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Starting a new week with a smile and positive thoughts C;
tho my face and hair has seen better days, lol

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Thirteen Statements of Wisdom

By Warren Doyle

1) Walking the entire Appalachian Trail is not recreation.  It is an education and a job.

2) Walking the entire Appalachian Trail is not ‘going on a hike’.  It is a challenging task – a journey with deeper ramifications.  Are you willing to accept them and learn from them?

3) Don’t fight the Trail.  You have to flow with it.  Be cooperative with the Trail, neither competitive nor combative.

4) Don’t expect the Trail to respect or to be sensitive to your man-made comfort level and desire to control your environment.  In your avoidance of discomfort, you may become more uncomfortable.  Fear is weight. You can’t make a mountain any less steep; a hot summer afternoon any cooler; a cold morning any warmer; and, daylight any longer.  But you can actually.  How?

5) Time, distance, terrain, weather, and the Trail itself cannot be changed.  You have to change.  Don’t waste any of your energy complaining over things you have no control over.  Instead, look to yourself and adapt your mind, heart, body and soul to the Trail.  Remember, you will be a guest in someone else’s house the entire journey.

6) The Trail knows neither prejudice nor discrimination.  Don’t expect any favors from the Trail.  The Trail is inherently hard.  Everything has to be earned.  The Trail is a trial.

7) Leave your cultural ‘level of comfort’ at home.  Reduce your material wants while concentrating on your physical and spiritual needs.

8) Yes, one can wear one t-shirt the entire journey; you don’t have to take any showers; you don’t need to cook your meals; one does not need a roof and four walls around them at night; you don’t have to carry a canteen of water with you all the time.

9) It is far better, and less painful, to learn to be a smart hiker rather than a strong hiker.

10) Leave your emotional fat at home as well.  Feel free to laugh, and to cry, and to feel lonely, and to feel afraid, and to feel socially irresponsible, and to feel foolish, and (most importantly) to feel free.  Relive your childhood and play the GAME of the Trail.  Roll with the punches and learn to laugh in the shadow of adversity.  Be always optimistic – things could always be worse; don’t become mired in the swamp of sorrow.  Don’t blame your discomfort or depression on the Trail or the weather, but look at yourself for not being able to adapt.

11) If your goal is to walk the entire Appalachian Trail, then do it.  People who take shortcuts, (i.e., blue blazes, hitchhike) do so because it usually is shorter, quicker, and/or easier.  So where is the challenge/honor in that?  We have enough of this in the real world.

12) Expect the worse.  If after one week on the Trail you can say that it is easier than you expected, then you will probably finish your journey.

13) VERY IMPORTANT - However, remember we as individuals have our own acquired temperaments, levels of comfort, and thresholds of pain. If these three areas are congruent with what the Trail requires, you should succeed on your pilgrimage.

Thinking Out Loud- Part 1- Carlisle x OC

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Summary: When Isabella and her little sister Evangeline moved to Forks they had no illusion they would like it. Isabella hated it and all Evangeline wanted was to be left alone. But when they both met Edward Cullen, everything changed. Finally, Evangeline had proof she wasn’t crazy. He too could hear other people’s thoughts.

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

This is my first Twilight FanFiction. It is a kind of a rewriting of the book with an OC. So, if you have read the books, you will see many similarities. Don’t worry, it won’t always be like this, I am just introducing my OC and the plot :)

In this story, Esme does exist but she isn’t Carlisle’s wife. The good people of Forks believe her to be his sister. I love her too much to write her off!

I hope you like it!

Feedback is always appreaciated so don’t hesitate to leave a comment :D


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Summary: You thought your time back home was going to be the best time, but a sudden disruption in Mother Nature throws you back into a position you never thought you would be in again.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Natural disaster, sex mention

Word Count: 1,816

A/N: This is pretty long. Hurricane Matthew inspired this one (I’m from Florida). By the way, I’m okay! It wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t get directly hit like the predictions were saying. However, there are many people that aren’t so lucky. The coast of Florida suffered greatly today, such as Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. It doesn’t stop there. The Caribbean, especially Haiti, is destroyed. I encourage you all to focus your attention and bring awareness to these poverty stricken countries. Here are two posts that can help you, help them. If you can’t donate, please reblog them. Just spread the word.

You were so excited for your trip home to Florida with your boyfriend, Tom. It was homecoming weekend for your school, but you both had decided to take a weekend trip because it was time to get away from stuffy New York. You were looking forward to the sun, the beaches and the food. You were packing Wednesday afternoon when news broke out that a tropical depression had formed in the Atlantic. You didn’t think much of it because you were certain that it wasn’t going to come to South Florida, where you’re from. There hadn’t been a hurricane hit Florida in 11 years.

Tom walked into your room, “Hey, you heard about the storm in the ocean?”

“Yeah I did. It’s not a big deal. They come and go. There’s nothing to worry about.” You said as you kissed him softly and continued to pack.

“Okay if you say so.” He replied, grabbing you at the waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

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