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What your expensive post secondary education will not teach you

The best advice I can give to anyone going through the college/university experience is to enjoy it for what it is and to keep a fair balance between school and the rest of your life. It’s easy to get lost in the stress of it all, between classes and readings and assignments and midterms and papers and finals. But at the end of it, one day it will all stop and you’ll realize that all that worrying and stress don’t really accumulate to much.

You’ll have your piece of paper and some superficial designation, maybe some or no debt, a handful of good friends and a shit load of bad ones. But once you cross that threshold you’re in the real world with real world problems. You’re joining a pool of people with the same credentials as you and you’ll soon realize that “doing well” in school doesn’t account for much when you’re pitted against peers who pretty much look the same as you on paper.

So that’s what I mean when I say to keep a balance between school and life. The other parts of your life will mark you different in a world where so many of us look the exact same to potential employers. Nurture your hobbies and talents and don’t sacrifice them because you don’t have time. The fact that you do something else besides your chosen field of study, whether it’s music or film or whatever, will make you stand out of the crowd.

We’re each coming into the same mess and inheriting a world of issues and conflicts that we have little choice but to shoulder. Nurture and embrace all the factors that make you who you are and encourage others to do the same for themselves. In a world that requires experience for everything but refuses to provide any, you must be confident in presenting and defending any and every talent and skill you posses. This is something our expensive education fails to teach us completely.

Can you imagine if Bellamy goes to leave but ends up on the island when he realizes he cant leave Clarke like she left him, and finds Clarke laying in bed, so she wakes up when he comes in and just tells him to come lay and they fall asleep and all is well in the world

Shippuden/hiden ending

I am not going to call it the last of naruto, because it isnt.. 

…While watching this train wreck, I would like to say 7 things.. 

1: Where is Sasuke?
2: Where is the actual plot?
3: Why is shikatema/saiino so blandly forced towards the end 
4: Why so much ooc 
5: Where the fuck is Sasuke!??!
6: Why not change the title to Hinata hiden, not konoha… 

So obviously the most important questions……………………………………………………………Why didnt this end sooner?


While everyone is crying into nothing, I am more nervous.. 
Nervous at the fact that SP will be doing the boruto series, and seeing how they did the ending… 
Well fuck… 

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…………………………………………………………………………..also where the fuck was sasuke!?!?

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I've read your synopsis on Danish Slaughterhouse and OMG can you please make a synopsis as well on Gutters if you've read it? I am very curious about it but not really brave enough to read it. Thanks in advance!


Ok, Gutters is actually one of my favourites.
It’s set from Sealand’s point of view and how he’s living in a bunker. The world has ended and outside air is pretty much poisonous. He was split up from France and England and has no idea where the Nordics are as all communication is down and you have to look out for your own.
That is, until pure and utter chance, Denmark stumbles into his bunker and finds Sealand. Even though he’s half blind from the ash, he vows to protect Sealand and they go on a journey to Sweden to try and find the other Nordics.
On the way there they meet other nations- some have died already such as Romano- and some they stay with. Netherlands betrays them as some people are holding Belgium captive and gets killed himself. They find America and Canada who crash landed on a plane, but Canada’s dying. They then make their way to Poland as a certain Pole has a boat who might be able to get them to Sweden.
Anyway, Feliks finds them first and let’s them wonder around the town nearby whilst he prepares the boat. However, they anger the town and suddenly they all come after them- trying to kill Denmark and Sealand. They run to Feliks in the hopes of escape, but what Poland didn’t tell them is that it’s a boat that can only fit two people.
So, Denmark sacrifices himself so Poland and Sealand can go. Sealand is distraught and terrified and doesn’t know what to do, so Poland tries to comfort him, which kind of works as Sealand’s still angry at him for not telling them about the boat.
Anyway, Feliks leaves him in Sweden and goes back, promising that if he finds Denmark he’ll bring him. Sealand wanders around for a bit until he’s found by a group and they take him to a bunker.
Guess who’s at the bunker?
The Nordics. All four of them.
Sure, they’re battered and Iceland’s missing pretty much all his fingers, but they’re there.
Of course, then Sealand says they have to go back to find Denmark as he brought him there. Norway is a little snappy as he believed Denmark was dead. They go back and find Denmark- Poland brought him- but Denmark… the ash has got to him, so not only is he blind but he’s dying.
They bring him back to the bunker and get out some food and drink the duo found on the way- a bottle of beer and a can of tinned pineapples- and eat that.
Then, the next day, Denmark dies.
They hold a funeral for him at sea and go back (it’s sadder than I’m saying) after Sealand has a bonding moment with Norway over it (as the Norwegian begins crying).
Denmark left a will to Sealand, telling him that he’s left all of his land to Sealand- so now he’s a real country.
They get picked up in a submarine by Russia and get brought to America (I think) where they’re building a new civilisation. They meet some other countries there and join in.
It ends with Sealand writing a letter to Denmark about what’s happening.
It’s… very sad.

man do you know what I want to never stop

I want fandom to argue about which private kinks, intensely tagged on a fanfic archive for a niche hobby, are going to be personally responsible for all crime and the end of the world

especially if those kinks are well-documented natural parts of human sexuality, BECAUSE of their taboo, since before the internet was a twinkle in al gore’s balls

I hope fandom keeps having that argument FOREVER and FUCKING EVER and I have to unfollow every otherwise reasonable person on my dash because of it 

holy shit that would be CHRISTMAS

I may or may not have accidentally ended up coming up with a complex system of essences and how they present in different sorts of beings and how they influence the person and their interactions with the world as well as the three specific sub-categories that all people fall into, with the psuedophysiology involved in how they make themselves known.


All I wanted to do was work with my little red panda child.

Last month, I talked a bit about the Japanese term 仲良し (nakayoshi) in relation to Kurogane and Fay.

As it turns out, in Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle, Mokona uses exactly the same wording to describe the relationship between… Syaoran and Sakura.

This parallel is certainly not a coincidence (since there are none in this world)… And it’s particularly interesting because, in both cases, it’s Mokona who uses the term. In other words, Mokona establishes this parallel between Syaoran & Sakura and Kurogane & Fay; in fact, a similar term is used on the very same page, once again in relation to Kurogane and Fay. (If all goes well, I will post a translation of this page before the end of this month.)

Mokona’s other uses of 仲良し are still valid as well; in those two cases, Mokona wants to be included in the friendly relationship.

The example with Syaoran and Sakura also mentions Mokona, but the full line reads, “Mokona really loves the two of them, too!” instead of anything along the lines of, “They get along well with Mokona, too” - even though they do, but that’s not the meaning that’s intended here.

Perhaps a more neutral translation of 仲良し would be “they are close and get along well” – which is not limited to friendship and certainly holds true for Syaoran & Sakura and Kurogane & Fay as well.

I'm always a slut for crossovers

I have a monumental urge to write a fic or a comic or SOMETHING on this one idea i’ve had for a while

I super super love the idea of a huge hub world or city where each character from a television cartoon can go to (and even live in. I imagine many characters from long ended shows would’ve made a permanent move here.) this universe excludes stuff like anime and cartoons that exist only as movies. mainly, i want something like this to exist because i believe that the possible interactions between all of the assorted well-written, dynamic characters from any number of shows would be super interesting and make for plenty of entertaining and engaging situations.(Think about the old Cartoon Network “CN City” bumpers that used to come on in-between commercials. Or if you haven’t seen them, do find them on youtube, they’re amazing and nostalgic.)

I’ve got a whole premise written out under the read more, feel free to read lmao

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the world is ending inside you / let it love you to death

idk if i’m happy with this but here’s a sim dedicated to @cxssy , my best friend <3

i’ve just been dicking around all day with ideas for sims and this happened. legacy challenge tomorrow? maybe? i’m trying to come up with some ideas of what i want to do story-wise. we’ll see what happens!

To-Do List

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1/ These Endless Days (Are Finally Ending in a Blaze)

Following the events of Civil War, the Avengers are disbanded, scattered and in hiding - and not coping all that well. The rise of anti-superhuman feeling continues, and it’s not only the Avengers who are feeling the effects. Steve Rogers and team are about to discover a whole other world, and with it comes what might be the biggest threat they’ve ever faced.

Chapter 4 (Conversations with the Dead)

“Are they seriously still talking about the Avengers?”

Buffy rolls her eyes as she wanders into the common room, zipping up her hoodie as she walks, stake stuffed carelessly into the back of her jeans to leave her hands free. She pauses to steal the half-full coffee mug Xander has carelessly left unattended whilst he channel hops.

“Still big news, Buff,” he says without turning to her, knowing even without the use of both eyes what she’s doing.

2/ Back in Black (with @latessitrice)

Bucky’s the mysterious newcomer to Ramsay Street and everyone thinks he’s bad for Darcy. This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Australian soap opera style.

Chapter 19

Wanda’s torn between a severe case of secondhand embarrassment at the stand off between Steve’s girlfriend and the dark-haired girl in Helen’s house, and the flush of gratefulness that the intensely awkward situation appears to have taken all the heat off herself.

She’d make a break for it, back to the little apartment where she can curl up under her duvet and pretend none of this has happened, but unfortunately where Steve’s pretty much stilled into place, he’s still clutching her in his arms.

3/ When We Collide (We Come Together)

Wakanda has been compromised.

Steve Rogers, no longer Captain America and now an internationally wanted criminal, manages with the help of King T'Challa to remove James Buchanan Barnes before things go completely south.

Rogers leaves him with the only person he realistically can. Darcy Lewis.

Barnes, awakened prematurely from cryo-sleep and still missing one arm as well as his sense of humour, is not impressed.

Chapter 9

“What?” He asked, hand still on her waist and barely finishing the word before he was trying to kiss her again. Darcy dodged him and wriggled back, raising a leg until she could place one bare foot against his chest and push him back. Bucky looked down at it, then back up at the girl.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked, serious, but rushed on before he could start to form an answer. “You hate me.”

“I don’t hate you.” Bucky said, rolling his eyes, and she raised an eyebrow in response.

“Severe dislike, then.” Darcy said pointedly. “Dislike with intent.”

4/ You & Me (We Gotta Whole Lotta History)

When Jane is summoned by Tony Stark to work alongside the Avengers, Darcy tags along but after a workplace accident finds herself thrown back and forth against her will through history. In the present timeline, Steve struggles with the Winter Soldier and what may or may not be left of Bucky within the hollow shell that haunts him. In the past, Darcy struggles to reconcile the man she meets across space and time with the assassin that arrives at the tower strapped to a gurney with armed guards afraid to let him out of their sight.

Chapter 15

The door to the lab crashed open.

Jane jumped and dropped her mug, the plastic thermos bouncing as it hit the desk in front of her and sending lukewarm coffee spilling across the desktop, soaking into her notes and dripping steadily onto the floor.

Stood in the doorway with his arms full of an unconscious Darcy, was Bucky Barnes. Jane’s jaw dropped a moment as her brain struggled to catch up with what was in front of her.

“I need… Need help.” The man managed, cradling Darcy in his arms as gently as he was able to do so.

5/ National Treasure (sequel to Justice is Blonde)

“Captain Rogers?”

“Yes?” Steve’s voice was polite but blank as he answered the door to a small group of policemen. The one who had spoken, who had, in fact, still got one arm raised slightly from where he’d knocked at the door, shuffled backward slightly and opened his mouth again.

“We have a warrant for your arrest.”

“You’ve got a what for his what?”

This came not from Steve, whose grip tightened on the doorframe slightly, accompanied by the sound of cracking wood, but from Bucky who had appeared behind him with an incredulous expression.

The cop cleared his throat and glanced briefly at his compatriots, none of whom looked directly at Steve.

“There’s, uh, there’s been an allegation.”

6/ 27 Dresses (wintershock)

“What the hell is that?”

Darcy paused, and looked at the cake she was eating.

“Not that. What you’re wearing.”

She looked down at the dress, and then back up at Barnes, who had appeared, full tac gear on and what she thought might be an AK47 in hand. Darcy swallowed what was left of the cake, brushed her hands carefully over the sink, and turned back to him.

“It’s a dress,” she said, indicating it. “I know you’ve got issues with memory stuff, but I’m pretty sure girls wore dresses back in your day too.”

He shook his head.

“That is not a dress. It’s a monstrosity.”

7/ Love, The Avengers (a Christmas story)

It was the first Christmas after the events of Civil War, and though the gang was technically back together, relations were strained to say the least.

Tony, who waited exactly six months, 14 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes before he called Steve and told him that, whilst he still thought he was an asshole and that Barnes should be locked up, he nevertheless considered Steve his asshole and he’d be damned if they’d be having Christmas at the compound without him.

Steve told him that wasn’t what he meant by the letter, and hung up.

Aaaand probably a whole host of other things as well.

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You know what I hate? People who brush off the trump presidency when we compare him to Hitler with, “well, the world didn’t end with the holocaust.” Or when comparing him to Reagan, “we survived the Reagan presidency, didn’t we?”

You know what? A huge amount of people’s world’s ended with the holocaust. A huge amount of gay men didn’t survive Reagan. So no, we didn’t all come out of those things alive and well, you fuck.


Science never looked cooler.

By Erica Gonzales for Harper’s Bazaar

In a turn of events no one saw coming but we absolutely won’t argue, Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut. The two unlikely models made an appearance at the Nick Graham Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. 

Though unexpected newbies in the world of fashion, Nye, 61, and Aldrin, 87, were a perfect fit for the presentation, since the theme was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” With motifs of space and the future, why wouldn’t you want a Science Guy and former astronaut in your model lineup?

Nye narrated the show, which we know he does so well, but he walked the runway at the end too, with a signature bowtie and a tailored gunmetal suit. (Look at those finger guns!)

Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon (after Neil Armstrong) was the last to grace the catwalk. Afterwards, he said that walking the show “was as easy as walking on the moon,” which he did in 1969. That metallic bomber is a sleek upgrade from a bulky spacesuit, though.

He even got the “candid model backstage” look down.

After the show, both newly-inducted models had a moment with the designer, where they all did their best alien poses, obviously.

Mr. Nye and Mr. Aldrin, we better see you on the runway again next season.

Source: @harpersbazaar



The Adventures of Kuro

Oh my God… this turned out to be one of my longest posts so far. XD But well… I worked on this series over the last week and I just couldn’t resist to upload them all at once.

So, this is like an AU where Shiro ended up with Haggar after s2. She experimented on him and…well… kind of cloned him. But that clone’s a real pain in the ass and she’s kinda glad that when the Paladins came to save Shiro, they took him too. Now the Paladins have to put up with Kuro’s shit. :)

Guess I’ll upload some more Kuro stuff in the future. I just love drawing him so much. The world needs more Kuro! :D


You know I just want to believe this is the night Victor fell in love. And do you guys remember the ending song?… “You’re so beautiful tonight.” Well maybe Victor’s talking about this, he fell in love with this disheveled boy one drunken night, when he laughed so hard his stomach hurt, and his feet couldn’t take any more. One night when this boy showed no care in the world and just danced.


161203 Taehyung’s Tweet

이세상 가장소중한사람 아미야 늘곁에있어줘서 정말고맙고 항상 많은응원과 사랑으로 우리들을 지켜주고 보라색으로 꽉차게 만들어주어서 정말고맙고 이런 큰상받게해줘서 고맙고 받고도 우리 진심으로 축하해줘서고맙고 방탄사랑해 라는말도 너무고맙고 사랑합니다!!💜💜💜

To the most precious people in this world, ARMYs. Thank you for always being by our side and for always protecting us with your many cheers and love and thank you for making (us) full of purple. Thank you for allowing us to receive this kind of big award. Even though (ARMYs) received this (award) as well, thank you for sincerely congratulating us and thank you so much for saying “I love Bangtan.” I love you!!💜💜💜
[T/N: During the second day of Muster, Taehyung said in his ending ment (after seeing the purple ARMY bomb ocean project) that purple means to trust and love each other for a long time. He made that meaning up himself ^^]

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
© Please credit when taking out

ARMYs, really, thank you guys so much. From our debut, many things have happened, and a lot of people said we wouldn’t make it, but thank you for believing in us even until the end. This was something we only dreamed of but thank you for making it come true. Bang Shihyuk PD and Bighit Entertainment who always lead us, P-dogg, Slow Rabbit, Supreme Boi who make us great music, along with teacher Sungdeuk, Sunghyun-hyung, our staffs who always stay by our side, we’re really grateful to all of you. Thank you for making our dream come true. And ARMYs all over the world, let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well. BTS loves ARMYs as always, thank you very much. 谢谢.

Thank you, we really love you a lot. We hope our music and performance would become the dream and hope for many people. I hope that our stage and our performance and our music could be the hopes and dreams for many people in the world. We will work really hard. Thank you.

—  BTS - Artist Of The Year, 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards

“Life is better when you share the ride.”

“June” is the story of a woman who becomes more connected to her community through ridesharing. Chromosphere was approached by Academy Award-winning director John Kahrs and Lyft to provide complete design and animation services for this project. We worked directly with John from the earliest concept designs through to the final frames, making sure that everything we did enhanced the story that he wanted to tell.

In the beginning we see only a small slice of the world around June in Chicago’s southside, but by the end we are taken on a whirlwind journey through all of Chicago’s diverse and colorful neighborhoods. For visualizing these environments we first tapped designer Théo Guignard whose rich color sensibilities brought out the beauty in every single place June visits.

One of our biggest challenges was to design, build, and rig June, our central character. She needed to be appealing and fit in with our graphic style, but also have the ability to exhibit subtle emotions. For her design, as well as all of the other characters in the film, we enlisted Tiffany Ford to capture her personality. Tiffany’s designs have an authentic and specific feel that is often hard to come by in mainstream animation.

To bring the characters to life we had to assemble a team of animators who could embrace the visual style of the short and also understand the subtlety of acting required to make the piece feel authentic. Leading this team was Nelson Boles, who lent his extremely sophisticated sensibilities to June’s movements and facial expressions.

The final product is a vibrant mix of 2D and 3D assembled by our skilled team of international compositors and animators. We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this beautiful project. Check out our full production credits below:

Kevin Dart

Myles Shioda

Théo Guignard
Arthur Chaumay
Tiffany Ford
Jasmin Lai
Emily Paik
Sylvia Liu

Pedro Vergani
Feed Me Light: Felipe Hansen, Denis Bodart, Denis Bouyer, Richard Kazuo Maegaki
Mattias Bjurström
Theresa Latzko

Nelson Boles
Claudio Salas
Alex Grigg
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Bill Northcott
Vitaliy Strokous

Camille Perrin

Stéphane Coëdel
Rob Ward
H. Kristen Campbell
Alasdair Brotherston

Nate Funaro
Keiko Murayama
Rachel Chu
Jim Levasseur

Okay, yeah we’re all screaming over the mini-heart attack Yuuri gave us in the end. And we’re all so proud of JJ and his wonderful fiancé,,



bottom line is, give my little white tiger-fairy son some credit. He’s worked really hard and he did so well. I’m so goddamn proud of him.


OK so keith and lances relationship in this AU ..this is gonna be long so get ready but it starts off when theyre younger:

and wow!!they are friends!!theyre best friends in fact they love hanging out with each other and playing together just being silly kids but then we hit the teens

this is where things get bumpy for them. Theyre still friends and still close(romantic feelings start to bloom),and they have big dreams of being the best dragon hunting duo the worlds ever seen!So they’re finally old enough to start serious dragon training

but it doesnt go all too well for lance……..

hearing that his best friend (and crush) doesnt think he can do the one thing hes been dreaming about since childhood?breaks his heart. And pisses him off

after this they get into a huge fight and lance just…doesnt talk to keith anymore. lance is angry at keith for lying to him, keith is angry at lance for just randomly dropping him without even giving him the chance to explain. 

in the end tho!after lance finds blue and keith finds out they’re able to finally talk and work it out and become friends again :,,) and eventually….eye emoji ..start dating 

more dragon au right here! & here

I can’t get the thought of Yuuri singing Victor to sleep off my mind

It’s literally 4 am but I’m just thinking of how amazing that would be????

  • Yuuri lightly singing a melodic Japanese song his mom used to sing to him as a kid to Victor as he dozes off to sleep 
  • Victor knows all the words and what they mean, he asks Yuuri to repeat it at least 5 times every night and can’t sleep well anymore without hearing it before bed 
  • Victor wants to post Yuuri’s beautiful singing online for the world to hear, but Yuuri doesn’t want to relive the “Stay Close To Me remake” nightmare, Victor respects his wishes
  • When they’re sent to different events far off during the competition season, Victor ends up staying up until Yuuri can get to the phone (ocassionally past 3 am where he’s at). Sometimes Yuuri has to slip into a bathroom stall during competition and quietly sings their song so his fiance can get a good night’s sleep

oh my GOD especially with how beatiful Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s voice is like PLEASE