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Ok so what if a Langst spy au??? Just hear me out……
•Shiro is still missing, everyone is expecting Keith to take over until they find Shiro
• they hear about prince lotor, but don’t have any information about him, so Allura and the blade of mamora are planning on sending in an undercover operative to have intel on him.
•lance accidentally walks in on the meeting, and over hears them talking about it.
• lance volunteers to go, thinking that this could be his chance to be able to lift his weight and not feel so much as the 7th wheel.
• Allura is not amused, refusing to send Lance in, cause she does care for him on some level, not that he knows this
• but Lance makes some really good points that it’s not exactly a secret that Lance and Keith don’t get along, that if Lance were to make a big enough argument with Keith, that it could get the Galra to be interested in trying to recruit him
• Allura concedes, cause it’s the best plan that she’s heard through the entire meeting. But she only lets him go on one condition: once they find Shiro, Lance has to come back as soon as possible.
•they all agree that the team shouldn’t know about the plan until after Lance has successfully infiltrated the Galra.
• the plan works great. And Lance is successfully apart of the Galra. And lotor is especially interested in Lance, which is good for the mission, not for Lance though.
•ALOT of creepy one-sided flirting. Lance promises to himself to apologize to Allura for all of his incessant flirting.
•bad news, is the team takes it HARD. First the lost Shiro and now Lance!
• hunk is just begging whatever god are out there that this is just some sort of nightmare and that he’ll wake up from it at any moment. He still believes that Lance will come back to the team.
• Pidge is pretty upset, and thinks that if they got Shiro back, then maybe he can talk some sense into Lance and bring him back.
•Keith is LIVID. He can’t believe that Lance betrayed them, that he had said all those things about him, and just turn his back on the team. Keith believes that Lance has completely turned his back on them, that he isn’t coming back.
• Allura can’t figure out how to tell the team that Lance didn’t actually betray them.
• fast forward to a week or two after the ‘betrayal’ they face off against lotor again, and lance as well.
• somehow Lance and Keith are fighting on a catwalk, about 5-6 stories high. And Keith isn’t holding back. He goes on and on about how lance is a traitor, and how he didn’t deserve to be apart of Voltron
• it definitely hurts lance, but lance has pretty much figured out that Allura hasn’t been able to tell the team yet. But he can’t tell Keith, or else his cover is blown.
•Keith takes swing at lance with his bayard, and puts a huge gash in his face.
• Keith kicks lance into the railing, only for it and lance to fall. But lance is able to catch himself barely on the catwalk, but his hand is too slippery, cover in his blood.
•lance calls for Keith, to help him. Lance knows Keith would let him fall.
•Keith lets him fall.
•it’s either, Keith was in a sort of angry frenzy that he didn’t realize lance was calling for him until it was too late, or something else.
•either way, Keith is sure that Lance is dead, and leaves. Not able to look at the dead body.
•but lance isn’t dead. He’s close to it, but not there yet.
•Lotor finds him and has haggar save his life. Of course, lance doesn’t come out of it whole.
• he had to have his complete spine replaced with one of haggar’s prosthetics. He has a scar on his face from Keith, and his arm had to be replaced as well. But he’s alive.
• to say that Allura is relieved when she gets communication from Lance is an understatement. Especially after Keith told them all that Lance was dead.
• lance still sends information and warnings about certain attacks and plans that the Galra have for months.
• then finally the others find Shiro, and Allura is so glad because that means that not only is Shiro back, but that Lance will come back as well.
• Lance sneaks back on to the castle during a battle between Lotor and the team. (Carrying a flash drive with as much information about lotor and the Galra as it can hold)
• Allura calls a retreat and the other paladins go to the bridge once they have successfully wormholed out of there. You can definitely say that they are surprised to see her talking to some random guy who looks a lot like…oh my god it’s Lance!
•you can definitely say that there are some mixed emotions.
•hunk is so happy! He knew it! Lance was alive! He’s back! He’s going to be okay!
•pidge is kind of weary of it. She’s not sure what to think, he might be back, or it might be a trick.
• Shiro is just confused. the others didn’t tell him about Lance ‘betraying’ them, or that they thought he died. He’s just trying to figure out where Lance came from.
• Keith is drawing his bayard and putting himself in between lance and the others, ready to strike.
•of course NOW is when Allura finally tells them all that Lance was undercover and spying on the Galra. Of course their pissed that they didn’t tell them, mostly at Allura cause she was suppose to as soon as Lance was in.
• Keith now feels like he is the biggest screw up in the room, cause he sees the scar on lance’s face. He realizes that he left his friend to die, even if he was under he idea that he betrayed them. He sees how lance’s eyes go stone cold when he looks at him. He knows that he lost Lance’s trust.


Porsche Unveils the Most Powerful 911 of All Time

The fastest and most powerful road-approved 911 is ready for launch: The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS will celebrate its world premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK (June 30 to July 2). At the heart of this high-performance sports car is a 515 kW (700 hp) biturbo flat engine. Weighing in at 1,470 kg with a full fuel tank, the lightweight two-seater accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The rear-wheel drive Coupé has a top speed of 340 km/h, and with its near-motorsport drive technology, the new 911 GT2 RS trumps its 3.6-liter predecessor by 59 kW (80 hp) and achieves a torque of 750 Newton meters (an increase of 50 Nm).

The engine builds on that 3.8-liter in the 911 Turbo S at 427 kW (580 hp). In order to increase performance, large turbochargers push an increased volume of process air into the combustion chambers. A new additional cooling system delivers optimum cooling at peak loads and, at very high temperatures, sprays the charge-air cooler with water. This causes the gas temperature to fall in the overpressure range and ensures optimum power output, even under extreme conditions. The customized GT seven-speed double-clutch transmission (PDK) in the new GT2 RS enables power to be transferred with uninterrupted traction. What’s more, the specially developed exhaust system is made from extra-lightweight titanium, weighs around seven kilograms less than the system used in the 911 Turbo and delivers an emotional sound without precedent.

For the first time ever, Porsche Design is celebrating the debut of the high-performance sports car by releasing a special-issue watch. Offering a nod to the world of motorsport, the 911 GT2 RS watch is exclusively available to owners of the new vehicle and can only be ordered in conjunction with the new GT model at a Porsche Centre from June 30, 2017.

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Shut Up and Drive

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader can’t help but be curious as to just what Dean is up to when he playfully gets her behind the wheel of Baby. But when a juvenile Dean is suddenly very mature, she will never forget what it was like to push Baby’s pedal to the metal and drive.

Word Count: 1263

Warnings: Distracted driver, Smut, NSFW, fingering, implied future smut

A/N: This is written for @impala-dreamer’s OP4A Challenge. I know it’s past deadline for this, sorry. Life got away from me, as did my muse. But it appears she’s back, so here you go. I have no idea where this came from, but this is where it ended. Hope you like it.

As always, feedback keeps me writing. Please feed my muse!

“Nope,” Dean says with a smirk as he slides in between you and Baby’s passenger side door.

You cross your arms across your chest and square your shoulders, “What the hell Dean? We have to go. Stop playing games.”

“Nope,” Dean repeats.

“God, you are such a child sometimes. Fine…have it your way,” You snap as you quickly walk around the car and climb into the driver’s side.

You are about the slide over to the passenger side as Dean opens the door and plops down into the seat, preventing you from sitting there.

“Seriously?,” you huff, sinking down into the driver’s seat.  “You know that Sam asked us to meet him regarding a case. We have to get going Dean. So knock it off, will ya?”

“Nope,” Dean repeats again with an even larger smirk.

“Fine, but what happens next is all your fault,” you sigh and sit up in the driver’s seat, a look of determination crosses your face.

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Idea for a game mechanic: Shove and Pull-based Gameplay.

A top-down game (could be anything, but top-down seems the easiest to implement) where you shove, drag, pull and sling around various objects in the environment for all sorts of purposes, be them tactical, defensive, or combat. It could be as simple as shoving a heavy locker in front of a door, or as complex as triggering a an avalanche of office chairs down on your enemies.

  • Different objects could have different properties such as weight and friction that would affect how they move. Wheeled objects would move smoother than ones without.
  • You could push up against an object or pull them back to move them slowly, or you could kick or butt into them for a quicker, more sudden movement.
  • You could spin objects around yourself for a few seconds to gain momentum to throw them harder and faster.

Imagine pushing a nightstand to block the door as monsters chase you. You quickly set up a trap for them. When the first one breaks through the door, you kick a chair at it, causing it to stumble while you drop an entire bookcase on it and its friends.

Archery Tips & Techniques

Here are some specific archery techniques to help when writing a character who practices archery or even to get you started on your own path to learning the sport. This is mainly tips and tricks for a recurve bow, however some of these could be used when dealing with a compound bow as well. Most of this will just be the basics but if you’d like more advanced information, feel free to contact me.


  • Recurve bow is a standard ‘classic’ bow. This means you draw back the weight of the bow on your own instead of using wheels ( compound ) to help with the draw.
  • Recurve bow’s perform better when the draw weight is at least 40 lbs or more.
  • The larger the riser ( the middle section of the bow where the limbs are attached ) the less shock you will receive when shooting.
  • The recurve has many parts, so let’s break them down:


  • Arrow Rest - This is exactly what it sounds like. This is where you rest the arrow you are loading onto the bow.
  • Back - The side of the bow that is facing away from you. The side of the bow seen by others.
  • Belly - The side of the bow facing you.
  • Grip - The part of the bow you hold with your ‘bow’ hand.
  • Limbs - The curved upper and lower parts of the bow.
  • Nocking Point - The place on the string where you rest the arrow fletching.
  • Riser - The middle section of the bow.


  • Arrowhead ( Broadhead ) - The point of the arrow. There are several types of these from metallic broadheads to plastic bullets.
  • Fletching - The end ( vanes ) of the arrow, can be plastic, feathers, or metal. More often than not, it is plastic these days.
  • Nock - The slotted tip attached to the fletching. This helps the arrow string onto the bow.
  • Shaft - The main body of the arrow. They can be made out of a multitude of materials.


  • Feet - Stance should always be solid and comfortable. Keep your feet shoulder length apart, aiming your body is subjective to the target.
  • Grip - Do not strangle the bow. Let the bow rest in your hand. The best and most comfortable place is right at the base of your thumb, where bone meets palm.
  • Bow Arm - A locked shoulder but relaxed, slightly bent elbow is how you should hold the bow. If you press down on your shoulder with your other arm, your bow arm should not move.
  • Release Hand - When drawing the bow, keep your elbow sideways, it should not move up or down. Keep it straight and squared and let your release hand brush somewhere along your jawline. String to tip of nose. Also called ‘kissing the string’. 
  • Follow Through - Keep your bow arm up until the arrow hits the target. Your release hand should continue it’s motion of when you were aiming, brush against the side of your face and fall down once it reaches parallel to the back of your head.


  • Dominant Eye - Determining if you are a left handed or right handed shooter is not based off of if you are left or right handed. Instead, it is based off which eye is your dominant eye. Most of the time your dominant eye will correspond with your dominant hand but it does not always have to be the case. To determined your dominate eyes, hold your hands away from your face about ½ inch away. Make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers and center something on the wall inside of the triangle. then close your left eye. If the image stays centered or in view, you have a right dominate eye and vice versa if you close your right eye. While you use both eyes when shooting an arrow, your dominant eye should float to the target before your non dominant eye.
  • Trajectory - If you are eyeballing your target, it is always good to understand that arrows curve and that your aim and shot should reflect that. If you are using a sight, trust the sight. Do not aim a little above or below the sight.
  • Breath - old your breath for 5-7 seconds and then release it as you take your shot, this will help keep your accuracy in check and also help you not over-think your shot. This also helps your back tension.
  • Back Tension - Only your draw shoulder should be the one to hold the tension and pivot as you shoot. If you use both shoulder muscles you will feel a more pushing sensation than a pulling one.

Summary: You and your boyfriend have just moved in together, calling for an immediate shopping trip to update your apartment. 

A/N: This is an idea I got because I went to Target to get one thing and ended up spending like $200 on pretty stuff. Also, it kind of sucks, but it was a cute idea and I really wanted to write it. 

As usual, shoutout to @hamilbye for reading this when it was halfway done for me and telling me it was an adorable idea. 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

Warnings: All fluff, all the time (would I ever write anything else?) 

Words: 2,381 (I can’t even try to keep my word count low. Sorry.) 

Maneuvering your car into a tight parking space had taken ten minutes. Finding the parking space had taken half an hour. From where you sat, it almost wasn’t worth it. But then you glanced at the smiling being sitting next to you in the car and grinned. Lin was a toddler, already straining against his seat belt, trying to wrestle himself out of the car and into the store. You reacted immediately when he placed a hand on the door handle, reaching your hand out to grab his wrist, your body leaning over the center console. You laughed before growing stern, the look on his face just barely contained the excitement.

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Liberty Pt.4

Originally posted by lovershub

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (future chapters).


Word count for this chapter: (4362) {i promise it’s worth it}

A/N: So here’s chapter 4, it’s long af BUT its worth it! dedicated to my babe @papi-chulo-bucky for motivating me and telling me spoilers for delta ily. I also pinched the SING idea from Miss Congeniality.

I listened to this whilst writing

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.

You slowly broke apart, his hands leaving your body.

“I’m sorry miss, I-”

“Go back to sleep, Captain. You’re delusional.”


You didn’t sleep much that night, Bucky’s light snores weren’t the problem; you had pondered over what had happened between the both of you. He wouldn’t remember what happened, you thought. He was delusional, half asleep, groggy, in another world, maybe?

Only he would know, in due time he would tell you.

It was a time before dawn, and the sun stained the sky different shades of pinks, reds, and oranges. The crew below were slowly starting to wake up and you made your way into Bucky’s cabin, you were greeted with a sight only a married woman should have, but you didn’t complain. Bucky was dressed in only a night shirt of which he had worn the previous night, nothing else

Good morning, Captain, did you sleep well?”  You asked gruffly, as your hands covered your eyes.

Bucky sighed, “I believe so,” Liar. “You needn’t cover your eyes, darling, I’m decent.” He laughed.

Sir, back at Port Royal that is FAR from bloody decent!” You continued to have your eyes closed and under your palms. Bucky laughed at your exertion.

You really are so innocent aren’t you?” You heard a rustle of fabric, followed by a clinking of buckled boots. You felt a pair of large hands gently wrap around your wrists and peel your hands from covering your face, your eyes squinted shut, even more, making your nose scrunch too, making Bucky snort lightly, “You can open your eyes now, kitten, I’m decent, I promise.

You opened one and alas, he actually WAS decent! To your dismay, obviously, to see a man as beautiful as this one, naked, would be a blessing.

Did you dream at all? Anything pleasant?” You made light conversation as you walked over to the Globe, tracing the equator.

Indeed, I was kissed by a beautiful woman in my bed, she was light, different, her hair was splayed across my pillow and her hands were in my hair, I could swear I apologised for being so bold,” You blushed as he continued.  "but it was enjoyable and so surreal, I could smell her and feel her. I…“ Your breath hitched in your throat and you disguised it as a cough. ”Sorry for getting so detailed, what about yourself, Y/N? Any reveries?“ You looked up at him, as he mixed leaves and hot water in a metal bowl.

Pleasant would be an understatement, Captain.“ You returned his smile. ”What is that you’re making, Bucky?  It smells very strong.

Ah, yes, it’s a mix of mint leaves and hot water, I like to keep my teeth and mouth clean and fresh, it also clears the sinuses if you’re sick. I go to the main deck and spit it out over the side once I’m done, would you like some too? I’d assume you’re used to brushing your teeth back home.“ He scooped some of the liquid into two goblets as you nodded in thanks.


You grabbed the compass and figured where the higher northeast would be, in the night the wind had picked up and the crew members switching between shifts at the helm hadn’t bothered looking at one themselves, judging their instincts. It wasn’t good enough.

The ship had ended up going southeast, in the direction of the Western Sahara. Bucky was not happy at all, he had banished them to the brig for being so idiotic.

You were sat on a crate as your captain walked passed you, you were further studying the charts- even though you didn’t have to- you knew it by heart.

Miss Y/L/N, do tell me, have you ever helmed a ship?“ You snapped your head up as you hear Bucky call your name from the quarterdeck. You thought for a second, trying to reach back in time to when your father had taken you with him on his voyages, it seemed you hadn’t.

No, sir, I haven’t had the privilege of doing such a thing, my father always kept me to the stem, so I didn’t get in the way!“ You slowly walked over to your captain, holding the rolled up charts in your hands.

It’s a simple task, I’ll show you if you’d like.“ He smiled and you returned the kind gesture.

I’d be delighted, Sir.

He never had a woman steer his ship before, he was told many times that a woman’s hands were made for the most fragile of things, like sewing, lace work, caring for a baby, etcetera. But he believed you to be tough, that you could handle the roughest of seas and the most brutal of enemies and it was just hidden behind your gentle facade- you had yet to grow out of your cocoon of welfare, for until the previous day, you had never had to injure violence or act upon self-defense.

I’ve seen many people steer before, and it looks as easy as breathing without a corset- but that’s easier said than done.“ You admitted, Bucky simply laughed at your comment, walking you to the helm.

Here is a simple fact you might have heard the helm is the heart of the ship, it takes her wherever she desires. But he is not light-hearted. The wheel is weighted, it takes fifty percent of a man- or woman’s- strength to turn it, here-

Bucky maneuvered you to stand behind the wheel, and he behind you. He grasped your elbows and lifted them both at a ninety-degree angle.

At all times it is crucial that the helmsman has his or her arms at a ninety-degree angle to steer the wheel, they will receive the most leverage from this.“ You nodded timidly and wrapped your hands around the handles. ”Now, stand with your legs a shoulder width apart this is crucial also.“ Bucky gently nudged your legs apart with his feet.

Hard to starboard, Miss Y/L/N.“ He mumbled lowly.

You put all your weight on your right leg and turned the wheel, Bucky was right, although the wheel was the heart of the ship- it wasn’t light at all.

Ah, very good, Y/N. Now, gently to port- don’t want to run off course.“ As a lady who had no reason to gain heavy muscle in any part of your body, you were only slightly struggling, those who were fit enough to endure this should definitely do this instead.

Mister Wilson! You can take over now- I have plans for Miss Y/L/N and I.“ Sam jogged up to where you were standing and got straight to work.


As Bucky led you throughout the ship, he showed you different knots in and around the masts. ”I’m going to show you 30 different ways to tie knots, are you up for that?

Should I stretch my fingers first, Sir?“ You laughed, Bucky had picked up 2 long pieces of medium width rope and led you back to his cabin.


As the hours went on, Bucky had taught you almost 20 knots, as a beginner, he was impressed with how fast you picked up some of them, seeing as some were tricky ones that involved a lot of loops.

The trickier the loops became, the closer he edged his chair to yours. He leaned his elbows on his knees as his fingers slowly tied a bowline knot.

You see, the easiest way to describe how to do this one is to make a loop, or a rabbit hole by a tree, as some would say, so watch my fingers and the bottom end of the rope. The rabbit goes up the hole, round the tree, and back down the hole, and voila, bowline. Can you do that for me, darling?

You sighed as you finished the bowline, gently placing it in Bucky’s upturned hand, ”This is correct! Many don’t achieve it on the first try. I wonder what else your hands can do.“

You breathed a sigh of relief and blushed at the same time, you were never complimented so many times by a man. You were only complimented on your beauty and elegance, never your handy-work and skill.

Thank you, Bucky, I’ve never been complimented on my work before, only my looks and physique.“ Confessions, it made him smile so wide and his eyes lit up to be the first to compliment you on something that meant a great deal to you.

You hissed as you went to grab your goblet of water.

What’s the matter? Have your hands cramped?“ You grimaced and hummed, attempting to flex your fingers. Bucky grabbed your hand in his large ones and started kneading small circles into your palm and wrist and you closed your eyes. He was so gentle yet firm and you rolled your head back to let out a sigh of relief.

You were knee to knee and as Bucky finished with your left hand he placed it on his thigh, picking up your right and continued with his ministrations, occasionally looking up to see you smiling in content, eyes closed and shoulders back, and you so succumbed to the pleasant feeling that you let out a small moan, and Bucky felt it.

Does that feel good by any chance, doll?“ Bucky smirked, his voice sultry and low, you became flushed and hot.

Give it a couple of weeks, you can get to know the ship some more, learn the ropes, no pun intended, and I’ll show you the art of defense, does that sound good, Y/N?

It does indeed, Bucky, I’m looking forward to it. Now, shall we have lunch?


A couple of weeks had passed, the ship had come up and passed the Spanish Canary Islands. You had taken the time to know Bucky more intimately, learning his favourite knots, colours, routes and places, etcetera, he asked the same with you, and confessed your favourite knot was actually the bowline because it was the one he complimented you on, though you didn’t say it aloud.


It was about 5 in the evening and Bucky was briefing you on the main aspects of self-defense.


Now, I don’t mean actually sing like Francesca Cuzzoni, SING stands for solar plexus, instep, nose and groin. The solar plexus is here,“ He placed a light hand on your lower stomach. ”if you are in front of the attacker, you elbow them there and they will double over if they are weak- the same with the instep.“ He pointed the inside of his foot. ”You step harshly onto there. This will cause them to double over yet again, giving you a chance to spin around and punch them in the nose- stop giggling! This is serious!“ He scolded.

You couldn’t help but giggle, he was in nothing but his shirt which was rolled up at the elbows, pants and trouser stockings, and twirling around punching the air.

I-I’m sorry It’s-it’s just you look so funny doing this! It’s like you’re battling a ghost!“ You giggled, this made Bucky smile, seeing this side of you; less timid and shy, more free, like a bird attempting to spread its wings for the first time.

Ha ha, at least I’m making you smile,“ He ushered you over to him, you unlaced your boots and cautiously walked over to him, ”now, this is the groin part, you… do know what the groin is, right?“ You rolled your eyes and muttered a yes. ”Good! Well, the groin part is after you’ve socked the fucker in the nose, you’re still facing them, so what you do is raise your knee in between their legs, giving you the full advantage to kick them to the ground afterwards. Now, we’re going to practice, okay?

Bucky grabbed you by the hips and slightly tugged you to him and spun you around, trapping you flush between his chest and strong arms.

Hit me in the stomach, it’s the only way you will learn.“ He mumbled gruffly in your ear.

You raised your elbow and hit him and he didn’t move an inch, you could swear the man was made of stone, so you stomped on his instep. and alas, he bent over in pain, but he kept a vice-like grip on you bending you over with him. ”bugger“ you mumbled, you wriggled your left arm out of his grip and your hand caught in his hair, tugging harshly.

Ugghhh!“ Bucky groaned, getting distracted and letting go of you, giving you the chance to spin around and raise your hand to his nose, but he was too quick and caught your fist in his.

No fair!“ You gasped.

He wore a shit-eating grin and chuckled at your attempt, but he didn’t realise your knee was about to make contact with his groin.

OH FUCK!“ He yelped, dodging your knee and grabbing it with his free hand instead, bringing it around his hip and crashing you both to the floor of the cabin. ”See, if I were an amateur you would have succeeded in that little attempt to ruin my crown jewels…“ He grumbled.

You panted heavily as you noticed him nestled between your thighs, a compromising position. He felt your embarrassment and hastily raised to his feet, offering you a hand to get up.

Jokes on him, as you grabbed his hand you yanked hard and sent him tumbling to the floor with a strangled ’meep’. You rolled over and trapped him underneath your body, your thighs either side of his hips and your hands holding his against the ground.

You’re brilliant, doll, where did you learn that?“ Bucky questioned, looking up at your heaving form. He licked his full lips as he felt your soul dripping with much-needed confidence as you straddled his hips.

I…I didn’t? It just came naturally?“ You smiled.

You intrigue me, Miss Y/L/N, there’s so much more about you that you haven’t discovered yet.“ He whispered, squeezing your hands. ”Although, I do have something I must confess if I’m not too bold.

You let go of his hands and sat up, he sat up too, the feeling of him against you sent that pleasurable tingle through your body again, without realising, you let out a light ‘oh’, which made Bucky bite his lip, his long arms came behind you and his hands rested against your hips. Yours stayed against one another, twiddling your finger tips.

I’ve come to feel a most ardent admiration for you, the need to show you things and to protect you at the same time is strong, and I- I have a confession. There’s this… this thing I have. I have the ability to detect the way someone is feeling, and I’ve noticed you have taken a liking to me as I have to you,“ You raised your brows and your lips parted slightly. ”And it wasn’t my fault that I had found out- honestly. I hope you aren’t upset. I knew how shook you were when you saw Wanda use her powers. I didn’t want you to be scared of me.“ He raised a hand to move a strand of hair from your face and tuck it behind your ear, his fingers tracing ever so lightly against your skin as if he thought he would break you. ”And.. the first night of the voyage, I knew of the kiss, I knew it wasn’t a dream, I woke up that morning hoping you would be there, and I grew worried that I had come on too bold, so I told you it was just a dream, I felt your anxiousness and didn’t want to embarrass you further, if you were.

You looked at him straight in the eyes, ”I understand, Sir.

I must say, I do love it when you call me that…“ His hands came to rest on your hips, and squeezed gently.

B-Bucky I need to ask you something, I feel, er, embarrassed, though.

Go ahead, sweetheart, don’t be embarrassed.“ He rubbed small circles against the fabric as you shifted against him.

When… oh bloody Jesus… When I look at you, or we’re close, and you’re touching me or something I- I get this warm feeling right at the pit of my stomach, it-it travels to my…my…“ Bucky shushed you, resting a slender index finger against your lips.

I know, you’re too shy to say it, that’s okay. That feeling is the need, and desire for sexual contact, oh look, darling, you’re blushing.“ You were indeed, and you felt butterflies in your chest. You felt so vulnerable but you knew you could trust him.

I have a question for you, doll, you don’t have to answer, but I’m just curious, now… Have you ever touched yourself, down there?“ You gasped at his question and panicked, you had never done such a thing; it was frowned upon by the church. You heard only MEN done that sort of thing.

No, I’ve never done it.“ You silently thanked Wanda for magically removing your body hair, you had confessed it was god awful and uncomfortable after talking to her about your feelings for Bucky.

May I kiss you, Y/N?“ There was no point saying yes, you were leaning down already.

As your lips connected, you felt his hands in your hair and on your body, you timidly placed your hands against neck and shoulders, not knowing where to put them.

Bucky’s lips glided against yours, you felt him gently suck your bottom lip between his, his tongue swiping against yours, coaxing a moan from your chest as your arched your back and pressed your chest against his. He took advantage of your open-mouthed moan and glided his tongue against yours with perfect pressure. You felt his hand leave your hair and grip your other hip, moving them so your center ground against his crotch. You let out a quiet squeak as you felt pleasure building in your core.

Bucky disconnected your lips, ”That’s it kitten, let me hear you, be audible.“ The vibrations from his chest going straight through you. He drug your hips down, his hard cock making contact with your soft clothed core, you let out another high pitched sigh and threw your head back. Bucky took advantage of the expanse of skin and attacked it with his lips, tongue, and teeth, covering your neck in pinka purple splotches. You picked up a rhythm and rocked your hips against his groin as your hands slid up to tug on his hair, making him groan.

Would you like to try to touch yourself, doll? Or would you like me to help you?“ You grew nervous and went rigid against him, you weren’t married, this is something a married woman does with her husband. You shouldn’t have, but you wanted it.

"If you don’t, we can just continue what we’re doing, Y/N, I don’t mind. Only when you’re ready.” Bucky whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

I- I want to. I just don’t know what to do.” You gulped. 

Bucky slowly rolled you both over, resting between your soft hips in which he gripped gently. He continued to kiss from your neck to your lips, purposely neglecting them and kissing over your face, your cheeks, your forehead, your jaw. He finally connected your lips as he ground his clothed cock against you.

Bucky I… Please take my clothes off, I- I need some real friction.

Your wish is my command, beautiful.

He kneeled up and took in the state of you; ruffled hair, swollen lips, and flushed cheeks, paired with a heaving chest. He kept his eyes locked on yours as he deftly untucked your shirt from your pants, feeling the whale-bone corset against his fingertips and dug his teeth into his bottom lip. He traced his fingers against the waistband of your pants and undone the buttons at the sides, slowly etching them down your thighs, when they got to your knees, he pulled your stockings with them, lifting both your legs up.

He kissed paths up to your ankles until you were bare. Your knickers were next, he took it slow, making you whine and squirm against him. He watched as your breasts heaved against the restraining fabric of your corset, so he reached behind you and unlaced your corset, pulling it over your head. (A/N you know them frilly short pantaloon lingerie things?? yeah okay carry on just google them after)

Look at you, you’re beautiful from head to toe. I’m guessing Wanda helped you…” You blushed at his words and he kissed you deeply. “Now, darling, I’m going to need you to relax, can you do that for me? I need you to use your words.

Yes, Bucky.” Your voice was small but you were panting from anticipation, and he planted a soft kiss upon your lips as he nudged your thighs apart with his large hands.

I’ll be gentle, I promise.” He mumbled, his lips ghosting against yours. He rubbed a single finger over your slit, spreading the wetness across your lower lips, you arched and gasped at his movements. He circled your clit with the same finger, dear god this feels so good, you thought. You moaned into his kiss and he groaned right back, making goosebumps rise on your skin.

He rubbed two fingers against your entrance, making sure you were wet enough and inserted his middle finger into your tight heat.

Oh gods, Y/N, you’re so wet, and tight- fuck…” He continued to rock his fingers back and forth, curling them upwards, and he hit a spot that made you moan so loudly he had to cover your mouth with his own.

Oh- Bucky please, k-keep going, don’t stop.” You panted, you were throbbing and it was unbearable, there was a knot building in your tummy and it was so intense you thought you might sob.

Do you want to cum, kitten?” He cooed, you squirmed against the carpet of his cabin floor, “You want my fingers inside you as you feel yourself release?” You nodded and moaned again as you felt him add another finger and made them curl against you, his other hand coming up to your face, his placed a thumb against your mouth and you sucked on it, flicking your tongue against it, making him throw his head back in pleasure, you had no idea why he liked it so much.

He grabbed your hand from his hip, and placed your fingers against your clit, moving them in circles, you kept this up and made a joined rhythm as Bucky’s fingers hooked inside of you, hitting that special spot and you could feel the knot in your stomach becoming tighter and tighter and-

Oh-oh my goodness gracious, BUCKY!” You screamed as you came over Bucky’s fingers, your juices coating them as he continued to pump them in and out of you, milking your first orgasm. He crouched over you and kissed you with such passion your heart felt like it was about to break out of your ribs.

As you came down from your climax, you felt Bucky slip his fingers out, they were slick with your wetness.

Bucky..what was that?

That, doll, was your first orgasm.” He sucked on one of them and moaned whilst keeping eye contact, it was the most erotic thing you had ever seen. He then brought the other down and teased your lips.

Taste yourself, sweetheart.

You hesitantly opened your mouth and let his finger slide in, you sucked the juices off and moaned, it was a different taste, but it was good, and as you sucked harder and swirled your tongue around the tip of his finger, Bucky replaced it with his mouth.

You became curious and reached to stroke the hard line in his pants, but he pulled your hands away and pinned them above your head.

No, no, no, darling, this evening was about you, I will teach you how to pleasure a man soon, but not now.

As he pulled away, you reached for your clothing. He ushered you to the bedroom where he retrieved a clean damp rag and wiped between your thighs, he then helped you dress again, gently squeezing your breasts and planting kisses amongst them before helping you with your corset.

You know, I could always ask Wanda if she could lend you some clothes.“ He pondered, as you pulled your stockings up your hips, followed by your pants.

I would appreciate that very much, thank you, Bucky.“ You hummed as you felt him come behind you and placed kisses against your naked shoulders; you had yet to retrieve your shirt.

I’d like to teach you how to handle a sword, dear. Would you like that?“ Bucky’s voice was low, like a whisper, as if he only wanted you to hear.

Of course! Most pirates fight with a sword, don’t they?

Indeed, let me show you the multiple swords I possess, I have one in mind for you.“ He lead you by the hand to the cupboard by the door of his cabin. He plucked a large sword with a black handle from a row.

This,“ He held it out from handle to blade. ”is Renee, she will be your new companion and second in command if things get dirty.“ He placed the sword in your hand and stepped back, letting you examine it.

She’s beautiful, so… When do we start training, Captain James?“ You smiled up at him, he bent down and kissed you deeply.

After supper.



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Bring it on Home

12x19 coda. Part ½ (Cas’ POV) 1.5k. (ao3)

Cas is sitting in the Bunker’s main room, going over some of Sam’s research, when a dull clunk sounds next to him on the table. He glances over at the noise to see Dean pushing a cassette towards him.

“What’s this?” Cas asks, looking up at Dean.

Dean clears his throat, eyes darting away from Cas’, and taps two fingers on the top of the cassette, “For when you’re on the road next.”

Cas takes the cassette in his hand, examining it between his fingers.  Deans Top 13 Zepp Traxx.

“You made this for me?”

Dean’s cheeks color, but he recovers quickly, with one of those pleased-confident smiles of his. “Yep! Remember how I was talking the other day about educating you on good music? Well, Zepp’s the best so I figured this would be a good place to start.”

“Thank you, Dean, I’ll make sure to take careful notes on my opinions about each song,” Cas replies. He rubs a thumb over Dean’s handwriting on the front and smiles, slipping the tape into the pocket of his suit jacket.

Dean chuckles, awkwardly stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, “Well, I expect a full report back.”

“I’ll make sure to call you after my first listen,” Cas replies, mouth tipping up into a smirk.

“You better.”

When Cas leaves on his quest for Kelly Kline, he heads east first, driving his rickety truck on the 36 towards Kansas City. He flicks on the local classical station until it fizzes out two hours later and he remembers the weight in his suit pocket.

Keeping one hand on the wheel, Cas digs the tape out of his pocket and pushes it into the tape deck. Dean didn’t tell him the track listing, so Cas doesn’t know for sure which songs are on here. The first song starts off with a roaring guitar and Cas has definitely heard this one before. He smiles, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat. Images filter through his mind of Dean singing at the top of his lungs, very out of tune, and slamming his hands against the steering wheel like it’s a drum set.

The first song ends and the second starts, just as fast as the first, but with a quicker beat of drums and guitars. Robert Plant sings – well Cas isn’t sure singing is the correct word, it’s more like yell-singing – about Rock N’ Roll. Cas does, however, understand the appeal to this man’s voice. It’s rough, but in a strangely enchanting and seductive way. He wonders if this, aside from the musical quality, is what drew Dean to love this band. After the first three songs, all upbeat, and obviously rock songs, the fourth slows down a bit, starting with a ballad-like guitar and a haunting whistle in the background. Ah, yes. Stairway to Heaven. It’s a beautiful song, untrue, since there is no possible way for anyone to buy a stairway to heaven, and portals are the only access to heaven now. The song may be rather romantic in its idealism, but Cas can clearly picture Sam and Dean as kids sprawled out in the backseat, listening to this song, while their father drives, headlights piercing the darkness.

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Little Kisses

PAIRING - reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- slightly language and implication of smut at the end of you squint really hard 

Request from Anon - Hey :) would you do an imagine with Steve where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Steve is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that <3

So i may have gone a little bit off the prompt but i read this request and this is what my brain came up with, i hope its ok :) 


Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

The mission had been compromised, that’s all you could think of as you raced back to the jet, they had been expecting you and the rest of the Avengers and they were ready for you. It was clear from the beginning that the team was no match for what they had in store for you, you were fighting desperately to get back to your team mates but there were to many of them, and you were hyperaware of how outnumbered you were

“I can’t fight them off, there’s too many of them,” you panted as you took down another attacker.

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Alfa Romeo Tipo C (8C-35)  1935
Specifications Engine Location Front Drive Type Rear Wheel Body / Chassis Aluminum body Weight 1653 lbs | 749.788 kg Performance Top Speed 275 km/h | 170.913 mph Engine Type : side-mounted Roots-Type Supercharger S8 3800 cc | 231.9 cu in. | 3.8 L. 330 BHP (242.88 KW) @ 5400 RPM

New Employee

Stu couldn’t help but complain on social media about losing his recent job. Sure the main reason he had lost it was because of being on social media, but he didn’t care. Others needed to know his pain and how unfairly he was treated. It was his job to tell them how awful of a place he was at. The problem was he still needed a job. There were bills coming up and he didn’t have as much money saved up as he needed.

He shrugged it off though. His optimistic side shined through. “I’ve had plenty of interviews. I’ll know exactly what I need to say when I get the interview.” However apparently he didn’t even need to apply this time. One of his former high school friends had already posted on his feed.

‘Hey. Sorry about the bad news. Why don’t you come by tomorrow and we can work something out.’ It was Johnathon. He hadn’t seen him in ages. Honestly thinking about it he didn’t even know why they were friends. Johnathon wasn’t like a bully or anything but he was far more of a jock than a loser.

Besides, Stu wasn’t someone who looked a gift horse in the mouth. He instantly typed back asking for the address. Plus, maybe now he could use some kind of friend points to help him not get fired. “It’s always harder to fire ‘friends,’” Stu smiled devilishly as he closed down the tabs.

The next morning he woke up bright and early. It was way earlier than he was used to but he had to make a good first impression. That’s how you get on their good side. Then you start showing up 5-10 minutes late; slowly taking advantage of the system.

He arrived right on time and saw the mountain of a man standing in front of him. “Ahh you made it!” Johnathon said. He walked over to Stu and wrapped his huge arm around the smaller man’s shoulder. Johnathon was so much taller than Stu remembered. For some reason he thought he was some scrawny little rich kid.

“Sure did,” Stu was starting to wonder if this was the right thing to do. Maybe he should just leave now. However Johnathon wasn’t going to give him the chance. He was already leading him over to the construction equipment. Stu tried to speak up but Johnathon was talking so much that he didn’t have a chance to say anything. He seemed so proud to show Stu what he’d be doing.

In a wheel barrel sat several bags of concrete. “You’ll be moving these,” Johnathon said. “The other guys will put it down. Then you go back and pick up more.”

Stu just stared blankly. There was no way in hell he could move that wheel barrel. It must have weighed over 150 pounds. The damned thing weighed as much as him! He was about to interject when a thought came to him. ‘What the fuck do you think you’re complaining about? This ain’t too heavy.’

It caught Stu off guard. ‘Of course it’s too…’

‘No it ain’t!’ his subconscious shouted back. ‘Quit actin like some pussy ass bitch. You lift shit like this every day. This ain’t nuthin!’

Stu looked himself over. His body was feeling warm. Something seemed to be changing but he couldn’t tell what it was. Something just felt different. ‘But…’

‘But nothing! You got a damned job. You’ll do the damned work. That’s what yer meant to do! Quit yer belly achin and get to work!’

Grumbling to himself he reached down and grabbed the wheel barrel. The voice was really pissin him off. Course he could lift the concrete, he just didn’t want to. But then why didn’t he want to? He looked himself over again. Something seemed to be off. His body seemed to growing. With each breath in and out he seemed to be gaining more weight. More muscle packed onto his frame as he stared at the wheel barrel in front of him. His shoulders started rounding out while his arms thickened. He could feel his butt straining against the back of his pants. The muscles in his legs spasmed and grew. There was no way he was ever going to have chicken legs.

‘No!’ he thought to himself, ‘I like video games and doing nothing all day. I don’t want to work!’ However thoughts about him going to the gym and meeting new girls started to fill his mind. There was no way he’d waste so much time playing video games. It felt so much better thinking about a good hard day’s work. There was no way he was going to be some lazy ass sitting on some computer looking at pictures of cat’s all day. He had his own, better method of looking at pussies whenever he wanted.

For some reason his entire body flexed. It was completely uncontrolled. He felt his pants and shirt rip from his body. Without skipping a beat he picked up the wheel barrel and started pushing it. The movement came naturally to him. This job was easy for someone like him.

Johnathon let out a laugh at his friend. “Man, you gotta make sure you buy clothes that fit you. I’m not letting you work in your underwear.”

“Like hell you won’t. Clothes are way too small to fit this perfect fuckin body,” Stu shot back.

“Dude,” Johnathon turned harsh, “Regulations man. I can’t just bypass them just cause you look like a god or something. It’s a safety thing.”

“Pssshh. Whatever,” Stu scoffed. “I’ll do it. I just won’t be ‘appy bout it.”

Believe It or Not. Part 15.

Summary: The group encounters another problem as Derek continues to turn teenagers into werewolves, but they all still try to live their lives giving y/n and Stiles a chance to be alone. On the side, y/b asks Allison for a favor.

Song to listen to: Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis


(Based off 2x03 “Ice Pick”)

In PE class y/n stood on the ground, watching Allison and Scott climb the rock wall.

Once they both returned to ground, coach picked out two more people to take their turn.

“Stilinski, McCall, let’s go.”

Stiles hit her arm playfully, “hope you don’t mind losing.”

She honestly was trying to keep as much distance between her and Stiles as she could. Every time y/n was around him now she just felt uncomfortable.

“Actually coach, if you don’t mind, I’ll wait until the next round.”

Coach nodded his head, “Erica, you’re up.”

Stiles sent her a confused look, but she missed it as she just continued to look down at her feet. He just brushed it off for now and got ready to climb.

Scott approached his sister from behind, “everything okay?” He whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, good.” She turned to him, smiling to reassure him. Unconvinced, Scott decided it wasn’t a good idea to push for information right now.

Stiles easily made it up and down the wall. Erica however, hadn’t even gotten halfway yet. Y/n started to hear the faint noise of someone crying.

“That’s Erica.” She heard Scott say to Allison, concern washing over all of them.

Everyone gathered around into a tight circle to watch the girl.

“Erica, dizzy?” Coach called out to her, “Is it vertigo?”

“Vertigo’s a dysfunction of the vestibular system of the inner ear. She’s just freaking out.” Lydia piped up standing right next to y/n. Y/n looked at her confused, she wondered how smart Lydia actually was.

“I’m fine!” The blonde girl shouted down from her spot on the wall.

“Coach, it’s probably not safe. You know she’s epileptic.” Allison stepped forward offering her knowledge.

Coach tried his best to calm her down, finally convincing her just jump off the wall. She hesitantly followed directions, using both feet to push her weight away from the wall. Once she landed all color flooded back to her face.

A lot of people started laughing at the distressed state of the girl. Y/n reached forward to try and say something to her, but she practically ran out of the room.


“What do you mean tonight’s not a good idea?” Stiles asked his best friend. They had plans to go to the ice rink with y/n and Allison. Stiles was really looking forward to it, for possibly some time alone with y/n. He really needed to talk to her, and maybe even be honest with her about his feelings.

“I don’t know,” Scott sighed, “that thing that we saw last night, Isaac missing, Allison’s grandfather. All this stuff happening with Derek, I just- doesn’t feel right.” He shook his head, removing his shirt and grabbing a new one from his locker.

“No, you’re not backing out!” Stiles complained, “Do you wanna know why? Because you and Allison are obviously having quite a good time together. Also, I really need this time with y/n man. When she got out of the hospital I thought we were finally going to have time to talk about the kiss. Then bam, Derek’s biting everyone in sight and Lydia was missing and everything’s just a mess all over again.” He slammed his locker as he finished his thought.

“Wait, you kissed my sister?” Scott’s attention finally all on Stiles. Shutting his locker just as Stiles put a clean shirt on.

“Yeah dude- well technically she kissed me- but yeah like forever ago. Scott keep up.”

Scott smiled, shaking his head and deciding to drop the topic.

Then he remember, “Oh, Allison invited Lydia too.”


Y/n was walking down the halls quietly during passing period, not really paying attention to her surroundings until Jackson angrily stormed past her, bumping her shoulder and causing her to drop her things.

“Didn’t mean to get in your way!” She shouted at him, rolling her eyes and bending down to retrieve her things.

She stood back up to see Jackson holding Lydia against the wall. Fear evident in the girl’s eyes. Y/n immediately made her way towards the abuse happening in front of her.

She missed half of what Jackson said but made it just in time to hear the last of it.

“You ruined it for me. You ruined everything!”

“Hey!” Y/n cut him off, making both him and Lydia look at her, “How about you leave her alone, and go to class.”

Jackson raised his eyebrows, laughing at her. He walked to her until he was right in front of y/n staring into her eyes. She tried to keep her breathing steady, her heart actually racing.

“What makes you think you can tell me what to do?” He whispered coldly.

“I think that I have the sheriff on speed-dial and everyone in the school hallways right now is staring right at you.” Y/n smiled as he realized that she was right.

“So go ahead, try something.” She didn’t even blink, just watched him storm off in defeat, focusing her attention back to Lydia.

“Are you okay?” She walked towards the frightened girl.

“I didn’t need your help.” Was all Lydia said, taking y/n by surprise. She watched as Lydia ran away from her and into the girl’s bathroom.

“You’re welcome.” Y/n whispered sarcastically, making her way to class.

Y/n stood in her room mute, just kind of staring at all the clothes hanging in her closet. She was actually kind of nervous for tonight, what if she and Stiles actually got a chance to talk, what would she say? What made her even more anxious was the thought that they might not talk about anything at all.

Sighing, she decided on a pair of simple light colored jeans with a few rips in them and and light blue shirt. Once she was fully dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror. And for the first time, she didn’t like what was staring back at her.

She didn’t see herself. She saw a girl who was weak. A girl that needed to always be protected, a girl that wasn’t able to help her friends, someone who was a liability rather than an important part of the team.

Y/n didn’t want to be that girl. She needed to know how to fight, how to protect herself now that she was involved with everything in the werewolf world.

Y/n pulled out her phone and dialed Allison’s number.

“Hey,” the girl answered enthusiastically, “I was just about to call you actually. I just finished getting ready.”

“Okay great. I’ll be on my way in about 3 minutes. And Allison-” y/n couldn’t bring herself to form the words at the edge of her lips.

“Y/n what is it?” Allison asked through the phone.

“It’s nothing,” she replied quickly, “never mind, I’ll be there soon.” Then she hung up the phone.

Y/n’s car pulled up next the curb right outside Allison’s house. She sent Allison a quick text to let her know she was here.

Only a couple of minutes later the brunette swung through the doorway and made her way towards the car. She opened the door with a wide smile, obviously excited for what the night held for them.

“I can’t believe we’re breaking into the ice rink.” She laughed excitedly, happiness glowing in her eyes.

Y/n laughed at her friend, “Really? I can’t believe my brother’s a werewolf and that you’re family is practically a cult of werewolf hunters.” She replied sarcastically, smirking at Allison.

“You’re so funny…” Allison shook her head.

The next stop was Lydia’s house, which was about a ten minute drive from Allison’s. The majority of the drive was filled with comfortable silence between the two, light music from the radio playing in the background.

Y/n played along with the silence, her fingers anxiously tapping on the steering wheel until she just couldn’t bear the weight of her own thoughts anymore.

“Allison…” she started, grabbing the girl’s attention from beside her before continuing, “who taught you how to fight?”

“My dad.” She answered immediately, “why are you asking?” Allison pushed with curiosity.
“I just-” Y/n sighed, not really knowing what she wanted to say or how she wanted to say it.

“That night, in the Lahey house, when that thing attacked- I- I didn’t know what to do! And I- I felt…” Y/n lost all train of thought, feeling tears form at the edges of her eyes she took a deep breath.

“Weak?” Allison interrupted, with an all too knowing look on her face, they were at a stoplight so y/n took the time to look Allison in her eyes as she continued.

“You felt like someone needed to come in and rescue you?” Y/n slowly nodded her head as Allison finally put all of her feelings into words.

Allison kept talking, “And you want to feel stronger than that, don’t you? You could even go as far as saying that you want to feel… powerful?”

Inhaling deeply, y/n nodded her head again. “Yes.”

“I’ll help you feel powerful. I will teach you how to fight.”

Then the light turned green.

The core five waited patiently behind Stiles as he hurried to open the locked door. Struggling for a few seconds, the lock finally gave in and they made their way inside. Scott and Allison immediately rushed to the big switch, flicking it up causing a domino reaction of huge bright lights up above them.

Y/n smiled with her head tilted up, they deserved this. She shifted her gaze to the left, seeing Stiles looking right at her and smiling. She smiled in return, nodding her head that tonight was a good idea.

She and Stiles sat next to each other while changing out their shoes for ice skates. Lydia sat to the right of them a few bleachers up.

“Could it be any colder in here?” Y/n shivered, Stiles laughing as a crinkle formed in between her eyebrows to create an annoyed expression, he thought it was adorable.

“Here.” He offered her his orange hoodie. Just when she was about to take it, Lydia cleared her throat from behind them.

“She’s wearing blue, Stiles. Orange and blue, not a good combination.

He had now shifted his position on the bench so he could face Lydia.

“But it’s the colors of the mets!” He complained, causing y/n to chuckle.

“Besides, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, um, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would make a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together- who nobody ever thought would be together.”

As Stiles was saying this, y/n had stopped tying up the laces on her skates and focused her full attention on the boy next to her. Staring at him with wide eyes as he shifted back away from Lydia. Catching her glance, they locked eyes. He searched deep into her eyes, hoping she understood that he was talking about her, about them, and how he felt about her.

Y/n opened her mouth to speak, but Lydia broke the silence first.

“No I can see that, Scott and Allison are cute together.”

The strawberry blonde payed no attention to the exchange happening in front of her.

“I can see it too.” Y/n whispered, almost inaudible. But Stiles heard her, his heart skipping a beat as she did.

“Alright guys,” Scott shouted up to them, his hand intertwined with Allison’s, “Let’s skate!”

Stiles was the first to break their intense gaze, standing up and holding his hand out for her to take. To which she happily grasped, standing up as they made their way over to where Scott and Allison were waiting.

The couple stood at the entrance of the arena.

“Since you never skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?” Allison smiled at her innocent boyfriend.

“Allison. Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the werewolf thing? Super speed, strength and reflexes.” He replied confidently.

Allison did her best not to laugh, “So a little ice skating should be no problem.”

Scott placed one of his skates on the ice, “Yeah. See? It’s no prob-”

But just before he could finish his sentence, his foot swept out from under him due to his lack of balance. Y/n and Stiles had no shame in laughing at the boy as Allison rushed to stand over him.

“I give him a 10!” Y/n exclaimed, clapping her hands and feeling out of breathe from not being able to stop laughing. Once Allison got Scott back on his feet, y/n gripped onto Stiles hand harder causing him to look at her.

“Well? Come on.” Y/n stated, putting one skate after the other on the ice and dragging Stiles behind her with their still connected hands. They went around the outside of the rink a few times, laughing and genuinely just enjoying each other’s company.

Out of breath, y/n started to slow down her pace, positioning herself with her back against the walls. Stiles placed himself next to her, just looking at her and admiring how beautiful and happy she looked.

Staring straight ahead she started talking, “What are you looking at, Stilinski?” she shifted her gaze towards him, smirking. God he loved that smirk.

“Your smile,” he simply replied, “I like it when you smile.”

She found herself at a loss for words, and loss of breath staring into his golden eyes.

“So…” he broke the tension, “are we ever going to talk about it?”

“About what?” She asked, even though she knew exactly what he was referring to.

“About, uh- about the kiss.”

Y/n inhaled deeply at the memory.

“What’s there to talk about?” She raised her shoulders uncomfortably. Watching in the distance as Lydia continued to skate around the rink so she could avoid his gaze.

“There’s everything to talk about!” He whisper-yelled at her, “because y/n that night at the dance, standing there and dancing with you- I felt things that I’ve never felt in my entire life. Feelings- that, that I didn’t even know existed. And shit, y/n, all of those confusing things I felt- I felt towards you. It was confusing, and frustrating, and wonderful…”

She was finally looking him in the eye, Stiles continued, “and when you kissed me, I knew that I wanted to feel those wonderful, confusing things again and again.” The boy sighed desperately.

“But I just need to know, that you do too.”

In his eyes she could see desperation, it almost seemed like she could feel it. Or maybe that was her.
Before she had the chance to say anything, an ear-piercing scream filled every inch around them.

Y/n turned to see Lydia sitting on the ice, both hands planted on the ground as she continued to scream. Y/n quickly skated towards her and dropped to the ground beside the disturbed girl, Stiles behind her.

“Lydia, hey- Lydia! You’re okay. Breathe Lydia, you’re safe.” Y/n did her best to calm the girl down. Scott and Allison approaching them. Confused glances were exchanged around the entire room.

There had to be one more. They all knew it. There was no way Derek was going to stop with Isaac and Erica, the only thing none of them could figure was, who’s next?

Y/n was walking towards the exit of the school to go home for the day. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, checking from any new messages from Scott. She didn’t expect there to be any from Stiles after the night at the ice rink.

She had just grabbed the handle of the door, pulling it open and walking through without glancing away from her phone. All in one moment, her legs were wiped out from under her, y/n’s back hitting the ground and an arm on her chest, pinning her down.

“What the hell-” She looked up through squinted eyes to see Allison.

“Lesson number one,” Allison managed to say through heavy breathing, “never let your guard down, not even for a second.”

Allison smirked, standing up and reaching her hand down for y/n to grab. Y/n took the offered gesture, eyes still wide as she returned to her standing position.

Dusting herself off, she sighed, “Is this how we’re gonna do girl talks from now on?” She yelled frustratedly.

Allison just laughed. “No, this is how I’m going to train you.” Y/n’s shocked facial expression changed to understanding. Her eyes meeting Allison’s determined ones.

“So,” Allison smile grew even wider, “what weapon do you want to learn to use first?”

“Here, let’s try these.” Allison handed y/n what looked to be small knives with little holes in the end. They stood in the interior of what looked to be some type of bunker, basement thing. It was dark, cold, and it made y/n’s limbs tense up.

“Where exactly are we?” Y/n questioned, taking the small weapons. The atmosphere of the place made her feel anxious.

“This is where Kate had chained up Derek when we couldn’t find find him. She tortured him here.” Allison whispered the last part, her whole expression changing as memories of her aunt came flooding back. Y/n knew why Allison’s mood had changed, so she tried to change the subject.

“She chained him up? Kinky.” She heard Allison laugh, turning back around to face her again. Y/n smiled at her friend now happy again.

“So is this the part where you reveal your plan that you’re not actually teaching me how to fight, but you’re actually going to kill me?” Y/n joked even more, and Allison laughing even more.

She raised her bow and arrow, pointing it at y/n, “Yes. How’d you figure it out so quickly?”

Now both girls were laughing. Suddenly the place didn’t seem so dark and cold anymore.

“Okay,” Allison started after recovering from her fit of laughter, “lesson two. Your enemy, always has a weakness. Identify it, and use it.”

Allison’s voice had changed from joking to serious. She shifted to a fighting stance, fists up after setting her bow and arrow on the ground. Y/n changed her posture too, mimicking Allison and setting the daggers on the ground.

“Okay, how do I do that?” Y/n asked, when she was talking her stance wasn’t as strong. Allison took this moment to swing at her, y/n recovering quickly by ducking to avoid the hit.

“You fight them.” Allison stated firmly.

Y/n returned to her original position. Eyes wide, and then changing quickly to angry.

“Your stance is weak.” Allison said, swinging with her other arm. Although this time y/n wasn’t quick enough. Allison’s fist hitting the side of her jaw.

Y/n stumbled back in surprise, her hand immediately rushing to the injured area.

“You can’t let one little hit set you back,” Allison approached y/n with a kick now. Which she blocked by pushing Allison’s leg back down.
“Hitting you once isn’t ever going to be enough for them,” Allison’s other leg caught y/n off guard by kicking her in the side, knocking the girl down to ground as she let out a groan of pain.

“They won’t stop until you stop moving, or worse, breathing. So even if they hit you once, or twice, or three times,” Allison forcibly picked y/n up from the ground. Holding y/n’s back against her and wrapping her arm around her neck so her elbow was under the girl’s chin, “find that little part inside of you that still wants to fight back.”

Once Allison’s words left her mouth, y/n felt a shift in the grip around her neck. She took the opportunity to elbow Allison in the stomach. Sending the girl stumbling backwards. Y/n quickly turned herself around and kicked Allison backwards with her foot and knocking her on the ground in the process, rage flowing through every limb in her body. She was blinded with built up anger and fear from everything that’s happened so far. Every time she was lied to by someone she loved, every time she felt scared and couldn’t do anything to protect herself or the people around her, every time she wanted to tell Stiles how she felt but something always got in the way. All of the memories and emotions came flooding back, and she transferred them all into that final kick.

She didn’t even realize she was crying until she felt the cold air stinging her cheeks. Allison stood back up, smiling and letting a small laugh escape her.

“Lesson two complete.” Was all she said before the sound of Allison’s phone ringing interrupted the moment.

“It’s Stiles.” She said before answering the call and putting it on speaker.

“Hey what’s up?” Allison answered, holding the phone between her and y/n.

“Just thought you should know,” his voice echoed through the bunker, “Scott is headed to the ice rink right now.”

“What, why?” Y/n asked.

“Y/n is that you?” He ignored the question.

“Just answer the question Stilinski.” She said louder than she intended to, desperate to know what her brother is up to.

“Right, okay. We’re pretty sure Derek is going to turn Boyd next. So he’s on his way to try and change his mind. But-”

“But what if Derek and his pack show up?” Allison interrupted, knowing exactly what he was going to say. She and y/n exchanged a knowing glance.
“I’m on my way there now.” She said before hanging up the call.

Without saying a word Allison retrieved her bow and arrow from the ground and started walking towards the exit.

“Wait! Let me come with you.” Y/n started, picking up the small knife things from the ground.

“No way Y/n, there could be a fight.” Allison turned back around to face her friend.

“Which is exactly why you would need me right? Makes it a fair fight. Three against three.”

Allison sighed in defeat at the statistics.

“Fine, you can come.”

“Should I bring the small knives?” Y/n held the weapons up in the air.

“Chinese ring daggers.” Allison corrected, walking out the door with y/n following close behind her.

The two girls got there only to see that Derek, Isaac, and Erica had beat them.

“That really hurts, Scott.” they heard Derek’s voice as they ducked down behind the border of the ice rink, letting their heads be the only thing that peaked through the glass.

Derek continued talking, “I mean, if you’re going to review me, at least take a consensus. Erica, how’s life been for you since we met?”

The blonde smiled, “Hm. In a word- transformative.”


“Well, I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I’m great.” The tall boy smirked.

“Okay hold on, this isn’t exactly a fair fight.” Scott tried to reason. Y/n and Allison prepared to reveal themselves.

“Then go home, Scott.” Derek smirked.

“He meant, it’s not a fair fight for you.” Y/n moved out onto the ice rink, everyone turning and looking at her, Allison right behind her. Y/n had never felt such confidence flowing through her before. It felt amazing, she felt ready.

All hell broke loose. Derek wolfed out and went after Scott, relying on his puppets to handle Allison and I. Erica ran towards Allison, immediately aiming her bow and arrow at the beta.

That meant y/n was left to deal with the boy, Isaac. He wolfed out quickly, standing just a few feet away from her and staring at her. Neither one them made a move. Y/n was gripping the daggers so tight she could feel them leaving indents in her skin.

“You really think you have a chance?” He laughed at her.

“I keep up on all the action movies,” y/n joked, “I’ve seen enough to know the bad guy never wins.”

Just then, she ran towards the werewolf. She swung the dagger towards him but he ducked, recovering by swiping her legs out from underneath her. She landed flat on her back, coughing due to the air being knocked out of her. Isaac pounced on top of her. Holding her arms above her head, baring his fangs at her.

“Please.” She managed to whisper, feeling more scared than she ever had in her entire life. She felt a stray tear roll down the side of her face, Isaac saw it too. His eyes turned back to his normal color and his teeth transforming back to their human form. He just stared at her not saying anything. She looked into his eyes and felt confused. He didn’t look evil, he looked like he was scared too, and that he didn’t want to be here and doing all of this.

“STOP!” Derek roared out, causing him to release her and Erica to stop fighting Allison. They both retreated back to their alpha. Y/n stayed on the ground as the walked out, Boyd following behind them.

“Y/n what were you thinking?” Scott pleaded towards his sister with mangled breathing, shifting his gaze to Allison. “And why did you bring her?” Allison stayed silent.

The door opening startled them, but relief flooding through y/n’s body as Stiles ran onto the rink.

“Y/n.” He whispered as he saw her on the ground, running towards her and dropping on his knees. Instantly grabbing her and pulling her against his chest. One hand wrapped around her waist and the other holding her head against him.

No one bothered to say anything, silence screaming between all of them.

He Didn't Have Breakdowns

(I really hope you enjoy it, sorry if it’s got a few mistakes!)

The area was plain. Soft beiges and gentle tans decorating the room which didn’t seem to have a start or a beginning. It was unfamiliar, but that wasn’t what bothered John. He hated it when things were so bland, he needed the constant distraction from intrusive thoughts that believed they had any form of permission to be there. Yet, they didn’t. He never invited them in, never thought to try and reason with them in hopes of them finally leaving him alone.

So why was he in such a bland room?

He began to look around, finding the silence eerie. There was always something. Let it be music, talking, laughter, a movie. The loving memories provided a sense of comfort, though he still craved more than that. John suddenly realized what was needed for all that to happen, it only making the area feel more foreign and unsafe.

Where were Alexander and Thomas? Had they gone out? Were they in the room too? No, it wouldn’t be so mundane in the area if they were there. Something had to be going on. He wouldn’t just go somewhere like this by himself.


The voice sliced through the silence like a knife, and John knew it’s owner too well. He never allowed himself to forget. It’s delicate nature resembled that of a flower, so small and sweet. John quickly turned around, staring in disbelief at the child that stood before him. Hazel doe like eyes stared back, short curls as wild as remembered. That could be no other than James Laurens. John instinctively rushed forward, dropping to his knees and pulling him close. It was unreal, the warmth the smaller body held, the way he felt tiny arms just barely able to wrap around his body. It was a reunion he never expected to be gifted with, causing his hold on James to only tighten. “Jacky?” James mumbled once more, moving away from the tender embrace slightly to look up at John, eyes gleaming with innocence. “Yeah? What is it?” John smiled, filled with joy as he looks down at him.

“Why couldn’t you help me?”

The atmosphere of the room changed, the once bland shades of beige becoming dark reds and browns. The scent that was once nonexistent became metallic, almost like, no, it was blood. John felt his grip on James tighten, fear clear in his eyes as his brother’s exterior changed as well. Sun kissed skin slowly became deathly pale, eyes as dull as the dirt. Shaky small hands grasped on to John’s arms, desperately trying to find stability. “You helped Alexander and Thomas, why couldn’t you help me?” John’s stomach dropped to the ground, acting as an anchor and keeping him from moving, forcing him to stare at the heart twisting sight before him. Blood slowly began to seep through the chest area of Jame’s shirt, dripping out of his mouth. Despite his eyes being dead they were still full of fear and terror, silently pleading with John for help.


“Help me, Jacky! Please! I’m scared! Help!” James cried out, causing John to begin shaking. What was he supposed to say? This wasn’t a boo boo. This wasn’t a scraped knee or some punk at school. “James just hold on okay? I’ll-” He felt his entire world fall apart as he realized the child was now silent, slumped against John’s chest. “James?… James look at me, hey! James!” John felt tears stream down his cheeks, soft sobs passing his lips. The body was cold now, everything was. He pleaded for forgiveness, for him to come back, to trade places.

Then he woke up.

He lay there in a silence he’d usually find comfortable yet even the soft breathing of others did nothing. A Yankee Candle burned and the smell of vanilla filled up the cozy bedroom. New York thundered and droned and rolled outside, rattling wheels and squealing traffic. The weight of night had settled down on to the the city in a successful attempt to imitate wet fabric. John sat up, pushing his hair from his face. He realized that his cheeks were wet, body shaking as he thought about the nightmare that had slowly become more familiar within his subconscious. He never learned though, ever so trusting that it really was James standing there. His chest felt tight, his stomach still twisting and churning at the thought. The only thing that kept him from letting out soft sob were the two bodies beside him. No, he couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t let them know. He needed to push it down. They already worried about enough things, they didn’t need to add him to the list.

He was John Laurens.

He didn’t have breakdowns.

— // Holy shit marry me? -Alex