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She said that Murdoc and the others are working on a playlist too. Also she has a brand new playlist coming soon on Spotify this week. Gorillaz also stated that there will be more remixes this week along with new songs from the album! 

(I can’t believe Noodle responded to me! I’m so happy right now!) 


Kim Kardashian West is being accused of blackface in her new beauty campaign

  • Kim KardashianWest teased her new beauty line this week and is now being accused of blackface.
  • This all started on Kardashian West’s social media on Wednesday, when she tweeted out and Instagrammed a picture teasing her first beauty product from her new line KKW Beauty.
  • To many, her skin appeared much darker than it is. That point was further supported when KKW Beauty posted this picture to Instagram, which shows Kardashian West with lighter skin.
  • Because of this difference, many on Twitter are accusing Kardashian West of blackface. Read more (6/16/17)

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The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs celebrated the end of his high school career this weekend in epic fashion. It all began a few weeks ago when he took to Twitter to express his relief at finishing exams

This weekend he finally graduated and posted about it on his Instagram

If that wasn’t exciting enough, his TV dad and star of The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln surprised him by showing up at his graduation after-party! His mother Gina broke the exciting news on her Instagram

Not only that, but it appears other notable Walking Dead actors showed up for the festivities, including Danai Gurira and Lennie James

Outside of The Walking Dead Chandler and Andy have always remained close. “I am definitely closest to Andy,” Riggs confirmed to Cryptic Rock when discussing who he related to more in the cast. For fans it’s exciting to see that Chandler’s relationship with the cast has transcended the show. Look forward to seeing all your (alive) favorites again when The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season this Fall.

Just friends ~ Part nine

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A/N ~ Ok so this chapter is only short but do not under estimate the angst, you are going to need a box of tissues for what I am about to unleash on you.

Theme ~ best friends

Paring ~ Choi Seunghyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

It was two weeks since you ran into him that night and your emotions had finally started to calm down but your want to see him again had grown with the knowledge he was going into enlistment, you found yourself constantly going on instagram, checking his and the others pages for news.

As you sat at your laptop trying to find the words to put into your next article you found your finger wandering on the mouse pad to instagram again, your heart sank as soon as it popped up. The image of Jiyongs head on Seung hyun’s shoulder as he pointed at the camera, it was his last night of freedom and he seemed to be spending it with the ones he loved. You couldn’t bring yourself to look through any more, the emotions springing up in you so hard it drove you to tears. You left your computer and went to the cover of darkness of your room, hoping to block out the world and him.

You woke up the next day with a groggy head, like you had a hangover but you hadn’t drank a drop, the tears that drained you to sleep were obviously the cause. You freshened yourself up with a shower but a feeling of emptiness remained, you decided not to go into work today and just work from home instead, a flexibility that your new job offered. You sat at your computer with a coffee in hand, ready to finally make a start on your next article when an email popped up. You hesitated for a moment before clicking on it, it was from Jiyong, it simply read ‘Please watch this’ and was accompanied by a video. You let out a sigh and sat your coffee down before clicking it. The video started with a shot of Seung hyun, you could tell straight away he was drunk.

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Why do you think elounor got back together ? They seemed pretty happy without each other

I would honestly love to know the whole story too. I want a Lifetime movie on their romance. I NEED IT!

But I assume they got back together because they weren’t as happy apart as they were together. Eleanor, at least to our knowledge, did date anyone else since her and Louis broke up. She focused a lot on her career and getting her blog up. 

Louis was a bit reckless after the break up. Remember we found out that him and Eleanor broke up after pics surfaced of Louis making out with a random girl in a pool in Thailand. And we were like WTF?! And his team was like, “Oh yeah.Louis and Eleanor broke up like 2 weeks ago but they’re still friends!” 

There were rumors Louis was bringing hordes of girls up to hotel rooms and having orgies. And then the whole Briana situation happened and we were like, “Louis’ gonna be a dad??” And it was this whole back and forth thing until it was finally confirmed that yes it was happening and we all freaked out but we have lil Freddie! :)

Louis started dating Danielle in December I think? I’m not sure but that was when they were photographed a lot in Chicago. It did seem random-like ‘Hey I’m in a relationship now and spending the holidays with her fam!’ when there was like maybe only one picture of them together before December? 

2016 was a CRAZY year for Louis! He had a son, and just as he was trying to figure out his career going solo, Mama Jay got sick. 

NOW HEAR ME SPECULATE! I don’t know anything clearly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Eleanor would visit Jay last year, and maybe she helped out Louis’ sisters too. Her and Jay were so close, Eleanor was Jay’s maid of honor for her wedding in 2014. Jay and Louis’ sisters still followed and liked Eleanor’s stuff on Instagram. His family was incredibly close to Eleanor, and there was like this mutual respect for all parties involved. 

Despite what l*rries say, Eleanor NEVER once spoke ill against Louis. She could’ve, because the press followed Eleanor for like a week after news broke that her and Louis broke up, but after they realized she wasn’t talking to them, they left her alone. Eleanor and Louis both kept up all the pictures of each other on Instagram. It was just so clear that they did respect and deeply cared for each other. 

When Jay died, and Louis was left in the aftermath, maybe things were put into perspective for him. Maybe he realized he wanted someone that knew him for a long time. Someone that stuck with him through other hardships. Someone he trusted and knew would never hurt him. Someone that still loved him in a way, even when they were apart. 

That was Eleanor. I think the love and care between them never went away. they were together for nearly four years. She was with him through grueling, long ass tours where they barely saw each other but still maintained their relationship. I think they needed the time apart to grow and figure out that yes, they were supposed to be with each other. And I think that, sadly, Jay’s death made Louis realize that life is short and knew what he wanted. And that was Eleanor.

Maybe it seems unfair to Danielle that it seems her and Louis broke up in late December/early January and already he’s with Eleanor and calling her his gf. But I think in his mind, and Eleanor’s too, they weren’t together for two years. I think they want to make up for lost time and are spending a lot of necessary time to figure their new relationship out. 

Long story short, I don’t know anything! But I highly suspect that Louis never stopped loving Eleanor and Eleanor never stopped loving Louis. Perhaps real love never ends after all :)

Chris Wood Appreciation Week - Day 5

Favourite Instagram pic. Yesterday when I posted favourite pics, I mentioned that I didn’t have a photograph of him with his mum.  This morning whilst drinking my first precious cup of tea of the day (I’m a Brit…its necessary) this appeared on my Instagram news feed.  The strange thing is the pic is similar to the photo I posted yesterday of myself with my son and his girlfriend wishing him a happy 23rd birthday.  

His emoji caption was cute, but for me I’d like to think it should say Home is where the heart is!
Model Who Lost Thousands of Instagram Followers After Posting Realistic Photos Speaks Out
Things got a little too real for Insta.

Instagram model Essence O'Neill blew up the Internet when she decided to quit social media because she felt she was living a lie. To test the theory that Instagram is just a bunch of pretty filters and doctored images, London-based model Stina Sanders decided to spend a week just posting untouched and #superreal photos of herself. She flooded her popular Instagram with photos of things like bleaching her facial hair in the shower, her feet with toe nails falling off (due to running), and before a colonic irrigation. Like I said, #superreal.

The response? Not so great. Sanders claims she lost thousands of followers, The Independent reports.  

Now, she’s speaking out about how social media can affect young women in a very negative way.

Stina’s instragram is here if you guys fancy a look :)

Digital Human Series 11, Episode 2 - Authenticity

Social Media

(Concept from @holyhayle)

Cinder: An Instagram account run mainly by the palace staff where they post a lot of pictures of Cinder’s latest plan to benefit cyborg children. Lots of candid photos because she hates having her picture taken.
Kai: Twitter and Facebook to keep the World up to date on his press conferences and public appearances. He also has a private Instagram account with a really generic name and he only accepts follows from people he knows really well.
Scarlet: She has Pinterest to find farm ideas and recipes.
Wolf: Private Instagram where he posts cute pictures of Scarlet and of the farm, especially his flower patch.
Cress: LITERALLY HAS EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM KNOWN TO MAN. I mean honestly what did you expect.
Thorne: PUBLIC Instagram account. All of his pictures are taken almost exclusively on or of the Rampion. A good ¾ of the people pictures are Cress and the rest are him. Posts 3-4 selfies a week.
Winter: A Tumblr where she posts really aesthetic pictures of flowers and stuff.
Jacin: A Twitter to keep up with the news and a private Instagram full of cute pictures of Winter.

Ok sorry the formatting is weird on this one bc I did this on mobile but I hope you guys like it! As always suggestions are appreciated.

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I was on vacation for a week without internet - very relieving ;-) What are the most important news I missed since last weeks wednesday? And who are the people with Harry in Mexico?

A looot happened! It was a week full of promo. 

17 May 2017

18 May 2017

19 May 2017 (Strip That Down release)

20 May 2017

21 May 2017

Bonus: Liam said his music video will be out on 2nd of June. Harry is in Mexico with Jeff, Tommy and Glenne (Lou is still in LA, Harry Lambert is in London and the band is MIA)

grantgust: With Betty, the artist formerly known as Liz. We’ve had a great run together on Flash for the last 3 years. She’s literally kept the show afloat in Vancouver. Last week we got to have more fun than we’ve ever had making Tom & Grant. I still think we should’ve called it Grant & Tom. It’s not too late. You’re running out of time to help fund us! There are prizes!!! Check out the LINK IN MY BIO. (I’m not yelling) @bettydubney @cavanaghtom

A Message

I didn’t think much when I started my Tumblr blog late last year. It was just to have fun and meet people with the same interests. However, I found my passion again for editing and writing, and that has brought in a number of followers. I then also decided to make an Instagram because I wanted Tom to notice my edits and I thought I could connect with another community. However, I see myself getting more angry everyday as people are continuing to steal my edits on Instagram. I have gotten into several arguments with people on Instagram over my edits these past two weeks and it really sucks and drains a lot out of me. I’m about to hit a breaking point soon. 

However today, I noticed I am near that breaking point. I have now received a lot of attention due to and other comic book outlets posting about my blog and the Betty Brant news. It’s all over Twitter and Instagram. The pictures I posted from the book are all over social media, that I can’t control who posts them anymore. I know they’re not my pictures, but I am the source for them being released. I’m just a little blog/account who is being taken advantage of and it’s not fair to me anymore. I don’t know what to do because I LOVE to create, but when your creations are taken everyday, it’s not so fun. 

So, today I’m deciding that I will no longer create for the time being. I don’t know when I will make GIFs, write again, create graphics, etc. It’s pulling away time with my family and my school work. I also have a busy month ahead of me and I do not need to be more stress and anxious then I need to be. This can come off a bit dramatic, but it’s what I have to do right now. 

I’ll still be active though, so feel free to come into my inbox. 

Expand Media

Hey guys!

A little while ago, I applied for a writing job at a news blog called ‘Expand Media’ here on Tumblr, and I recently got the news that I got the job!

At Expand Media, we focus on diverse alternative bands that aren’t covered as much in mainstream media, and we write news updates, music reviews, and also ‘band of the week’ posts, covering all the way from small bands to large events - we’re currently planning a Warped Tour cover!

If this sort of content interests you, I would really appreciate if you check the blog out! We have a small following currently, both here and on Instagram, and it would mean so much me and the team.

Tumblr - @expandmedia
Instagram - @/expandmediaofficial 

Feel free to boost this post/promo the blog!

I know that some of you, probably friends even, are reading this and rolling your eyes- “oh he’s still holding on to that? Who is SHE kidding?”- and I don’t blame you. Not many are open about it so we appear to be very rare creatures, maybe even mythical. I’ve definitely felt the pressure to just accept being lumped in as gay when I meet new people- correcting them feels super political and unnecessary in the moment but then later I realize that it’s my own shame.

Andy Mientus Speaks of His Bisexuality, Encouraging “Bi Kids to Be Visible”

Elounor Break-Up: Why Larry May Be One Step Closer (***Evidence***)

*I am in no way putting hate towards Eleanor or Elounor shippers as I write this…it’s just something to consider

• Think about it, the break up rumors started about 2 weeks ago. Eleanor posted on her Instagram account a picture of herself getting a tattoo.

• On March 7, the alleged break up date, Louis happily tweeted about it “being a very exciting day :)”

• Louis is very close with his younger half-sister, Lottie Tomlinson. So naturally she SHOULD know about her own brother’s sexuality…maybe/maybe not. Remember when she commented on a Larry shipper’s Instagram photo and said: “You don’t even know how he feels. Shut up you DELUDED FREAKS!” (This was around the time Elounor was very believable and in the news.) Well in the past two weeks, a large majority of Lottie’s posts on her Instagram @lottietommo123 have been selfies she has taken with Lou Teasdale, Lux, Gemma (Harry’s older sister), several others and even one with Sophia Smith! So…naturally, one should be with Eleanor Calder, right? (Her brother’s GIRLFRIEND of almost 4 years.) Many would argue there hasn’t been any interaction with Lottie and Eleanor because it is a given fact that Eleanor is back in England and not on tour with One Direction this year. Very likely a good explanation, or maybe she learned the truth: Louis is gay/bisexual.

• Lottie deleted most of the photos of her and Eleanor off her Instagram right before/after the Elounor break up was published. Did she accept the truth about Elounor and save herself the embarrassment? Or did she just “feel like it,” especially since the break up has been going on for about 2 weeks?

• Even with the temporary departure of his good friend and bandmate Zayn Malik (miss him so much, by the way), Louis Tomlinson has been very happy, as reports and pictures show. This has been for a while now—not just the last 2 weeks.

• Some Elounor break up articles report that Louis is actually “very devastated” about his relationship ending. Given that the articles are very short and the source of him being upset comes from an unnamed “good and close friend,” there is definitely much reason to doubt that he’s upset. (But then again some people are good at hiding pain so the chance is 50/50)

• Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder, family members, or bandmates have yet to comment publicly or tweet about the break up (as of right now, March 22)

• The break up was confirmed by an official representative of Louis Tomlinson. This confirms that the two are no longer together. (Eleanor has no official representative because she is not a famous celebrity.)

• Most Larry Shippers are actually showing massive support for the “failed ship” that is/was Elounor. Though this may not count as evidence or proof, it means that there is peace within the fandom…

• “Don’t believe it until Louis or Eleanor actually confirm it themselves”…. very true. So then again 50/50.

• If they “broke up” …then they had to do it over the phone because OBVIOUSLY they were not in the same continent. But if it was fake, it would definitely be easy to use that excuse of “it happened a while ago.”