the weather yesterday

26.5 in New Jersey

State number 21 is in the books. 3:58 required more suffering than it should have, but once again my travel schedule is a convenient excuse. We got lucky with the weather; yesterday was 85 and sunny; today it was overcast with temps in low 60’s and dropping all day. The course is flat, but that’s really the only nice thing I can say about it. LOTS of turns with the last few miles on the boardwalk.

Obi-Wan presses his forehead against Qui-Gon’s until it hurts. He runs his hands through Qui-Gon’s long hair, and breathes in the distinct smell of pine incense that surrounds the man.

“I’m not the man you knew,” Obi-Wan murmurs against his skin. “This war has changed me. Your death changed me.”

A hand wraps around the back of his neck, holding him softly.

“I’m sorry,” Qui-Gon says.

Obi-Wan winces, and squeezes his lips together. “It isn’t your fault.” because you aren’t him. As much as I want you to be, you aren’t him.

Qui-Gon pushes them forward until Obi-Wan is on his back in the bed, and Qui-Gon is over him, one hand holding his body above Obi-Wan’s. Dark hair frames his face, creating a curtain around Qui-Gon’s long face, and causing his eyes to look an even brighter blue than usual, like the glow of a hologram. “I’m still sorry,” he says. “More than I can say. For leaving you, and for coming back.”

“Qui-Gon…” Obi-Wan begins stiffly, ready and willing to argue, but the man above him shushes him.

“I see how much pain I cause you. I feel it.” Qui-Gon shakes his head, long hair swaying. “I would not trade away this life now that I have it. To me, I am Qui-Gon Jinn. He and I are one and the same, but I know that isn’t true with you. It never can be. That is something… something we must both learn to accept.”

Little Sick Stark

Pairing/Characters: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Reader gets sick, near death experience

Summary: When you don’t come by your dad’s office one day, Tony wonders where you are only to receive a phone call that answers his question.

Word Count: 862

A/N: A few hundred words less then what I usually write but I hope it’s alright! I’ve never experience appendicitis either so I just googled hahhaa! Please don’t hesitate to leave me feedback as I do love reading all of your reactions because it makes me smile! My ask is linked at the bottom along with my masterlist!

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The Weather in Russian (по-русски)

There are two ways to say what the weather is like in Russian:

-You either use adj + погода (the adjective has to agree in gender with погода, e.g. хорошая погода) this is less common, like in English, it is weird/formal to say it is overcast weather today - using weather all the time after weather adjectives is a bit tiresome

-Or you use the impersonal construction with (predicative) adverbs, these do not modify a noun (note: do not use the word это for weather e.g. it is cold = холодно)

какая сегодня погода? - Wha’s the weather today?

какая вчера была погода? - What was the weather like yesterday?

сегодня…/вчера была + adj + погода/вчера было + predicative adverb (e.g. пасмурно)/завтра будет…


пасмурно/пасмурная погода - overcast/overcast weather

холодно/холодная погода - cold/cold weather

облачно/облачная погода - cloudy/cloudy weather

жарко/жаркая погода - hot/hot weather

теплоёплая погода - warm/warm weather

солнечно/солнечная погода - sunny/sunny weather

прохладно/прохладная погода - cool/cool weather

прекрасная погода - wonderful weather

плохая погода - bad weather

хорошая погода - good weather

These three don’t change:

сегодня…/вчера был/аавтра будет…

сильный ветер - windy

мороз - frosty (actual frost)

гроза - thunderstorm

Rain and snow use the verb идти:

сегодня идёт…/вчера шёл…/завтра будет… дождь/снег


сегодня тёплая погода - it’s warm weather today

сегодня жарко - Today’s hot

вчера была холодная погода - it was cold weather yesterday

вчера было солнечно - yesterday was sunny

завтра будет прекрасная погода - the weather will be wonderful tomorrow

завтра будет сильный ветер - tomorrow will be windy

The Temperature

какая сегодня температура? - What’s the temperature today?

The numbers have an effect on градус - numbers 1/21/31 etc = градус,

numbers 2-4/22-24 etc = градуса, numbers 5-20, 25-30 etc = градусов

сегодня… 21 градус тепла/мороза - 21 degrees above zero/below zero

             … 22 (23/24) градуса тепла/мороза

             … 25 градусов тепла/мороза

There are three ways that you can write temperature:

+4 градуса - 4 degrees

4 градуса тепла - 4 degrees (lit: of warm)

4 градуса выше нуля - 4 degrees above zero

-20 градусов - minus 20 degrees

20 градусов мороза - 20 degrees (lit: of frost aka below zero)

20 градусов ниже нуля - 20 degrees below zero

If native speakers see any mistakes, please let me know!

хорошего дня!


Yesterday the weather finally warmed up enough for Odin to go outside and enjoy some sunshine! He spent a lot of his time hunting for bugs in the flowerbed and took a lot of interest in this one brick which he went back to several times!


13-14/100 days of productivity
Essay essay essay essay! My deadline is coming, I haven’t finished yet but I’m on my way to get there. Also my dinner yesterday was just 👌🏻and today’s vegan berry smoothie was even better. Also the weather yesterday was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, it was so sunny and warm, I really want this weather to stay longer, but it’s getting worse again.
Have a productive Tuesday everyone!




came home, rested for a bit, & immediately began working on my assignments ! currently learning about world war 1 in ap euro & its so much more enticing to learn it from a european point of view ! fingers crossed it’ll be a successful week ! — trees are blossoming & spring began yesterday & the weather has been so nice & comforting lately 🌺 ! i luv it 🌸💐🕊