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Monsta X Reaction: Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet

||| Anon asked:  Can I request a monsta x and bts? reaction to finding their girlfriend in the kitchen at 3 am eating a tub of ice cream or any junkfood crying because she was on this really strict diet and ended up loosing no weight. |||

BTS Reaction

Lee Minhyuk

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Couldn’t help but tease you.

“I thought you said that you’re going on a diet.”

Lee Jooheon

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Would try to cheer you up with his aegyo.

“Aww Jagi, why would you cry at a silly thing like that?”

Chae Hyungwon

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“Why did you start dieting in the first place, you’re beautiful as it is.”

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

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Wouldn’t understand why are you eating during the night rather than day, completely forgetting that you are on a diet.

Yoo Kihyun

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Would think you look really cute eating like that and would just let you carry on.

I.M/Lim Changkyun

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He would actually be the one to offer you to eat some junk food when he came back from work late at night, trying to ignore the fact that you’re on a diet.

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

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He wouldn’t he happy as he was tired and wanted you besides him.

“Can’t this wait till morning? Come back to the bedroom with me.”

A/N: Feel free to request some more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so there shouldn’t be a problem!!  😃

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Hey gorgeous, can you do 10. “Come over here and make me.” and 13. “You’re lying, you’re blushing.” - “Shut up, no I’m not!” with Bucky? Please?

10. “Come over here and make me.”

13. “You’re lying, you’re blushing.” - “Shut up, no I’m not!”

“What’re you thinking about?” Bucky sauntered passed you, a smug look on plastered on his face.

“What?” You switched to your next stretch. “Oh, nothing.”

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.” Bucky sat down on a bench and lifted a set of dumbells off the floor.

“Shut up, no I’m not!” You scoffed and stood up off the ground, dropping your hands down to touch your toes. 

“Thinking some dirty thoughts?” Bucky grunted as he lifted the weights. “Who’s got you all hot and bothered?” 

“I thought I told you to shut up.” You stood and crossed your arms, jutting your hip out as you glared at him. “So do as you’re told and keep quiet.”

“Come over here and make me.” He dropped the weights to the floor and stared you down.

You shook your head and sighed. You and Bucky had been dancing around your sexual tension for months, teasing whenever possible but never actually acting on the feelings. Your composure had been chipped away at since the two of you had started your little game and it had just come crashing down. 

You charged towards him and pushed on his chest; his back hit the padded bench as he smirked up at you. His hands met your hips as you straddled his lap, your lips crashing down onto his. He battled for dominance but you weren’t about to let him win; you tugged on his hair and he gasped, his mouth dropping open to let your tongue in to explore. You rolled your hips against his growing hard-on and he moaned.

“Tsk, tsk. I thought I told you to keep quiet, Barnes.”

A/N: hi! in lieu of a new chapter, which is on hold because of The Great 1DFF Drought, i give you this… possibly canon extra that hasn’t been edited and is a giant piece of fluff but writing it made me feel warm and fuzzy over two excruciatingly busy weeks. anyway.. enjoy! please send me your thoughts :)  

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Was gonna post some body checks cause of hitting my goal weight but like damn I thought 110 was gonna feel so much better. I still look like a fat fuck and omg my belly is never gonna go away I swear. Damn I need to stop drinking beer lmao ugh maybe ill still post some later idk I’m at work now anyway its kinda awkward haha :/

Statistically speaking, as a bisexual woman, the vast majority of people who were going to be capable of returning my affections were always going to be straight men, but I still can’t in good conscience recommend marrying them. Not out of some sense of queer cred; who you’re with doesn’t determine your validity. But because even the good ones are socialized in this machine where women’s thoughts and feelings are given less weight, where we’re supposed to be constrained to the domestic sphere. Even if they don’t think they internalized that, there’s an excellent chance they did.

My marriage weathered a lot of storms before I started medical school. We’ve been together nearly ten years now. My husband can talk feminist theory and mean it. He’s tremendously intelligent and sensitive and kind. And I still find myself questioning whether he really fundamentally respects me; I’m still stuck in this hellish role of the harpy wife, like on Everybody Loves Raymond, incessantly shrieking about un-fun things and ruining our Everyman hero’s good time. Chores! Bills!

And somehow I end up seeming irrational, even though a plugged sink, a fly infestation, literal dog feces smeared on the floor, collection notices over library books, power getting shut off, all these things ARE big deals. But I’m still standing there trying to get him to CARE about these and take care of things on his own even when I’m on an away rotation, and he gives me the side-eye that suggests I’m being ludicrous suggesting he wouldn’t take care of these things he has manifestly not been taking care of and continues not to even when I’m standing there in tears over them.

Straight men are relationally booby-trapped with the values the patriarchy has been whisper-shouting at them since before they were born.

And there’s a lot of pressure to say “not all of them!” but if it weren’t pretty much all of them, why would married women be less satisfied than single women, be less healthy, have shorter lives? Marriage isn’t a good deal for us. It’s why it’s so aggressively marketed to us as a validation of our existence. Try Googling how to talk about chores in marriage–it’s all advice for women about how to behaviorally modify men into doing the basic shit all adults should do. It’s all about adapting to their socialized sense that they’re too good and too important to do household work.

Maybe not all men. But every single one of them needs to really, carefully consider how they are actively avoiding perpetuating the shit they were taught.

A little thought for everyone! I’m seeing a lot of “I caved” and “I gave in to” on my dash today. Remember, life’s little pleasures fall in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. Real life has parties, gatherings, and celebrations. Your life is not on hold. Learning to enjoy life’s little pleasures is part of the plan. It’s all about balance and the bigger picture. There is absolutely nothing to beat yourself up over. 

I need to stop:
Cutting………..but it makes me numb
Starving……….but I look pretty
Hiding………….but I can’t speak
Everything hurts but that’s ok because I deserve it

SHE IS broad-shouldered, firm, and strong. She is the figure looking out over the cliff, feet planted securely on the battered ground. She is the calloused hands gripping tree branches as she ascends into the clouds. She is the archer pulling back her bow, arms steady and unshaken. She will not blow away in the wind. The world tells her to shrink until she’s as light as a crumpled leaf, carried away in the breeze. But she will not give in- she will not blow away in the wind.

SHE WAS a seeker after beauty, a chaser of perfection. She was the girl who read magazines and wished she looked like the women on the cover. She despised her powerful figure, lusting after slender limbs and delicate fingers. She stopped climbing trees, shooting arrows, and plowing her way to the tops of mountains. She shrank. She let herself dissolve, until a storm came along. She watched the leaves as they were carried off into the great beyond, and decided she wasn’t ready to fly away yet. She had a life to live. She didn’t want to blow away in the wind.

—  fight or flight // c.r.h.

I wanna post “before and after” pics in the #gainingweightiscool tag, but I know my motivation is to get validation for how sick I was, and I don’t need that in my Healthy Life™.
Instead, I’ll just say this:
Gaining weight is cool when it’s necessary for your body. Gaining weight is cool when your body is changing. Gaining weight is cool when it brings the light back into your eyes. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to life. Gaining weight is cool when it comes with renewed passion for life. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to the things that really matter. Gaining weight is cool because, for me, it means a second (or a third) chance at being the Real Me.
Gaining weight does not have to mean just going to the gym and making muscle gains. Gaining weight can mean restoring fat to your body because that’s what it desperately needs. Gaining weight can mean gaining a pudgy (and cute!) tummy. Gaining weight can mean thighs that touch and bigger boobs and arms. Gaining weight can mean letting go of what you perceive to be the “ideal” body.
Gaining weight can be scary. And necessary. And worth it.

dear society,

They’ll tell you… you’re own self confidence is what matters or its whats on the inside that counts or even don’t let anyone’s opinions hurt you.

Well answer me this.

Why does stepping on a scale determine your beauty?

Why does one grade determine your intelligence?

Why does the number of followers determine how likable you are?

How can you expect us to believe those things when society is constantly shoving standards in our faces so we can compare and question ourselves on a daily basis? How can you tell us to be proud when it’s so easy to measure our self worth through one click, number, or letter?

So decide yourself, society. Tear us down or build us up. Don’t do both and still expect us to be perfect.



the kids who don’t fit in.

“Mama asked me "why do you carry
all this weight with you?”
As if defining my loneliness by the emotional
baggage I carry around is an accurate
way to measure who I am.
I’ve not been able to recognize the emptiness after
someone leaves,
when I’ve always felt it before they came.
It isn’t that I carry weight on my shoulders for want,
it is simply because I do not know where to put it down.“
—  some weights are constant. K. Kazik.

Merry Christmas my lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day and I hope you’ve enjoyed all the festive food!

As I’ve said before, I ended up taking the month off track and I haven’t even tried to be good or maintain, I’ve had too much fun going out and spending time with friends and family for my birthday and Christmas!

The top photo is from my birthday to show my transformation over the past two years.
The bottom left is last Christmas and the right is from today. I’m not seeing a HUGE change but I am aware that I’m entirely too critical on myself.

I haven’t lost as much this year as I had hoped but I have made good progress and slow progress is better than no progress, and that is something that we all need to keep in mind.

So don’t beat yourself if you’ve eaten a little more than you maybe should have lately, you’re only human and you deserve a treat!

Merry Christmas!!!