the weather is always shit here

OKAY SO earlier today I’m home alone chilling, reading my book, trying to ignore the shitty stormy weather, when the phone rings. Now, we always let the answering machine get the house phone because it’s always solicitors. Well.


What the fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkLKK????

Most ominous shit ever. And it’s now just occurring to me that this is some kind of BS that Kaz would pull on Pekka like can you even imagine that bastard with phone access?

“Rollins here, go.”

*crackling, hissing service, shady whisper* “Brick by brick” *click*

And then Jesper likes holding another phone in a different room and while he listens to Pekka flipping his shit, “caw caw motherfucker”

"They don’t need us anymore"
  • -"I feel like its the fans that they were talking about here. You know because we've been through it all with them and now we're all growing up and moving on"
  • It's true. I never really understood why some fans did the most peculiar things over made up people and shows but i now know. I saw the first episode of teen wolf when i was in grade 8 i think it was and the first episode didn't really get me but i decided to continue to watch it and i soon feel in love with it. I font know what it is, weather it was the plot or the fact i love werewolves and supernatural stuff or it was because the people who played a part in it slayed their character. Or it could have been the fact that these people made it work.
  • I had a shit highschool life and i remember getting picked on and not wanting to get up in the mornings but i always wanted to when teen wolf was on that night.
  • I remember always wanting to do nothing i jsut didn't want to be here some day's but watching shows like teen wolf really did make me happy.
  • I know know why tv shows and made up charecters really mean so much to some people.
  • Because we connect with them. They play roles that we never realized we needed.
  • They say the words that we never thought we'd here or ever thing of saying.
  • They bring the meaning to life for some.
  • And they give us hope.
  • They teach us anticipation.
  • How to laugh.
  • How to love.
  • How to cry.
  • How to get over a hearbreak or friendship.
  • How to get along with people.
  • They teach us how to live.
  • They give us life.
  • Im so proud of the cast of teen wolf and the director and creator's of the show.
  • And i thank them so much because weather they know it or not they made a big impact on my life.
  • And i appreciate them for all they have done and am extremely proud.
  • The same goes for the vampire diaries, chicago P.D, chicago med, chicago fire.

Alex Hogh x Reader.

@rachiieee. this is really shitty?????? but here you go.

warnings: just a perfect boy.

Originally posted by dailyalexhogh

It always calmed you, listening to the rain fall, watching the small droplets quickly racing down your window, the cool glass pressed to your forehead contrasting to the warmth rising from the mug between your hands. On a free day, during the thawing of spring weather, there was nothing you enjoyed more than time to yourself, betting against which droplet would win the race you invented in your mind and enjoying a cup of steaming tea. You could forget about the duties you had attended to for the last week, escaping to your own little world where you could be yourself, and happy.

The sound of a harsh barking met your ears, causing your eyes to perk up between thick lashes, glancing out towards the wet pavement — a dog across the street was racing from it’s owners porch, pawing at the ground as water rushed along and down into the sewers. You chuckled, breath fanning out and fogging the area closest to your mouth that you quickly reached up, wiping away with the sleeve of your sweater, ignoring the dampness it left behind. You would have not paid attention to the scene in front of you for long, preferring to return to your important water Olympic race, but a car slowly rolling down the street caught your attention, especially when it stopped right in front of your house, behind your parked vehicle.

Surprising you a tad, you pulled the curtain shut slightly, but leaned closer to the glass, watching as it continued to sit there. It wasn’t that you didn’t get visitors, only, that you would of recognized this car had you known who this person was. It didn’t help that you couldn’t really see through their window either, but you noticed the white headlights ignite for a slight moment, before going dark once more. A few minutes later, as you continued to sit and stare in curiosity, the car did not start up at all, and you frowned, feeling sorry for whoever was inside. Not only was it raining, but this was not the biggest town to be in, the only mechanic being open in the early mornings, and by now it was far in the afternoon.

You debated, silently, tapping your thumb against the rim of your mug, if you should put on your rain boots and offer them some help. Your knowledge of cars wasn’t professional, but as a person who enjoyed doing a variety of things in their pass-time, you did know quiet a bit. Disturbing your inner voting ballet, you noticed the car door fly open, and you jerked, staring out like a deer in the headlights at the figure climbing out of the car. All thoughts out the window, you did not get a look at them as they began to turn towards your house and you dropped off the windowsill, spilling a bit of tea on your lap, causing you to grimace in pain.


Creepy was exactly how you wanted to come off to a stranger.

Setting the mug on the floor by the wall, you wormed your way across the floor, not wanting to be anywhere near the window when you stood up. Maybe you were paranoid, maybe it was just a thought only your mind would come up with, but you did not want them to think you were watching them. Making it out to your foyer, you laid against the cool woodwork and let out a deep sigh, your flushed cheek pressing harder into the floor, relishing in how it felt. 

Deciding to get up off the floor and go through with your plans, you barely stood up before you almost tripped at a sudden knock on your front door. It was timid, quiet, but it startled you enough to cause you to slip on your socks and grab the wall, your heart beating quickly in your ears. Your eyes widened, your nails gripping the doorway separating your living room to your foyer. Swallowing harshly, you curled into yourself slightly.

Oh, God. What if that was the person? Surly, that wouldn’t bother you, but as your cheeks continue to grow more red, all you could think about was them knowing that you watched like some weirdo. Another soft knock, and you shook away your thoughts, literally shaking your head a bit. You’d feel horrible if you left that person standing in the cold rain, soaking to the bone, or even sitting a cold car in the same condition. 

Letting go of your anxiety, you pat your cheeks a few times to chase away the color as you walked towards the door. When you opened it though, you were not expecting it to come back to your face immediately; blue eyes like electricity punched you straight in the gut, and a Colgate smile between plump lips that swept you off your feet, but the shyness that was in his dimples was the thing that really suffocated you. You watched his mouth move as you stared into his eyes, but you were too busy drowning in an ocean to really catch what he said. 

“I’m sorry?” You excused yourself, blinking dumbly, leaning against your door to keep yourself upright. Was he even done talking by the time you basically asked him to repeat himself? You weren’t sure, but by the sound of his voice, you’d listen to him say the same thing a million times if you could.

His smile grew, a insecurity lingering on the corners of his mouth as he reached a hand to the back of his head, and you tried so hard not to glance down at the hem of his shirt that decided to raise. “I — ah, well, I seem to be having a problem with my car and —  “ This very handsome boy, that you just met (you scolded yourself as you felt your heart swell with each word he spoke ), informed you has he turned around slightly, gesturing to the broken down vehicle with one hand. “ — my phone decided this would be the perfect time to.. go dead,” His tongue peaked out as he finished, running over his bottom lip as the corners of his eyes crinkled a bit as they glanced to the side, as though he was hoping you would get where he was going without having to outright ask you.

Dear, Lord, his whole face smiles.

Raising your brows, you opened your door a bit more, stepping to the side, seeming to regain the ability to function properly. “Right! Of course,” You agreed, inwardly beating yourself for not doing this sooner. “Please, come in! I’ll, uh — “ Pausing as you shut the door, it was like you didn’t know what you were doing as he stared at you with curious eyes, a flush creeping on your skin. “ — in here.” Pointing to your living room, you quickly walked in front of him, leading him to where you had a charger. Luckily, you had the right kind for his phone.

You watched him move, his muscles flex with every step, and you felt like you were heaven. Having what had to be the hottest guy in your house right now? No one would believe you. You weren’t even sure you believed you! He thanked you, a sincerity in his gaze that caused you to smile brightly. As he plugged his phone in, waiting the excruciating moment for it to juice up enough to turn on, you offered some hospitality. Some tea, something to eat, some dry clothes … or no clothes at all, you wouldn’t of cared, honest. “Thank you,” He murmured.


You were desperate.

Luckily, he agreed to the tea and food, and for some reason you felt giddy as you turned, feeling his eyes follow your form as you disappeared into the kitchen. A few moments later, you made your way out, carrying out a sandwich and a warm steaming cup. Looking up from watching your steps, not wanting to spill anything, you stopped and followed his line of sight that switched between the coffee mug on the floor, and the hand print on the window. Unfortunately, you couldn’t turn around and run away as he looked over at you, a light in his eye that seemed to to put the puzzle together, the burning of your cheeks a dead give away. “It’s not — “ You quickly defended yourself, for what reason, you didn’t know as you set the plate and cup down in front of him. 

Pulling the phone back from his ear, a few strand of thick dark hair fell down in front of his face, and you watched him tap on his screen to hang up the call. “No, of course.” He chuckled, placing the device screen down almost in defeat, holding his hands up a bit. But apparently the thought of you watching him seemed to get a reaction, a barely noticable flush came on his cheeks and he looked anywhere but your eyes, focusing on the tea he picked up. “Your house is just haunted, right?” A tease as you sat down beside him, tense — back straight and your hands tucked between your knees.

Looking to the side, a grin fell over your face, and you shifted slightly in your seat. “Convicts; murderers and drug dealers,” You informed him with a shrug of your shoulder, like this information was completely normal and you had lived with his for hundreds of year.

That seemed to break any tension in the room as he laughed through some tea, putting a fist to his chest as he coughed a few times, the biggest grin on his wonderful lips as he pulled his hand away. “I’m Alex,” He offered, and when you met his blue eyes, it was like looking into the soul of someone you had known for years, and all you could think about was a really cheesy love song as you introduced yourself as well.

You never thought your heart could race so fast.

As he ate, drank and warmed up, you conversed with one another, and despite the fact you just met this man, you had never felt so comfortable before. As he finished up, you both stood and reached for the dirty dishes. “Please,” The both of you said, pulling back before reaching for the plate and cup once more. 

You chuckled, swatting his hands away and swiping up the dishes. “You’re my guest,”

Alex grinned, his whole face lighting up the room. “Exactly,” He stressed, trying to grab them from your hands but you dodged his advances, dancing around him into the kitchen, watching as a small pout formed. It only made his lips look larger and more soft.

Placing the dishes into the sink, you felt a sense of victory rush through your veins, showing that you were an independent woman. “Exactly.” You mimicked, a playful glint now in his eyes, one that you matched as you stared each other down. 

He took a small step towards you, and you matched it until his phone rang, catching his attention and he took off towards it almost immediately, but you missed the disappointed look in his eye. Exhaling deeply, you watched from the kitchen with a pang of sadness, knowing this was probably someone calling to inform him that they were coming to get him. But as you leaned against the frame, your arms crossed as Alex frowned, scratching at his chin as he spoke in a foreign language to the other person. It didn’t seem very happy.

Once he was done, he rubbed his face furiously and let a few words fall from his mouth, seeming to forget you were in the room. Watching his head move, you looked up as well and met his eyes through the reflection in the rainy window. Your heart seemed to stop as you gazed, losing yourself in the beautiful ocean that he held, and once more you watched his tongue graze his bottom lip before his features suddenly turned bashful and he looked down. Clearing your throat, trying to regain your senses, you began walking forward. “Is everything okay?”

Jerking his head up, you noticed how more hair fell, framing his beautiful features — his high cheekbones that could cut paper, his strong jaw, just how full his lips were, and how there seemed to be various shades of blue sparkling in his irides. “Yeah — I mean,” Alex took a strong hand through his hair, loosening the bun on his head more, and you were so tempted to feel it as his eyes slid shut. “You might be stuck with me, ah.. a little longer.”

Excitement ran through your veins at the thought, but also a small bit of sadness as you knew you couldn’t keep the poor man here forever. He probably had a job, school, family a … girlfriend to get back too. “Shouldn’t be too long,” You mumbled, watching his face scrunch up in confusion, his eyes still shut and you had to contain the urge to poke his nose as it rose up slightly. 

“What do you — “

Rudely, you cut him off, not even thinking about it. “Well, when the rain clears up, I could… maybe… take a look at your car?” You offered.

Alex’s eyes snapped open, his eyes looking right over the top of your head before they slowly trailed over every feature, causing you to flush and his dimples to come back. “Really? You — you would do that? You know how to fix cars?” He seemed fascinated almost.

Was that not normal for girls?

“I — a bit, I mean, yeah?”

He exhaled deeply, his features going slack a bit, a redness creeping on his tanned skin, but his smile still present. “Beautiful,” You blushed harder than ever before.

So you did, once the rain cleared up, which seemed to be quickly despite your prayers for it not too. Taking him outside, you stood in front of the car, looking at Alex as he waiting by the open drivers side door. “Pop the hood,” You practically ordered before realizing how it commanding you actually sounded.

“Yes, ma’am,” His blue eyes seemed to glow as he playfully purred, making a claw motion at you as he bent over into his car. You rolled your eyes, feeling a warmth spread through you at his actions.

To say you didn’t try and sneak a peak at his rear-end would make you a liar.

It didn’t take long to find out the issue, having him turn the key a couple times. His battery had died. Easy enough for you, so you set to work; getting the cables, turning your car around, having to scold the neighbors dog for jumping in your car when you got out to hook him up. Alex seemed to be enjoying himself thoroughly, which for some reason, made you very happy. Once everything was said and done, his car up and running again, you had him check it a few times to make sure it wouldn’t die once he got too far away.

Nodding your head, you both just stared at each other for a moment, your parting seeming more uncomfortable than your meeting, and you felt like you died the moment his strong arms wrapped around your body and pulled you close. “I can’t thank you enough for this..” Alex spoke, but really, all you could think about was how warm and firm he felt against your body, and the way he shook with his deep words. 

The way his breath felt against your ear? How were you even standing up?

“Really, it’s no big deal — I mean, I’d hope you’d do the same for me,” You told him, and he let you go, your shoulders shrugging. 

You could think of several ways Alex could repay you for this, but they weren’t anything he would probably agree to. Hell, they weren’t even things you should be thinking.

A million times over,” He breathed, his gaze piercing yours, a big flush coming over his face and you just noticed how his thumbs were rubbing patterns against your skin.

Grinning you leaned in to hug him again until your felt something firm on your rear and you practically yelled in surprise, pulling back and looking at him in a mixture of shock and satisfaction. “Alex — !” 

Before you could say anything else, he was already halfway into his car, an almost naughty smirk on his face as he winked, sliding in the rest of the way and shouting out to you: “Call me!” 

Like an idiot, you were slack-jawed and red as a strawberry, watching his smirk turn to that shy smile again with amazement in his eyes as he drove off. 

Call him? How would you … you didn’t even …

Your butt.

Quickly reaching into your back pocket, you felt a little piece of paper there. Grinning, your chest tightened and you felt light in the head. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, you ripped it out and open like a mad woman, inhaling sharply at the words written under his number, but your smile only grew:

—  “If you could take my pulse right now, it would feel just like a sledgehammer.”

(Look i didn’t forget the rest of the “give me an AU for five headcanons”!)

This one took me a bit because honestly they’d probably both be just…just the shittiest pirates. So seeing them AS pirates is proving difficult for me to work out with any sort of believability.

Neither has any sort of leadership skills to speak of. Newt dislikes people and would probably go batshit having to work and interact closely with humans on a ship for his life job. A combo animal smuggling and piracy means animal trafficking which he is humongously against. Credence is generally timid so would be pretty low on the totem pole until yknow, he just goes ballistic one day (literally or figuratively depending on if magic is a thing).

So….how bout combo of selkie/pirate ship type AU. Are selkie AUs still trendy in fandom circles? Doesn’t matter here we go.

Thanks @zinfandelli for having the idea jam session with me to figure this out. You may wanna hit her up for more actual pirate AU since she had an easier time imagining Pirate!Newt than me lmfao

-So some legends (I think the Scottish versions? Dont quote me on this) say that male selkies can call up storms and control weather. Keep that in mind

-Newt is a naturalist focusing on magic creatures (I’m thinking in a world sort of similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, where magic and magical creatures are just known things) who pulls a Jim Hawkins and commissions a ship without checking the crew and captain thoroughly enough. Sure they seem rough but man what group of sailors ISN’T? It isnt until they’re way out on open water that whoops, there’s a reason Captain Grindlewald is so shady and Newt is now the captive of pirates.

-Newt being Newt, he does not take this quietly. Especially since they got him to direct them and help them capture things like sea serpents and krakens which he is not down with. The nightly escape shenanigans of the gangly nerd start getting real old real damn fast. So Newt is shoved towards Credence, who has no given rank but is always hovering somewhere around the captain, to keep an eye on him.

-At first Newt figures Credence is some kind of man-servent or something. Except he’s never asked to do anything, all the others keep clear of him, and he’s always just kind of standing around staring at the water.

-He’s a selkie like no point teasing that out ok he’s a flippin selkie who was captured and is being kept because having something that can control weather under your command on a pirate ship is flippin HANDY. (Nothing more than g rated with Grindles who stole his pelt. I aint getting into that level of dark here noooope. He’s just seen as a tool that gets ignored when not in use. Tho how fucked up is it to keep a selkie captured and held on a ship constantly over the ocean damn Grindles that’s cold.)

-Newt has just started getting Credence to talk to him (mostly by continuously talking at him after Credence is ordered to keep an eye on the wily bugger) and he’s JUST suspecting something is up when the ship starts getting pursued, Credence is called up and Newt gets to witness the ship following them suddenly wrecked to shit by a very isolated storm. Jig is up, oh shit that’s a selkie.

-Newt also agrees that keeping a selkie captive is fucked up enough but forcing one to live right over the water it can’t return to?? Fuck that. Newt figures if Credence is able to even be on the ship, his pelt had to be as well (is this a selkie thing? Fuck it, it is now asshats).

- this is more than five whatever. Anyway Newt redirects his “make shit up as I go” abilities from escaping to finding and getting Credence’s pelt. Credence helps because he figured Newt is a lot better than Grindles so he guess being owned by him is an improvement.

-you can imagine his gut punched tear inducing amazement when Newt shoves a bundle of pelt into his hands and tells him to get the hell out of there. There’s the whole “what about you?”
“Bugger that I’ll figure something out just get out of here”

- bugger that for shit, thinks Credence in less polite terms. Angry selkie vengeance is wrought and somehow Newt is the only one who gets washed into a lifeboat. WHAT A COINCIDENCE WHODA THOUGHT

-Anyway they become exploration boyfriends after Newt gets a better single person (sometimes two person) sailboat. The weather never troubles him and he always has a supply of fish.

Sense8 Character Appreciation Days - Wolfgang Bogdanow

Today is Wolfie’s day and while I tried to write something only about him, Kala showed up and wouldn’t leave. Typical.

So here’s my drabble for our favorite German sensate. A million thanks to @thegirlfromoverthepond , who is a Sense8 enthusiast and a phenomenal writer herself who lent me her beta super powers to make this drabble better. 

(Wonder what I’m doing here? Check out the Character Appreciation Days Post here and my post about it here).


(In some future…)

Berlin is the greatest city in the world, in Wolfgang’s opinion. But the weather? The only place that has Berlin beat for sheer dreariness is London. Plus, London doesn’t exactly hold the best memories for him, so even if it were the fucking tropics, it would always be shit compared to Berlin. And right now, it’s raining frozen piss again.

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INTRO. ladies…gentlemen…those of a neutral denomination…i don’t have a whole lot to say here that isn’t wild gushing, or things i haven’t said before, but i’ll get it out of the way -thank you. thank you for helping this little blog of mine flourish into what it is today. thank you for being with me for all the ups and downs. thank you for watching Riven and i grow together.

i didn’t think i was in a bad place before i came here, but i don’t really know where i’d be if i hadn’t chosen her as a muse, but she has come to mean so much to me it’s dizzying. i’m just grateful that i’m going strong, and i am hopeful - and eager! - to keep it going with those who are here with me on this journey.

now let’s get to business.

                                                     PART 2:  THE FOLLOW FOREVER.


the firm: @duskcreed / @kazeronin / @lightbind / @caedispia / @sanguineascent ( and your twenty blogs ) / @lightslung / @emoticlysm i’ve known you all for a good year now ( some even two! ) and i can only thank you for having been with me for so long on this ride. you’ve encouraged me on my highs and helped me weather my lows - i know where to go when i just want to vent, need support, or just want a good laugh. i hope we can continue to do our thing together because you’re the best group of friends a girl can have. ♥

@thegoldendemon / @ascendantblades: Kayla, it’s really been a pleasure getting to know you. while i have always & initially admired your writing techniques, it took a while to actually talk to you, but in doing so i’ve found in you somebody where we can just shitpost about our special interests and bond over the lack of existing art for it. you’re become a near and dear friend and i’m rooting for your career in the air force to take off  !

@deathbond Mani, good friends come from the strangest places ! we met in another server and i saw you as somebody i could just shoot the shit with here and there, but i’m glad to have found somebody who understands and can help me weather my meltdowns. your passion for Karthus is unrivaled and i admire your dedication to a muse who barely sees screentime, let alone play time. i hope to keep getting to know you and get that sweet Gold border :triumph: 

@yuhl Jess, i love you. i know you’ve had your ins and outs ( who doesn’t? life happens and it sucks, zz ), but you have been the constant since i got here. your writing is always refreshing and your portrayal of Jinx is bar none. i will always be happy to see you when you’re around because nobody does it like you, and with a gentle soul to boot. ♥


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AND, this is a shoutout to all again as a thank you  for staying with me on this journey for as long as you have. whether you’re new, or you’ve been here since day one, every follow is meaningful to me, both because of how far i’ve come and because it shows me that  people get to see a divergent representation and feel that it still shows who she is at her core. i’m so happy that a woman like my Riven can be seen as she is, and i only hope that somebody who’s seeing me do this will make their own muse unafraid to represent their disabilities, their bodies, their race. 

here’s to two years, and to a healthy year three ♥

Care Giver Pt. 20     By: Preciousluv35 & Y. Black

@preciousluv35  A year in the making I hope the vibe.


Torn between lashing out and demanding to know why, we stood mere feet from each other in a deathly silence. “So, this is what it is? This is the end?” She stood silent before me. “I called you all night. I worried about you and just my look I get put in room 722.” Feeling my emotions boiling up my vision began to blur. “Damn I know a nigga hasn’t been the best nigga. I’ve done some fucked up shit in my lifetime. But karma, karma brought me here to this hotel. To this very floor. To the god damn room, and slowed me to hear you break my heart. Every moan tore at me. Each yes digging the knife deeper into my soul. What the fuck Janay.” I slapped the hotel wall. I could see the emotion bellowing up in her. I didn’t care. “How could you? Like, I thought after the Marissa debacle we were good I thought we were poised to focus on us. And yeah, she played us all. I never thought you’d do me like this though.” There was an awkward pause. She mumbled something inaudible to me.


    I needed that night of rest and quick fix. But I had to admit I shouldn’t have cheated on Kelvin but were we actually in a real relationship? I couldn’t shake what Ashley had told me yesterday about seeing him with another chick. “Kelvin you’re right. And I’m sorry. He was just a…. quick fix. But you also right in that you’ve done some shit that I’m not happy with! Just 24 hours ago that baby was yours remember! I mean no I shouldn’t have cheated but dammit don’t act like you really want me! Ashley and Helen saw a yellowbone in your car yesterday! I suppose you’re gonna tell me you didn’t fuck her or she didn’t suck you off! What the fuck? At least you caught me and you KNOW I fucked that guy! But me? I have to TRUST that whatever the fuck you said happened really did! I look like a damn fool being in love with you while we’re locked in a 3way relationship! By the way, our “side chick” slept with Ashley last night! Did you know that? Or maybe all of ya’ll fucked last night and I’m totally getting played!” It’s been a long time since I had rage like that inside of me. My body was on fire and just one more wrong word outta his mouth and I was gonna hit him!


“Ashley and Helen did what? Wow, and you want to throw me in the same bed as them. Funny. Yet here I am first thing in the morning at your hotel door. And the best you can do is accuse me of partaking in any shenanigans they have going on. Not only that, I’m accused of stalking you as well. Amazing, fucking amazing.” I began to walk off towards the elevator. I was boiling well past 120 degrees. I stopped abruptly, turning back to Janay. “I didn’t ask for this. Not to be falsely accused. Not to be deemed a baby daddy. Not to almost lose my life defending you. I did want any of this. But it happened. And somewhere in this madness I fell in love with you. We invited someone in and she too played us. But you won’t pin that on me. I had a weak moment I’ll admit, and you forgave me. we decided to weather the storm and here you are throwing acid in my face. I heard everything last night Janay. And just by chance on a late-night run to the vending machine, I witnessed you let your guest out. Just my fucking luck.”

** Janay**

    I watch Kelvin turn his back to me again. This motherfucker… “Nigga you still ain’t say whether you fucked that bitch! You see what I’m sayin’! I did Helen FOR YOU! Because men always want more! You got a bomb ass woman but you wanted Helen too! I had to make a choice either leave you or agree to the shit! I can forgive you Kelvin when shit backs you in a corner but tell me… did that fucking yellowbone back you in a corner against your will? You gotta see how fucked up it sounded to me going to see Marissa’s baby that was to be yours… calling yo’ ass with no response… finding out Helen fucked Ashley behind our back… and THEN you got another bitch in the car! I figured you fucking somebody so am I! Don’t even throw that love shit at me when your dick probably smells like cheap Charlie perfume from that ho!” I ball my fists up watching Kelvin’s face scowl in anger as he walked fast towards me. Shit! My momma told me not to push a man too far. I may have to fight my way to the damn elevator! As he drew closer I put a hand up to block him from hitting me…. but the blow never came.


“After everything, this is how you think of me? Don’t act like you didn’t want Helen just as much as I did.”  I could feel rage consuming me. “You wanna know if I fucked that yellow bitch from club? Wow, which one of your bum ass friends said they saw me. You know what, No. I didn’t fuck that stripper, but damn I should have seeing as to how just being seen with her already makes me guilty.” Tears were forming but I’d be damned if i was to let a single one drop. I began to ramble back and forth between talking to her and to myself. “The audacity of her to even speculate, who does she take me for. You know what Janay, I think I’m done. Clearly, I no longer make you happy. You rather have a quick fix, clearly. So, here’s another…. I’m out.”


    I run over to Kelvin pissed off to the fullest that he’s not even going to fight to fix this! I push him from behind and when he turns around I started hitting him with my fists! Tears stream down my face as I hit him softer and softer before collapsing to the ground. Mentally I’m exhausted as I cover my face; I hate the way I look when I cry and to top it off I haven’t put a lick of makeup on! “He wasn’t even a good lay… when I first saw the video of Marissa I thought that shit was fake till you admitted it! Given your history Kelvin how stupid can I be? I have to question you. You did fuck her! That baby could have been yours!” I continue sobbing trying to regain my composure, trying to fight against my heart and get to my feet and waltz outta here like a Queen unscaved. Like he didn’t matter, like the nights we shared hadn’t changed me. But I couldn’t. As easy as it would be to let him walk out my life I didn’t want to be another statistic or another notch on his belt or a woman that scorned him. “I can’t believe nobody has come out here and told us to shut up with all this drama.” I start laughing to myself as I sit down against the wall. “If I were staying here I know would have called the front desk by now!” I lean over; my lower spine touching the cold wall as I hug my knees, burying my face. Thinking about Kelvin not being there when I wake up to greet me with his gentle touch, warm kisses…. makes me start crying again. “How can we get past this?” I ask as my tears form a puddle on the floor.


“Janay get past this?” I was still livid. But I love her.  “Get past this? I almost lost my life for this. Thing is we are both hurt. I fucked off, you fucked off. We have compromised the trust on both sides here. I’m going to need time, just like I know you need time. I really love and care about you. Right now, I’m confused. I want this to work, but really don’t know how. we’ve created a slippery slope and weren’t prepared for the conditions that we faced. The only constant was how we felt for one another. Apart of me wants to start over, but how do we do so with all this baggage? How do we get back to what we we’re supposed to be?” She looked at me and I peered right back into her. Hurt was still washing all over and through me. Yet and still there was an undying desire to comfort her despite my own feelings. “Janay, I love you. I really do but I don’t know how to undo this damage we’ve caused. I mean how do we even begin to right this ship?”


    Slowly I lift my tear stained face, “Kelvin…. I only want you. I’ve always only wanted you. For me… you are enough. Last night I thought I was paying you back for cheating on me. Now that I know you haven’t, I’m sorry. But don’t dismiss the whole Melissa situation like that was called for because she didn’t drug you. You’ve got to take responsibility for that situation!” I take in a deep breath as I felt my veins start to boil. I had to let it go otherwise this rift between us would become too great. So I apologize again, “I’m sorry for stepping out on you. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I think…… I think we should take a trip. Just you and I to Jamaica.” I knew we had been working so hard the last few months and I had a slew of Hilton Honors points built up that I could put to good use. “I know a place called, Paradise Cove. Let’s go there for 2 weeks… then after that… if we haven’t rekindled the bond we’ve had before…. we’ll go our separate ways.” I watch Kelvin as he thinks it over. The walkway has become busier as I ignore the looks and preconceived judgments from other guests I silently pray that Kelvin will accept the olive branch. Slowly I lift myself off the floor and say, “Just promise…. that you’ll give it your all for 2 weeks. No rehashing what’s happened in the past…. just moving forward… to see if we have a chance.” I hadn’t been to Paradise Cove since my high school graduation! It was the last gift my parents had given me before our horrible plane crash. Returning from that trip alone was agonizing and thankfully I used it to catapult me towards my career. It was the most joyous place I could think of and hopefully sharing it with Kelvin would put us back on track.



“Janay all I can do is try. You know more than anybody that my emotions are all over the place. We’ve been through so much in such a short period of time. granted it feels like we’ve been a thing for forever. I wanted this to be forever. I believed in this, and I still do. I’m just really hurt, as are you. I want to try and allow you to fix me. In turn i want to fix you.” I could feel the tears mounting, I could try to stave them off but there was no escaping the raw emotion of this. We had become completely vulnerable to one another. Crazy part is, I knew if channeled correctly we’d have something beautiful. But is this what I wanted? Did we still have a fighting chance? i used to live in a world of certainty. I knew nothing anymore. When I looked at Janay there was so much promise, hope, inspiration, drive. They were all still present, but now there was a question mark alongside it all. “Janay, I love you. I don’t want to make any promises.” I look her in her eyes and took her hands into mine. “You are special, what we had was no doubt special too. I want to try. If we fail, just know I would have given my all.” I kissed her hands, then her cheek. “I want to go with you to this Paradise Cove.”

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Bulletpoints about Dylan who's gf if like 4'9"?

omggg faveee !! <3

-resting his arm on you ALWAYS

-lifting you up to kiss 

-you wanting to kiss him, but him lifting his head higher so you wont reach him

-”shorty” “says you, hows the weather up there?” “its toxic, but i can only imagine how the weather is down there for you shorty..”

-chuckling at your cuteness

-absolutely adores your hugs, and cuddles 

-looking down at you alot but he knows you dont notcice and gah its the cutest shit yo


-his clothes looks 10x more comfortable on you, and lets you keep his flannels “here, keep this set of flannels.. you need them more than i do..” and he gushes over you 

-ruffles your hair all the time!!!!

-’youre so unbelievably short, people might think im your father y/n..”

-you tease him and pout looking up and tug on his arm and say “but you like that.. daddy..” ((OMGG IM SORRRRYYYY GAHHH))

-he gulps and fixes his cap and hair and grins looking down at you, “ohh, uh i think you’d like that..”

Arranged (III)

1 /2

A/N: Sorry I only seem to post on weekends :/

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,597

Warnings: Cursing, Lack of Christmas spirit

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The following imagery is disturbing to some people. It is totally and completely NSFW and if things like that make you uncomfortable please scroll past this post and continue tumbling.


Consider yourself warned.


External image

Sorry to everyone who just popped a boner or have to change their now sopping wet panties. I know we've all deleted “Sexy Shoulder” “Hot Female Arm” and “Incredibly Attractive Armpits” from our history countless times, but I have something important to say about this curve where our arm meets our body that society seems to go batshit about.


Apparently I missed the boat when it comes to the armpit fetish, because that’s the only way I can explain the obsession the world seems to have with armpits. Specifically female armpits. They must be shaven at all times. Deodorants must smell like you just rolled through a field of artificially manufactured daisy shit (Off topic but seriously. Why is is to hard to find unscented deodorant?!). And these things are banned from schools. It’s dumb and it’s stupid, but thinking about it got me really worked up about school dress-codes.


The other day a friend of mine was in a debate about this exact issue. You see, the school district I used to attend (I’m home-schooled now, but only have been for a few months.) is thinking about erasing the school dress-code. Just letting students wear what they want, as long as it doesn't threaten the health of the students (So no dresses made of knives or poison laced rings.)


Now obviously if a school is considering doing something like this, there’s going to be some complainers. The boy she was debating this with seemed to be so upset about tank-tops I’m surprised he didn't have some sort of heart attack. I imagine holding that much holding that much hatred towards an article of clothing can have some negative health effects, such as “Dumbfuckwadatosis” and “Beingalittlebitchitis”.


Kidding aside, the main points this boy seemed to bring up over and over, was that a) Most clothing “slutty teenagers” wear nowadays is “completely transparent” (Obviously he didn’t pass 9th grade science because if he did he would know translucent and transparent are two different things. Last time I checked teenage girls weren’t wearing glass/saran wrap to school) b) The dress code exists so that students will look professional. and c) The way some girls dress makes others uncomfortable, and it’s selfish to show off your body just because you’re proud. Now he said all this along with calling multiple girls whores and saying “if you didn’t learn why some things are a bad idea and why it’s important to know what a majority would think with reason then the Clorox bleach is in your cleaning cabinet waiting with a martini glass”

So obviously this is a kid operating without a brain, and by using “If you don’t agree with my than go kill yourself” as a legitimate argumentative point, he lost all merit he once had. But it did get me thinking.


What if I put together a bunch on very unprofessional (possibly even provocative *gasp*) outfits, that fit within the current dress-code. Then I thought, what if I put together a bunch of semi-professional and respectable outfits using clothing not currently accepted within the dress-code. So that what I’m going to do.

This is all of my clothing, every last bit, excluding things that are too small / don’t fit.

Now before we start I want to talk about the dress-code and it’s rules. All of this will be based off of what is listed on my school district website, and personal experience on how it’s enforced. Obviously some rules may differ depending on the area, but this is how it was at my school.

External image

These are the general rules.

  • No inappropriate logos or messages on shirts.

  • No exposed bras, thongs, or other underwear

  • Opaque clothing

  • Shoulders completely covered (This is usually enforced as the “3 finger rule” all tank tops must be thicker than 3 of your fingers together.)

  • No boobs or cleavage

  • Back and midriff covered

  • Shorts must be longer than your fingertips with arms relaxed at the sides


Now these are the rules listed. What they don’t say is that you aren’t allowed to wear PJ’s or tights that aren’t covered by shorts or a dress/skirt.


So first off, I’ll show you the “school appropriate” outfits I put together. If you see a problem in any of them where I overlook a dress-code rule, please inform me and I’ll remove that picture from this post and leave the caption “I was suspended for this outfit”


I call this “Above legal drinking age and have never tried extacy”

This one is called “Very classy lady on her way to a business meeting”

A fan favorite here. It’s called “Above the age of 12 and wearing this unironically”

This one is my personal fav. “I am a doctor with a law degree and also an engineer.”

And lastly, “I stay at home on weekends to watch family feud with my grandma.”

So those are all the outfits I made that fit into the dress code. Here are the ones that don’t

A particularly wretched photo labeled “I fuck men with my armpits because I’m a slutty bitch whore slut.”

This photo is appalling. Bearing her shoulders and her midriff?! It’s called “Dirty whore with no dignity and several STD’s”

The first in a horrible series of photos labeled “I love anal”

The second “I love anal” photo. Make note of the bright colours in this one. She’s trying to draw more attention to herself that way. Even though her breasts (which are totally a sexual organ by the way) are completely covered, you can tell she wants to have intercourse. 

The third and last “I love anal” photo. She tries to make herself look grunge in this photo. Absolutely disgusting and dirty. 

This one really gets under my skin. Not only is she showing her legs like a slut, but her shirt is white and you can see her bra through it. It’s titled “Fake geek girl trying to get attention with her tits”

Lastly, this is a sloby good for nothing whore in PJ’s. It’s called “I do porn and have sex for money.” since PJ’s in public = sex worker.

Now, since I know you all just came in your pants, I’ll give you a little time to clean up and wash your eyes out with soap before I continue.


But there it is.The clothing that set churches on fire and ruin people’s lives. The outfits we have banned from schools. These are articles of clothing that get girls sent home from school. That’s right. So incredibly outrageous that a student is forced to miss the entire day of study and must then catch up the following day. Let alone if you are caught committing the dastardly deed that is wearing a pair of shorts multiple times. If that happens you can be suspended for days, possibly even weeks. I’m not even done yet I still want to talk about the things we as students can wear comfortably.


External image

This is a map of the world. Now depending on where you are located on this map, hot weather can be though. Now I live in Canada, and I know we get shit about being freezing cold, but it can get to be 30C (86F) sometimes even 40C (104F) degree heat here. That’s hot enough, and as someone who doesn't take heat well, can make me feel really effing sick. People can faint or get really sick from heat, and as anyone with a uterus knows: periods + extremely hot weather = excruciating pain and discomfort. People always talk about how uncomfortable it makes the boys, and how we’re selfish for not covering up, but I’d like my comfort to be taken into account too. The last thing I want to do is wake up in the morning, put on a way-too-hot outfit, and then spend 6 hours of my day sweating in a sweaty room full of other sweaty students. If you've been out of school for awhile or attend some magical school for pixies, most schools don’t have air conditioning. Meaning when it’s 42 and you’re internally dying, you fucking deal with it. No weaksauce temperature controlled breathable air for you. You put ice-cubes in your bra and toughen up.


Now what does this have to do with anything you may ask? Even if you don’t give a shit about looking professional at school, I want you to refer back to the clothing I was wearing that was “school appropriate”. What’s the common theme between all of them? Your answer is layers. Layers on layers on layers of clothing


Even if you thought those outfits were appropriate for a school environment, you can’t tell me that it’s even remotely possible to wear that many layers in extreme heat. It doesn’t even get that hot where I live, can you imagine all the poor girls in Texas or Australia where shit gets fucking hot.


Now I’m going to show you all the clothes that I can actually wear to school


First off, since we won’t be layering, all of the clothing that is against the dress-code can go


Far too hot for sweaters, so those can go.


So can long sleeve tops and jeans since those are basically death


Look at this. Two piles. After filling my bed with clothes, that was all that was left. This isn’t because I’m a “slut” or a part time prostitute. This is because clothing companies don’t make clothes that are “school appropriate”


The only reason there are two piles is because I was lucky enough to buy a few pairs of these in 2010.


I often see the argument “why don’t girls just wear shorts that aren’t all the way up their ass.” The answer is because they don’t exist anymore. They’re out of style and thus smaller stores don’t sell them anymore. Last fall when I went school shopping, I searched everywhere for another pair of these. After going to two different malls, I found two stores total that carried these shorts. In both places they were 40+$ and don’t have that kind of money to spend on anything right now, let alone clothing I don’t even like. Shopping for school clothes is extremely hard, because they simply don’t make clothing that is wearable in the heat, and fits all of a school’s strict guidelines


Stop telling me girls need to cover up. Because we try, but since we don’t cover up perfectly to your standards then we’re sent home and we miss school and we stop bothering. We stop caring about our bodies, we stop caring about our learning, and we stop caring about ourselves. When you constantly say “Don’t wear that, don’t show this, this makes you a slut, and teens these days are so disgusting” that we start to believe that we are. We start shaming ourselves and each other about our bodies. It’s not healthy and it’s not okay. These stupid school dress codes don’t make any sense, and they makes things much more difficult than they need to be.


When you start calling girls sluts, and gross, and whores, for the things that they wear, they start to see themselves that way. Girls already have enough pressure put on the to look perfect, and when they finally have enough confidence in themselves to wear that tank top, or those shorts, they don’t need you to call them a whore for doing so.

Twin Cities Gothic
  • There is a river. People look at it wistfully and say its so beautiful. They dive into the dirty water and never return. You gaze into the churning, writhing, aching depths and cringe. There is something watching you.
  • The streets are grids. You drive and drive and cross the same streets over and over again. 1st Ave, 4th Ave, 20th Ave, 1st St, 4th St, 20th St, repeat. You don’t know where you’re going anymore. It’s hard to remember where you came from.
  • You get on a bus. You sit. A man gets on after you with his bike. The driver ignores him. The beep of a card being swiped. A man gets on with his bike. A beep. A man gets off with his bike. A beep. A man gets on with his bike.
  • The bikes are everywhere. Green and obvious, you never notice them until someone nearly runs you down. They stop, apologize. You ask about the bike. They gaze into the distance wistfully. Usage fees, they murmur, usage fees. You do not ask again.
  • Where are you? Your friend asks over the phone. You look at the house numbers. They are all four numerals that do not match the streets.  I don’t know, You reply, and your friend laughs.
  • The Guthrie Theater is showing A Christmas Carol. The Guthrie Theater is always showing A Christmas Carol. You have seen it five times and can never remember any details but the rattling of chains. You never mean to end up at The Guthrie Theater but you find yourself there anyway.
  • You get on a bus. A woman gets on with a cane and three people offer their seat. She accepts none. She pays in nickles and grins a toothless grin. She sits next to you, tucks her cane between her legs. She has no eyes and you avert yours.
  • What can I get you to drink? Your waitress intones, a emotionless smile on her face. Could I get a pop? Your friend asks. The waitress doesn’t ask what kind. You order the catfish and fear embeds itself into your gut. It arrives with the eyes intact, staring at you. You choke it down anyway.
  • The light rail is brightly lit. You sit on uncomfortable seats and wait. Please do not put your feet on the seats, An announcer pleads. Be considerate to other passengers. There is a screaming child. Be considerate. A man leans against the doors, falling through them as they open into the sky. Be considerate.
  • You stroll downtown at night and feel someone watching you. You turn around, the people hurry past you with their heads down. The shadows are full of things you do not want to think about. You turn around. 
  • The Green Line is under construction. When you called and asked when it would be open, the man on the line laughed nervously and replied Soon. It is still not open. Sometimes you wonder if it ever will be. Soon.
  • Nice weather today. A stranger comments at the bus stop, rubbing his blue hands together and shivering. It’s always nice here. He nods to himself. You’re not sure if hes trying to convince you or himself. Nice weather today.
Arrivals and Departures

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Dean couldn’t believe he had to fly all the way out to Seattle for a meeting with his publisher. Wasn’t part of the whole “being a writer” thing not having to leave his apartment for dumb meetings? But no, the new illustrator wanted to meet in person. Dean had begged Charlie to just find someone else, but she didn’t budge. She thought it would be good for all of them, the publishers, the illustrator, and Dean to map out the story together. So, a meeting was scheduled- a meeting almost 2,000 miles away. Dean threatened to find a new publisher. He was met with Charlie’s obnoxious laughter. When he heard a snort, Dean hung up.  Wiggling his way out of it proved impossible, his threats were empty, and Dean found himself packing a bag and searching his cabinets for something to get him through the flight.

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Can you make a fic where he finds out about your self harm and kisses each scar? Sorry if it' too specific. Ily❤️❤️

Ily too lovely X
Okay so quick disclaimer: this obviously contains shit about self-harm/cutting etc, and if you’re sensitive to that then please don’t read this.
Secondly, know that self-harm is NEVER the answer. Please, please don’t hurt yourself. If you ever wanna talk about anything I’m always here and I luv u!
That said, I hope this is okay X

You quickly pulled your sweater on, trying your best to ignore the discomfort.
You were in the lounge, watching TV.
The weather was becoming increasingly warmer and as a result you had been forced to take off the long sleeved tshirts and jumpers you always wore to avoid melting; but this also meant having your scars in plain sight.
So, as a compromise, you took your layers off whenever no one was around, but there was always a sweater within arms reach.

Cal walked into the lounge and sat down next to you on the sofa, draping an arm nonchalantly across the back of the seat.
‘Are you not boiling with that on?’ He asked, and you shook your head.
‘I’m fine,’ you answered, trying to come across as normal as possible.
‘I feel like I’ve hardly seen you recently’ he said, closing the space between you two.
It was true, and you’d been missing him, but you were also terrified that he’d discover the new scars on your wrists that are only just concealed by the sleeves that you desperately pulled down over your hands as he spoke.

He leaned in and pressed his plump lips to yours, passionately. The kiss deepened quickly and soon you had forgotten about the scars and the rest of the world because all that mattered was him.
His hand reached up and cupped your cheek, running his thumb across the soft skin as he pulled away and looked into your eyes.
His other hand made its way down your side and began tracing patterns on your inner thighs, making you moan quietly. He loved watching the effect he had on you; his eyes never left your face and he took his bottom lip between his teeth when you moaned again, enjoying every second of teasing you.
Your hand reached down to give yourself some relief, but he wanted to be in control. He smiled mischievously as he grabbed your wrist, but his expression soon turned to a frown of confusion when you flinched at his touch.

The lust in his eyes was gone and was replaced by concern and curiosity as he kept ahold of your hand.
His eyes made their way down from your face, along your arm and to your wrist, and he pulled the sleeve of your sweater up.
His eyes flitted from your wrist to your face and then back to your wrist. He wordlessly traced his finger along the faded scars and, more recently, the cuts on the sensitive skin.

He wasn’t angry. He wasn’t disappointed. He didn’t lecture you.
He looked completely stunned.
A moment passed that felt like a century before he spoke.
‘You don’t have to tell me why you did it, but please, please don’t ever do it again,’ he said quietly, his eyes boring into yours.
You simply nodded, he held out his arms and you snuggled into them.
They felt like home. It didn’t matter how many times he held you like this, it never got old; and you never wanted to leave the safety of his embrace.
He pulled the sweater over your head and you immediately felt weird - exposed, after concealing yourself for so long.

‘Don’t ever feel like you have to hide from me, baby’, He said quietly against your ear, his smooth voice making the feeling from earlier stir up inside of you.
You nodded and he lay back on the sofa, pulling you on top of him.

You lay with your head on his chest and listened to his even breathing for a moment before you became aware of his fingers lightly tracing down your arm to your hand.
He lifted your hand up and turned it over so that it was facing palm-up. Your scars were in plain sight; you watched as he brought your wrist up to his plump lips and softly kissed every single scar on your wrist, being so gentle and caring that it brought tears to your eyes.
He did the exact same to your other wrist, kissing each scar individually.
When he was done, his eyes met yours and his voice broke when he spoke.
‘Please don’t hurt yourself like that ever again, baby. Please,’ his eyes were watery and the fact that you hurting yourself nearly brought him to tears hurt more than any cut ever could.
'I won’t, I promise. I’m sorry,’ you whispered, kissing him as you traced your thumb along his cheekbone. He was so sweet, so incredibly caring and it broke your heart that it had hurt him so much to see you in pain.

You knew damn well that you’d sooner die than cut yourself ever again, because it just wasn’t worth it.

I love you I love you I love you, stay safe babies 💗 X

Imagine Thorin wrapping his furry coat around you on cold nights- Pt.2

Characters: Thorin, Dwalin, Reader

Words: 938

Fluffy, mild cussing (Dwalin)


You were shaking, but not due to the cold.

You and the rest of the company were out of the burlap sacks, out of the hands of the trolls. Bilbo was one quick-thinking Hobbit, that was for sure. And Gandalf was a lifesaving wizard, no doubt about it. All was well again.

But later on, you curled under Thorin’s coat tighter than ever, fearful of nightmares, finding comfort only from his surprisingly sweet scent, like wisteria, mixed with the distinct soft worn leather smell. Even the slightly gamey odor of the fur was appealing.The combined aromas seemed to ward off any lingering thoughts about the last incident.

You had gone through a brief period of feeling like a weakling for needing Thorin’s coat, then a longer stretch of feeling rather greedy for just wanting it. The coat was, hands down, the best among the group. And Thorin didn’t seem to mind so you decided to enjoy it.

Then came that one balmy night.

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 12/?

Gif credits

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Imagine #42

Imagine that you are in bed with your TC, cuddling the shit out of them. You hear that it starts to rain outside and you feel a rush of excitement because you love the rain and always imagined cuddling with your TC in that type of weather (a/n: yeah, yeah, yeah too specific blah blah blah, let me have my moment).

Your TC notices your change in body language and chuckles, “are you alright?”

“It’s raining,” you state, nuzzling into them.

“Yes, I’ve noticed.”

“It’s raining and you’re here.”

“Thanks captain obvious.”

You ignore their sarcastic comment and squeeze them, “you’re here with me, and that’s so great.”

They scoff, “you’re so annoyingly cute.” They look down at your face and kiss your forehead.

So one time at uni my friend came over and asked how I always have my shit together and I realised that I’m actually super organised. I do a few things before I go to bed every night that help me for the next day, so here goes:

Plan your outfit the night before

I like to maximise my sleep-in time in the morning, so before I go to bed I prepare an outfit for the next day. Check the weather before you do this so you don’t end up wearing a skirt when it’s -10 degrees outside.

Prepare your lunch

This is really simple and saves money so why not? I usually make myself a sandwich, pick a couple of snacks and fill up a drink bottle. Bonus tip for lazy people (aka me): make 5 sandwiches on Sunday night and freeze them all, so you can quickly grab your lunch in the morning and leave. …This does work better if you toast your sandwich at lunch time though.

Pack your bag

If you tend to forget things, this is probably the most important. Put everything you need for the next day in the bag you’ll be using so you can grab it and go in the morning. Check what classes you have on for the next day and pack accordingly. Don’t forget your lunch, keys, ID & wallet!

Make a to do list

Grab a piece of paper and write down everything you could possibly to tomorrow. Then highlight the three most important tasks. These are your ‘must do’ tasks for the day, so make a start on them first thing in the morning. You tend to be more productive with a plan of attack.

Plan your day

I personally prefer a physical paper planner for this, but a digital one or a blank sheet of paper will suffice. Start by scheduling your appointments and responsibilities and then fill in the other things you hope to accomplish as per your to do list. Make sure you include buffer time to travel to places, and incase your assignments/other work takes longer than expected (and it always does!).

Tidy your study space

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 Jungkook fluffy-angst scenario

Summary: You are in a relationship with Jungkook. But something is wrong. He is cheating on you. When you understand it, drown inside your thoughts, your depression and your anger, you leave him with a note. After 2 years, you find him again.

Request by @a-beautifuldayna​ : Scenario Jungkook is cheating and you know so you write a note, leave without telling him, 2 years has pass then one day you guys see each other again. Fluff ending!:3 ^.<

Sat. 1/25 2014

It was Saturday night. You had just finished your reading and you were about to leave university’s building. You put your books inside your bag and ran to the door. You were so excited you would be able to see your boyfriend. Jungkook. You called him but he wasn’t answering. You knew he was home. But he wasn’t answering.

‘What is happening?’ you thought. You took the first taxi you saw and without loosing the smile from your face, you told the taxi driver to take you to his house. Your house.

It was raining cats and dogs. But you didn’t care. You paid the driver and ran till the door.

It was locked.

'What the heck?’ you thought. 'He locked the door? Why? Anyway.’ you opened it and you quickly ran inside the house. It was cold outside and you were quite wet from the rain since you had no umbrella.

“Kookie? Oppa? I am home! Where are you? Are you sleeping, honey?” you yelled but nobody answered. You were sure he was sleeping so you walked until your bedroom’s door.

You heard nothing. You were about to open the door when you heard it. A moan. You heard a moan. A girl’s moan. You thought you misheard. But you didn’t open the door. After a moment you heard Jungkook’s voice too, saying all these private things out loud to her.

A strange girl was having sex with your boyfriend. What the hell.

You swallowed and made sure you heard right once more.

'That’s it. I’m out.’

You didn’t want to saw this with your eyes.

You were about to collapse.

You walked slowly to the door.

You went out.

You said nothing.


You didn’t know what to do.


He said you were the one.

You were his sunshine.

You were his only one.

You were his soul mate.

You were the only girl for him.

You thought he was different.

You trusted him.

You loved him.

You wanted him to stay next to your side forever.

You thought you were the best couple.

You gave him everything.

You tried.

You promised to yourself you will never cry again, cause he made you do it.

You believed he was telling the truth.

You were crying now.

You wanted to die.

“What a liar.” you cried like a little girl and started running while the rain was wetting your hair and your clothes. It was too late.


No lights outside. Just cars and a few strange people with their umbrellas.

You didn’t know were to go. You were fucking in love with him. Why he did this. You stopped. Your thoughts were drowning you.

You stood there. In the middle of the street holding your head looking up to the sad sky. It was crying with you.

You were sobbing. No more left tears. Only despair.

You saw an open coffee shop. You ran and sat there. You ordered a coffee and since you were quite away from your house you sat there, watching the rain.

You ended up with the idea leaving him. With the worst way. With a note. You didn’t want to lie. But you didn’t even want to hear this phrase from your lover’s mouth.

*It’s not what you’re thinking.*


You didn’t want to hear this. You knew the truth. You knew everything. You just didn’t want to hurt yourself more.

Dear Jungkook,

Who the fuck am I kidding. I am sorry. I thought we were something. It is probably my fault. Maybe I am not enough for you. Maybe you are right. Maybe this girl was better than me. Umm…I am in a coffee shop. Somewhere. I don’t even know. It’s 12:06. You probably haven’t finish your job yet. At least you enjoy it, honey. When you’ll remember me and call me, I’ll probably be at my ex house. Thank God I still have this. I’ll lie to you. I’ll tell you I have a lot of things to study and that I am still at the university. I am not good telling lies. But I’ll try. Cos my fucking heart hurts. I hate you. You promised me I’ll never cry again. Then why? Why my chest hurts this much, oppa? Why my eyes are so wet? Oh, you are right. It’s raining and I have no umbrella. LOL. Anyway…..I’ll leave this on my bedside when you are at your training. Umm….I have to go to my house now. I think I caught a cold. Don’t try to fix this. Don’t try to find me. I am not gonna be at Tae’s house. Or any other friend’s house. Not even at the university. Don’t you even try calling my family. I’ll leave from my house too. So…I am happy you showed to me what real love is. Even though you were faking it at the last months/days? I don’t know. Take care. I love I will learn your news from TV. Forget about me and try to leave your life with happy memories from now on.

xoxo, your only one, asshole kookie♥

You finished your coffee and went to your ex house. You called your family and told them that you are coming the following day. You had to leave from Seoul at least for a week.

You had a bath and when you were about to sleep you heard your phone vibrating.

'Right. Kookie.’ you thought.


“Y/N, were are you? It’s too late? What the fuck are you studying? Are you okay? Can you return?” he seemed anxious.

“Ummmm….basically I still have a lot of thing to do. Oppa. Sleep tight. Umm…I sleep at my friend’s cubicle here. Don’t worry. Sleep and be ready for your work tomorrow. Okay?” you said REALLY quickly.

“Suuuureee…Y/N are you okay? You seem anxious…?Ohhh I got it…you have to study.” he said making you feel relived you had no more justification to tell.

“Yeah…Ummm, goodnight oppa, I lo-” you said but you closed your mouth.

“Heeehee, I love you too little princess. Don’t you ever forget this, okay? I miss you. I love you. FIGHTING! When I see you again I’ll  kiss your lips until you can not breath.” he whispered.

“Really?” you said ready to cry.

“MMMMMMMMMMM, I can not wait to see you. Well, you have to study baby. See ya tomorrow.” he sent a kiss and ended up the conversation.

“Whatever.” you spoke to your phone’s screen.

You fell asleep,


The next morning you woke up, you put on your shoes and since all of your belongings where to Jungkook’s house you saw the time


“He is  to the work. I got to go.” you said and hurried up.

You quickly packed up everything and left the note to the bed.

You closed the door behind you.

“Goodbye oppa. Wish you the best.” you said, you wore your black glasses and walked away from the house with your belongings.


Fri. 2/26 2016

You were walking to your home from your work. It was your first day. Since you graduated from the university you had to get a job. So, you decided not to leave from Seoul and try to find a job there. You had a completely new life without Jungkook. You became more woman. You were more tough with everything. And this made you succeed. The truth is, all the guys you were with for 1 or 2 months were officially assholes. But you knew that no one could be like him. Even though he treated you like nothing. You just needed someone to fill the loneliness part times to times. You were thinking everything was your job. Nothing more. Everything the job and everything about how to go further. You had no time for relationships. You knew not a lot of things about Jungkook from the time you left, since you couldn’t watch TV because you were studying, but the only sure thing was that he was still single and that he was still with the BTS slaying around the world.

Anyway. Generally, your life was a mess. Nothing was good. So you really wanted to do a good beginning with your job.

The first day was great and you met a lot of “future friends”. 

You took your taxi to take you home. Everything was good. Sunny weather, silence in the streets. But suddenly, the car, broke down.

You had no money with you and your phone out of battery. But you decided to walk. It was a good day anyway.

You were walking for like 10 minutes, and you were lost. You may leaved in this town for a lot of years but always transporting with a taxi.

You decided to ask  someone for help. 

“Excuse me?” you said and talked to a tall, young boy. He turned around. It was Jungkook. You saw his face 'HOLY SHIT.’ you thought. 'After all these years here, it had to be today?’

“Y/N????’ he said and he was ready to hug you but he didn’t.

"Op- Ummm…Jeon Jungkook?” you couldn’t say anything.  All the bad memories came to your head. How you left him. How he cheated on you. How he was calling you everyday all the time. How he was asking your friends. How he even went to your family’s house to ask for you. AND HOW YOU WERE IGNORING HIM.

“YOU ARE STILL HERE IN SEOUL?” he asked completely serious. You really wanted to pretend it wasn’t you. But you couldn’t. Darn it. He was still so warm with you.

“Umm…yeah…That’s life. You see I lost my way and I saw you again.” you said and looked down and blushed.

“You were always like this…lost without a taxi” he said and lowered his face to see your red face.

“You grew up Y/N. You don’t wear the university uniform anymore. You…you work? Here?” he said and tried to make you feel comfortable.

“Yeah…today it was my first day.” you couldn’t look inside his eyes after the things that you did to him. But then you thought that he cheated on you. It wasn’t your mistake only. So you didn’t look at the floor no more.

“And it was great” you smiled.

“I am happy about you. My job is going great too. I am…feeling happy we are both succeeded.” he said and looked up in the sky.

“Yeah…me too…” a few minutes passed and Jungkook spoke.

“Okay, Y/N. We are not kids and you know that. We have to talk. For that night.” he said and quickly grabbed your hand and drove you to his house.

'Right. That is why I could remember this neighbourhood. It’s Jungkook’s neighbourhood.’ you thought silly. You said nothing and just followed him. The truth s, you really wanted to know the story from his own mouth.

His house was the same. Just without your things. Just like you had left it. Jungkook brought coffee and your note. You felt so guilty then.

“Okay, I have to explain you I left this-”

“STOP. It’s not you. It’s me. I am an asshole, as the letter says. I am really. This girl that night was nothing. I really don’t know how I did this to you. After the whole thing, I felt so guilty and fucked up. I would let you know the following night. Even though I knew you might broke up with me, which you did it anyway, I would tell you. I don’t know if you know, but we cancelled our comeback, cause I had depression. I don’t blame you. Cos everything started from me and my wrong decision. I acted like a teenage boy. I shouldn’t. From the other hand, you made me understand how woman you are and that I really don’t deserve you. I am sure the guy you have know treats you well. I hope. I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW I DID THIS. You were the best thing that happened to my life and I let you leave. It wasn’t that I had any problem with you. Or that you weren’t enough for me. It is just me. I am sorry. It is NOT enough. I know. And you are right at everything. It is just me. I don’t know how. I didn’t even thought before I did what I did. I-”

“Oppa.” you interrupted him. He was ready to cry.

“I am sorry. I am so happy to see you again.” he said and covered his face with his hands. He was crying.

“Oppa.” you said and sat next to him. You were still in love with him.

“I still love you Y/N. And it hurts because it’s all my fault.”

You saw his wet eyes and his cracked voice broke your heart. You hugged him tight. One moment. One second. Everything happened in 1 second. He stopped crying. and he hugged you tighter.

“Y/N, I am sorry.” he said and continued crying.

“Oppa, I still love you too.” you said and started crying with him.

“You mean this seriously? I am just an asshole.” he said now looking deep inside your eyes.

“More than anything. You are my life. Everything without you is just not okay. All the other guys are totally assholes. They only want sex and the they leave. Not that I needed something more. I thought I could walk ahead without you. Having all these unstable relationships with random  guys. But nobody is like my oppa. I only need you. You are the best. You are my soul mate. Please. Forgive me.” you said and you couldn’t held your tears.

“Y/N, I want you to stay. Here with me. Forever. Like before 2 years. I love you. Please, be my only girlfriend. I won’t treat you like that again. Please.” he said and hugged you hard waiting for your answer.

“That day, you promised me something. About the next time you’ll see me. Can you remember?” you said clearing your wet eyes with your blouse. You saw inside Jungkook’s eyes. They were looking at yours too.

Jungkook, smiled and held your hand. He dragged you closer to his body. You ended up siting up to his legs.

He cared you face and then he cleared your face from your hair looking at your still yet eyes.

“I fucking missed you.” he said and swallowed.

After a second, his lips, pressed against yours. His hands pushing your back closer to his chest, full of love.

The sun disappeared. A heavy rain was now ruling the sky. But you didn’t care.

Jungkook, kept his promise.


This is huge. But I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed this scenario. I feel so happy I finished I in one day.