the weekend war

lance: are you- are you saying i’m not your greatest rival?

keith: well, i mean. no?

lance: but, but who else drives you to one-up them the way that i do?

keith: .. the gladiators in the training room?

lance: someone alive, keith!

keith: then i’d currently say that i don’t have a rival. i am fighting a few, different, people.

lance: … what?

keith: i like to fight around.

They call him Kenobi, the Wizard of the Black Hills.

He is legend come to life, they say. His boots have stirred the dust at the galaxy’s edge, and the stars trail in his wake.

Some say he has lived for countless years in the Black Hills of Tatooine, his life extended by clandestine arts. Others claim they saw him fall from the night sky, an infant in his arms. They say the child is his heir, rescued from wrath and fire, brought to live a humble existence until his birthright is revealed.

A few have seen a cloaked apparition roaming the barren sands when the skies grow dark and shudder with the gods’ displeasure. They say the lightning on these nights springs from the wizard’s very hands, that they’ve watched as he conjured blue flame from the desert air and danced with it, the sky flashing bright around him.

They speak of him when he passes by, trading legend as fact. He has toppled governments, laughed at enemies, counted royalty as friends. Justice is his battle cry and mercy is woven through his very bones. 

They say he is the last of an ancient race of mages, magical beings who fought for the oppressed. His wrath is terrible, his compassion unconquerable, his life a conduit for something greater than himself, greater indeed than all the worlds he has left behind. 

They call him Kenobi, the Great Wizard of the Hills, the Conqueror of Stars, a friend to the helpless, the bringer of Hope

And he smiles at the name.

The Legend of Kenobi


Star Wars: Battlefront II - Teaser

It leaked today ahead of its official reveal set for this weekend at Star Wars Celebration 2017. Get a peak while you can!

  • hux: would you rather fight 100 loth cat size luke skywalkers or one luke skywalker size loth cat?
  • kylo: does the loth cat have the force?
  • hux: ...yes
Dating Luke Skywalker would include...

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  • A lot of soft but long kisses
  • Because let’s be honest he’s cute and he’s soft and he definitely knows how to kiss
  • Holding hands while walking, sleeping, talking, etc
  • Basically just always holding his hand
  • Him making the first move and asking you out on a date
  • Playing a lot of cute and stupids couple games with him
  • Him sensing whenever you’re sad, nervous or angry at something
  • In other words: you’re not able to hide anything from him
  • Moving to some peaceful planet after the fall of the Empire
  • Cooking with him because he’s lovable and wants to help you
  • “Do the mind trick on me, pleaseee”
  • “I won’t wash the dishes” *moves his hand*
  • “Okay, that’s bullshit, you definitely will”
  • Being pretty close to Leia
  • You being the big spoon and Han finding out
  • And, of course, teasing Luke about it
  • Eventually travelling with him around the galaxy because he wants you to visit a lot of nice and different planets
  • Training hand to hand combat with him
  • After a long time of relationship, discussing about having a baby
  • Actually having/adopting a little boy
  • “Let’s call him Ben”
  • “Noup, I promised Leia that Ben could be her son’s name”
  • Being Force sensitive (but not as much as he is, of course. Something more like Leia, you know?)
  • Helping him recruit kids to train them as Jedi
  • And helping him build his new temple
  • “(Y/N), stop playing with my lightsaber!”
  • Luke trusting you with his life
  • And, of course, making love to him passionately

Star Wars Weekend is happening! xx


What happens to the gang after the book (headcanon)

-The gang buried Johnny and Dally next to each other because they knew that is what they would’ve wanted… and they couldn’t bear the thought of little Johnny being next to someone he didn’t know. 
-Ponyboy got a full ride into an Ivy League school. 
-Two-Bit cleaned up his act and dropped out of school, he got a full time job as a mechanic. 
-Steve was conscripted to war and came back home with PTSD. He got onto drugs and wouldn’t accept any help from the gang. 
-Darry had found a girl to settle down with, they had four kids together, a set of identical twin girls and a boy and a girl… he found so much happiness with her. 
-Sodapop and Two-Bit opened up a mechanic garage together and it became quite successful, especially because most of the girls came to look at Sodapop. 
-Eventually Steve managed to be rehabilitated and he got a job as a drug and alcohol councilor at a school, but on the weekends he also helped war veterans come to terms with the lingering problems they still had from war. 
-Ponyboy would come back home every couple of months or so to visit all of his brothers… Darry, Sodapop, Two-Bit and Steve. 
-They all ended up having children and settling down with someone they loved.
-Ponyboy went on to become a movie director and screenplay writer that went on to win awards for best picture.
-On the anniversary of Johnny and Dally’s death, all five boys go and visit them at their grave and sit there in silence, thinking of the boys who never got to grow old like they did… they think about the boys who are forever imprinted in their minds as faces of innocence that were tainted by the cruelties of this world.

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit