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Do you have a dream wedding dress? :-)

LOVE THIS QUESTION okay i do not have one specific dress but i definitely know what style i want. i want something thats very elegant and classic and understated like so i could wear it in a simple backyard wedding but also it has a little bit of a fullness to the skirt so i get some fanciness u know. so like a slight a line with lots of lace and very whimsical and beautiful. for example: 

this elie saab dress

maggie sottero saffron 

maggie sottero luna

101 fluffy prompts
  • 001: "You're really soft."
  • 002: "You smell nice."
  • 003: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
  • 004: "Is it possible to love too much?"
  • 005: "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 006: "I will always be there protect you."
  • 007: "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 008: "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  • 009: "The stars look especially lovely tonight."
  • 010: "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."
  • 011: "May I have this dance?"
  • 012: "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • 013: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."
  • 014: "Let's get to know each other over dinner."
  • 015: "All I want is you."
  • 016: "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"
  • 017: "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."
  • 018: "I want to hear you sing."
  • 019: "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you."
  • 020: "You look incredible in that."
  • 021: "He/She's quite stunning, isn't he/she?"
  • 022: "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."
  • 023: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
  • 024: "I think I'm in love."
  • 025: "I’d like it if you stayed.
  • 026: "People are jerks, but not you."
  • 027: "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 028: "I have never felt this way about anyone."
  • 029: "I want this to never end..."
  • 030: "Can I kiss you?"
  • 031: "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks."
  • 032: "Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death."
  • 033: "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?"
  • 034: "You can put your cold feet on me."
  • 035: "Your stray red item turned my whites pink."
  • 036: "A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you."
  • 037: "There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight."
  • 038: "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud."
  • 039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on."
  • 040: "Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer."
  • 041: "You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar."
  • 042: "My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on"
  • 043: "We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches."
  • 045: "We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying."
  • 046: "I caught the bouquet"
  • 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them."
  • 048: "We accidentally got married in Vegas oops"
  • 049: "I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding."
  • 050: "I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing."
  • 051: "I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? "
  • 052: "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life."
  • 053: "Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife? "
  • 054: "May I have this dance, wife/husband? "
  • 055: "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy I can finally call you my wife/husband."
  • 056: "I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed."
  • 057: "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?"
  • 058: "We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. "
  • 059: "Your ‘miracle hangover cure’ couldn’t possibly beat mine."
  • 060: "I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?"
  • 061: "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."
  • 062: "I beat you at Mario Kart and now you're banishing me to the couch for the night?”
  • 063: "I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS TO SEE THEM TOO?"
  • 064: "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays."
  • 065: "Oh! Hey! Could you come and taste this to see if it's okay?"
  • 066: "We’re arguing over book versus movie."
  • 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’"
  • 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
  • 069: "You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?"
  • 070: "We both have nowhere else to be so we get to spend our rare day off at home."
  • 071: "I bet it’s a girl/boy."
  • 072: "Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? "
  • 073: "I thought I was pregnant but the test must have been wrong. I’m not. "
  • 074: "You’re lucky I’m pregnant!"
  • 075: "Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy."
  • 076: "I could really use a foot rub right now."
  • 077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy."
  • 078: "Do you wanna know the sex of the baby?"
  • 079: "The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night."
  • 080: "Did you feel that?"
  • 081: "I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. "
  • 083: "I can’t be pregnant… or….OH MY GOD! "
  • 084: "I think you might be pregnant.”
  • 085: "It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear."
  • 086: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."
  • 087: "Sh…they’re asleep."
  • 088: "I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint."
  • 089: "Mondays are your diaper days."
  • 090: "Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me."
  • 091: "Ooh…someone’s got a tummy ache."
  • 092: "Are you sure you don’t want me to drop them off myself? I don’t think you could handle seeing them off alone."
  • 093: "I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy."
  • 094: "What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?"
  • 095: "Mm…your kid before five in the morning."
  • 096: "Come on now, I think you’re being too harsh. He/she’s just a kid. Remember all of the stupid things we used to do when we were their age?"
  • 097: "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?"
  • 098: "I think we should have another."
  • 099: "Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?"
  • 100: "Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed."
  • 101: "…They just grow up so fast."

First and Last Appearances of House Stark members (requested by anonymous)


when the flowers match your dress 🌸💮🏵🌼💐🌹🌻🌺🌷

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Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics






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Thank you for your amazing blog. Can I make a request where they not dating, but MC needs somebody to pretend as her bf/gf for a party or a meeting and asks RFA and Saeran for help? And during that pretending they understand that they have feelings for MC.

Hahaha yes, this is the kind of request I would ask myself, I love this romantic comedy’s situations so much! <3
So I did as mini-fics, because I obviously got carried away, I hope you all enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran pretending to date MC


“Think of it as a chance to show your impressive acting skills, Zen.” That was the winning argument to convince him to pretend to be your boyfriend during the rehearsal dinner of your brother’s wedding. As much as you love your brother, it’s extremely annoying when he and other family members start teasing you for still being single. And the comparisons about your lives are so mean. Just imagine now that he’s getting married with this almost perfect lady.

“Well, the perfect boyfriend is a role I haven’t tried yet… I’ll accept this challenge, MC, although it would be like playing myself…” you giggle. It was a weird request, but you have been so nice to everybody in RFA, how could he say “no” to a friend in need? Plus, he loves weddings!

Okay, not this one so much. Why is everybody so snob? He’s waiting for Jumin Han to show up at any moment, this event suits him really well! Now he gets why you wouldn’t want to endure this by yourself, you’re so… different from all of this. You’re bubbly and spontaneous, adorably clumsy…  he grins reminding you chugging a beer can and making a funny face because of the bitter taste a couple of days ago at his apartment.

“Brother, this is Zen, my… boyfriend.” You introduce them to each other.

“Call me Hyun, she usually does when we’re alone.” And he smiles at you, holding your hand. Okay, no need to imply sexual stuff here, but if it will convince your brother…

“You’re an actor, right? I recognize you! How much did she pay you to hire you?” you shiver, he is… almost right there… how can he be so smart? Ugh…

Zen smiles, but inside he wants to tell your brother to go to hell. Is this the kind of thing you say to your sister’s boyfriend? Well… he’s not really your boyfriend, but… that’s really mean! He’s basically implying Zen’s a gigolo, but worst of it, he’s insulting you telling you wouldn’t be able to date someone without paying for it. Zen knows you enough to tell you could captivate any person’s heart if you really wanted to! Yes, your ability to do whatever you want so freely is something he really admires about you. No, he can’t let you be treated like this.

“She pays me with her beautiful smile and the gloss in her enchanting eyes everytime she watches my performances. You would know if you paid more attention to your sister instead of trying to make her feel down. My brother wasn’t nice to me, and maybe I deserved it. But she doesn’t, so be nice to her before she decides to run away like I did… come on, MC. Let’s dance!” he tights the grip on your hand and drags you to the dance floor, you and your brother look at each other, he’s shocked and you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You two are on the dance floor, one of his hands on your back, the other one holding yours. Why did that come from? It’s been years he doesn’t think about his brother… something about seeing the sweetest person he knows doesn’t getting the treatment she deserves stirred something inside him. You’re looking at him very curious, gosh, your eyes are really glossy… it’s so hot in here… “S-Sorry if I crossed a line there. He’s your brother after all and…” he feels running out of air when you rest your head on his chest. You must look like a real couple, your brother is probably looking. Yes… that’s why you’re doing this after all, right? 

“Thank you for having my back, Hyun. You’re such a great actor.” Acting? Oh… yeah, he was acting, right? But why does he feel out of character right now?  


This is bad! This is really bad! What is he doing here? Why did he even agree to this? “Please, Yoosung, pleeeeease. You’re the only one I trust to do this.” Oh yeah, that’s why… you begged him over the phone, and something about trusting him to play your boyfriend made him feel so manly and confident. You could have asked Zen or Jumin, but you chose HIM! You thought he would be a good boyfriend to introduce to your friend who was in town for that night. He is such a good friend, but he’s been teasing you about your relationships since high school. According to him, every guy you date end up arrested or in rehab… This is getting old, really…

“Well… I’ll probably never end up in jail or rehab, MC… so, if you insist so much… why… why not?” you gave him such a tight hug, and he felt his whole face burning. You smelled so good that day… and you smell even greater today at this weird country bar…

“This is my boyfriend, Yoosung. He is a vet student.” You introduce him, the guy shakes his hand firmly, what’s with you and your friend to have such a tight grip? Well, at least yours was really gentle…

“College? But you look like you’re 16, dude! I was going to say MC is such a cougar!” he blushes. Oh god… this guy isn’t buying this at all! He would feel so bad for not being convincing after the way you begged him for doing this.

“Well, MC looks really young too, so I guess we look like a sweet sixteen couple.” You giggle and put your hand over his. “Hah, what did I tell you? Isn’t he adorable?” “I guess…” the guy shrugs, but he doesn’t mind, he can only focus on the warmth from your smooth hand.

You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and the guy sits on your chair. “Back off, dude! She’s mine!” “Wh-What?” “It is what it is, she dated all those bad guys and eventually she’ll notice I’m the only one good enough for her. Back off before you end up hurt!” Was that a threat? “MC… MC can choose whoever she wants, I won’t back off if she really likes me!” but she doesn’t, this is just play pretend… no, forget it! This dude is an asshole! You can’t be with someone like this! You deserve better! Maybe not him, but… definitely not this guy.

“Hey, gentlemen, what did I miss?” you come back, but the tension is still there… “Nothing much, your boyfriend here was telling me he wants to ride the mechanical bull over there…” “What? Really, Yoosung?” “I… I…” “What’s the problem, boy? Are you scared?” this asshole’s smirk, ugh… “I’ll show you scared!” he gets up and gives his name to the guy who controls the machine.

How did he get the guy to manipulate him like that? Ugh… both you and him are watching this, and he’s so close to you… ASSHOLE! Oh, this was such a bad idea! Such a bad ide… oh no! The bull is moving! The bull is moving!!!

3 seconds, that’s what it took for Yoosung to hit his face on the upper part of the mechanical bull and fall. You promptly run to him.

“Holy shit, Yoosung! Are you okay?” he can’t tell you how much it hurts… so he smiles, and you look shocked. “Yoosung, your… your tooth!” “Whath? Whath’s wronc wif my toof?” Oh… now he feels, actually, he doesn’t feel! Where is one of his incisors?

“I’m so sorry I dragged you to this, Yoosung. I feel so bad!” “Don’th worry, MC. Ith was my idhea anyway. I hope your frrriend isn’t madh or anyfing.” “Ugh, forget him, I couldn’t stand his hissy fit! Can you believe he wanted me to just let you here alone on the dentist and hang out with him? What an asshole!” he smiles when he hears that, but he shouldn’t be smiling, this is so embarrassing!

You go with him to the dentist’s office, and noticing he’s a little scared, hold his hand. He looks at you and you whisper. “Don’t need to be afraid, I’m here…”
He isn’t afraid of the dentist (well, maybe a little…), what’s really scaring him is how much his heart is pounding due to your hand on his, but he’s the one tightening the grip.


“MC, I don’t know how to play mini-golf!” she told you over and over, but did you listen? “It doesn’t matter! I do! I just need someone to make me company!” well, making you company it’s totally different than pretending to be your girlfriend… “Yeah, but my friend and his boyfriend keep teasing me for being bi and just dating guys, I hate it!”

Well, that’s really douchy of them, why would you hang out with people who put your sexuality in debate like this? No, she needs to protect you and maybe teach them a thing or two! That’s the least she could do after you helping her to leave C & R and starting her own business.

“This is Jaehee, my girlfriend.” You introduce her, she shakes their hands as if they’re business partners.

“Oh, you’re so formal! I thought MC had hired an assistant.” Seriously, how douchy! Why such a sweet girl like you hang with people like this? “So ladies, shall we play?”

She is so bad at this! Why did you ask her to do this? “Here, I’ll show you!” you come behind her and put your hands on hers. What’s… what’s happening? Your hair fall on her shoulders… it smells so good… focus, Jaehee! Focus!

“Hey, you can’t help, MC!” “Oh, on which paragraph of the strict regulation of mini-golf is this written?” Jaehee chuckles. Okay, so maybe you know how to defend yourself, you and your friend probably have this kind of feisty friendship… but still, not cool of him to doubt your sexuality, she didn’t forget that!

You can easily compensate for her lack of ability, and it’s so good to watch you play. Your focused eyes, the huge smile you put on when the ball falls in the hole, and even your disappointed face for missing, it’s just… hypnotizing!
“Hey, girl, focus! If you keep distracted like this, she’ll dump you for another guy!” “Fuck you!” you yell, she feels her blood boiling. What… a… douche! She’s not distracted! She got this! Bring it on!

The ball travels painfully slow, or is she seeing this on slow motion? This isn’t the decisive shot yet, but she really wants to hit it! She wants you to feel proud of her! It spins around the hole boarders, one turn… two turns… and the ball doesn’t fall in the hole. Crap!

“Ha! Good luck next time, sweety!” “Dude, you don’t need to be this douchy!” you reprehend him. “What? Did I hurt your precious girlfriend? Jesus, MC, you’ve been so sensitive today. I changed my mind, I liked you more when you dated boys.” “Good, so no reason for us to keep hanging out, then. Goodbye.” You grab her hand and walk away. Oh wow… she thought she would have to be the one to say something, but apparently, you can take care of yourself! Yes, you’re the one who taught her to don’t be around places and people who only hurt you, obviously you would know how to do this by yourself. You’re so strong!

“Do you want to keep playing without them?” she asks, she doesn’t want this, huh, date (?) to end. “Yeah, sure! I’ll show you one of my tricks, come here!”
And there you are behind her again, teaching her how to swing it properly, your arms around her, your body so close. She feels bad, actually, you are showing her everything you know, but she’s not absorbing anything, she can only focus on your breathing on her back.

“Oh, come on… I bet you heard a million times how much of boyfriend material you are, Jumin.” “I… didn’t really know what this means, MC.” “It means you’re the son-in-law every mother would like her daughter to be with.” He was so reluctant about it, why would you ask him? You could have asked Zen or Seven, who like to pretend a lot.

“It’s just… my mom is… how can I say? Huh… a cat mom too?” What do you mean by “too”? Oh okay, now he gets it, Zen is allergic and can’t be around cats, and Seven is a cat abuser, none of them would cause a good impression on your mother who’s been trying to introduce you to a guy she thinks would be a good suitor for you. God, she has no chill! Doesn’t she get it you don’t want to get married now?

So he agrees, you’re such a hardworker preparing for the party and taking care of everybody in RFA, including him. You’re kinda like V, but sweeter and… funnier, and, well, your looks are better too.

“Mom, that’s Jumin Han, my boyfriend. And that princess here is Elizabeth the 3rd.” yes, you insisted on bringing Elizabeth, how could he decline when you consider even Elizabeth an RFA member?

“Hum… you seem rich. Finally you’re coming to your senses and looking for a wealth husband, huh?” that’s… rude! Not even his father, who doesn’t seem to care about these boundaries, would say something like this to him.

“With all due respect, madam, your daughter keeps telling you her lack of interest in getting married, you should start respecting her wishes. I have a deep respect for family, but I don’t think parents should force their children on something they don’t want to do just because they know the children would do it due to all the respect they have. I believe what I’m trying to say is, don’t use of misfeasance on your daughter, she’s smart and caring, and… although every man would be lucky to have her as his wife, if she doesn’t want it, her wishes should be respected.” Wow… where did all this come from? Not even he can believe his own… eloquence talking about you.

“I hope this isn’t your excuse to stall her, boy.” “My intentions with you daughter are truly serious, just know I respect her… a lot.” He knows you’re looking at him, he wouldn’t dare to look at you right know, though, your eyes are something he doesn’t know how to handle, for some reason.

“Well, your head him, ma. Come on, Jumin, let me show you the other cats.” You grab his wrist, your hand is so soft… and warm and… what’s happening? He feels his arm melting from your touch.

“Hey, thanks for having my back. I knew I asked the right person.” “Because I like cats?” “That too, but… I knew you’re reasonable enough to put some senses on my mom’s head, you said I am smart and caring, but you’re even more caring than you think, you know that?” oh… so he was always your first option on this? He feels… honored, and really comfortable about being so reliable to you. He would feel sad if you found out that it’s not that he is caring, it’s just… he really cares about you…


“So, wait, let me get this straight: you want me to join you on a karaoke bar with your crazy cousin?” “Yeah, but how do you know he’s crazy?” “Hello…” “Oh yeah, background check…” “BINGO! I saw his posts on your timeline, he’s a… whack nut, huh?” “Yeah, so I thought you could really get along…” “OUCH!”

He pretended he was offended, but he was really down for this. The guy seems fun, karaokes are fun, you’re basically his favorite person in the whole world, why not? So what if he had to pretend to be your boyfriend? It wasn’t uncomfortable, actually it was… it was… the greatest mission 707 has ever been assigned! Yes, Defender of Justice will protect the most amazing lady from the handful cousin who has been in love for you since you were little kids and doesn’t get it that dating relatives is kinda weird! He won’t be the boyfriend you need, he will be the boyfriend you deserve! Or… something like this…

“This is Saeyoung, my boyfriend!” you introduce him. His hand shake is firm, too firm, actually… ouch, he’s hurting his hand!

“I see you have a thing for gingers, huh, MC?” oh yeah, he’s redhead too… sorta, his hair looks dyed.

“Well, MC is so unique and amazing, it’s kinda obvious she would fall for someone who’s among 1% of human population, you know… NATURAL gingers.” He smirks, and the guy shoots dagger with his eyes. Saeyoung puts his arm around your shoulder and kiss your head, oh, that was good… can he do this again?

“So, MC… remember the song we used to sing every family reunion? I was John Travolta, you’re Olivia Newton John, and we talked about those summer nights…” “Oh yeah, so tacky, right?” Saeyoung holds back the need to yell an “OUCH!”

“Well, I think it’s kinda romantic! Right, dude? Aren’t you romantic?” “Oh… huh, I’m more like the playful and teasing type…” Yes… if you were looking for romance, Saeyoung wouldn’t be the best suitor… did you want someone romantic? “Well, the MC I know it’s all about romance…” yeah, Saeyoung also could get that vibe from you…he know he isn’t suitable for you after all, but… why does it bother him so much?

“So… MC, do you want to sing “Summer Nights”? For old time’s sake? “A-Actually, I… I would like to sing something.” Saeyoung gets up quickly. “You do?” you ask, curiosity dancing in your eyes. “Yeah, just watch me!” he kisses your head again, why can’t he stop doing this?

“Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I dedicate this song to my adorable girlfriend. MC, this one is for you!” you were waiting for some cheesy ballad, and can’t hold your shocked face when he choose “I believe in a thing called Love” by The Darkness. He sings all the falsettos and even does some air guitar, you have no idea how to react, but… it’s impossible not to smile.
Judging from your cousin’s face, he totally got the message. Although Saeyoung isn’t sure what is the message, actually. All he cares about is the hug you give him when he gets down the stage.

“Is this romantic enough for you?” “I couldn’t care less about romance, this is just my cousin blinded by love. Anyway… mission accomplished, agent 707. You should win a medal for all the services you did!”

A mission… right… this was just a mission. He always felt relieved after his missions were over, that’s the only one he doesn’t want to be dismissed.


“Listen to me, no matter how much I beg, how much I plead, you can’t let me try any move on him, you got it?” “Yeah, yeah… I got it, you don’t need to repeat this again!” your ex-boyfriend is single again, you never forgot him, and everything started spinning when he invited you for some drinks, but… you know how much of a fuckboy he can be. You have your pride! You have your dignity! You have Saeran as your most honest friend, so you know he’s the only one capable of making you stay away from the guy. And hopefully, keeping the guy away from you by pretending to be your boyfriend.

Why would he say yes to such a lame idea? Can’t you deal with your own shit like the grown ass woman you are? Well, it’s been a while since he doesn’t leave his brother’s house, and if it is with you, he feels more comfortable. Also, your whining was annoying him. Okay, not annoying, more like… persuading him…

“Hey, this is Saeran, my boyfriend!” you’re hesitant about holding his hand. Will this be convincing if you don’t really have much of physical contact?
“Nice to meet you, bro. Hey! Hold her tight, or I’ll be ready to snatch her away!” you blush… OH HELL NO! You can’t be possibly falling for this! Saeran wrap his arm around your shoulder and pull you closer, staring at the guy.

“Good luck trying.” You’re so close, why do you smell so good? Shit, did you put all this perfume for this guy? Ugh… that’s so lame!

The night goes on, he notices the subtle flirt between you two. This dude really is a fuckboy, making moves on a girl who’s already taken and… well, okay, not technically, but still… he’s a player! And you can be silly most of the times, but you’re not that dumb! Saeran knows you’re not! That brave girl who’s been helping him with therapy can’t fall for these cheap moves!

But he gotta say, you flirting is… kinda cute, the way you bounce your hair and smile playfully, yes… this isn’t for him, though. And it’s bothering him!
“Hey, h-ho-honey, can I talk to you for a second? Alone!” you nod a ‘yes’ and you two get close to the door. “Let’s get out of here!”

“What? Why? No, I’m having fun!” “Exactly, and you shouldn’t have, right?” “Please, Saeran, pleeeeease, let’s stay!” “Sorry, I have direct orders to not give in to your pleading.” You get mad: “Fine! I’ll go back by myself!” you turn your back on him, only to look at you ex talking with this other girl.

Saeran’s arm is around you again, now leading you out of there. You’re not crying, thank God! But you look really hurt, and he hates that!

“Wait! Are you seriously sad over this guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? I thought you were smarter, MC.” Great, now you’re crying! Good job, Saeran!
“Hey, don’t… don’t cry. I… don’t know what to tell you, but…” you hug him, your alluring perfume is all over him now. “Do you mind if we stay like this for a while? You don’t have to say anything, just… stay like this…” “Okay, I guess…”
This is weird… so fucking weird! He never touched someone like this before… is he doing it right? Is it supposed to be this good?

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"It's always been you" P L E A SE (no rush tho omg)

Super Sappy Lines Prompt List 
Viktuuri -  “It’s always been you”

Fidgeting with the the cuffs on his suit, he glanced once again into the mirror trying to check if everything looked right and fit well. Hearing a soft gasp behind him, he saw his two most important ladies standing there with tears welling up in their eyes. Soft smiles appeared on their faces when they saw his own eyes tear up. He shot a watery smile at them before looking at the mirror one last time. Giving one final touch to his hair and tugging the suit jacket down a little more, he turned away. 

Taking a deep breath he pulled open the door before looking back to see the reassuring smiles on his mom and beloved instructor’s face. Nodding at them, he slipped on a determined face before walking towards the chapel doors. Pushing one open, he glanced around, eyes landing on the tastefully decorated room, white roses and orange blossoms littering the room in small bouquets. Holding a similar bouquet in his own hands, he walked over to his father who was standing near the center aisle.

A gentle smile was resting on the older Katsuki’s lips as he pulled Yuuri close to him and pressed a loving kiss to the crown of Yuuri’s head. Tears threatened once more to slip out of his eyes but he blinked them as he took his father’s arm. A soft whisper was the last thing he gave before facing forward, “I love you otou-san.” The smile that grew from those words was enough of a response for Yuuri.

But all thoughts were wiped from his mind when he saw Viktor standing on the opposite end of the room. The well-fitted, dark black suit clung to Viktor’s body so beautifully that the Yuuri almost let go of the floodgates, but when he saw the soft smile adorning his fiance’s face, Yuuri could no longer hold them back. Tears trickled down his face, sliding past his slowly widening smile. Yuuri’s eyes were glued to Viktor’s as he and his father walked closer towards the priest and Viktor. Everyone else seemed to turn into a haze in Yuuri’s eyes.

When it came time for the vows, the smile on Viktor’s face was threatening to split his face. Yuuri felt his face turning red as Viktor spoke, his eyes glistening as the vows were uttered with a reverence Yuuri had only seen at night.

“Before I met you Yuuri, my love for skating had begun to wane. My love for competition had already disappeared because how much can you surprise toe world. How much more love can I receve from them. There was no challenge till you showed up.” A soft chuckle left his lips as he clutched Yuuri’s hands even tighter. “Pulling me into that dance, the whole banquet attracted me, but your shyness, your dedication and beauty when at home is what made me fall in love. Thank you for saving me, my beloved Yuuri, thank you for being the most important person in my entire life. I promise to cherish and love you for the rest of our lives, giving you all the affection that you deserve.” Tears had fully begun rolling down Viktor’s cheeks as he finished his vows.

Yuuri’s face was completely red, and it took all his effort to not cover his face with his arms. but taking a deep breath he begun his own vows, having practiced them for weeks though they’d been written for months. 

“V-Viktor, you might have entered my life like a storm only a year before, however you’ve been a part of my life since I was young. From the moment Yuuko showed me your first grand prix skate, to when I learnt how to skate your programs. The smiles that I imagined you had when you learnt a new jump, pushed me to learn my own.” Taking another deep breath, Yuuri fought with himself to not crumble to the floor from the intensity of Viktor’s gaze. “But meeting you, changed my view of the god I assumed you to be, but instead the most loving, kind and gentle person I’ve met. So much talent fills your body, yet you took the time to teach me, to love me, and that is something I will never be able to repay. So thank you. I promise you, that I will love you with my very being, and no matter what I will never let you go.” He squeezed Viktor’s hands just as tight, a beautiful smile on his face.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as the two exchanged rings, loving gazes only breaking to glance down at the matching rings lying delicately above the famous gold rings. Resplendent silver rings adorned with beautiful axinite gemstones only seemed to pale in comparison to the palpable love from the couple. When the minister pronounced them husband and husband, the tears began pouring down even harder as they came together to kiss, lips crashing together, their first as a married couple.

A single thought ran through their head, before they broke apart, matching wide smiles beautiful on their faces.

It was always you.

where's my love || dylan o'brien (part one)

word count: 4152

warnings: angst

prompt: none

author’s note: hey everyone! this is the first part of a series that i have decided to start! i’m really excited to write this. special thank you to hayley @sarcasticallystilinski, for reading through this and giving it a huge support! other than that, i hope you all really like this! love you all! 


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anonymous asked:

Dear Kazu, thanks for your wonderful AU!!! It is sooo awesome, i'm just dying. I have a question. Did Maccachin protect little babies or pregnant Yuuri and didn't allow Victor/Yurio/Phichit/Minami to touch them?

Thanks so much for liking it! :’D And aww, that’s an adorable thought….unfortunately though, Makkachin is a very, VERY old dog especially for a large dog at the time of canon, and Yuuri’s pregnant the first time round 3 years after that…I haven’t wanted to think too much about when the elderly fluff passes away, but it happens >.<; But no one wanted the kids to grow up without pets so new dogs are a thing ^ ^;

(pst am still taking name suggestions for new dogs + cats lol)

jugandbettsdetectiveagency  asked:

Ok I'm gonna need you to write the we babysat my niece and now she won't stop asking when the wedding is because MY HEART 💖😭

Hey thank you for requesting this one :)

okay prepare yourself for a LOT of fluff, oh and also fluff and cuteness and fluff. I loved writing this :) Hope you like it <3 (this is not proof read, sorry for the mistakes)

Here’s the list of prompts I’m doing, Feel free to request the one you’d like me to write!

And here’s my ask

She heard the young raven haired boy and the little girl with ponytails giggle in the living room, their laughter reaching her ears as she grabbed the ice cream in the kitchen. A smile crept on the blonde’s face and she turned around watching as her niece reached to grasp in her little hands, the boy’s signature grey beanie and place it over her head. Jughead who usually despised people who stole his woolen hat, looked lovingly at the child, the beanie too big for her tiny head, so it fell on her eyes making her laugh. When Betty had told Jughead that they had to babysit her niece for the evening, the boy couldn’t hide his excitement. He loved kids. Ever since he was 8 and a new member of the Jones family was born, he had done all he could to be the best big brother to his sister Jellybean until she too had been taken away from him.

And as the little girl next to him jumped and screamed in innocent joy he finally felt the long lost feeling of being a brotherly figure.

Betty came back with the ice cream, sitting on the couch next to her niece. “Well, I’d say it look better on you than on Jughead, Susie.” the little girl clapped her hands before sticking out her tongue at the boy. The two blondes laughed together while he looked at them in complete dizziness. Being with Betty Cooper meant having the chance to experience such cute and joyful scenarios.

They ate chocolate ice cream and watched the Aristocats, singing all the lyrics to the famous songs. It was Susan’s favorite movie and Jughead admired the child for having such great taste as such a young age. Since it was also one of Jughead’s favorite cartoons when he was a kid.

One arm around Betty’s shoulder, the little girl on her lap, slowly drifting to sleep, we look like a small family Betty thought, her cheeks flushing, she took a deep breath and she felt it: pure happiness and peacefulness.

There was the sound of knocks on the door and Betty looked at her watch realizing it was already 11 p.m. Susan was asleep, face covered in chocolate ice cream, her head resting against Betty’s chest. The blonde got up slowly carefully resting her niece’s head on her boyfriend’s chest “Can you take her?” she whispered. He swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded reaching behind the little girl’s head, to hold her. His girlfriend let the two of them alone, walking towards the door to greet her sister and Jason while Jughead laid completely immobile, even too scared that a breath would wake the blonde angel up. He let out a silent breath and looked as Susie’s thumb found its way to her mouth.  

Polly and Jason thanked them both, gave them a kiss goodnight and walked away from the apartment, the sleeping child in her mother’s embrace. Jughead wrapped his arms around Betty’s waist, leaving a kiss on her shoulder as they watched the small family disappear behind the corner.

“So…” Betty started turning around, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Did you have fun?” she asked brushing the hair at the base of his neck with her fingers. “Well, the Aristocats isn’t a Hitchcock…” she rolled her eyes smiling “but yes. I did have fun.” she leaned in to leave a soft kiss on his lips, to signify in a way, the peacefulness that they both felt on that night. They went back inside closing the door behind them and drifted to sleep a smile on their faces, the sound of the little girl’s giggling resonating in their ears


“Ti, I want cake!” Susie whined pulling on the hem of the blonde’s dress the nickname making the girl smile. “Here you go sweetie.” she handed her a piece of strawberry cake, her favorite and took her tiny hand in hers so they could walk together to the dining room, where a lovely set of white teapots and cups was neatly place over the table, prepared for an intense teaparty between Susie, Betty and a large number of stuffed animals. Her niece climbed on one of the chairs, placing her slice of cake on her plate while Betty sat next to her, in front of a cute elephant.

 “Would you like some tea?” Susie asked grabbing the tiny teapot in her hands. “Very much my dear!” Betty said doing a british accent. The little girl poured the invisible liquid in her aunt’s cup, raising her small pinky finger to ‘look more english’ she had said. Susie’s favorite teacher was british so that year she had announced that she wanted to be british. And so the two sisters experienced long hours of the little girl talking with the accent or crying about wanting to visit London, the city her teacher talked so much about. Except she called it London. 

“Where’s Jughead?” Susie asked eating the strawberry on top of her slice of cake. “He’s at work.” Betty replied sipping on her ‘tea’, carefully raising her pinky “Did you have fun with him last time?” she asked watching as the little girl’s face lit up. She nodded clapping her hands, “Yes yes yes! I like his hat.” Susie exclaimed making Betty giggle “When are you two getting married Ti?” she asked clapping her hands, Betty nearly choked on air at the question. Not knowing what to say she smiled awkwardly at the excited little girl. Susie let out a squeal “Pretty Ti in a pretty white dress!” the blonde caressed her niece’s chubby cheek looking at her lovingly. “Not soon Susie” she said, the smile on the little girl’s face disappearing “But why Ti? He’s a prince and you’re a princess so you have to get married!” she stated looking confused, as if it made total sense to her. “Jughead’s not a prince.” Betty shook her head with a little smile. “Liar liar pants on fire!” Susie screamed standing on her chair, reaching her aunt’s eye level “I know he is a prince because he has a crown.” she crossed her arms, pouting. 

Betty wrapped an arm around the little girl’s shoulder hugging her, the impulse to squeeze her in her arms too strong in front of such cuteness. “Okay yes, he’s a prince.” she finally admitted, her niece looking up at her, a large smile on her face and her eyes shining with innocent hopes and dreams. “But it’s a secret” Betty brought her finger to her lips and Susie imitated her. “Secret” the little girl repeated “Do you pinky promise to not tell anyone?” the blonde asked raising her pinky. “Pinky promise” Susie whispered, wrapping her pinky to her aunt’s. They giggled, the little girl proud to hold such a big secret.


Jughead was laying on the bed, a novel in his hands and an arm under his neck, propping his head up. He heard the sound of keys and a door closing. Soon after, Betty entered the bedroom, falling on the mattress in a groan. “Tough day?” he asked and she nodded in silence. Taking off her coat and her shoes she climbed up the bed, resting her head against his chest, an arm wrapped around his waist. “What’re you reading?” she asked opening one tired eye to look at the pages.“American Pastoral” he replied showing her the blue cover of the book.

“How was your day love?” he asked his arm coming up to caress her hair, soothing the tired blonde. She sighed “My boss was on my ass all morning about articles and interviews I had to do, then my mom called saying she wants me to visit, we had an intense conversation about health and how I was going to die of pneumonia if I didn’t start wearing more scarves and sweaters. Then I went to Polly’s and she left me with Susie because she had to go do her hair and now I’m here.” 

She snuggled closer to him, breathing in his familiar and comforting smell of old books and coffee. “At least your afternoon wasn’t that bad.” he said kissing the top of her head. “How was it with Susie?” he questioned remembering the evening they had spent with the little girl, a smile appearing on his face. “We had a wonderful tea party.” she mumbled chuckling, her eyelids felt heavier and heavier by the minute and before drifting into sleep she whispered “She asked when we were going to get married.” with a last small laugh, her eyes closed and her breath stilled.

Jughead felt the familiar warmth filling his chest and he looked down at the beautiful blonde in his arms, leaving a kiss on her forehead. “Someday…” he caressed her soft hair, resting the long forgotten book on his stomach. “Someday…”

watching the livestream
  • chat: are you gonna marry robin yet?
  • jack: i'm working on it, i'm very close
  • me, quietly: i believe
  • me, slightly louder: i believe in you
  • me, loudly: i beLIEVE
  • me, screaming at jack-volume: I BELIEVE IN SENSUALSTEEN

ruffpuff  asked:

Hi! I really enjoy reaction fanfiction, and I'm excited to see your writing! Companions react to Sole proposing with one of their wedding rings?

Okay!! Here goes nothing!!!

Cait: “what?” She looks at sole who’s on their knee before her, “are you insane? Get up before-” sole shows her the ring, she looks confused. That ring was given to them by their spouse, why would they give it to her.. and then she realized, sole wanted to marry her, her expression changes as she gasps “Sole- I-” she blushes wildly before nodding vigorously with a wide smile “yes- yes!”

Codsworth: “mum/sir” he would say not phased by it whatsoever “perhaps nows not the time for make believe?” He says turning sole down in a blink.

Preston: he sees the ring held between soles fingers and he begins to blush. The butterflies in his stomach start fluttering wildly “Preston, will… will you marry me?” Sole asks him anxious to hear his answer “Gen-.. sole of course! Of course I will!” Sole slides the ring on garveys finger and then jumps to their feet. As soon as sole is standing Preston bring them in, kissing them happily and passionately.

Piper: piper was taken off guard, seeing sole standing there looking like a lost puppy, soon they got down on one knee and held out their spouses ring. Pipers heart pounds as a smile crept onto her face. As sole said those 4 words, piper felt herself melt. She was in love with them, she always wanted this.
“Blue… I thought you’d never ask”

Curie: “madam/Monsieur!” She says to sole kneeling down slowly “ not in my 210 of living did I think this day would come!”
Curies smile brightens her whole face. She was happy


Deacon: “whoa whoa whoa” he says waving his hands around. “Are you serious? Do you honestly think I’d want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life?”
Deacon tries to say in his most serious voice, but you could hear how much he wanted to smile. “I always wanted to be stuck with you” he says with his usual cheeky grin, except this time it’s wider.

Danse: “knight, I- I don’t know what to say” he says, staring at the gold ring. “This was never a part of training in the brotherhood”
Sole stands up slowly, putting the ring on Danses finger, “say yes” sole says with a smile.

Hancock: as soon as Hancock catches a glimpse of the ring he gives a husky chuckle “the day has finally come, hasn’t it, sunshine?” He smirks “I’ve been ready for this moment, since day one”

Maccready: seeing the ring made him think of Lucy, of the day he proposed to her, he always wondered how it felt to have someone get down on one knee in front of him and offer the rest of their life to him. Now, he finally knows what it feels like, and it’s better then he imagined.

// I’m pretty sure I missed someone but I don’t remember who… BUT I DID MY BEST WITH THIS ONE. IT MADE ME FEEL ALL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE!!!

#8 Auston Matthews

Hi!! I love your writing!! Can you do an Auston imagine where you guys are babysitting a teammate’s kid and he kinda drops hints about how he wants kids?

I sorta changed it a little bit

I babysit this gorgeous little kid called owen and I love him so much he is the purest being on this planet. 

Song suggestion of the day: Boo by shortstraw

Song i was thinking about when writing this: Whatta man by Salt-n-pepa esp the line: ‘I think i wanna have your baby’ lmao 

Originally posted by mttymrts

If you were being honest, the best part about getting to know the wags of some of the older guys on the leafs roster was the fact that you’d get to babysit their kids. You and Auston had been together for almost five years, which simultaneously felt like forever as well as no time at all. When you’d first gotten together, you guys went out a lot more but now you weren’t so interested in the bar/party/club scene and more interested in hanging out at home with each other and doing weird adult things you never thought you’d want to do (okay, you’d gone to one winery for a wedding but still). Obviously, seeing as you guys didn’t have kids and weren’t sleeping off big nights out, you found you had a lot more free time than Auston’s teammates. Given that, you guys were happy to give families like the Bozaks a break and babysit for them. Kanon was nearing eight and the biggest ball of energy you had ever seen. So at first, when it came to babysitters, Zach had ALWAYS been favoured above you. You get it, the guy writes children’s books and he’s like the nicest dude ever. Heck, if you had kids, you’d definitely want him looking after them. Then slowly but surely, Zach was high in demand and you guys got a shot at kid-watching duty. Look at you now, regulars!

To be honest, you didn’t blame most of the parents for wanting to get out every once in a while. Kids are full on. But totally worth it. You could not wait for the day you got to welcome your own baby into the world. You knew Auston loved kids, but if he wanted them.. well you assumed he wanted them eventually. With you? hopefully. In the next few years? yeah, no. Which was sad but you totally got that he wanted to figure himself out first. He’d been in the NHL for seven years and hockey was a big deal for him. You didn’t really know if he’d even thought that much about having kids.

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Jamie Benn - May I have this dance?

Request: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re at your best friends wedding and your are the maid of honor and he’s the best man and you just connect and then when it’s time for the slow dance he asks you to dance with him. And then the rest is history

Author’s note: I was excited to see this one since I’m actually going to be a bride’s maid in the next year. A girl can only dream to be this lucky though lol!

Up next: Auston Matthews

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