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supergirl season one appreciation week → day four: best relationship (familial)

“I can’t promise you a life without pain and loss because pain is a part of life. It’s what makes us who we are. It is what makes you a hero. You fight every day to keep people from struggling like you have. I know you can remember, please… If you try, please… Please try, Kara. Because Earth needs Supergirl. Remember that life. With James and Winn and Hank. Your friends need you. And I need my sister!”

BELLARKE 4x03 RAMBLING (here i go again)

i’m SORRY but recently i came across a gif of bellarke from 4x03 (this gif) 

and i have been obsessed with it ever since. i even made it my new header (all credit to @bellarkegifsdaily ) and i just can’t get over it like oh my god 

before we begin, it should be noted that clarke never smiles anymore, and that the only times she’s smiled this season (if i remember correctly) is when they a) figured out that the ark was a solution for the radiation and; b) when bellamy’s been making shitty ass jokes (#shitty bellamy humour) 

first: bellamy is fresh off a shitty ass attempt at a joke (always glorious) “if anyways entitled to a lucky break, it’s us” and no one says anything, and he has this nervous little flustered look on his face but he turns to look at clarke a) for her reaction; b) to CENTER himself a little bit and; c) to see if she’s holding up alright amongst all this mess that they’re on the road trip on for. i mean the boy’s just trying to lighten the mood 

WELL HE SUCCEEDS because he’s rewarded with the cutest most adorable smile from one clarke griffin. she turns and looks him right in the eyes and gives him this freaking adorable half smirk for a quick second and turns away again. 

BUT WAIT!!! there’s more 

she turns away, AND THE SMILE STAYS ON HER FACE. not only is she still smiling, she’s just a little bit happier and a little bit more hopeful, which ofc was bellamy’s whole point 

for his part, bellamy both turns to and turns away from clarke AT THE SAME TIME SHE DOES (they’re so in sync i can’t even believe) and looks off in a different direction after, looking a little thoughtful and a lot smug because “gdammit i just made clarke ‘no fun’ griffin smile” and he has to remind himself to breathe (me too bell). all this combined with the fact that making clarke smile is something that makes bellamy genuinely happy just makes my heart explode 

LIKE WOW how can they get more adorable and perfect??

the fact that in all this mess bell can give clarke a reason to smile is so damn precious, which is why this is one of my favourite bellarke Little Things™ to date (as well as the cobwebs in the hair from this same episode but that’s for a different post) gbless these two i wish all the happiness in the world for these two adorkable munchkins

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supergirl season one appreciation week | day four: best relationships

There are so many amazing relationships in S1, but these five are the ones that stand out for me: James and Kara, Kara and Alex, Kara and Cat, Alex and J’onn, and Alex, Kara, and J’onn. There’s so much love, admiration, and mutual respect in all of these relationships, and the evolution of each of them over the course of the season was so well done.


The first week of season four is over, so I just wanted to wish my best girl luck with the rest of her season.

not really sure why i have to see so many posts about character heights being inconsistent on steven universe four seasons in when literally like two weeks after the series premiered they explained how they don’t use height charts. this isn’t news


I’ve been thinking a lot about how symmetrical Season Four is this week so I decided to channel it into a compilation of most of the mirrored shots over the course of the show. (Excluding the mirror mirror shots — that’s a whole other video in itself).

It’s quite interesting to think about the different contexts in which symmetry is used within Sherlock, as this technique is typically pretty Brechtian — kinda like how Wes Anderson’s films are more of an intellectual/poetic pursuit as opposed to lulling you into the ‘fictive dream’ like Sherlock does.

If Season Four is all mind palace I can see the symmetrical shots it includes linking in relation to Sherlock’s pattern-brain, following a similar visual motif to his TSoT courtroom scene. Overall the Season Four shots seem a lot more ‘perfect’, excluding other props and objects that would disturb the symmetry as opposed to those within earlier seasons.

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over pt. 1 // h.s

here we have my attempt to write angst in part 1, anon i promise part two will end happy and sweetly, okay? I hope this is good enough angst for you and I’m hoping part 2 will be up tomorrow!

Two weeks felt like a lifetime.

Two weeks felt like all four seasons had flown by time and time again and you were stuck in your apartment watching them come and go. Two weeks was agonizing when you didn’t have the one you loved there by your side anymore. You felt like you’d taken a piece of your own heart and threw it away like it was nothing. You didn’t feel whole anymore. Maybe that was a bit dramatic, but that was how it really felt. And to add to the pain and loneliness, you felt guilty. You were the only reason that you were in this current position. You were the reason that your world had been flipped upside down. You didn’t have a single soul to blame but yourself for the mess you’d caused.

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