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say my name || theo raeken

prompt:  it’s a well known fact that theo raeken doesn’t like to share. so, when he sees the reader getting progressively closer to one of their fellow classmates, he decides to take matters into his own hands (literally lmao).

warning(s): nsfw, e.g. dirty talk, daddy kink, orgasm denial, spanking, dom! theo, etc.

(a/n): i feel like this is so dirty so i’m sorry but i’m also not sorry. enjoy! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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Life of The Party

@alltimefanfiction contest entry, check out their page!
Summary; Jack meets a girl who won’t tell him her name. Her legacy follows All Time Low throughout their career. 

Jack remembers meeting her vividly. Alex was throwing his first house party, seeing as his parents had finally gone away for the weekend. They were buzzing

August28th 2008 - 7pm

Armed with bags of the cheapest lager Jack could find, he kicked open Alex’s front door with a converse clad foot.
“Aleeee-“ His call was cut short by the sight of three girls dancing passionately in their underwear in front of the television. The lagers slipped from his arms and rolled across the floor at their feet.
They all laughed loudly, feminine cheeks lighting up in pink blushes as Jack stared, his mouth hung open in shock. Lisa chucked both girls a blanket from the back of the sofa to cover up with and ran off upstairs, “Alex is up here!”.
“Send his dumb ass down here.” Jack shouted back, his voice breaking to his utter embarrassment. Averting his eyes, he dropped to the floor to collect up the alcohol. The girl with the long dark hair and a full fringe wrapped a pink dressing gown round her waist and rushed to help him, goose pimples collecting on the bare skin of her arms as she piled the icy cans against her chest. Her carefree smile shocked him for a moment and Jack found himself looking at her for a moment too long. To this day, he is sure she was just pretending not to notice.
“Stella Artois.” She smirked as she put them back in the carrier bag, “My favourite.”.
Jack grinned at her, “If I’m honest, it’s just the cheapest I could find. I’m Jack, nice to meet you.”.
She jumped to her feet, her brown eyes sparkling, “You can call me Stella. I’m gonna go find Lisa, see you in a bit.”.
Then she was gone, pulling her blonde haired friend after her. Jack planted himself firmly on the cream carpet and sighed heavily, finding himself a little breathless. Alex came into the lounge, dressed in a loose button up shirt and tight jeans.
“You alright buddy?” He muttered, reaching out his hand to help his friend to his feet.
Jack ran a heavy hand through the blonde streak in his hair and nodded, “Yeah, who are Lisa’s friends?”.
“Oh, just Kayleigh and her mate, I don’t know her name.”.
Heaving, he grabbed his best friend’s hand and pulled himself up.

It was reaching eleven pm and Zack and Rian were clapping either side of Jack as he chugged yet another Stella Artois. Laughing, he crushed the empty can in his fist and threw it to his feet.
“My turn!” a voice sang, causing all three boys to look round.
“Christ.” Rian breathed at the sight of her, collecting himself as Jack dug him sharply in the ribs. The mystery girl was stood before them in a black slim fit dress, fishnets and velvet heels. She could have been a piece of art in any of their eyes, but especially Jack’s. (And boy, did he wanna pin her against the wall like the art she was.)
“Stella!” he cheered casually, chucking her a lager.
She caught it in one hand and snickered devilishly, “Ahhh, so that’s what I have you calling me, I forgot.”. Making sure all three of them were watching, she opened her lips seductively and cracked open the drink. Within a minute her dark lipstick was smudged down her chin and she was throwing the can at Jack, a triumphant look on her face as they all gawped.
Zack nearly fainted at the sight of her bending down in front of the lanky guitarist and picking up his crushed can. Gently, she pulled his hand towards hers and placed the trash in his hand, “Alex is a nice guy, don’t go making a mess of his house.”.
“I’m over here more than I’m at my own house.” Jack hissed, a smile on his face, “Now, don’t go throwing up that alcohol on my best friend’s carpet Sweetheart.”.
Rian and Zack chuckled.
“I could outdrink you any day you skinny fuck!” Stella gasped, pushing his shoulder jokingly.
Jack lit up in amusement, “Oh, you’re on.”.

“See, I want to move out of the city so I can see the stars properly.” Stella, as Jack had decided he would probably have to call her till at least the next morning, explained with a drunken slur, “Light pollution ruins the view.”.
They were laid out on the damp grass while the wild party continued indoors, staring up at the sky. To his absolute horror, Jack had lost the drinking contest and they had come outdoors so he wouldn’t puke on any of Alex’s parent’s stuff. After he’d thrown up into the bin twice, she’d pulled him down onto the ground and tried her best to point out the constellations among the cloudy night sky. It was not their lucky night.
“I’m a writer.” She murmured, “Because I could never be an astrologer. You’d get bored if you looked at the stars every day, and I don’t want them to stop being beautiful, yanno?”.
Jack nodded, “Definitely. But, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of playing music.”.
He turned to look at her and suddenly she was kissing him. With the stars as their only witnesses, they kissed. His apprehension fell away and he wrapped an arm lazily around her neck, pulling them closer to each other. She tasted like Stella Artois.

Jack woke up in the bath tub with a loud groan. His t-shirt was missing and he was sticky with alcohol and god knows what else. He stood up very slowly, his head pounding and vision blurring as he realised his whereabouts. As he got to his feet, a scrap of paper fell into the bath tub. With a groan, he read it to himself through squinting eyes.

You’d get bored if you looked at the stars every day. Perhaps you’d get bored of me too. Become the star you’re dreaming of being, I’ll be watching out for you.
Sorry, I had to leave.

Stella xxx


Alex leaned round the door, looking worse for wear in his torn dress shirt and boxer shorts.
“She left this morning.” He spoke knowingly, “Lisa said she didn’t want you to know her name. Weird shit, huh?”.
Jack forced a smile, his heart aching, “Yeah, weird shit.”.

July 7th 2009 – All Time Low released ‘Nothing Personal’. The song Stella was a hit. Alex told everyone it was written about partying. Jack loved playing that song live. Zack and Rian don’t know why to this day.

Feels like I’m falling in love
When I’m falling to the bathroom floor
I remember how you tasted
I’ve had you so many times, let’s face it,
Feels like I’m falling in love alone
Stella, would you take me home?


Summer 2014 – There was a girl who looked like her in fishnets and velvet heels at a club. Of course, she wasn’t nearly as pretty and couldn’t drink nearly as much. Jack slept with her and left early the next morning, leaving a handwritten note on the bedside table as an apology. In a few months’ time, Don’t You Go was added to the Future Hearts track list. Jack hated playing that song live. Zack and Rian don’t know why to this day.

20th March 2015 – One Night in London with All Time Low. SSE Wembley Arena.

The boys rocked the show, of course. Alex and Rian invited a load of people to the afterparty, including a few stragglers who stayed behind after the show. Alex was pretty sure he recognised one of the girls. She stuttered and blurted that she was a writer and he might have read one of her books. Alex, considering himself a writer of sorts, be it song writing, invited her along with excitement. She was beaming.

Jack bought fishbowl cocktails, lining them up down the kitchen of the tour bus and challenging people to a drinking contest. Wiping his hair from his face, Alex stepped up alongside Zack.
A daring voice spoke up from among a small group of people at the back of the bus, “I’ll do it.”. A girl walked confidently down the length of the bus and leaned against the counter next to Lisa.
Jack turned to look at her and his face fell in shock. Her once dark hair was bright pink and pulled up in a messy bun and she was dressed in comfy mom jeans and a printed tee-shirt, but he’d recognise those bright eyes anywhere. Jack grinned.
“What should I call you this time, Stella?” He asked as he pointed her over to a fishbowl of colourful cocktail.
She shrugged nonchalantly, “The Life of the Party.”.
Rian counted down from three and they started drinking. Within minutes, Alex had slipped and poured the entirety of the bowl’s content down his front, disqualifying him immediately. Bursting into laughter at Alex’s futile attempt, Jack choked and sprayed cocktail all over Zack and soon they turned to just chucking it over each other instead of finishing. Zack was about to tip the rest of his bowl over Jack’s head when she called out “Finished!”.
All three boys glared enviously at her empty bowl as Rian announced ‘Life of the Party’ as the winner. She lived up to her nicknames, every time. Jack’s heart swelled as she smiled over at him.

“What are you doing in London of all places?” he asked, “Light pollution must be terrible.”.
“I’m a writer Jack.” She whispered dreamily, “I’m here for inspiration only. And anyway, I told you I’d watch out for you didn’t I?”.
She stood up from the ground in front of the tour bus and pointed at the sky, “Look, tonight’s our lucky night. There’s Ursa Major.”.
“Beautiful.” He murmured, standing next to her and staring at the group of bright stars.
“Boring.” She corrected him, “Just same old Ursa Major.”.
He shook his head at her and leaned down. With the constellations looking down on them, he kissed her goodbye.
“I’ll see you again.” He promised, “Stella, my life of the party.”.
She tasted like a mixture of alcohol, it made him feel alive.

February 13th 2016 – Jack dyed his hair red. “Blonde was getting boring” he said, “Same old Jack.”.
That night Alex and Jack stayed up all night writing a song. Alex knew they’d finally got it right when Jack cried singing it.  

2nd June 2017 – Last Young Renegade was released by All Time Low. Life of the Party was a hit. Alex told everyone it was written about partying. Jack loves playing that song live. Zack and Rian are pretty damn sure they know why.

Sleep - Rafe Adler/Reader

Title: Sleep

Pairing: Rafe Adler/Reader

Warning(s): None.

Word Count: 622

Originally posted by dojimadaigo

PROMPT: Rafe finds you asleep at your desk. (Pure fluff.)

Rafe checks his phone for the fourth time in fifteen minutes.

It’s one in the morning and you still haven’t come out of your office. Between you and Rafe, he is definitely the one who will work into the early hours of the morning – sometimes not getting any sleep at all. But Rafe knows that you have been working on a new project for the past month. A project that suddenly starting going somewhere.

You were on the couch earlier that day, simply watching a movie and enjoying your weekend, when your phone buzzed. A development had happened, something that suddenly made your project a lot more sense. Rafe didn’t mind you getting up from the couch and running upstairs to your study. He doesn’t mind that he didn’t see you for the rest of the day – at one point leaving a small tray of toast and a mug of coffee outside your door.

What Rafe does mind is you not getting sleep.

He gets out of bed and pushed his hair back from his face. Your office is a few doors away, still closed with an empty tray outside the door. Well at least she ate something, he thinks to himself as he pads down the hallway.

Rafe gently eases open the door and pokes his head in. Your office is a collective mess of books, papers, files and external hard-drives. Among the mess is your desk, and slumped over it is you. At first, Rafe thinks that it’s just your posture going to hell, but after a few seconds of lingering at the door, he realises that you’re asleep.

He slowly and quietly moves into the room, reaching for the mouse of your computer to shut it down for the night. Your phone is among the various pages and books on your desk. Rafe picks it up and puts it in his pocket to charge later.

He gently puts his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N)?” he whispers, shaking your slightly. You let out a groan and bury your face into your folded arms.

Rafe flashes you a smile. “Alright,” he sighs, pulling your desk chair back and gathering you in his arms. Even through your sleep-muddled mind, you feel how easily he can pick you up. You wrap your arms around his neck and bury your face into his shoulder. He’s so warm.

You mumble tiredly against his neck. “Wha’ are you doin’?”

“You and your back will thank me in the morning,” Rafe carries you down the hall and into your bedroom. He walks over to your side of the bed, gently putting you down. He tries to pry your arms away from around his neck. He chuckles lightly. “You need to let go love.”

He eventually manages to unhook your arms from around his neck and pull a blanket over you. The feeling of your bed underneath you and the warmth from the blankets tugs you deeper and deeper into sleep.

You blindly reach out for Rafe and mutter something against your pillow. You hear him chuckle from the other side of the room. “Hang on love,” he says gently, sliding into bed. You gather enough strength to roll over and rest your head on Rafe’s chest. He wraps one arm around you, hugging you close to his side, while he cards his fingers through your hair.

You fall back asleep almost instantly, work long forgotten about.

Rafe stares up at the ceiling, gently running his fingers through your hair and messaging your scalp. When he hears your breathing start to deepen and level out, a faint smile tugs at the corner of his lips.

“Goodnight love,” he mumbles, pressing a light kiss to the top of your head.


Eva Mary ‘Eve’ Dickson, Lady Price (1946). Frank O. Salisbury (English, 1874-1962). Oil on canvas. National Trust, Wakehurst Place.

Sir Henry Price, successful businessman who made millions after creating the fifty shilling suit, married for the second time in 1939. His bride, Eva Mary Dickson, was nearly 30 years his junior. “Eve” was the perfect hostess and Wakehurst became a place buzzing with weekend shooting parties, halted only in 1941, when Price offered the house to the Canadian Army.

NaLu AU: Not Useless

A/N: I know; the title doesn’t sound fluffy. It’s not even fluff. I actually don’t know what to call this. Maybe it’s angst…I don’t know. Shhh. ._.

Anywaysies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAIFU (AKA. @giupear)! Welcome to the twenties! This is a birthday present from me to you, and I actually finished it early! Huzzah! It’s the sequel to your first present, When She Smiles, and I hope you like this one, too!

This is not only a birthday present, but also a thank-you gift—for being the best waifu anyone could ask for. Thank you so much for always being there for me; you’re the greatest. ;w; I’m so glad that we got to meet and become friends (and waifus!), and here’s to many more fun times for us ahead! Have an amazing birthday; I love you!

Read the prequel When She Smiles right here!

Rated: T (Trigger Warning: Mention of abandonment)
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: There are many things that make up a relationship—and reciprocation is a key component.

Hey Lucy, are you awake? the message read.

Lucy sighed and rolled over onto her stomach, staring at the message on her phone blankly for about a minute before she bothered to check the time.

7:44 AM.

Lucy blinked again and sat up on her bed, letting her blanket slip down onto the mattress as she quickly texted back.

Yeah, I’m awake. Question is, why’re YOU up so early? Send.

She sat there and stared at her blank screen in the dark, wondering to herself that same question even as she’d sent it. Natsu was never up this early—not even for school days. And it was a weekend, too…

Her phone buzzed hardly a minute later. She quickly checked the message.

Couldn’t sleep, he’d texted back.

Lucy frowned to herself, worry beginning to slowly coil in the pits of her stomach. She’d never dreamed that she’d ever hear him say that. If anything, he slept too much.

Did something happen? she typed hurriedly. It isn’t like you to not be able to sleep.

Her phone buzzed again.

Actually…that’s kind of why I messaged you, he’d replied.

Lucy furrowed her brow in confusion. What do you mean? she asked.

About why I can’t sleep, the reply read.

Frustration began building up in spite of the concern. Can you tell me what it is? she typed, just barely avoiding the use of an angry emoticon.

She flopped back down onto her pillow and waited for his answer, her thoughts whirling uncontrollably. He was acting strangely…something was definitely wrong…but what could it be? She couldn’t even take a guess. This’d never been an issue with Natsu, even before they’d started dating.

Lucy wasn’t sure for how long she was letting her mind wander, but it occurred to her that Natsu hadn’t yet replied. She checked her last message—it’d been over fifteen minutes. Had he finally fallen asleep? Had he chickened out?

Her phone buzzed right as those thoughts came to her—and Lucy was faced with a huge wall of text.

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Hero Time: Getaway Drivers

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence, Alien-MPREG
[Vigilante AU] Tucker’s life has been weird for a while. Weird enough that finding a brightly clad jackass bleeding out in the restaurant’s dumpster isn’t probably the weirdest thing that’s going to happen to him that day. Shenanigans ensued pretty readily.

A/N: Based on [this picture] by @ashleystlawrence and the initial prompting of @goodluckdetective.

We’re getting into the bigger plot stuff!!! I’M SO EXCITED TO START TYING THINGS TOGETHER AHHHHH

Thanks for the feedback to @secretlystephaniebrown, @ashleystlawrence, That_Crazy_Anime_Shipper, @ephemeraltea, Adventures_in_Writing, bangles25, Alkeni, HappyFunBallXD, Beawolfs_Pen, and @godoflaundrybaskets on AO3 and tumblr!

Sheila didn’t even ask why Tucker didn’t call Kai first for a ride, as was his usual. And though the concern was clear on her face as she looked at him from the curb of the police station, she didn’t ask too many questions about that either.

Though, of course, news about the Red Dead Blood Gulch Crew moved fast.

He shut the door of the van and glared ahead. “Thanks,” he muttered.

“Guess you just wanna go straight home,” she said, looking to the mirrors before beginning to pull out from the corner.

“Yeah,” he responded, looking ahead.

“Sorry about everything, sweetie,” she sighed.

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A little while ago I posted about a Hannibal S4 fic idea, based on this post, and this is what I’ve come up with so far. Not sure where this is going yet but I can see it continuing.

Thanks to @hannispanties and also to @strangestorys for chatting with me/being supportive about it. And as always to my lovely @lordofthelesbians for the brainstorming and @wraithsonwingsposts for all the endless, 24-7, non-stop, Hannigram obsessing :)

So, this has turned out a bit quiet and moody, just in time to bring everyone’s long weekend buzz down a notch or two. Sorry! I’ll post some porn on Sunday to make up for it ;)


Summary: Essentially, Will rescues Hannibal after the fall, rather than the other way around.

Mature / Warning for suicide mention & near death

Hannibal opened his eyes to the sound of an axe falling on wood. Sunlight fell on his face, warm but with the waning strength of autumn. There was woodsmoke in the air, and the crisp scent of fresh apples. The axe fell again, ringing sharp and clear through the peaceful air.

There was nothing in his mind but the present moment, even when he tried to reach for something more. He was not afraid. He went back to sleep.


He was more lucid the next time he awoke. His body ached where he lay, not from injury but from lack of use. A memory returned, of pacing in a glass cage. The sunlight was still warm but had shifted in the room. Perhaps an hour had passed.

The axe was silent now.

Hannibal stretched, slowly and deliberately, cataloguing the range of motion in his cramped muscles, noting the IV in his arm. His limbs shifted under the heavy wool blankets, hands pulling at his clothing to search for the bullet wound.

There was nothing, not even a bandage. Only a rough, tender area of scar tissue.

A door opened, spilling light and cold, fresh air past him into the room. Will.

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Erica Yary takes the Weekend Buzz to the premiere of Pretty Sweet to talk up some of the Girl/Chocolate dudes, with guest appearance by the Odd Future dudes.