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prompt: yousana harry potter AU. thank you!

This is sooo late and I am so sorry!! But here it is, also special shoutout to the LOVELY @iamacolor cause she’s the one who inspired me to write this fic! 


Year One:

“Ravenclaw!” The sorting hat declared.

She smiles and walks proudly to her assigned house table. Generation after generation of Slytherins and now she has broken that tradition.

But her family won’t mind. The Bakkoushs don’t care much for silly notions of arrogant customs or unnatural house pride, as long as their children were happy. They’re pure bloods but unlike some other families, they’ve never been the type to look down at associating with half-bloods or muggle borns.

After all, her brother’s best friend, Yousef Acar, was a muggleborn. He smiles and waves at her from the Hufflepuff table.

Year Two:

Quidditch tryouts went better than expected. She was the youngest chaser in the Ravenclaw team.

And now she was playing against her brother. She smirks at him as the two teams line up against one another. His grin is equally arrogant and oh it’s on.

“Go Sanaaaa! Go Eliaaaas!” Yousef cheers from the crowd, and both Bakkoush siblings turn around to see him waving a green and silver flag in his left hand and a blue and bronze one in his right hand. It brings a smile to their faces.

The teams kick off on their brooms and Sana is determined to win her first game. She’s small but fierce, and the speed with which she flies surprises some of the older players.

Goal after goal, the Ravenclaw team keeps scoring but the Slytherin players aren’t too worried. They have their eyes on the snitch.

Elias is so close, arm outstretched and finger tips almost touching the tiny golden ball, but at the last second Mari swoops in and grabs it.

Cheers erupt as the Ravenclaw team is announced the winner by Quidditch commentator Mahdi Disi.

Sana swooshes around on her broom and does a victory lap while Elias rolls his eyes but is secretly happy for his sister, even though his own team lost.

Far below on the stands, she spots Yousef, waving the Ravenclaw flag and cheering as loudly as he can.

And she feels incredibly happy.

Summer Break Between Year Two and Year Three:

Yousef is staying over for the weekend. He is pathetic at Quidditch but that won’t stop Elias from making him get on a broom and attempt to hit the Quaffle. Half the time he’s trying to make sure he’s not falling off and any time the Quaffle comes near him he ducks instead of striking.

Sana watches from the sidelines until she can’t bear it any more.

“Elias you’re the worst teacher” she says as Yousef climbs down from his broom.

“And you can do better?”

“Oh please. Even Mom is better at Quidditch than you.”

Yousef makes an “oooooooohhhh” sound at the burn and Elias tosses his broom to Sana in response. “Fine, prove it then. By the end of the summer if he can beat me in a game then I’ll be your slave for an entire week. And vice versa.”

She smirks. “Get ready to serve Elias.”


Sana is a patient and caring teacher, not all relentless energy like Elias, but just the right amount of passion mixed with encouragement.

“You’re going about this the wrong way.” She says as he swerves out of the way once again when the Quaffle is near him.

“You’re on defensive mode and you have to relax. Don’t worry about getting hurt, trust me you won’t. The Quaffle is not your enemy, it’s your friend. You have to pull it towards you, not push it away. Only then can you score.”

“Pull it towards me, not push it away.” He repeats as he flies closer to Sana.

“Yes.” She says when his shoulder is almost brushing hers, and for a second they both forget the game.

“So how’s it going future slave?” Elias shouts from his bedroom window and they both whip their heads around to glare at him.

“Let’s do this” Yousef says with renewed zeal.


Sana truly enjoyed the week of having Elias do her bidding.

Year Three:

Sana makes sure that her Butterbeer is the non alcoholic version. She takes her first sip and the savors the warm butterscotch flavor running down her throat.

It’s her first time in Hogsmeade and so far she’s loving it. All her closest friends are here and smiles as she looks around their little group with girls from every house. Eva and Noora are Gryffindors, Chris is a Hufflepuff and Vilde is a Slytherin.

Outside she sees her brother and his friends making a snow man. Yousef sticks the carrot nose on his round face and it’s complete.

They hadn’t talked much once school had started, but something had definitely changed during summer. She always had a sort of crush on him but she never thought it was reciprocated. But those last few weeks of August, for the first time it had seemed, that she was wrong.

Year Four:

Yousef asks her out to the Yule Ball.

She wears shimmering blue robes with a floral white hijab. She taps her foot impatiently as the Champion Waltz drags on and on, and she can see Yousef standing on the other side, just as impatient.

When it’s finally time for them to dance, they both become shy. All that excitement from earlier is now turned to nervousness once they’re face to face.

Sana makes the first move and puts her hand on his shoulder. He gingerly wraps an arm around her waist and they twine their free hands together. They slowly sway with the music and with each second, the awkwardness falls away.

Unfortunately, Sana is as good at dancing as Yousef is at playing Quidditch. So she steps on his feet a few times but he just laughs it off.

“I told you I was a terrible dancer.”

He spins her around before replying, “Yet there’s no one else I would rather have as my partner.”

Sana blushes and stammers out a “sorry” as she steps on his toe once again.

But he gently guides and teaches her, just like she taught him.

Year Five:

It’s so beautiful. He thinks as Sana takes his hand and walks into the Room of Requirement.

It’s a masjid, with calligraphy engraved on the high ceilings and mimbars and shelves stacked with Qurans. He’s amazed.

“I didn’t feel comfortable praying in the dorm rooms, so I just walked by three times hoping for a masjid and when I enter, this place is waiting for me.”

He recalls what Mutasim told him about this room. It is a room that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not, but when it appears, it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs.

“And it is there every time?”

“Every time.” She says happily.

It’s her sanctuary, and he knows how special and private this area is to her, so it means a lot to him that she chose to share it with him.

He couldn’t have asked for a better final year at Hogwarts.  

Year Six:

She’s so stressed about exams, constantly revising and falling asleep in libraries.

Yousef writes her letters and talks about his experiences working at the Ministry of Magic and how he really doesn’t think it suits him. He’d much rather work as a teacher at Hogwarts, teaching potions to the students.

She reads them whenever she takes a break, and writes back lengthy letters of her own.

Year Seven:

The graduate seventh year students leave the Castle in a poetic and symbolic way, as they say goodbye to their beloved school via the enchanted boats that took them to Hogwarts prior to the start of their first year.

Sana sits on her boat with Chris, Eva, Noora and Vilde.

On either side of the lake families are clapping and taking photographs as each boat passes by.

“Sanaaaa!” Her father calls out and she spots them all standing together. Her parents, Elias, Jamilla and her big brother Ahmed, and Yousef.

He had come to her graduation ceremony as well.

In the letter he had sent last night, he had said, “I’m going to start teaching Potions at Hogwarts from next fall. It’s a shame that I’m coming back when you’re leaving. It’s okay, at least I know that if my students don’t like me and I get hexed, I’ll get a special discount at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries from Dr. Sana Bakkoush.”

She had rolled her eyes. As if anyone would ever hex Yousef, he would probably be the most popular Potions professor in the history of Hogwarts.

They all make embarrassing whooping noises as her boat passes by and she looks into Yousef’s camera and gives him a big smile as he clicks.

She would miss these halls, the forests, her special room so much. Hogwarts was her second home and it’s very hard to say goodbye.

But her heart lifts at the thought of her future and all the adventures that are yet to come, and she’s happy because even though this beloved chapter of her life is coming to a close, it’s a good ending, and an even better beginning.

Race You - Kenna x Dom (A Crown and the Flame Fanfic)

#ChoicesCreates Round 17


“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.

Hosted by: @pixelchoices this week.

[A little note: This started off as a little idea I had but then went on from there. I’ve never done a TCATF piece before mostly because I think it’s difficult capturing their voices. But I couldn’t resist the idea of little Dom and little Kenna meeting for the first time through these circumstances.]

[Summary: Kenna sneaks out of the castle under the guise of a commoner in order to see the village for herself. It is here she meets Dom for the first time, and bonds over a sudden race across the village that ends in a promise of much more for the future.]

Little feet pad across muddy grass, and picks up momentum once they’ve reached another bend. Her feet are lighter, and makes less noise. They are firmer from weeks of running from Gabriel and exploration. His are faster. They are used to scampering away from angry villagers and city guards. They quickly place him in the lead. 

They both lack concern in their chase, toppling over stray baskets and bumping noisily into any soul unlucky enough to cross paths. Their laughter blends into a joyous crescendo and turns the bustle of the crowded commonfolk into background noise. 

She gives a yelp when they dart around two men donned in Stormholt armor with a bundle of spinewood resting heavily inside their arms. 

The boy is quick and doesn’t apologize at his own expense, rather he tosses back a mischievous grin. The girl half-shouts an apology, as the two men expel a string of curses before clutching their pile of wood indignantly towards their chest. 

When she glances back abstractly, she can barely make-out the intimidating castle from this distance. The castle she has always known to be home. Lately she’s been bolder in her adventures, and the more distance she puts between her and those walls - running across barely paved roads with a boy she has never met, the more she feels free.

This is the furthest she’s ever been without Gabriel rising into a quick scurry to find her. It never takes him long to catch her and hastily reprimand her for the curiosity share bears for the world outside the castle. Her pouts and pleas of stopping his loyalty from confiding to her mother seems to work less, the older she gets. Lately, it ends with her rolling her eyes to the ceiling and his adamant insistence in the form of some haughty lecture.  

She intends to keep her streak going for as long as possible this time, and throws her arms in the air when her eyes finally swing back around. She squeals in delight at the pace they flit through; dipping albeit necessary under tall legs, and whenever they find themselves surrounded by larger crowds. 

Her eyes widen in surprise as they notice a large woman not far ahead, stepping onto the edge with a large ceramic pot blocking the rest of the route.

Her chest races in panic and she tries to maneuver out of the woman’s way in the last split seconds before stumbling. Her feet cannot stop fast enough and she utters a shout in warning until she slams into her.

The woman hurls a cry as Kenna falls back on her heels. Her behind immediately protests in pain and she winces at the force. Her eyes grow wider as the woman’s pot slips from her arms and shatter beside them. 

At first, she cannot see past the protruding belly - not until the woman bends and grips her by the ear.

“Look at what you’ve done, you stupid girl!” The lady curses, pulling her up by the ear. 

“I’m so sorry!” Kenna cries out. Pain explodes as the woman tightens her grip in outrage. She struggles with desperate hands to pry away from her.

“Sorry?! Sorry doesn’t cut how much I worked for it!” The woman’s eyes have gone dark with fury and Kenna half-stumbles through a second apology.

“I’m so sorry! I was just -“ The rest of her sentence falls short. A sudden flash of spark captivates her, compelling her eyes to stare directly into the woman’s nest of a hair. Nonplussed, she watches as the woman’s hair begins to kindle. 

The tiny sparks have slowly become a path and stretches across the length of the elder woman’s hair. She doesn’t notice at first. Her attention is focused on the young girl and she merely continues to spew harsh words sharply.  

Kenna is only dimly aware of this. The words have slowly faded over time and her eyes are affixed to the growing flames, rather than the woman’s insistence with another one of those haughty lectures. 

It isn’t until she smells the distinct smell of burnt hair, does the woman finally give a surprised cry and drops the little girl completely.

Kenna steps back and watches her sputter angrily, spouting indignant curses about how much she hates children. She pats down her hair in frantic gestures and whirls around in panic. Over the span of minutes villagers pass by, curiously watching the woman’s failing arms and yet giving her a wide berth when she calls for help.

A warm hand reaches out and Kenna’s attention has shifted from the screaming woman in front of her to the boy she had been chasing moments ago. She’s startled by his touch but doesn’t pull away when he beckons to her.

His crystal eyes has a mischievous gleam. “C’mon - we better go before she turns that anger on us.”

“Us?” She repeats, but doesn’t stop the boy from holding her hand. Nor does she stop him, when he begins to pull her away from the crowd that is beginning to form at the sight in front of them. “Where’re we going?”

A smile upturns his face. “It’s a secret.”

The woman has finally whirled back long enough to glare at them. To glare at her.


“Me?” All eyes has turned to her.

“Yes you. You-you’re responsible for all this!” The woman cries out fiercely, pointing a finger furiously into the air at her.  

“So much for getting out of here before she notices us.” Kenna whispers to the boy, and her stomach shrivels at the sight of the older woman scrambling towards them. “What do we do now?!”

“Run!” The boy yells, gripping her hand tighter before making a mad dash in the other direction.

Kenna doesn’t hesitate to follow. 

Their entwined hands makes them easier to spot at first. Jostling among crowds, their small physique allows them to slip between them weaves of people without much scrutiny.

Eventually the woman’s blubber is lost within the array of bystanders. She bellows at anyone that doesn’t move fast enough for her to pass and shoves past the spectators who stare. She doesn’t realize she has lost sight of the two of them until the crowds begin have begun to dispersing, and the two children have claimed victory by another side route.

After yelling with cries of triumphs, their hands have fell to their sides. Neither of them speak as they bend over to try and catch their breaths

Kenna finally breaks the silence first, “Thanks.” She dusts her trousers nimbly and beams a smile at her new friend.

He chuckles and slips his hands into his wrinkled pockets. “Try not to get caught next time.”

“I didn’t get caught!” Her smile twists into a frown. “You left me!”

“Only because you’re so slow.” He tsked at her, “If you wanna play with me, you’ve got to be faster.” 

She puffs out her cheeks. “Well maybe I don’t wanna, if you’re gonna be such a jerk about it!” 

The boy doesn’t respond. His smile falls fast before he shrugs. 

Silence rests between them again and the young girl has the sudden impression that she’s said something wrong. “Sorry.” She blurts out without thinking. She’s convinced she’s hurt his feelings somehow, except he shrugs again instead of responding.

They stand still as hush quietness continues to settle between them. She doesn’t know what to say to bring back that smile on his face.

Instead, she takes this time to inspect him. From his unkempt hair and worn-out clothes, to his bright blue eyes. He isn’t like any of the children she’s seen at court. 

Most of them never liked playing her favorite games, and yet he didn’t hesitate to. The more she looks at him, the more she realizes he isn’t quite like the rest of the villagers she’s met before either. Though she hasn’t met many, there’s something about him -  something different that calls to her. She hasn’t the faintest idea what it is but she’s still happy to have met him.

She thinks he’s the first friend she’s ever wanted to make. “We’ve been playing for so long that I didn’t get your name.” She reaches out a hand daintily as she has often practiced in court, expecting him to kiss it and bow. “I’m Kenna Rys.”

He doesn’t. Instead, he grabs her hand and shakes it roughly.

The boy’s grip is firm and warm. Her cheeks grow red when his eyes meet hers. “I’m Dominic Hunter, but most people call me Dom.” He drops her hand once they realize they aren’t alone anymore.

Gabriel has finally caught up to them.

She hadn’t heard him coming but she can tell by his flushed cheeks and the flash of anger in his eyes that he isn’t happy to see her. His face twists in worry when he notices the dirty splotches on her trousers. “My lady - how many times must I tell you not to stray too far from castle grounds?” He demands thinly.

She lets out an insufferable sigh. “Yes, Gabriel.”

Gabriel’s attention has shifted to the boy, who has all but looked as if he’s ready to bolt at the sight of him. “And who’s this ruffian you’ve been parading with, hmm?”

Dom doesn’t answer. His expression is blank and he stares at the floor instead.

“He’s not a ruffian Gabriel.” Kenna’s voice has become shrewd and crisp. “He’s my friend and we treat friends with respect.” She grabs his hand and Dom’s head whips up in surprise.

Gabriel looks from the unmistakably street lad to the princess’ defiant eyes and utters a long sigh. “And what would you have me do my lady? Your mother has been worried sick for you since you left the castle this morrow.”

“Your mother’s the queen?” Dom’s mouth has been left agape and Kenna flushes at the sudden interest in his yes.

“I’m sure mother barely noticed I was gone.” 

“Does that mean you’re the princess?” He looks at her differently, as if for the first time.

Her shoulder stiffens and suddenly she wishes Gabriel had never interrupted their little game. 

“You know your mother’s just busy at court. Come on now, leave your little friend here. You’ve missed your lessons, and we’ve got to be back before they send a search party for you.” Gabriel interrupts, shaking his head.

“You’re not mad anymore?” Her voice has lowered into an almost quiver. 

His gaze softened. “Frankly, I was worried more worried than mad.”

She smiles up at him, but then her face falls at the thought of leaving her new friend. Before they turn to leave, she beckons to him. “I think Dom should eat dinner with us tonight.”

Gabriel gives another deep sigh at the plea inside her voice and the pout she’s been giving him since birth. “I hardly think tonight of all nights you should be inviting a guest to dinner.” He begins thinly and watches the fall of her chin at his crisp words. Sometimes he forgets she’s as much of a child as she is royalty. “But, I think tonight we’ll make an exception.” Her mother will have his hide, but he thinks its worth it to see her smile.

Kenna lets out a happy cry and hugs Gabriel before hanging back to talk enigmatically with Dom.

“Now we’ll have to find something for him to wear.” Gabriel grumbles under his breath. 

He keeps an eye out, while the rest of him relaxes as soon as they began walking further into town. He can’t help the smile that rises to his cheeks, as he watches the two of them laugh and shove each other on their way back to the castle.  Whoever this little boy is, he’s already done the impossible; carving a piece of himself inside Kenna’s heart without so much as trying.

Some Bird || George Daniel Oneshot

Word Count: 1,312
Summary: Out to celebrate a new EP and your new relationship with George, Matty makes a drunken comment about you that sends you running. (George comfort)
Author’s Note: George drama~ always fun to write! Be sure to throw in a like or comment if you liked it! I love seeing feedback from you all. Please feel free to read my other work here! Enjoy!

“Ay, another round of drinks here for my friends!”

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(I see) my future in your eyes (1/?)

Summary: An ensuing saga of cute and adorable married Finn and Rey, starting from the beginning of their marriage.

Rated: T

Warnings: None

Words: 1885

Notes: takes place in the nearish future of the sequel trilogies. 

Also on ao3

Many people dream of their wedding when they’re young - the dress, the flowers, the venue, the groom - and Rey isn’t excluded from this. It had always been her favorite thing to think of, because every time, no matter how different the vision, she was always off Jakku. None of the details mattered, so long as she was with people she loved and loved her in return, and they weren’t on the desolate desert planet where she was forced to grow up.

As she grew older, the snippets of gossip grew dirtier, more mature, and more detailed. People stopped watching their mouths - not they ever worried about it too much before - and Rey started understanding more and more about the world. For example, her wedding night got added into her fantasies of weddings.

However, no matter how many times she envisioned it, dreamt it, planned it, Rey had never thought her wedding night would end with her on the bathroom floor after an extensive round of puking up everything she’d eaten in the past week. In fact, this event had never crossed her mind. Ever. Being sick on the happiest day of her life had never been a question.

Yet, here she is, head hunched over the toilet as Finn - her new husband she should be ravishing instead of puking on - holds her hair and offers soft words of comfort.

“Let it all out,” he’s saying, rubbing circles between her shoulder blades. “It’s okay. I’m here. It’s alright.”

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Tiny Reverse Bang 2017 - Coming soon!

The Cap-IronMan Reverse Bang have started posting and posting will go on until the end of the month! Writers are preparing for the Cap-IronMan Big Bang - and because we never have a dull moment at the @cap-ironman community, that means the Tiny Reverse Bang is around the corner!

We hope you’re all looking forward to another round of the Tiny Reverse Bang this summer! If you don’t already know, the Tiny Reverse Bang is a low-pressure event we started as a summer challenge where artists create works along certain themes which we then post week by week as image prompts that authors write ficlets for (you can see last year’s round-up post here or take a look at our event tumblr @capim-tinybang .) The reveal of artworks and writing parts of the event will run from June through late August 2017.

Artists, keep an eye on the comm. Details for art submission will be announced shortly.

“Atsushi’s Favorite Gift”

Summary: Atsushi enjoys a relaxing picnic with Chuuya and Akutagawa to celebrate his birthday

Notes: Happy birthday atsushi!!!!!!! so this fic was kind of rushed (i didnt even realize may 5 was his birthday until like, noon of may 4 lmao) but its still very sweet and fluffy and no one dies! also this is based on my chuuakuatsu headcanons I posted about a while ago, but basically all you need to know is that atsushi is trans and he’s pregnant with chuuya’s baby and this is NOT some kind of mpreg/genderbend/fetish thing, and my comrades @akuchuus and @anemiaman have already promised to fight anyone who misconstrues it as such so yeah! I hope you all enjoy this!


It was Chuuya’s idea to have a picnic.

Even as they were sitting outside on a blanket laid on the soft grass behind their house, new leaves and budding flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, Atsushi couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else up Chuuya’s sleeves. After all, this was the same Chuuya Nakahara who insisted on throwing elaborate parties for every occasion, celebrating holidays and the time Akutagawa “saved” his life by crushing a spider with equal enthusiasm. Atsushi had told Chuuya he didn’t want anything special for this birthday, but a part of him was still surprised Chuuya had listened.

Chuuya had gone inside to grab the cake; Akutagawa claimed the sun was too bright and was looking for an umbrella, leaving Atsushi alone in the garden. A squirrel darted by, casting curious glances at the blanket. Atsushi gathered some crumbs off the blanket and held them toward the squirrel with a soft, inviting meow, but the squirrel just chittered and scampered up a tree. Daffodils bobbed their bright yellow heads in the wind, and Atsushi smiled, reaching toward the brilliant petals with one hand as he remebered how much fun it had been planting this garden with Chuuya and Akutagawa almost two years ago.

A few months after Chuuya had been dating Atsushi and Akutagawa, he had got it into his mind to buy a “proper home” as he called it, away from the heat of the city and stench of the port, somewhere they could relax. Another reason, one Chuuya never said aloud but Atsushi understood implicitly, was that Akutagawa’s coughing fits had been getting worse and he was convinced fresh air would be easier on his fragile lungs. Rare as it was for everybody to be able to get their time off to coincide, the house really only saw use on the weekends, though Akutagawa did seem to cough less when they were there.

From the moment he saw the house, Chuuya had been determined to make it perfect from top to bottom, including the large, untamed backyard. For the first few weeks, Chuuya was constantly on the phone, asking Kouyou whether or not koi ponds were still in style, consulting Kajii about which brand of fertilizer was scientifically the best, and trying not to snicker as he ordered sacks full of seed, but after some time had passed, Chuuya calmed down and began planting flowers himself, asking Akutagawa and Atsushi for help.

Akutagawa hated plants. No one knew why. Still, Akutagawa had tried to overcome his hatred for all of five minutes before hissing at a leaf that brushed against his hand and storming off, muttering to himself about the evils of vegetation. Although Atsushi would have loved having Akutagawa around, he couldn’t help but be a little happy to have Chuuya all to himself for a while. Akutagawa and Chuuya had known eachother for years before Atsushi had come into their lives; Atsushi was never jealous of them, but he did feel left out sometimes, and it meant the world to him anytime Chuuya or Akutagawa spent time with him in particular.

Atsushi loved every minute he and Chuuya spent together in the garden, even when he get a splinter stuck in his hand from the handle of a shovel, or when Chuuya tripped over a rake and spent a solid thirty minutes shrieking obscenities at it, or the countless times they had to stop entirely because Chuuya was laughing hysterically at the prospect of using a hoe.

Atsushi tried to be the voice of reason. “Come on, Chuuya-san, why don’t you just pick that up-”

Chuuya failed to choke back a laugh. “Pick what up, baby? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Atsushi blushed and pointed at the hoe. “That.”

Chuuya raised an eyebrow. “You want me to grab that hoe?” A grin spread across Chuuya’s face. “Y’know, I totally would, but, you see, the handle-” Chuuya’s words dissolved into laughter; he had to take a moment to compose himself. “-the handle’s all covered in dirt.” Chuuya’s eyes sparkled as he smirked at Atsushi. “Do you really want me to get my hands on that dirty hoe?”

Atsushi was taken out of the memory when he heard the door open.

Akutagawa glared at the sun as he sat beside Atsushi, unfolding his umbrella and holding it over their heads.

Atsushi wrapped an arm around Akutagawa, leaning toward him so their cheeks were pressed together. “Is it dark enough for you now, Ryuu?”

“It’s never dark enough.”

Atsushi laughed, then moved so he and Akutagawa were facing eachother. “Why don’t you just sit inside? You can turn the lights off and hide under the blankets.”

“Well…” Akutagawa coughed, staring at the ground for a moment before looking back at Atsushi’s smiling face. “You’re out here.”

“Ryuu!” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, pulling away the instant he felt his stomach press against Akutagawa’s. “Oh, sorry,” he said, embarrased

Akutagawa blushed. “Don’t apologize.” His eyes gravitated toward Atsushi’s round stomach, already starting to push against the new shirt Chuuya had bought for him a few weeks ago. “It’s-” Akutagawa coughed, making his face even redder. “It’s strange to think about, you having a baby- or, two babies,” he added, correcting himself. “Twins.”

“Do you wanna see if you can feel them?” Atsushi asked. “I felt a kick earlier today.”

Akutagawa nodded, eyes widening, and placed one trembling hand on Atsushi’s stomach.

Atsushi put his hand on top of Akutagawa’s and smiled.

After a few seconds, Akutagawa pulled his hand away, disappointed. “I didn’t feel anything.”

“Well, obviously they don’t kick all the time.” Atsushi couldn’t help but laugh at Akutagawa’s sour face, but he reached out and caressed Akutagawa’s cheek. “Next time I feel something, I’ll make sure to let you know, okay?”

“I got something both of you can feel!” Chuuya proclaimed, striding through the door with the cake, his mischievous eyes gleaming brighter than the lit candles.

Akutagawa scowled. “Nakahara-san, if you say ‘deez nuts’, I swear I’ll-”

“Deez nuts!”

Akutagawa got up to leave, but Atsushi touched his wrist. “Please, don’t go,” he said. “I don’t want to eat the cake without you.”

“I-I guess I can stay, if that’s the case,” Akutagawa said, blushing again as he sat down.

Chuuya sat across from Atsushi and Akutagawa and placed the cake in front of Atsushi. “Alright, now let’s hurry up and sing before the wind blows out the candles.”

After an hour had passed and several pieces of cake had been eaten, the sun began to set, and the air grew colder. Atsushi shivered as a cool gust of wind danced through his hair.

“Are you cold?” Chuuya asked. “We can go back inside, if you want.”

Atsushi smiled. “I’m okay, Chuuya-san.” He gazed at the sunset, then up at the faint stars blossoming above and sighed, content. “It’s a beautiful evening.”

Akutagawa slipped out of the oversized sweater he was wearing over his shirt and handed it to Atsushi. “Put this on. You’ll get sick if you don’t stay warm.”

Atsushi laughed. “Ryuu, I’m fine.” He ran his hands over the fluffy sweater; Chuuya had made it himself, and the odd little bits of yarn sticking out in places proved it. “Besides, you get sick more than I do.”

“Please, put it on.” Akutagawa’s gray eyes gleamed with anxiety. “I want you to be safe.” He looked down at Atsushi’s stomach. “And the babies.”

“Oh, okay.” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek before pulling away. “You worry too much,” he said, wriggling into Akutagawa’s sweater. Although the sweater hung off Akutagawa’s bony frame, it barely covered half of Atsushi’s stomach. He tugged at the bottom of the sweater, in a vain attempt to cover himself better, then gave up, sighing. “I hope I don’t stretch this out too much…”

Chuuya leaned over and rested his head on Atsushi’s stomach. “If you do, I’ll just knit him another one. Don’t worry about it.” Atsushi felt a flutter in his tummy, and apparently Chuuya felt it as well, if his joyful shriek was any indication. “Atsushi, the babies!”

Atsushi laughed and nodded, smiling wide enough to make his cheeks ache. “I know, I feel it, too, Chuuya-san.”

Akutagawa’s eyes widened. “The babies kicked?” He shoved Chuuya aside and pressed the side of his head against Atsushi’s stomach. After a few moments, he pulled away, scowling. “I still didn’t feel anything!”

“Yeah, I think they stopped now.” Atsushi held back a laugh. “Sorry, Ryuu.”

“What are you apologizing to Ryuu for?” Chuuya complained, crossing his arms. “I’m the one who got pushed onto the fuckin’ ground.”

Atsushi leaned forward and gave Chuuya a kiss. “Sorry, Chuuya-san.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Akutagawa huffed, clearly not over his disappointment. He coughed into his hand. “At least you got to feel the babies.”

Atsushi hugged Akutagawa. “Maybe you can’t feel the babies, but you can feel this, right?”

Akutagawa leaned into Atsushi’s embrace, closing his eyes. “Yes.”

Chuuya wrapped his arms around both of them. “And everyone can feel deez-”

“I fucking swear, Nakahara-san, if you-”

“Deez hugs!” Chuuya sounded insulted. “I was gonna say hugs.”

After sitting outside for a few more hours, Atsushi was starting to get a little sleepy. He yawned, and before he could so much as cover his mouth, Chuuya was holding him.

“You tired, baby?” Chuuya asked, his voice low and gentle in Atsushi’s ear.

Atsushi blushed. “You don’t have to carry me, Chuuya-san. I know I’m kind of heavy, and I-”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Chuuya gave Atsushi a kiss on the nose. “Nothing’s too heavy for me.”

“Okay, then.” Atsushi nestled closer to Chuuya and wrapped his arms around him. “But promise-” Atsushi yawned again. “-promise you’ll let me carry you around sometime, okay?”

Chuuya laughed. “Sure thing, babe. Once the babies arrive and we’re all worked to the bone, you can carry me around as much as you want.”

“I could help.” Akutagawa stood off to the side with his arms wrapped around himself, scowling at the ground. “If I’m needed.”

“Of course you’ll help, dumbass,” said Chuuya, matter-of-fact. “Don’t think you’re exempt from diaper duty just because the babies aren’t made with your sex fluid.”

“Chuuya-san!” Atsushi cried, blushing ear to ear. “There has to be another way to phrase that!”

“Bodily secretions? Baby gravy? Sexy-time goo-goo juice?”

Atsushi pretended to struggle against Chuuya’s grasp, giggling. “Put me down! I don’t know where your filthy hands have been!”

Akutagawa reached for Atsushi. “Yes, let me hold him. Your hands must be slippery from all those fluids, Nakahara-san.”

Chuuya stepped toward Akutagawa and allowed him to reach out so Atsushi was cradled in both of their arms. “An extra pair of hands never hurt,” Chuuya said with a wink. “C’mon, now, let’s get him off to bed. Not that I’m tired, of course,” he added, puffing his chest. “But you need your rest, sweetie,” he said, giving Atsushi a quick kiss. “It’s hard work carrying those babies around all day, isn’t it?”

Chuuya fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow; Atsushi and Akutagawa stayed awake for a while longer.

Atsushi was just starting to drift off when he felt the babies kicking. Without saying a word, he took Akutagawa’s hand and placed it on his round tummy.

Akutagawa gasped. “That’s- that’s them? The babies?”

Atsushi laughed, then yawned. “That’s them. They’re saying hello to you, Ryuu-chan.”

Tears sparkled in Akutagawa’s eyes. “Hello.” He rested his head on top of Atsushi’s tummy but kept his eyes trained on Atsushi’s face. “Do you think-” Akutagawa was quiet for a moment, then coughed. “Atsushi… will they love me?”

Atsushi stroked Akutagawa’s hair. “Of course,” he whispered. “They’ll love you every bit as much as Chuuya-san and I do.”

Akutagawa inhaled a deep, shuddering breath and fell silent. Minutes later, he fell asleep, his dull, raspy snores as sweet and familiar as a lullaby.

Atsushi glanced at Chuuya’s sleeping face, then Akutagawa’s, then down at his own round tummy and smiled. Chuuya and Akutagawa had given him many gifts- pancakes shaped like cat faces with syrupy smiles at breakfast, bouquets of flowers, tiger plushes, warm bowls of chazuke, and a lovely picnic to top it all off- but no gift could ever make Atsushi happier than his wonderful family.

This is for the Inter-dimensional trip day on the wholesome week event because t’s Friday people. It means you can lose your inhibitions this weekend starting for today and do what you want. They understood it and went to celebrate to the Bounce Lounge nightclub. There is a saying in my country when your couple wants to leave, you say that they will have the last round and then you’ll leave, of course if you are already drunk this may never happen. At least here one of them is still in control.

The White Bench

Requested: Anon

Hope you like it! I rushed the ending because I took forever to write this and for that, I’m so sorry!!

               “Wait, what do you mean, you kind of like me?” you questioned the boy in front of you, who had a slight shy face, with the smallest amount of blush glowing on his face. This was not at all what you expected would happen when you came out to your normal spot today or any day for that matter.

               Finally, it was lunchtime, the only time of the day you were able to go outside, go anywhere in this school you wanted. You had particularly found comfort on the bench outside in the courtyard. No one went out there much, so it was always very quiet, and you loved it.

               You hurried out of the class and went straight to your locker, grabbing your home-made lunch and ear buds, and then high-tailing it outside to the bench. As you rounded the corner, you spotted a boy sitting on the bench, your bench. You didn’t mind your friends coming out here with you, but you didn’t know this boy. He wasn’t facing your direction and he had a hat on, two of your identifying points were gone.

               As you got closer, and as the boy slowly turned, you saw something rather unexpected.’ Why is Wonho here?!’ You shouted inside of your brain, cursing your luck. Wonho was a new kid, a transfer that started the second week of school. You never really got close to him despite him being in almost all your classes. The girls crowded him way too quick, not surprising given their personalities, even through that you were always socially awkward, not having many friends to lean back on didn’t help either. However, you couldn’t help but develop the slightest crush on the blonde-blue haired boy.

               You just stopped in the doorway, not noticing Wonho turning towards you and looking relieved like he’d been waiting for you. Nervously but surely you walked over to your normal spot in the courtyard, breathing deep with every step you take, trying to calm your nerves. Looking crazy in front of him was the last thing you ever wanted; even though you were sure you looked crazy to everyone.

               Sitting down in your seat, you pulled out your notebook, ready to write your thoughts down, or maybe even do some note-taking,; you preferred the first choice. You noticed Wonho turn slightly towards you, like he wanted to talk but couldn’t get himself too, and it made you more nervous. Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw him stare at your paper in hand and you stopped writing, taking a moment to look at the sky, while Wonho looked at you. Then, at that moment, Wonho piped up.

               “U-Uhm, Y/N, right?” he stuttered, making him sound even cuter.

               “Yah, Y/N, that’s me, do you need something?” you questioned to him, ready to dash out of this place in a second, if only your feet would move.

               “I’ve been meaning to tell you something but before I can something always pops up so I found out you came here and I wanted to say it to you,” he admitted, sending your heart into a racing frenzy. You nodded your head as if to say, ‘go ahead.’

               “I kind of…like you.” Wonho quickly shot out, looking you straight in your widening eyes.

               You couldn’t think, but one thing had caught your attention, and you decided to cover up your shock and embarrassment by teasing him.

               “Wait, what do you mean you kind of like me?” you questioned the boy in front of you, tilting your head to one side. You watched his eyes widened a bit before he looked away embarrassed. Noticing how he looked so flustered, you decided teasing wasn’t for you, nor was it good for your heart either.

               “I-I mean I do, I do like you.” he quietly muttered, which made your heart do a 360 and speed up. You didn’t know what to say, your mouth wouldn’t even open if you tried to talk. You cursed yourself inside for the inability to answer the boy in front of you, although you were scared to, you wanted to tell him you felt the same.

               As you were going to reply, the bell rang, making you scared you were going to be late. Without thinking, and without time, you grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and wrote your number down, handing it to him.

               “I like you, too.” You said, smiling, then turning to walk away before you could embarrass yourself further.

               Wonho turned to walk to his class as he opened the note and saw your number. He honestly counted believe that this just happened, he had your number and you liked him back.

               Both of you went to your next class, which you didn’t have together, smiling like fools and daydreaming about the first date.


“i swear, kase.” sam laughs as he jumps off of the couch, landing next to her as she moves around to the music. “you’ve never danced like this before.” since meeting kasey a few weeks ago when he’d helped her collect art papers, the two had hung out at least a couple of times a week. he loved living here. he loved that he could have friends round and they could do all kinds of dumb stuff. like dance parties at 3am. “what’s that move even called?” he starts laughing again and tries to copy her. 


65 - A Parks & Rec Tip the Waiter Special! 

The past couple weeks, I’ve been leaving these as tips at various coffee shops I’ve been visiting. Started with Ron Swanson (which I’m reposting here, just to complete the set) and just snowballed from there! The baristas seem to enjoy them, even if they’ve mostly never seen the show (shame on them!), so maybe I’ll keep on going, just so I can get to Anne and Gary/Jerry/Larry and round out the gang!

A Christmas Wish

For the Klaine Advent challenge I’m combining the word prompt with the summary for a Hallmark or Lifetime holiday movie, for maximum cheesiness. 

Day one: Anniversary + Kurt tells Santa he wants a boyfriend for Christmas

Twenty minutes left of Christmas hell, twenty minutes to sweet freedom from crying kids and pushy parents, twenty minutes until he never has to don this atrocious elf costume ever again, and he gets peed on. A three weeks to the minute anniversary of the worst holiday decision he’s ever made—and he’s made quite a few—taking a job as a Santa’s helper at the mall is now etched in his memory forever by urine.

At least he can burn the elf costume in effigy now. Kurt grits his teeth—they must be worn down to nubs by now—hands the soggy kid back to his parents, who complain that he hasn’t had his picture with Santa yet.

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