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The Day Of

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 902

Warnings: Swearing, EXTREME FLUFF

A/N: Here is Week 9, and the seventh installment of the Morning After Series, for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge! I am very sorry that I have not been active recently, this month has been, hectic, to say the least and I haven’t really been feeling like myself. So thank you guys for sticking with me, hopefully I will be able to continue this. Unbeta’d and unedited. This isn’t very good… I’m sorry.


To say you were nervous would be the understatement of the year. Your stomach was twisted into knots, your hands were shaking and you were starting to break into a cold sweat.

“Don’t look so petrified,” Briana said from behind you, making you jump.

You turned around, a hand on your heart, “Jesus Christ, Bri.”

Briana chuckled, “Sorry.”

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aWritten for: Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge & SPN HWC - Week 9

Words: 5418

Relationship: Dean x Reader, Reader x Mike (OMC)

Warnings: Angst, Abusive Relationship, TW – Domestic Violence, TW – Non-Con, language, fluff

A/N: So I’ve been working on this one for a bit and then this week’s SPN HWC challenge I thought would work quite well, which made this a long fic. The prompts are bolded in the fic for the respective challenges. If there are any warnings I’ve missed please let me know. I tried to not go into too much detail but there is some nastiness in here. Also the Lafayette mentioned in the fic is exactly the Lafayette from True Blood as my own little memorium to Nelsan Ellis. <3 Feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you for reading.

Summary: You are trapped in an abusive relationship that you see no escape from until two flannel wearing strangers show up to hustle your boyfriend at the bar one night. What follows is a chance at salvation and hope for a better future.


     Mike’s large hand on your lower back stirred you toward the bar that he and his friends frequented every Friday night. Tonight was no exception and you knew you were simply here to be the quiet arm candy while he drank and played pool. As the door opened people seemed to part for you and Michael, which wasn’t unusual. Being the hero sheriff of your county a lot of people looked up to Mike. Unfortunately, you were not one of those people if only because you knew how he really was, but you keep your smile bright and allowed him to lead you to where his friends sat near the pool table.

     “Mikey!” his friend called out. “We didn’t think you were coming, man.”

     You slipped into the chair Mike held out for you as his hands came to rest on your shoulders, “You know my lady takes her own time. I’m here now let’s play.” He squeezes your shoulders hard, “Babe, why don’t you go to the bar and order drinks for the boys and me.”

     “Okay,” you slip from his grasp and make your way to the bar climbing into a seat waving at your friend Lafayette the bartender.

     “Sugar, you look exhausted. Where’s the jackass?”

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My Shadow is My Shepherd

He had been invited to attend the Pearloats Harvest in the capital city of the kingdom of Rolance. Prince Mikleo just didn’t expect to also be the target of an attempted assassination that very same night.

Luckily for him, his knight guard is pretty good with a sword.

Sormik Week 2017 - Day 4: Pendrago, Loss/Protection

Read on AO3

The capital city of the theocratic kingdom of Rolance is unlike anything Mikleo or Sorey has ever known. For one, the fact that the kingdom is ruled by its church rather than any formal monarchy—the ruling family, Mikleo has been informed before his visit, are largely figureheads—is new and unfamiliar. The second are the glaring reds and silvers that are everywhere; Rolance’s colors and regalia hang from the tallest buildings and wrap every guard.

Mikleo supposes he shouldn’t consider that entirely different from his own smaller kingdom of Elysia, where their cool shades of teal and white don every soldier and palace upholstery, too. But to see it everywhere he turns—even on the marketplace stalls during this lively festival week—is disorienting.

Or maybe it’s just the lack of grass within Pendrago itself that Mikleo is noticing. Too much red and steel; not enough green.

(For some reason, Mikleo’s always finding himself thinking the world could use more green.)

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Snow Is Falling

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - It’s snowing, and Magnus is demanding Alec takes time to play in it. Even Shadowhunters need to appreciate the beauty of nature, right?

(A/N) - I honestly apologise if this is terrible. I’m going through writer’s block like you would not imagine, and I’m fresh out of prompts, so this is the product of me and my friend scrolling through my dash for three hours and coming across some snow photography.

Also, thank you for 200 followers!

I love every single one of you guys, whether you give a like to all my fics, or read them in silence. Thank youuuuu!

Words - 747



“It’s snowing,” Magnus exclaimed, bounding over to his boyfriend. “Really heavily!”

“I… I’ve seen, Mags.”

“Let’s go outside!”

“Magnus, it’s freezing.”

“C’mon, Alec! Please? For me?” Magnus grinned, his eyes wide and playful.


Magnus rushed outside, neon purple scarf flapping in the wind. “Look!”

“What?” Alec sighed, teeth chattering. “It’s freezing.”

“It’s not that cold.”

“You have about 18 layers on.”

Choosing to ignore this argument, Magnus grabbed Alec’s gloved hand, dragging him to Central Park.

“Bet I can build a better snowman than you.”

“You’re literally 8 years old, aren’t you? You’re immortal and ancient, but you’re 8.”

“Maybe,” Magnus replied with a flashy grin, scooping snow into his arms. “Here, hold this,” he said thrusting it towards Alec.

“No, Mags, don- really?!” Alec grumbled, as Magnus’s armful of snow hit him straight on the chest, sliding down his body.

“I’m building a snowman,” Magnus defended.

“By throwing snow at me?”

“You’re the snowman,” Magnus laughed, throwing a snowball at Alec’s mop of damp hair.

“If you throw even one more snowflake at me, I will get Catarina to portal you to France.”

“You’d miss me.”

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Echoes. Bertholdt only caught one of their names and she’s the one making eyes at him: Maria, unfortunately. Her name could not have been more poorly suited to this situation and she doesn’t even know it.

[reibert week: reiner, no!]

Reiner’s been talking about blowing off steam for weeks.

At first, Bertholdt thought he meant doing the usual: sneaking a case of ale from the storehouse, drinking until they pass out, and wake up the next morning feeling sick, but all the better for it. That does the trick for most of the recruits, and often it’s how they celebrate the end of their exams. It’s how they’re celebrating tonight, packed like sardines into a rented room just off the training compound, passing bottles of sour beer and hushing each other to keep the landlord off their asses. Bertholdt thought that’s what they would be doing as well.

He didn’t think-

“I’ve set us up,” Reiner says with glee after giving Bertholdt a playful punch on the shoulder. “You can thank me later.”

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Written for Day 4 of @zutaraweek

Disclaimer: I own as much as Jon Snow knows

“There’s this story that my Gran Gran used to tell me and Sokka, about the boy who flew too close to the sun.”

Zuko turned his head to look at her, and Katara took that as an invitation to continue. She leaned back against the rock they were sitting against, looking out onto the sea surrounding Ember Island, and closed her eyes.

“There was this brilliant inventor who was being imprisoned by an evil king, and made to build him all kind of evil…things…like this labyrinth to imprison a monster, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, to ensure the inventor’s cooperation, the evil king also imprisoned the inventor’s son with him in this massive tower; and they couldn’t leave by land or by sea because the evil king kept track of all transport.

“But the brilliant inventor was, well, brilliant at inventing, and was obviously going to come up with a way to escape. So he built these wings for him and his son out of feathers and wax, which they could use to fly away. Before they set off, however, the inventor warned his son not to fly too close to the sea or the sun; the sea spray would make the wings too heavy to fly, and the heat from the sun would melt the wax and make the wings fall apart.

“However, while they were flying away, the son let it go to his head and despite his father’s warning, flew higher and higher until he flew too close to the sun and, like the inventor said, the wax melted, his wings disintegrated and he fell from the sky, hit the ocean and drowned.”

Zuko raised his eyebrow. “Wow. Cheerful.”

She blushed slightly. “Yeah, it wasn’t really meant as a bedtime story. Instead, it highlights the issues of both complacency and hubris; flying too low makes you lose the ability to fly at all, and flying too high will make you crash and burn.”

He was silent for a couple of minutes after she finished speaking, with only the sound of the waves crashing against the shore to fill the air, before he let out a wry laugh.

Katara frowned slightly. “What?”

Zuko shook his head. “I was just thinking…your story could also apply to the nations. The issue of complacency, of flying too close to the sea…that reminds me of Ba Sing Se; of how they got so used to pretending the war didn’t even exist, leading to kind of corruption which the Dai Li used to rise to power right under the Earth King’s nose, and what Azula then used to take the city down from the inside.

“And then the issue of arrogance, flying too close to the sun…for the past hundred years the Fire Nation has been hubristic enough to believe that it is superior, and must ‘civilise’ the other nations. Views created and encouraged by the Fire Lords, my family. Sozin, Azulon, Ozai and Azula…hell I believed it for most of my life. If it wasn’t for my uncle, and seeing for myself how things truly are, I would probably still think that way.

“And now our wings are burning, and we won’t realise it until we fall out of the sky and hit the sea.”

Before she spent time in the Fire Nation, Katara probably would have agreed with him. However, she had gotten to know the human side of the nation she thought of as evil for so long – and the human side of the Fire Prince sitting next to her.

“No,” she said firmly, even as Zuko turned to look at her in surprise. “The Fire Lords have flown too close to the sun, and their arrogance will be their undoing; when the comet comes, Aang will defeat the Fire Lord, with our help, and end the war. But the Fire Nation itself isn’t flying too close to the sun,” she rested her head on his shoulder. “It’s trapped, and it just needs help to escape. And we can help them – you ­can help them. We can build them wings, so they can be free.”


espersona week - day 2: awakening

zhenya awakened like 3 months ago wow haha what a loser. basically discovered that sometimes she can say all kinds of things and have people listen to her and do as she says. very convenient. still figuring out when to use regular charms and when to put Magic Charms to work.

Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 9 Masterlist

Reader Fics

Dean x Reader

Lucky Four? by @notnaturalanahi

Come Home by @deansleather

Salvation by @docharleythegeekqueen

John x Reader

Hurtful Words & Sweet Kisses by @supernaturallymarvellous

Jared x Reader

It’ll Be Worth It by @atc74

Jensen x Reader

The Day Of by @the-awkward-writer


Male Nurses are Sexy by @impalasutra / @revwinchester (Sabriel)

PROMPT 2  (Song Prompt): Believer by Imagine Dragons



Reader fics

Dean x Reader

I Believe, I Believe, I BELIEVE by @legion18993

The Worst of All

For @fiddauthor-week-four day 3, angst!

Yeeeep, this fic is all angst. I am sorry. Except I’m not.

Fiddleford remembered.

Day after day, he remembered more and more and more. The thoughts kept coming back. Dreams, horrors, nightmares. Yellow eyes. Blood. A swirling dimension of eye-burning colors and a… a THING.

And he remembered a face. A person. A man. And with this man came emotions he hadn’t felt in… how long? Thirty years?

Fiddleford McGucket didn’t know how long he sat, shivering as he recovered from the latest onslaught of memories, before he managed to get up and put on some water in the rusty kettle for some weak tea. He needed to relax. Just forget about the man. He was probably gone, like everything else.

But his shaking hands and pounding heart told a different story, a story that warmed his body more than the tea he sipped at, even though he knew that it ended in tragedy and his eventual downfall.

Whoever that man was, he had ruined Fiddleford’s life.

So why did Fiddleford feel so nice whenever he recalled that face?

He couldn’t remember who he was, but he remembered that he was afraid. And angry.

And that was the worst memory of all.

Stanford’s mind was a fount of knowledge on the other side of the portal. He could tell you anything. Everything! The secrets of the cosmos waited to spill from his lips.

But the one thing he could not tell you was why, whenever he was sad, or afraid, or hopeless, he would pull two photos from his overcoat and stare at them until the tears ran down his cheeks.

Afterwards, he would always say he was okay, he was fine. He just missed some people who were far away.

He never said that one of those people was a man he loved more than a friend, more than a brother. He never mentioned the kisses that were stolen in solitude, the gestures of affection that would make him smile, or the soft strum of a banjo in the dim light of a laboratory. He never spoke about the man behind the smile, the person with the freckles and the dimples and the prematurely greying hair from anxiety and stress, the college student who smoked joints and snuck out and was as brilliant, if not more so, than Stanford himself.

He never said that he loved him.

And that was the worst secret of all.

It’s that scene. You know the one. The “McCree Join Blackwatch or Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200″ scene. The prompt was “Recognition,” and I played a little loose with the term and referred to Gabe recognizing McCree’s potential. This scene has been done over and over by better writers than I, so I just used the prompt as a writing exercise and did the entire piece as a stream of consciousness; no dialogue, no descriptive narrative.



If there was one thing Gabriel Reyes could do, it was recognize talent. He enjoyed it. Analyzing people, figuring out what they were, what they had the potential to become, and the Deadlock brat he’d hauled into the interrogation room was no exception.

The kid sitting before him was a wildfire. All fire and anger, ready to lash out at anyone who got close, and who would burn anything he touched, even if he didn’t mean to. With the right guidance and direction, Gabe was sure he could temper that fire, teach the kid to channel it, turn that wild anger at the world into steel focus. Give him a direction, and he could turn this kid into a lethal force of nature.·        

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As Time Goes By - SilverKitsune - Tales of Zestiria [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Sormik Week 2017 Lohgrin (Truth/Time):

A short piece of soymilk reunion angst, in that their time spent apart would inevitably lead to differences between them for better or for worse.  No warnings, just good old angst.

As You Go

In which Sorey and Mikleo spend a night together under the stars, grappling with the truth about their own origin story within the Origin Village, and Mikleo finds that when the stars offer him no solace, maybe the strong arms of a green-eyed Shepherd can.

Sormik Week 2017 - Day 5: Loghrin, Truth/Time

[Read on AO3]

They sit in the quiet of their bedroom in Loghrin until Mikleo says he wants to see the stars. Sorey walks with him, leaving his Shepherd’s cloak and the other seraphim and squire of their party behind, and the two exit the inn and the walls of the small desert city and tread into the sand.

Sorey has a brief thought when Mikleo lays down that he should complain about getting sand in his clothes. But it never quite leaves his throat. Sorey lies down beside his friend and stares up at the night sky—a deep and dark velvet filled with as many stars as there are emotions, maybe more than they’ve ever realized—and somehow, he can’t help but feel humbled. Small.



“You…know that thing we hear some people say? About how maybe the loved ones we’ve lost are watching us from the stars?”

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SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 10

Thanks to all who participated last week and we’re now on to the next. And we are almost halfway through - can you believe it? Half a hellatus to go!! Not sure if we should be laughing or crying but atleast we got 11 weeks of awesome fics to go right?! 

Kinda hoping this gif means a week of badass readers and or ofcs :D 

This week’s duedate is Wednesday August 2th - 8pm CET/2pm EST.

Let’s recap the rules shall we?

- Everyone can join in!

- You can write as much or as little as you want.

- All actors, characters, ships, types of readers, ocs are allowed. As long as it ties to SPN we are good.

- AUs are welcome also

- Two prompts are given each week. You can use both or just one or you can write a fic for each. You can skip any weeks you’d like as well. All optional.

- Mention the challenge in the A/N and use the hashtags #SPN HIATUS WRITING CHALLENGE 2017 AND # SPN HWC - WEEK 10 within the first five tags

- You can tag me but I will not promise I will read nor reblog all of them.

If you want on the Weekly Masterpost you have to post by 8pm CET/ 2pm EST Wednesday the 26th of July and add your fic to this doc, where it fits!

Any Questions feel free to send me an ask.

PROMPT 1 (Dialouge prompt):

“What happened doesn’t change anything.”

PROMPT 2 (Gif Prompt):

Link to entry doc (just in case):

Challenge taglist closed cause tumblr already breaks my links! A link to each weeks prompts can be found on my SPN HIATUS CHALLENGE PAGE

ALL TAGS NOW COMES FROM MY SIDEBLOG @thing-with-that-thing-writes since the list breaks the links.

Crossover Wednesday


As they stood in front of the obsidian wall after the explosion Billy caused, the group could see five different coloured light dots, which prompted Zack to use a pickaxe to retrieve them. “Why were there Tamagotchis inside the wall?” He asked, picking up a black one for inspection. Instinctively each of the others picked one up to take a look as well. “Do you think they still work?” Jason asked, flipping it in his hand. “I think they are br–“ Billy couldn’t finish his sentence, because all of sudden all five of them were enveloped by a strange light… and blacked out.


“What happened?” Zack asked as he slowly sat up, a palm pressed to his eye. Seeing as no one responded, he opened his eyes to find himself alone, in the middle of a forests he was sure wasn’t located in Angel’s Grove. Something beside him beeped, catching his attention. It was the Tamagotchi-like device they had found in the mines. Picking it up, he saw that there was a name and figure displayed on the small screen. “S-Sagittarimon? What the heck is that?” As if on cue, an arrow comes flying towards him. The teenager manages to doge last minute, but more and more arrows come flying his way. Looking at the direction they were coming from, he sees a creature that is a mixture of horse and man with dragon. He had never seen one of those before and it makes him feel like he is hallucinating.

Seeing as it was not managing to hit the Chinese boy, the creature quickly galloped towards him and raised its paws to stomp on Zack. At that moment he thought he was going to die, but instead his body combusted in light all of a sudden, along with it shone the black Tamagotchi. Weirdly enough, he knew what to do. The teenager grabbed the device and ran his hand, which was enveloped in what looked like a ring of computer data, against it. All of his limbs stretched at once and he felt changes happening to his figure and his conscience. Mere seconds passed, and where once stood Zack now was Loweemon, a mix of a black wolf and a golden sphinx. With a single movement of its spear and proffering the words “Shadow Lance”, the Digimon destroyed the enemy. Back into his human form, Zack grabbed the Digivice and captured Sagittarimon’s data. His transformation into Loweemon had lightened him as to what had happened and where he was.


Not long after the battle was over Zack heard the sound of steps. That instantaneously caused him to flinch, straightening his posture in case it was another evil Digimon, but then he heard it. “Zack?!” It was Jason’s voice, and from the direction it came from Zack could see his friend. As soon as their gazes met, the other boy ran towards him, wrapping Zack into his arms tightly. “I was so worried about you. We woke up and we didn’t see you then we got attacked by these weird creatures and I kept thinking that maybe they had gotten to you first, and–“ The taller teenager interrupted him. “Did you guys morph into Ancient Digimon, too?” The answer came from Billy, instead of Jason. “Yeah, I got Beetlemon, Kim has Kazemon, Trini is Renamon and Jason ended up with Agunimon. Who did you get?” Zack grinned at them. “Loweemon.” Suddenly there was an expression of concern across Jason’s face, which made Zack quirk his brow. “You got the Warrior of Darkness?” The Chinese teen nodded. “To fit my dark soul.” Jason frowned. “What’s wrong?” He asked, raising his eyebrow again. “That doesn’t sit right with me. You are good.” Zack smiled profusely at that. “If I didn’t know any better, I would think you like me, Boss Man.” Jason cupped his face and gently kissed him on the lips. Maybe Zack didn’t know any better.

Read on AO3

i’m only half-way through s1 of my m/erlin rewatch but these two baes are 110% being added to my muse list once i’m done ( plus lancelot might make an appearance too, idk yet )

Coma AU Prompt

Jack goes to sleep in Providence next to his boyfriend and wakes up in a hospice in Montreal where he learns he’s been in a coma since 2009. 

Samwell, Bitty, and the Falconers were all a dream. Except, Jack remembers things he really shouldn’t, so when the doctors won’t listen to him he steals his parents’ car to find Bitty and prove he’s not insane.

On the way, Jack meets the real Shitty, Lardo, Ransom, and Holster, and finds they’ve shared the same group hallucination for years. They all attended ‘Samwell’ and they all remember each other.

Now, they’re on a mission to find Bitty, the love of Jack’s non-existent life, and the only member of SMH they can’t seem to get in contact with.

dirty laundry looks good on you by suspendrs (19k)

“So um, Niall mentioned you haven’t lived here long. What brings you to London?”

“What is this, an interview?” Louis smirks, stealing Harry’s drink and taking a sip. “Wanted a change of scenery. Dunno.”

Harry hums and takes his drink back, narrowing his eyes playfully at Louis as he takes a long sip. “Can I buy you a drink, or would you rather keep sharing mine?”

“You most certainly can buy me a drink,” Louis grins, grabbing the bottle back out of Harry’s hand, “but I’m still going to be stealing yours.”

Or, Harry is jaded and sad and resigned to be forever alone, until Niall sets him up with a friend of his whose broken pieces may just fit pretty well with Harry’s.