the weight of thoughts

tw weight loss talk

like honestly my bad but I thought creating an open dialogue with the people I work with would carry the benefit of them being a little more lowkey and less curious but alas

I did not prepare myself (someone who will probably always be recovering from an ed) for all the comments on my weight loss or having everyone look/ask about what I’m eating like every fucking day every daaaaay

bucky was 24 when he joined the army

steve was also 24 when he enlisted in the army and still 24 when he became their supersoldier

bucky was 27 when he died, 7 days before his 28th birthday

steve was 26 when he died

steve is 26 when he wakes up in 2011 and 26 during the battle of new york

steve is 29 when he finds out bucky survived and 29 during shields collapse

steve is 30 when he takes on leading the avengers full-time and, a few months later, he is 30 years old and standing in a flying city talking to natasha how that would be a good place to die

A little thought for everyone! I’m seeing a lot of “I caved” and “I gave in to” on my dash today. Remember, life’s little pleasures fall in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. Real life has parties, gatherings, and celebrations. Your life is not on hold. Learning to enjoy life’s little pleasures is part of the plan. It’s all about balance and the bigger picture. There is absolutely nothing to beat yourself up over. 

Fitness changed for me the moment I stopped using the scale to measure my “progress” and started loving the process by itself.

It’s not preached enough on how the scale is SO inaccurate with progress. You can look heavier at your lowest weight simply because of fat vs muscle content.

I promise the moment you stop only using the scale to measure your progress, the happier, more free, less strict, and more fun the process becomes.

Being fit and healthy isn’t a temporary “diet” or process, it’s a lifestyle choice!

moon phases.

new moon:
setting intentions.
active energy.

waxing crescent moon:
resting, focusing.
passive energy.

first quarter moon:
taking action.
active energy.

waxing gibbous moon:
trusting, holding faith.
passive energy.

full moon:
active energy.

waning gibbous moon/disseminating moon: 
receiving, expressing gratitude.
passive energy.

last quarter moon:
returning, giving thanks.
active energy.

waning crescent moon/balsamic moon:
reflecting, resting, restoring.
passive energy.

  • new moon: the moon is literally new. a rebirth. use this moon for intentions to do with fresh beginnings, starting again, cleansing. 

  • waxing moons: the moon is increasing its size, it is opening; use these moons for intentions about gaining, growing or expanding.
  • full moon: the moon is at full charge, and can be the most powerful phase in the moon cycle. use this moon for intentions to do with power, clarity, or psychic ability.

  • waning moons: the moon is decreasing its size, it is closing; use these moons for intentions about ridding yourself of something (or someone), or purging.

application to the craft:

focus is the most important aspect of bringing an intent to manifest itself. focusing your energy can be made simpler by working with a compatible energy in the world as you focus that intent. 

if the world around you is releasing an energy complementary to yours, it can be easier for that energy to find its way into reality; as opposed to facing any natural adversity.

  • cast passive energy intents in passive phases of the moon. (tranquility, creativity)
  • cast active energy intents in active phases of the moon. (strength, control)

this, in my opinion, is the concept of “the power of thought.” when more than one person thinks a thought, that thought holds more weight. this could explain why people practicing or praying together can often yield stronger, or more immediate results. it is a similar reasoning as incorporating tools and ritual into magick, as well.

your energy is a power in itself. but using the power of the elements, the environments, and the world can serve to add to that power. 

Note to self: Some runs you will feel insanely bloated. Some mornings you will step on the scale and see a seemingly impossible increase overnight. It may feel like it but it’s not the end of the world. You will tie your shoes and calm down because you know this is normal. Other days, you’ll dread the 15-30 seconds a mile this weight is surely going to add to your splits. You nervously head out onto the trails, expecting a slow run on heavy legs. But then something crazy might just happen *drumroll* …. you will feel 10x better than the day before. Maybe the “bloating” and the extra weight was just extra carbs and water hydrating your hungry muscles. Although you may be able to robotically click off the miles, you are not a robot. You are human and you NEED to adequately fuel your strong little leggies if you expect them to perform day after day. Most importantly, remember that the number on the scale is pretty irrelevant to the numbers on your garmin. A 2lb increase in weight does not equal a 15-30 second decrease in pace. Some days, maybe that will be true or maybe there’s no difference at all. But some days, the scale will increase and your pace will too. You’ll soar through the treetops and glide through the trails. You’ll inhale the sound of the birds chirping into your lungs and you’ll let out this toxic mentality on each exhale. So stop drawing a connection where it doesn’t exist. Enjoy the peace of an early morning run. Go home and make a big breakfast with all of your favorite foods. Get out of your own way.

anonymous asked:

i don't think she just gained weight, at first i thought she just was eating good, but then i noticed her style and clothes she wore as of late, they're all baggy clothes that hide the belly plus her face/lips/nose is swollen. i think she might be pregnant!

This is what “baggy” clothes look like: 

People seem to forget she was a bit thick in 2011: 

and this was Rih in the beginning of 2013, she had clearly lost weight:

Here is Rihanna this year, healthy and happy: 

Now, Rihanna is not fat, and not pregnant. Everyone thinks that they can comment about her weight, when they should be worried about their own weight/bodies. All of this “I’ve never seen her this thick before!” or “She’s been eating so good!” is ridiculous! Over the years, she’s dropped and gained, this is nothing new. So, we’re not going to be responding to anymore questions in regards to her weight. It’s not funny, it’s just mean. I took time out of my day to post these pics, so I want you and others to stop commenting about Rihanna’s body. 

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral