the weather is crazy hot

Sleepless Nights

The Maze Runner Imagine (Thomas)

Request: I really like your blog could you do a Thomas imagine where your really under the weather and haven’t been sleeping at night and he takes care of you?

Note: Thank you! This one is actually a bit short but I liked writing it, sooo I hope you like it too :)

I shifted in my hammock. This night was most certainly one of the worst since I’ve been at the Glade. My head ached like a builder had processed it with his hammer.

The weather had been going crazy the past few days. One minute it was hot as shuck and in the next one cold wind blew through your hair. Now it was number one’s turn.

My feeling told me it was about three in the morning. “Uhg,” I sighed and kicked the blanket off of my feet. With a quiet rustling sound it fell to the floor.

After another shift I closed my eyes and tried to get back to sleep again. I succeeded for maybe ten minutes till I got cold. My dear friend called wind blew through my open window.

Groaning I took my blanket again, wrapping it around me. This annoying back and forth game repeated for a while until I finally gave up and swung my legs out of bed. Goodbye well-deserved sleep.


As I prowled through the unnaturally quiet Glade (I only heard a few griever screeches somewhere behind the closed maze doors) I somehow managed to end up in front of Thomas’ hammock. A slightly odd feeling took over my body.

 Was it creepy to watch someone sleeping? Was it creepy to admire their peaceful faces? I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t unless the watched person woke up. Well, then it was creepy.

My attempt to hide behind a nearby bush failed. Thomas caught me.

It took him a few minutes to identify my face but as soon as he had recognized me a small smile spread across his own. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”

Quickly I closed my eyes and stretched out my arms. “I’m sleepwalking.”

A chuckle escaped his shapely lips. “I see.”

“Sorry,” blushing I ran a hand through my messy hair. “I didn’t want to wake you. I just couldn’t sleep.” Wow, I’ve never been so happy about darkness. This way my fiery red cheeks remained hidden from his sight.

“I understand. You want me to bear you company?”

“I actually hoped that I could bear you company. But I guess this amounts to the same thing.” All of a sudden he gently grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to him. It was a little bit of an awkward situation because honestly, I’ve never been this close to a boy. Not to mention one I like.

I could feel his broad chest against my back. The heat crawled to my cheeks again. Nevertheless I inconveniently turned around to face him, nearly falling to the ground.

“Hi,” he mumbled and tucked a strayed strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Hey,” I replied in a hushed tone.

“Why weren’t you able to find some rest?”

“It’s the weather, I guess. It changes from hot to cold in like two minutes. My body isn’t used to it yet, that’s all.”

“The last few days it really got crazy. Outside these big walls it’s literally hell. Minho even suggested to take a break for a couple of days till everything’s back to normal.”

“This shuck-faces of creators want to test us, I’m sure. They want to see how we react to the different climate,” I furrowed my eyebrows causing him to laugh. “What?”

“Are we really talking about the weather?” Now he mentioned it.

I joined him. “I think it’s time to change the subject.”

“I’m glad you came tonight,” his breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine.

“Why?” I whispered. I didn’t have the guts to speak up.

“Because I barely see you during the day. So I use my nights to spend some time with you. And I like the fact that I’m now taking care of you.” An allusion to my job as med-jack. Thomas was one of my regular guests.

“I like you taking care of me,” yawning I closed my eyes, “at your side I feel as safe as nowhere else in the Glade.”

“Glad to hear. But now try to find some sleep,” his lips softly met my forehead. “Just a few more hours until the sun rises.”

“Will you still be there when I wake up?” I snuggled closer to him. “

Of course.”

“Okay. Good night, Tom.”

He wrapped his strong arms around me. “Good night, (Y/N). Love you.”

“Love you too,” I mumbled as I devoted myself to the compelling sleep.