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What was it like when you found out the news that Rostam won’t be in the band anymore?

CT: I had heard that, I’d knew that for a while. I personally felt bummed, I sorta liked the idea of the classic phase being the only phase, the original member sort of thing. Would never put things in his mouth or speak to the reasons why he made that decision. I feel like he had sort of said and brought it up and after this point had more serious talks and heard about it; I love that guy, I hope he does very well, and like I said I just saw him play and he seemed really happy on stage, but yeah that’s all i could ever hope for.

If you look at the tapes from - if you check the books on Bonnaroo ‘14, well then I was getting a little emotional that show because that was fresh for me, and you know this is maybe revealing a little too much, but I’m a bit of a crier, straight up. I just remember playing that show being like “fuck, man”, like this is weird, this thing has been a constant and like this governing factor for my entire adult life is gonna change and like change is weird and change can be painful, and you know, even when there’s nothing you can do about it and even if it’s the right choice for everyone involved. I don’t think I shed tears but I definitely was like feelin’ it. I was feelin’ it. So I have no idea what exists from that show in a video sense. But at this point that was now 2+ years ago, like he’s doing his thing, everyone’s doing their own respective things, there’s still a lot of collective stuff to come, but you know I think Rostam’s happy and he’s doing what he wants and that’s all I would want for him.

On a fine but decidedly chilly spring day, Algy perched on a mass of slimy seaweed, watching the tide come in. He was intrigued by the increasing flow of clear water through a sandy channel between the rocks. With each tiny wave the ripples advanced a little further and the drying seaweed got a wee bit wetter and more colourful again. Algy knew that in a few moments more he would have to hop into the air, if he didn’t want his legs and tail feathers drenched with salty water, and he wondered just how long he could wait… He was reminded of a haiku by Buson:

The spring sea
all day ebb and flow
ebb and flow

Algy wishes you all a beautiful, calm and peaceful weekend xoxo

[Algy is quoting a translation of a haiku by the 18th century Japanese master Yosa Buson.]

On my way home.

PAX was amazing and I’m just sad it’s over. Thank you @therealjacksepticeye , @markiplier , @lordminion, @wiishu and Tyler for making this the best weekend I’ve had probably ever!

Thank you @kookamunga for sharing a hotel room and getting to know me!

I can’t wait to see an unboxing video from Jack, as well as more updates on his tour, and also updates on Mark and the gang’s tour as well!

More pictures and a video of the experience at PAX are coming probably tomorrow or Wednesday!

I love you guys!!! :D

I was tagged by @shadowscollide to list 10 songs that I’ve been into recently, so here they are:

1. Cheating On You - Franz Ferdinand 

2. Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers 

3. Molly’s Chambers - Kings of Leon

4. In the Morning - The Coral

5. Walcott - Vampire Weekend

6. I’m Not Gonna Teach Boyfriend How to Dance With You - Black Kids

7. Soma - The Strokes

8. Behind the Sea - Panic! at the Disco

9. Time to Pretend - MGMT

10. All Falls Down - Kanye West

It took me ages to decide on just 10 lmao I wanted to add some stuff by muse, imagine dragons and John Frusciante ofc but these are just the songs I’ve been listening to recently. I tag @contribute-to-chaos, @lost-in-belle-reve, @vampires-and-chill, @little-lamp, @photo-cell, @samanthaevansblr, @amotherfxcking-women, @pianogirl1174 and @kisskisspessimist 

let’s dance to joy division and celebrate the irony // listen

Diane Young - Vampire Weekend // West Coast - Coconut Records // Dreaming - Smallpools // You Only Live Once - The Strokes // Breaking Up My Bones - Vinyl Theatre // Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John // Time To Pretend - MGMT // Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys // Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Kids - MGMT // A-Punk  - Vampire Weekend // Machu Picchu - The Strokes // Take A Walk - Passion Pit // Midnight City - M83 // Give Me To The Waves - General Ghost // Flashed Junk Mind - Milky Chance // Let’s Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats


June 20th, 2016

For those of you that don’t know, today is the day that the last episode of Young Justice takes place. So, I made this tribute for it. I came up with the idea just two days ago so I almost killed myself trying to finish it on time. Some parts you can tell I was really rushing.

All the drawings in this video were made by me and I edited it myself. The song is Photograph by Ed Sheeran, and its on my Spitfire playlist!