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Is there anything you actually like about Steven Moffat?


I think he writes good monsters. He’s skilled at tapping into very basic, almost primal fears. Some of his creations are amazing and feel iconic to me. The Weeping Angels, for example, are bound to live on in Doctor Who years into the future because they’re such a great concept. He also has a real knack of making ordinary things unnerving. I mean I’ve never been more scared of a house than Amelia Pond’s house back in Eleventh Hour. The idea of some whole other room existing because you don’t pay attention is horrifying. Also the Vashta Nerada were a pretty cool concept. And the Silence were good before we found out too much about them, because to me they lost some of their appeal and they didn’t make much sense. But the initial idea of a monster making you forget them is really frightening. 

I also think he’s a great ideas man. This might be why his stories work so well within a series headed by another writer. I really looked forward to his episodes while RTD was in charge because RTD had already taken care of the character building and making believable relationships, and Moffat could throw in his scary stuff and clever time travel plots without having to lose that characterisation element. RTD also had a series arc which would run through his stories, so Moffat’s episodes felt connected to all the others. 

Also he can write very funny dialogue for eccentric characters (like Missy for example). I just think he lacks the ability to make more normal characters come to life. You can get a lot of quotable lines from Moffat, but I think he lacks the emotional heart to make his characters believable. Which is fine if you’re writing larger than life pantomime characters, but maybe not for everyone else. 

One last thing I thought of (there’s probably more), is that he created the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, and although I hated what became of Eleven later on, the initial concept and how he was in Series 5 was good. And Twelve definitely works. As concepts they are successful, which I suppose ties into the fact Moffat’s an ideas man. It’s just a question of whether he can hold onto these ideas and finish them off in satisfying ways without jumping onto the next concept or trying to distract viewers from the things that don’t add up. 


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Moffat is my hero

Because I’m tired of all these Moffat hate posts. He brought us the creepy empty child, the weeping angels, the amazing 11th and 12th Doctor, the War Doctor, the 50th anniversary special, Whouffaldi, Strax, lots of funny moments and many, many tears as well.


Ever wonder what happens if you blink? (x)

Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat QUOTES at London Film and Comic Con - 12/07/2014

“We’re miserable about it. They were stolen. It’s theft”. Steven Moffat commenting on the Doctor Who stolen scripts
Steven Moffat says recent script leak was “horrible”, “miserable” and “upsetting” for Doctor Who team.
Steven Moffat is grateful for those who haven’t spread spoilers or read scripts.

What’s your fave episode you haven’t been in? “Vincent and the Doctor” says Jenna Coleman
Steven Moffat’s favourite episode of Doctor Who that he didn’t write are Midnight and The Ark in Space.

“A writer always hopes that an actor takes a character in directions that they could never have ever imagined.” - Steven Moffat

JennaColeman started acting really young but says she might have got into Archeology if she wasn’t acting.

JennaColeman was asked which other Doctor she would most like to be assistant to. She pointed out she’s already been with 5.

“Scariest monster in Doctor Who are The Weeping Angels.” - Steven Moffat

“Patrick Troughton was amazing” Steven Moffat on which doctor he wishes he wrote.

Jenna Coleman on Peter Capaldi: “Incredible hands” and great “run”.

“John Hurt said yes the next day. I was so worried he wouldn’t like our script!” Steven Moffat on John Hurt for The Day of the Doctor

“Writing the 50th was a nightmare! I’d do it all again, but I wouldn’t do that!” Steven Moffat on the 50th

How was Matt’s last scene?
Steven Moffat: “Undignified. Hanging in harness in front of greenscreen.”
“I’m having flashbacks” says Jenna Coleman

“Matt is perfect!” says a audience member.
“Yes, but you haven’t seen him hanging in a harness with his pants down.” says Steven Moffat

“Equally as little or as much as each other”. Jenna’s response to who’s best- David Tennant, Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi?

“You must be able to throw your best ideas away. By writing it down and showing someone, it’s as if you are making a promise” - Steven Moffat

“Its impossible to go onto the Tardis set and not play with things and fiddle with dials.” - Jenna Coleman

“The Gallifreyan balls are my favourite because you can juggle with them!” - Jenna Coleman

Steven Moffat reveals he has a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in their Sherlock outfits in the TARDIS.

According to Steven Moffat, Tom Baker “lit up like a Christmas tree” when Jenna Coleman came on set for The Day of the Doctor.

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