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Out of curiosity, has there ever been a retcon in comics so blisteringly stupid that it was retconned itself almost immediately? Asking for a friend.

Countdown to Final Crisis, a weekly series of 52 issues intended to lead up to that event we were discussing a few asks before - Final Crisis - was COMPLETELY ignored by Grant Morrison for Final Crisis. It was a weekly series that had ZERO impact on the thing it was supposed to be a setup for and Grant Morrison loudly and publicly announced that he was ignoring it. XD


Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis: Comey Edition - Samantha Bee, 2017

Ladies Who Book

Miami Rights

AHCA: Winners & Die-ers

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics
  • Hufflepuff: honeysuckle, sunrays ,a baby's first laughter, rainbows, kittens, a friend covering you with a blanket when you've fallen asleep, hot coffee, woolen socks, Halloween,girls giggling, rosy cheeks, cinnamon buns, homemade cookies dipped in fresh milk, family gatherings, warm hugs, random compliments from strangers, orange groves, a child feeding a butterfly, medieval fairytales, the tooth fairy, panda bears, dirty knees, honeyed lemonade, cherry earrings,bunnies, floral tapisseries,the house door open 24/7 for everyone, happy cries, airport hugs , morning dew,daisy fields,the friendly stranger who smiles at you, the joy of small things
  • Gryffindor: homemade cake, fireplaces, the smell of burning wood, golden wallpapers,family trees,blown candles,european cathedrals, wonderlust, moonless nights, falling star wishes,bonfires, midsummer nights,ghost stories, students' rebellions, a passionate kiss in the rain, musical premieres, christmas reveillons,team hugs before a game, concerts, motorcycle races,night candatas, Lorca's poetry, secret lovers, Venice, ancient oak trees, the deep sensuality of roman languages, Shakespeare's playes performed in the 18th century, stone cottages, drunk lovers dancing in the moonlight,dirty feet, messy hair
  • Ravenclaw: blueberries, plum galettes, black hairbuns, hands stained with ink, nails bitten to the quick, dog-eared books, blown candles,collarbones,oxford shoes, shy smiles and quick glances in the library, British boarding schools,drunk conversations about the meaning of life,Scandinavia, black bitter tea,silver jewellery, castles, orchids, male perfumes and androgynous outfits, round glasses, cappuccino flavoured macarons, turtle necks, eyebrow dance, knitted high thigh socks,abandoned villas, the english countryside, blue velvet, dark bags under the eyes, cold cheeks,a quick puff of cigarette before class, anxiety, German Romanticism, amethyst, passive-aggressive, perfectionism, deep affection under a thick layer of sarcasm,a thing for bearded teachers, the smell of parchment, bookstores...
  • Slytherin: wingtip shoes, black vanilla cigarettes, silent films, dusty empty vodka bottles, british boarding schools, golf,gothic architecture, candlelit cathedrals, Chopin, Salvador Dali, scandinavian whodunits, dystopian futuristic novels, a weekly existential crisis, strawberries dipped in Valrhona chocolate, Bertolucci's films, black pearls, bubble baths( in virgins' blood), red lips no matter when or where, the sound of killer heels on the pavement, cheekbones, pale skin, haskis, nordic nature, blood oranges, reptiles, carnivore flowers, lace, candlesticks, Serge Gainsbourg's records, Chanel No 5,Paris at night, feeding the pigeons,, indie bars, post-war Berlin, trainee lawyers