the weekend :friday

Daily Correspondences:

MONDAY: Ruled by the moon. Colour associations: Silver, grey and white. Do magic involving: Intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, female deities, cleansing, healing, manifestation, power, peace and wisdom.

TUESDAY: Ruled by Mars. Colour associations: Red. Do magic involving: Courage, energy, physical strength, banishing negativity, cursing, protection, binding, manifestation and power.

WEDNESDAY: Ruled by Mercury. Colour associations: Purple. Do magic involving: Divination, communication, knowledge, wisdom, study, luck and wealth.

THURSDAY: Ruled by Jupiter. Colour associations: Blue. Do magic involving: Luck, wealth, healing, protection and success.

FRIDAY: Ruled by Venus. Colour associations: Green. Do magic involving: Love and friendship.

SATURDAY: Ruled by Saturn. Colour associations: Black and purple. Do magic involving: Psychic ability, meditation, communication with spirits, cursing, protection, cleansing, banishing and binding.

SUNDAY: Ruled by the sun. Colour associations: Gold and yellow. Do magic involving: Power, prosperity, health, banishing evil, exorcism, healing, success and wealth.

sleepover weekend!

it’s that time, guys (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

  • fmk, would you rathers, or have you evers!
  • ask me anything about a fandom, character, or ship (unpopular opinions!)
  • ask me about my headcanons! (be specific!)
  • make me choose?? (between anything!)
  • tell me about your crushes (tumblr + real life!)
  • rec me stuff! (films, books, shows, clothing shops, anything!)
  • ask me for recs! (^^^)
  • vent to me! tell me about your day, what are you looking forward to??
  • what you’re thinking about/doing right now!
  • talk to me about anything!