco, the organized safe boy: the demon found enough strength to change, the human struggled with change and ultimately had to get a reality check to get kickstarted onto the road to self improvement. Not a great way for the co-protagonist to truly begin his role in the third season.
But this show (usually) knows how to portray its characters as tridimensional, without reducing their life to a couple of fixed, unchangeable checkpoints, and I think they truly managed to do it with Tom in the mid season finale:

At first he’s shown as uninterested in Star’s work. Despite what he said in Demoncism, that seeing Star being the best princess she can inspired him, he seems to have “settled down”: he got what he liked, Star’s respect and another chance at dating, so he might be living the easy life now, lacking one of the elements that gave him the determination to change.

This continues later in the episode: when Star asks for his help, he’s still only concerned about the “pleasant” sides fo dating. Kissing, dancing, cuddling…

But then comes the redemption part. After having been alone for a while, probably with his thoughts, Tom goes looking for Star to apologize. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, but he knows that it’s his fault, he’s not blaming Star for not doing what he wanted.

Compare it with his behavior in Blood Moon Ball, and it’s clear that he truly did change.

And at the end of the episode he has finally understood what he did. He apologizes to Star, and understands how much what she was doing meant to her.

To cut it short, I wanted to point out how well handled Tom’s development has been in these past few episodes, despite the little screentime. He did put some serious effort into changing, and for this he got a “reward”. But at the same time he’s not done, he hasn’t “capped” his growth potential. It’d be quite absurd if a single positive moment, as meaningful as it is, were to suddenly overshadow all his mistakes, and all the effort Marco, the other side of the triangle (it’s impossible not to talk about it at this point), has put into his friendship, his relationship with Star for over two seasons. So this is the solution, keeping everything in a gray area, where there’s enough room for manoeuvre to keep the characters always moving and changing.

Regardless of what the future of Tom and Star relationship is going to be it’d have been absurd and bad for his character, and unfair to Marco and Star (as characters, not as people in the show’s world) as well, if he had been suddenly good and perfect once he reached one of his goals. This way it’s clear that he still has rough edges to work out, and that he’s still ready to do it.

Oh, and to Tom’s credit: he did initially try to help Star organizing the party, but she was too focused on it too even notice. Tom is not the only one in a gray area, other characters make mistakes and have their low moments too. It’s all about how they still manage to communicate with eachother in the end.

revenge [steve x henderson!reader]

premise: (name) wants to take revenge on billy. steve tries to stop her.

warnings: bit of swearing

a/n: what an overprotective sister
also, requested:  “Call me now. It’s urgent.” With Steve Harrington please? (Sorry I’m on a stranger things withdrawal!) (anon) / plz something with the reader being an overprotective sister for dustin!! (anon)

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Once Steve Harrington returns home he notices a small note fall from his backpack. Curious to what it may be – his first guess is a love confession or a number of some gal, – he picks it up, and greatly confused, re-reads it a few times before saying it aloud.

’Call me once you read this. It’s urgent’?” He stares into spaces before glancing down at the note. Who could’ve—Wait a minute! The blue ink, the swirls, the delicate and careful drawing of characters…This is no chicken scribble. And he knows only one person that actually tries to have nice handwriting!

(Name) Henderson.

Hurried and even a bit worried, he trots to the home telephone and punches in your household’s number. There are a few moments of tensed silence and static before you pick up.

Finally! What took you so long!?” Your voice echoes from the other end.

What?” Steve frowns, “Never mind that, what’s with the note? We in middle school, or something?”

“Meet me by the theatre in ten. I’m about to do something reckless.”

“…What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to fucking destroy Billy’s car.”

Beep beep beep. You hang up. And the telephone nearly slips out of Steve’s fingers.

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