the wedding of morons

Imagine if at Puck’s wedding when Grimalkin boredly says, “If there is anyone here who does not believe these two should be wed in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Glitch jumps up from his seat, faces the congregation and says, “If anyone of you goddamn morons says a word to stop this wedding, I am personally coming to murder you myself. This is the only way we’re going to get rid of him!”

Submit: Dear Ben, on "privacy"

oh my good lord fucking christ! if i hear benedict mentionPRIVACY ONE. MORE. TIME. Imma be mean hear. Benedict to total moron, we knew EVERT DETAIL of your fucking wedding. Down to the FUCKING POEMS. the location, the vendors, the dresses, the decor, the fireworks and the fucking company that was doing the fireworks was ALL LEAKED. Goddamn the local PAPER was real time publishing about it!

When you and SH were “dating” you had tourism tweeting about you! FOR THE LAST TIME KNUCKLE HEAD IF this were a REAL relationship, you had been keeping it PROPERLY SECRET for apparently MONTHS to YEARS (depending on the publication. IF you had wanted PRIVACY. You would have continued doing %100 what you HAD BEEN DOING TO KEEP IS SUCCESSFULLY PRIVATE FOR MONTHS. Then you would have quietly married AFTER THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN WAS OVER! HOLY SHIT YOU SOUND STUPID. 

benny baby, i have been WITH you until now. ive been shrugging it all off and just watching the show. YOU. SOUND. LIKE. A. FUCKING. MORON. when you WHINE about PRIVACY after TAKING AN AD OUT IN AN NATIONAL NEWSPAPER TO ANNOUNCE YOUR WEDDING WHEN ABOUT TO DO A MEDIA TOUR. after doing PRINT INTERVIEWS in INTERNATIONAL MEDIA where the lead in is ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. when you do INTERVIEWS on INTERNATIONAL TV STATIONS where the specific plug is about you OPENING UP ABOUT YOUR PRIVATE LIFE oscar campaigns are some of the MOST watched camps out there. the whole world watches. you had a wedding on VDAY DAYS before oscar cut off and had EVERY DETAIL leaked.

I don’t care who you marry, what you do in your private life, but for the love of all things INTELLIGENT, STFU about being PRIVATE when you have done NOTHING to keep ANYTHING PRIVATE! AND YES I KNOW HE WON’T READ THIS LOL. ugh ugh ugh he sounds so STUPID it pisses me off! nothing about this has pissed me off but this.

Ballsy:  Feel better now?  I did.  ;)