the weather is really gorgeous

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Hope you're having a lovely day 💙💙💙

Thank you so much, I really, really am!! 💛 The weather’s been gorgeous here, so I’ve been outside reading and taking pictures of bees :)

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too xx

Taking a one-two week break from running because my body is mad at me. My shins/calves are in pain, I’m much more tired than I should be, and my pace has slowed by almost a full minute. Rest is needed. I feel really guilty not running, especially when the weather is becoming so gorgeous, but I think I need some time to heal so that I’m recharged physically and mentally. In the meantime, I’ll relax with walks and light stretching.

I think I love the thrill of always being early but waking up so late that it’s possible I might not make it on time aka I love the snooze button. I was doing good getting up early to get everything done in the morning for a while but then the time change happened(and a week or two before) and now I have to peel myself out of bed. I’ve also been staying up a bit later but that’s mostly cause Kevin stays up later (cause he wakes up after me) and I wanna hang out with him. Time to get that sleep schedule back on track!!

My 2nd attempt at a 5K this year happens Saturday and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I’m really looking forward to it. Our Zumba buddy, Rachel (this is the former introduction and Sarah spoke of her too so now she can just go by Rachel) and her sister are also running it. We’ll probably start next to each other and I told her she can take off because she’s shooting for a 31 min 5K and I’m shooting for a finish. We’re going to attempt to make it to Sarah’s class after. Just depends on the traffic and timing of it all.

I also finally booked my hair appointment which is long overdue! My curls will be getting a little trim on Saturday!

I’m ready to get after this Thursday. It’s gonna be a good day.