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“One of the things that I’ve kept over the years is a book of classical Greek myths from my grade nine English class that was falling apart by the time I got it. The notes in its margins from past students who borrowed it - beginning in 1976 - seemed like they were just for me. I knew that if I stole it I couldn’t pass it on to the next student but I fell so much in love with it that I had to.”

Christian Lo was photographed in New York City on May 18th. You can follow her on Instagram.

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Ronan the Accuser vs Experiment 626

Didn’t see that one coming, but…


Not including any Infinity Stones in that hammer of his, Ronan doesn’t stand much of a chance when you really think about it.

Ronan is a super intelligent member of an advanced alien race, but Stitch can think and process information faster than a super computer.  His creator is an equally intelligent alien life form who altered him to be able to adapt to highly advanced technology.

Stitch’s infamous super strength is a bit ambiguous as it’s been stated that he can lift up to 3000 times his own weight, but we’ve seen him lift objects ranging well over 100 tons, so his true strength is a bit hard to determine.  Ronan at his top strength in his special armor can lift somewhere in the area of 100+ tons, which is impressive, but clearly not enough to overpower a creature that can lift bulldozers and stop gas tankers.

Moreover, Stitch has special abilities that far eclipse Ronan’s species.  The little guy has hyper animal senses like enhanced vision and hearing, can crawl on walls, has enhanced speed, acid spit, and is immune to most projectiles, fire, and electrical shocks.  The little guy can even survive the vacuum of space.  Ronan might be skilled at fighting warriors and assassins, but I doubt he’s ever had to face a tiny, practically indestructible animal who’s just as strong, smart, and combat capable as himself.

You might be thinking Ronan’s flight and the energy weapons and shielding derived from his weapon might give him a leg up, but I’m afraid that’s not true.  Energy blasts and shields are nothing Stitch hasn’t faced before, and we’ve seen him take on hyper fast spacecraft face-to-face and still come out on top.  There’s nothing in Ronan’s arsenal that would likely surprise little 626.

BUT WAIT, you say, what about Stitch’s high-density body in water?

It’s true, Stitch has a bit of a drowning allergy forbidding him from going near the water.  As powerful as he is, one little dip in the drink and it’s all over unless he’s saved by someone who can swim.  Quite a crippling weakness for an otherwise flawless alien.  Truth is, though, that would make for a pretty boring Death Battle if Stitch were to pummel Ronan the entire fight only to be dropped into the sea.

However, presuming water’s not a factor, Stitch would likely destroy the Kree.

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103, Thor he would totally do something like this, and everyone knows it 😂.

Brother,” Loki sighed, standing in the doorway of your bedroom. Thor was hunched over on your bed, the object sagging in the middle from his weight. He held a small journal in his large hands, reading intensely. 

She’s my daughter,” Thor said without looking up, “I can read her diary if I want to.” 

“And I’m supposed to be the untrustworthy one,” Loki muttered, shaking his head and walking away. 

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Remote Operations

“Ratchet, are you ready to give this a try?” Clank asked, gently gum-pasting the neural relays around the appropriate parts of his scalp. “Here is the visual output,” he added, passing him the VR headset. “Whatever you think about is what you will do, and you will get some haptic feedback in the form of electrical pulses. If you lift an object you will feel it’s weight, but it will not feel heavy to you. I have a half- ton maximum, so as long as you do not try to lift a hovercar you should be fine. Lay down and put on the headset, and give it a go?”

Ratchet had asked to try remote-controlling Clank’s chassis. Which Perry relinquishing it for the afternoon, now was as good a time as any. Clank’s old chassis hummed to life, and he kneeled down in front of it. “Ready, Ratchet? First thing is extending the arms and legs from the housing, and then try walking. Just guide the direction, the gyroscope will prevent you from toppling over.”

Learn from your Big SCister

By Grace Carballo ‘17

The first lesson is that almost every word that has an S or a C is “Trojanized” to have both and you shouldn’t fight it, but rather laugh and promptly accept it. Soon you’ll be doing it, too. 

I’m writing this post for my biological brother but since we’re all Trojan Family, the whole class of 2020 is more than welcome to my unsolicited sisterly wisdom. As a rising senior, I’m practically of a different generation than you young folks and my life experience is worth its weight in gold. 

I would give my right arm (dominant hand and objectively a critical component of my “good side”) to be able to have 4 more years of college like you young grasshoppers get to, especially if I could relive it knowing all I know now. 

In preparation for writing this letter I looked through my old photos from 2013-2014 (a simpler time) and can’t even believe how good we had it/have it at USC.

I was terrified to start college, especially so far from home (midwest represent) but even though freshman year had some hiccups and a healthy dose of homesickness, I met the people I love most in this world, grew a whole lot as a person, and had some of the greatest adventures along the way, all of which will add a lot of intrigue to my future memoir. 

I’ve taken the liberty of bolding each of the takeaways because learning how to skim obscene quantities of text is another important college lesson you’ll soon learn. 

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Put yourself out there even though you don’t want to. As a social introvert, I love meeting new people, as long as I can be alone and decompress as soon as it gets to be too much for me. Welcome Week was physically draining because I can only be pleasant and positive-first-impression-provoking for so many hours in a day. I know myself so I just went to bed earlyish and tried really hard to put my best foot forward. 

PRO-TIP: I am great at remembering people’s anecdotes but the worst at remembering names. Use pneumonic devices, make notes in your phone, ask them to add you on Facebook or get their numbers and have their name in your contacts- whatever it takes. It’s the worst when you see someone you really liked and they know your name but you don’t know theirs.

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“As a product designer, I have always had a special place in my heart for objects. I found this old-school cap gun on a routine hunt in my basement and knew it would be with me forever. In many ways, this toy gun is a lot like me - small, harmless, classic, nostalgic.”

Michael Madjus was photographed in Toronto on May 16th. You can follow him on Instagram.

Hello~ I decided to start over fresh with a new blog. I’ll also be posting a daily update with intake, exercise, and whatnot.

Height: 5′2″
Current/Start Weight: 93 lbs
Low Weight: 89 lbs
Goal Weight: 85 or 83

Eat 1,000 Calories Per Day
Burn 2,000+ Calories Per Day
20,000 Step Goal
25 Squats for Every 1,000 Steps
Eat Low-Fat/Fat Free

Carpe deim bitches~


Aren’t we off to a great start with this one?

So, our re-introduction to Mamoru Chiba is that of a boy giving his unsolicited and unwanted opinion on a girl’s eating habits out of sheer fatphobia and entitlement. So. Much. Entitlement.

And as if the first season truly hadn’t happened, we’re reminded yet again that Usagi Does Not Like that nickname, and Mamoru’s excuse is pure “I’m just being honest” bullshit.

I really wish 90s Mamoru would just stop. Just don’t, shut your mouth, no one cares that you don’t think some 14 year old will be fuckable if she’s fat. That’s not a hard thing to understand, that your opinion on what somebody else’s body shoudl be quite simply does not matter; that their weight doesn’t objectively affect you in any way, shape or form.

And for the record, you’re not the All-Knowing Objective Truth-Teller God you think you are. Your “truths” only serve to insult people and to show how you want to police what they do, probably for your own advantage. That being eye candy I’m guessing.

Raika’s Weight -- !

I had this massive wall of text for this but I realised I could do this in bullet points: 

  • Raika is OVERWEIGHT.
  • Her BMI is between 36-41 ( I’ve not decided yet! ). No less.
  • Overweight means rather HEAVY
  • Heavy (Adjective): Of great weight; Difficult to lift or move.
  • I don’t have a precise weight of Raika at the moment due to a severe lack of references. I’m still looking for these smh

Conclusion: Do NOT, for the love of my MENTAL STABILITY: Lift Raika, push Raika, or pull Raika, without your muse showing some kind of struggle or discomfort!! Unless your muse is a literal weight lifter or has had frequent encounters with heavy objects, just don’t do it. Pat her head. Hold her hand idfk just don’t defy the laws of physics or I’ll cry. Gravity exists. Please acknowledge gravity as ur friend !!!

Please just don’t lift her it makes me want to implode and she will literally kick you or push you away no matter who you are

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Can we just love Yugyeom even if he gains or loses weight? Isn't he a person and not an object? Idk it just bothers me, none of you calling him ugly have a right to his body nor do you own him... He's having a good time don't bother him

honestly!!!!! theres nothing wrong with him…. theres nothing wrong with having a tummy… just let him be healthy and not be into this overdiet mess….

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How did you did with the weight gain? It's literally all going to my stomach and I look pregnant and have fat rolls yet the rest of my body is still bony and gross. I have never felt worse.

Weight gain redistributes :) I promise 

Your weight/ body is not a stand still object, it is constantly changing, so don’t let this moment define how you feel about your long term life 

Big love gorgeous xxx