the weather was not


Shelf cloud and thunderstorm marches over Döbeln, Germany


Salzburg, Austria turned into a timelapse, black & white opera, featuring Mozart. 

My net is so bad, I wonder if I should just watch shows and post when the rain stops. I’m getting rather frustrated with the photos not loading and the drafts not saving and then deleting themselves :|

On the bright side, the first post coming is the comparison between Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond. I thought about it for a really long time and as much as I wanted to re-examine PD’s shattering first, I had a hard time managing the length and flow of the post without talking about the two Diamonds first. :D

You think thats hot???

@wiishu @therealjacksepticeye It’s currently 80 °F, (26.67 °C.) In my home right now, we arnt allowed to turn the AC on until it hits 85 °F (30.00 °C)  The temperature outside at 10:30 PM is 101 °F (38.33 °C) Mind you yesterday it was Raining, we had a Tornado and the temperature was 45.00 °F (7.22 °C) I firmly believe Oklahoma weather is either a Teenage girl with PMS issues or a Highly Pregnant woman who can switch moods from wanting to murder you to smothering you with her ‘love’!