the week english didn't exist


Agent Carter - Modern AU:  Spies from Opposing Organizations.

Where Agent Thompson is waiting for new instructions -about what to do with the package he just recovered from Leviathan- when he meet a beautiful brunette in the hotel bar. Red dress. Red lips. High heels. 

Where the brunette is eager to go to his room after share only a glass of bourbon with him. And Jack doesn’t think about it twice. Red dress.

Where the brunette makes him smile. She is playful. She is beautiful. He feels happy. And she kiss him. Red lips.

Where Thompson can taste the chemical on his lips a second before fainting. And she leaves. His room. The hotel. Almost running. High heels.

Where Jack didn’t know what Peggy is capable of. Where Jack learns it. Where Jack sometimes still dreams about the woman in the red dress.

Where Agent Carter has to recover a package from another spy and how a mission has never been so bloody easy.