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How Successful Business People Spend Their Weekends

Interestingly, successful business people have specific habits that they employ on weekends, just as they do during the week. Here’s how successful people spend their weekends:

1. They Unplug

2. They Have Fun Outings They Planned During the Week

3. They Take Advantage of the Last 15 Hours

4. They Practice Different Skills

5. They Plan for Monday

Get other tips for spending your weekends successfully.

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Kurooaka Weekend Oct. 28 - Oct. 30

Hello, we’re back with the prompts for the first Kurooaka Weekend! As usual, if you are new, please take a look at our rules! And lastly, if you have any questions, just go ahead and send us an ask! 

Now, since the event is being held close to halloween, we decide to do some themed prompts for the occasion! We will be following the tags #kurooaka weekend and #kurooaka week Thank you for reading and please enjoy! 

Day 1 (Oct. 28): Candy / Werewolf 

Day 2 (Oct. 29): Horror Movie / Vampire

Day 3 (Oct. 30): Costume / Ghost 

Prince!Luke 4

Title: Avoidance

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Reader

Warning: Smut-ish (Only in the beginning. If you don’t want to read it, skip over the bold/italics)

Additional Comments: This came really quickly because I was really into writing this weekend. Either way, I’m trying a different point of view. I don’t know how this will work, so just bare with me. Also idk if I wrote the smut part the right way but I sure hope so (let me know if it wasn’t good and I’ll work on it)

Additional Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Luke POV

I never intended it to happen but she just stood there with her perfect smile, gazing at me. And I gazed back, as if she was my whole world. How could you expect me not to ask when I knew she was my everything?

The sound of crickets echoed around us as we stood together, trying to take in everything all at once.

Her lips molded against mine and she hung onto my face, our lips keeping us afloat. She rubbed her hands along the side of my face and I could tell she loved the way my stubble felt on her skin. 

She bit my lip lightly as she stroked my jaw and I moaned softly, yet I didn't pull her into me as I had so desperately wanted. I let her guide, afraid that I would lose her if I tried to dominate. I felt like I was melting under her touch, and I didn't care who she was in that instant. It only mattered the way her delicate lips felt against mine.

My hands went to her waist and I pulled her lightly towards my body. She didn't shy away, instead she deepened the kiss. I knew then my life was over. She had such a pull on me that even her hands caressing my jaw made me want to scream. 

Her hands moved from my stubble to my neck and instead of pulling away like I should have, I found myself pulling her closer, trying to fuse us into one being. Her lips went from my face to beneath my earlobe. 

My breath caught in my throat as she kissed me softly and I backed us up towards a tree. Her lips clasped against my skin and as she sucked ever so gently, I felt my hand tighten against her waist. When she nibbled at my neck, my hands went from over her shirt to rubbing the sides of her bare skin.

I knew that if anyone were to catch us, we would be tried for treason but that didn’t seem to effect me as much as it should have. So instead of pulling us apart, I encourage us with my hands finding themselves just a little too close to her breasts.

She moaned the moment my fingertips made contact with her and I could feel my back tighten against the tree. I began to massage her in my hands and she stopped kissing my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. She whimpered quietly as I grabbed tightly at them, squeezing hard enough to make her moan and then all of a sudden I was the one being pleasured. 

She took my hands from under her shirt and put them behind my back. I ignored the fact that I could have easily moved them when Y/n let her hands trail down my stomach on the outside of my shirt. Her lips were on my neck again and she sucked my skin as her hands went past the waistband of my pants and onto the outside of my underwear.

I could feel her hand over me and she gave me a small kiss. She then moved her head and started kissing my right side, as her right hand rubbed at the stubble and her left was underneath the fabric of my pants. 

The combination of her rubbing my stubble and palming me from the outside of my underwear caused my to whimper. 

I could feel her smile into my neck and then in the next moment, her finger nails were dragging themselves over my jaw and she squeezed me in her hand quickly and forcefully. My back arched against the trunk of the tree and I moaned her name loudly.

“Do you like that Luke?” She asked still holding me in her hands.

I nodded briefly, melting into her touch and then I felt her release me.

I gazed down in to her y/color/eyes and she smirked up at me, her newly found confidence made me whimper again, my eyes closing. “Do you?” She spoke softly.

“Yes,” I moaned desperately.

I opened my eyes to the sun shining in my room and my hand on the outside of my underwear.

I looked around, searching for the dark forest, searching for Y/n. But she was no where, as it was my room and no trees grew there. I sighed, unhappily, yearning to have Y/n’s touch again.

I took my hand off of myself and stared. I regretted distancing myself last night. She must think I don’t like her. She must think I’m a creep for following her into the wood. She must think a lot of things, and none of them good.

There was a knock on the door and a yell from Gwen, my maid.

“Prince. You need to get up. The King and Queen wish to know if you are coming to breakfast.”

I groaned. If I went then I would have to see Y/n. And I wasn’t looking forward to explaining anything to anyone especially in front of my parents.

“Gwen,” I said speaking softly but loud enough to be heard through the door, “I don’t feel so good. Do you think you can bring me up some toast?”

I knew she would get worried, “Are you alright? Do you want me to call the physician?”

“No, I’ll manage. I think I just need a day’s rest.”

I assume she left to get me breakfast and so I sighed once more, not for the last time, and daydreamed about Y/n beside me.

That was how I spent my week. I would dream of Y/n, not always so physically, usually doing everyday things except with me. And then I would find excuses to stay in my room, under my covers and away from Jack and Y/n. I learned a great deal about governing from the books in my room.

Around the 4th day, there was a knock on my door.

“I’m really not feeling well Gwen. Do you think you could get me some coffee.” 

There was silence and so I returned to my book about battle tactics. I didn’t even glance up when the door opened.

It was silent, and I continued to read, “2 splashes of cream and 4 spoons of sugar.”

It was silent, and I stretched out my hand, waiting for the cup to be placed in my hand. At the first sound of the spoon hitting the cup I smelled roses and vanilla overpower the smell of coffee. I closed my eyes knowing well who stood beside me. 

I had been smelling her scent every time I dreamed. Every daydream I had was of her. Every touch I yearned for belonged to her. I had been seeing her eyes every time I closed mine. And I knew when I opened them, she would be standing right beside my holding my coffee like I had once dreamt.

I opened them slowly and set my book down.

Y/n stood there, a sweet smile on her face as she held my coffee.

“Good morning Princess.”

“Good morning my love,” she cooed and set the drink in my hands.

I smiled up at her and she leaned down to kiss me.

Her soft lips lifted away from mine and she gazed down, lovingly, “I wanted to see how you were feeling.”

“Better now that you’re here.”

She smiled shyly at me, which caused me to smile as well.


I looked up into her eyes and then saw her, drink-less and motioning for me to sit up. As soon as my back lost contact of my pillows, her delicate, yet powerful, hands came to fluff my pillows. I shifted myself up and then she handed my coffee.

“Good afternoon Luke.”

“Afternoon already?”

She nodded and then found a seat on my bed, beside my long legs, and I became all too aware that I was not wearing pants underneath the covers.

“I came to see how you’re doing.”

“Fine, thank you.”

She frowned at my bluntness and I sighed, not wanting to upset her, “My apologies Princess. I didn’t mean to be so rude. I am just so tired of being sick.”

Her hand rested on mine and she smiled her lovely smile again, “I told you that you can call me Y/n.”

I moved my hand away to hold my cup steady, and tried to not kill myself for making her frown, “I do not want to overstep our boundaries Princess.”

“The ‘boundaries’ between us are practically non-existent.”

I sighed, “The boundaries are very noticeable, Princess, and I can’t help but think of them each time I think of you.”

“Let’s ignore them then,” she said simple a small smiled dancing on her lips and I shifted around as I had to stop every part of me from reacting to her, “I don’t think I can. Not with you.”

She was quiet and I looked up from my coffee to see her gazing at her feet.

“My apologies Princess. I don’t mean to upset you so often, I just don’t believe that we should carry this on. For one thing, we’ve only spoken one day the entire time of your duration of your stay.”

She looked at me coldly, completely different from everything I had been imagining since I had met her, “I came to see how you were. I would have been concerned with your health regardless of our interactions.”

I could feel myself tremble softly, and I hid my guilt as I drank from my cup.

She stood up abruptly and smoothed out the skirt of her blue dress, “I’ll be taking my leave then Prince.”

I nodded and then set my cup down as she walked out.

Before she closed the door I heard the voice of my brother.

“Y/n! I need you to answer a few questions about the wedding.”

As the door shut, I was reminded of my place.

I waited for what seemed like forever, to ensure that neither Y/n nor Jack could hear. I picked up my white cup and hurled it and it’s liquid against the wall opposite of my bed. I grabbed the next closest thing, my battle tactics book, and chucked it at the white doors that confined me. I ripped the covers off my body and began to throw things about, yelling and screaming silently.

The door opened and I looked towards it, gasping for air, only to see Gwen gazing at me wildly.

“My Prince!”

I picked up the candle on the floor next to my stand and set it up the brown wood.


She still stood there, frightened, “Yes?”

“How long have these envelopes been here?” I asked, my hand clasping around a wade of cream sealed paper.

“I’ve been leaving them there every morning since you got sick. I assumed they were for your princely duties and I did not wish to exhaust you while you were ill.”

I groaned and opened one up.

“Dear Luke,
I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing …”

 “Gwen, do you mind stepping out?”

“I came to inform you that your family requests your presence at dinner tonight.”

“If I feel like going then I will,” I said coldly before Gwen shut the door and I was left alone with my letters.

“Dear Luke,
       I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing. I’ve been confined in my room as you have, only for selfish reasons. I’ve begun writing a novel of a daring young maid who saves the kingdom from its enemies. I assume it won’t be popular, however I hope that you will find an interest in it. Of course, I will let you be the first to read it once it is finished. However, you may be the only person to ever read it.
       I understand that we haven’t spoken much and I know that isn’t something that should be built off of what we have between us. So I have brought it on myself to write these letters to you. I hope that you will find time, while you are recovering, to write back. I figured I would tell you about myself and you would tell me about you.
With Love,
P.S. Thank you for everything last night.”

I let myself fall onto my messy bed and I sighed loudly. I figured that the rest of the letters contained things about herself, things that would bring us closer. And yet, I couldn’t allow myself to read them in that moment. I knew they would contain less and less as they continued. She probably assumed that I wasn’t replying for a reason. And with my comment earlier, I knew she must know that I hadn’t read them.

I glanced around the room at the mess I had made and groaned. I didn’t want to leave it for Gwen to pick up and so I set to work trying to clean as much as I could. When I was done, I sat at my desk with my back to the door. I grabbed a fresh piece of paper and began to write a response to Y/n’s first letter.

“Dear Princess,
I have just found your letters to me sitting on my stand. I regret my words. I did not mean to hurt you in any way. I hope that you will take these following letters into consideration as an apology.
I think that it is a wonderful idea to share things about ourselves. I truly look forward to learning more about you and who you are as a person.
Prince Luke
P.S. I’d like to thank you for everything that happened that night in the woods.”

And so I wrote letters in response to every single note from Y/n. I watched as my “Princess” and “Sincerely”’s subconsciously became “Y/n” and “Love”.

We shared secrets and stories and moment that we cherished. I learned about her embarrassing moments like the time she had been convinced that her father was a dragon mutant. And I learned amazing things as well. She told me about how she had been trained to fight, in secret, once she had started going out riding alone. She told me small things too, like her favorite food and color and what she dreamed about. 

But I also learned about the big things too. She elaborated her desire to pursue writing. In fact, she said that she would trade her crown in to run away with only her horse and her journal. I found everything she wrote to be captivating and amazing.

My daydreams, throughout the writing and reading, didn’t subside. Instead I found myself wishing to be beside her at night, as she rode her horse. I wanted to be there to comfort her when she felt anything but happiness. I began to imagine my daily life with Y/n. 

No longer did I pretend that we could wake up together. There was no more dreams of her doting on me. They were replaced by small actions like hugging and comforting and taking care of her. I wished only to make her happy, and I found myself wanting to do anything possible to see her smile.

It was dark outside my windows when I had finally finished. I knew I had missed dinner and it didn’t bother me at all. I hid the stack of letters in one of my drawers and locked it. I put a pair of pants on and a fresh shirt before grabbing my replies and heading out the door to deliver them to Y/n.

Part 5

ryuuza-the-blade  asked:

hey haylo, think i can borrow your halo for the weekened? (bonus points if you get the reference)

I don’t get the reference :O oh no!… but the answer is still no regardless :P NO TOUCHY! It’s precious! XD hehe

So the new Steven Universe episodes got me all messed up on Friday and then @ferisae updates “You Don’t Know Me” over the weekened so naturally my brain smashed my favorite scene and the Chat’s new dilemma into one heart wrenching mess. I honestly wish I could’ve made this a more cohesive comic. But I lack the skill. /shakes fist.

(I suggest watching the scene first.)

So I bought a car on monday and especially with work being as stressing as it has been I just so want a warm day this weekened where I can clean all the leather and upholstery and get the interior spic and span

it will be soo de-stressing and I look forward to it so much