the weathers gross


With the snow falling down around you, wet and sticky, you pulled your half-drenched coat around your shoulders and listened as your feet slapped against puddled pavement… It wasn’t that you didn’t like the snow - winter wonderland and all that jazz but this was damn near akin to rain and it had a way of sinking bone deep every time the partially melted flakes touched against your skin.

“You look kind of miserable…” Ray chuckled after he pulled his hood up; his eyes cutting toward the dirty slush coating the streets as a car zipped through and splashed it onto the sidewalk.

“How could you tell?” You joked, shoving your wet gloves into your coat pockets.

“Well, your resting bitch face looks pretty… resting.” He replied with that spacey grin of his, which managed to make you snort though a small laugh. “Want me to put a smile on your face.”

 At that you let out puff and glanced upward to see the city lights catching and reflecting through the falling flakes before saying, “Unless you and your suit can stop this gross weather, I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“I’ll take that bet.” And in one quick move, Ray wrapped a light grip around your forearm, his touch warming even through your wet clothes, causing a shiver to vibrate up your spine as he dropped on his knee. It took you about ten seconds after he’d fished a small, tell-tale box out of his pocket to really put it together; your gloved hands instinctively shooting toward his face to run a cold, wet touch along his jaw. “Will you marry me?”

With your head now bobbing frantically, you felt your lips pull into a bright grin and without thinking, you bent forward to kiss him senseless.

(X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Ray Proposing to You*

@rutherfxckerreally cute christmassy way (if that makes sense) to the reader? And also - I check this blog a lot (especially for Harry 😍) and it always cheers me up, so thank you for doing what you do!!! 


Today is a cosplayer kind of day because it is gross and hot outside and polleny and god, we are going to destroy this planet guys, it will melt into a puddle if this spring weather that is just gross is any indication.  Anyway, all of this is making thinking and writing harder than I wish it to be and you know what is an easy truism?  That pretty costumes are awesome and fun to look at and Ani-Mia is pretty and fun to look at.  I really appreciate the work that goes into a good cosplay cause playing dress up is a lot of fun but I know myself, I’d give up after just putting a little thought in how you might try to look like Zatana.  I certainly couldn’t put together anything that would look good.  I really couldn’t pull off stuff as perfect as some of this.  So it’s easy, Ani-Mia is here because she’s pretty and I like playing dress up.  Today I want to fuck Ani-Mia.


This is me in May.

…Albeit with much less cooler clothes. The expressions are the same, though.

  • Universe: Gods and Monsters
  • Pairing: Hernan Guerra/Kirk Langstrom
  • Rating: K
  • wc: 726

Growing up, Hernan associated the color red with the tomatoes from his father’s garden. He would pluck them from the vine and bite from them like an apple.

‘It’s juicy, Hernan; try it.’

The way the pink juice would dribble down his weathered chin grossed a young boy, but Hernan held the large red fruit between his two hands and bit into it like red apples. Fake red apples that were sweet.

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Das Neue Palais in the Sanssouci park in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Eastern Germany. The building was begun in 1763 after the end of the Seven Years’ War under King Friedrich II (Frederick the Great). It was completed in 1769 and is considered to be the last great Prussian baroque palace.