the weight of lies the avett brothers


“Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.”

A playlist for my favorite piece of trash, Jason “J.D.” Dean.

animals - maroon 5 / the mute - radical face / i’ll sleep when i’m dead - set it off / teenagers - my chemical romance / freeze your brain - heathers the musical / my bloody valentine - good charlotte / every breath you take - the police / numb - marina and the diamonds / barton hollow - the civil wars / american idiot - green day / ex-lover’s lovers - voltaire / meant to be yours - heathers the musical / i’m alive - next to normal / don’t fear the reaper - blue oyster cult / boulevard of broken dreams - green day / i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance / blood on my name - the brothers bright / return to oz - scissor sisters / the weight of lies - the avett brothers / got jealous? - hurt / heavy in your arms - florence + the machine / when you’re evil - voltaire / come out and play - the offpsring / pumped up kicks - foster the people

To: marveliciousmotherfucker

From: lovelikeadinosaur

Type: Fanmix

Title: Regimes fall every day. I tend not to weep.

Pairings/Characters: Steve Rogers, Steve x Bucky x Natasha

Summary: Side I gives off a more frenzied energetic vibe (at least I hope it does) while with Side II I was definitely going for a more slow-burn, relaxed mood. I think music is the best I’m able to convey all my feelings for this delightful OT3 so I hope you enjoy!

Listen here and  here.

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Regimes fall every day

01) Mostly in the Dark / Maria in the Shower

You sing for joy, you cry for pain / Find out that they’re both the same / Open your mouth to shout again / The sound before it had a name came before it hit your brain / Some where in the dark.

02) Kill Your Heroes / AWOLNATION

Well I met an old man dying on a train / No more destination no more pain / Well he said one thing before I graduate / “Never let your fear decide your fate.”

I say you kill your heroes and / fly, fly, baby don’t cry / no need to worry cause / everybody will die

03) Battle Born / The Killers

You lost faith in the human spirit / You walk around like a ghost / Your star-spangled heart / Took a train for the coast

I always saw you as a kind of keeper / a mother to a child / but your boys have grown soft / and your girls have gone wild

You was battle born

04) Trouble / Natalia Kills

Breathe me in, like the summer nights / It’s only a mistake if we don’t survive / Kid’s grown up, but we’re not alright, we’re trouble

05) Crossroads / Nikki Lynette ft. Krayzie Bone

Wanna get away from all the murder and the mayhem / But I’m still living so I ain’t mad / But I ain’t glad that we got to die.

And I’m gonna miss everybody / And I’m gonna miss everybody, oh / See you at the crossroads, so you won’t be lonely

06) Fair Game / The Like

Switching partners like a square dance / Just watch where you’re going.

Just a tiny bit amoral / fiercly pessimistic / but we’re one big family / What’s that darling? / Who says family doesn’t kiss?

06) Let’s Spend the Night Together / The Rolling Stones

You know I’m smiling, baby / You need some guiding baby / Now I need you more than ever / Let’s spend the night together

08) Give Me Love / Ed Sheeran

Give me love like never before / Cause lately I’ve been craving more.

I tend not to weep.

01) Paradise Stars / Noah and the Whale

02) Land of Hope and Dreams / Bruce Springsteen

Well this train carries saints and sinners / This train carries losers and winners / This train carries lost souls / Don’t need no ticket / Just get on board

03) Covers / The View

They tell me hope that really pulls the strings the most / clever little words from the boring little boy in the corner / We love one another

04) The Weight of Lies / The Avett Brothers

Disappear from your home town / go and find the people that you know / show them all your good parts / beat down when the bad ones start to show

The weight of lies will bring you down / And follow you to every town cause’ / nothing happens here that doesn’t happen there / and when you run make sure you run / to somethinh and not away from ‘cause / lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere.

05) Sumatra / The Katie Herzig Trio

Everyone needs someone to touch them / Everyone needs some one to hold / So why’s it so damn hard to love when we’re alone

06) Warm Gun / Yes Nice

When I first heard your name I was…

07) Better / Regina Spektor

Born like sisters to this world / In a town where blood ties are only blood / If you never say your name out loud to anyone / They can never ever call you by it

08) Tricks of the Trade / Paolo Nutini

Was it love or recognition that has / healed this man’s condition 

And oh, how our glory may fade, at least we’ve learned some / tricks of the trade

09) Stay young, go dancing / Death Cab for Cutie

And with winters advancing / we’ll stay young go dancing


It’s my day off so here’s me playing “The Weight of Lies” by The Avett Brothers.