the weather channel app


Got outside this morning. My goal was simply that - get outside, move a little, enjoy the morning. This was the first time in too long that the weather channel app said the wind would be “calm.” It was nice to have a calm lake and a calm morning.

My foot is still feeling off. I can run a little here and there, but I can feel that it’s not happy. I’m trying to just take it slow. At work on Wednesday there was a PT doing free screenings at the gym. She gave me some ideas of what could have caused it, plus emailed me some exercises and a recommendation for a podiatrist.

Work has been incredibly busy. A higher power has requested lots of documents from my team/me, so I’ve been scrambling to get everything put together. I’ll also be in a deposition in about 2 weeks, so I’ve been having some prep for that. Super fun, let me tell you. Well, it’s at least experience and exposure. The hardest adjustment is to not elaborate on my answers. It’s ingrained in me to give too much information, which I basically have to unlearn.

Otherwise I’ve got a 3 day weekend! I’m super busy Saturday and Sunday, and then have Monday all to myself. It will be glorious.

Happy Friday!

The weather channel app tells me that its thunder-storming where you are, animated lightning crackling through the night sky. It’s sunny where I am, infinite blue skies except for the perfect cartoon clouds above the mountains. We are worlds away from each other, and I’m still thinking about you. Are you thinking about me?
—  i write imaginary letters to you when i daydream

Maintaining Senegalese Twists (With Extensions) 101

It has been a week and a day since I spent eight, stiffening hours at my braid shop getting my Senegalese Twists installed (for more about tips for preparing for twists installation, check out my last tutorial here: They definitely took some getting used to as my braids still felt tight against my scalp up until about day four, but now I’m whipping my hair back and forth and throwing my hair into ponytails since the braids have loosened up considerably. I also washed my hair six days after my installation (this junk gets itchy fast) and have been spraying my strands with my own concocted braid spray. Keep reading for more details!


I made a braid spray mixing water, Shea Moisture’s Coconut Curl & Style Milk, and Jojoba oil in a bowl with my fingers until the moisturizer was smooth with minimal chunks (I applied much more water than moisturizer so the spray would be more watery but still make my hair feel slightly oily to the touch thanks to my squirt of Jojoba Oil). I poured my mix into my spray bottle which I shake vigorously before each use. I spray this mix onto my hair everyday until it feels slightly damp to ensure that my natural hair is moisturized while concealed in this protective style. Sorry I don’t have exact measurements for this mixture of mine, but I just kinda winged it and haven’t needed to make another batch since. When I make my next batch, I’ll provide further details. On my scalp, I solely use Jojoba Oil as I find it is the best oil to moisturize my skin and it absorbs very well. I apply a few dabs here and there every other day.

Hair Washing

I took an applicator bottle and diluted my favorite shampoo in it with water. I parted my twists in four sections and applied the diluted shampoo to the scalp of each section and gently rubbed the dirt off my scalp. After my scalp was cleansed, I worked my diluted shampoo onto my strands until they were soaked and squeezed each section repeatedly to ensure that the shampoo was absorbed into my twists. Then I hopped in the shower and rinsed out the shampoo off my strands and scalp. I thought my curls would instantly pop out of my twists but to my surprise I have had very minimal fly aways. I liberally applied my favorite conditioner onto each section making sure to squeeze in the conditioner into my strands, and left it sitting on my twists for about 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing my hair. Using two t-shirts, I split my hair in two sections and let the excess water soak into the shirts which I magically knotted onto the end of my sections. It took my braids about 30 minutes to stop dripping then I applied my self-made braid spray liberally onto my strands until they felt moisturized. A few hours later, my hair completely dried.

Thankfully, protective styles offer a semi-carefree lifestyle of minimal hair maintenance and I am LOVING how easy it is for me to get up and get out without having to worry how I should style my hair or incessantly checking the humidity index for the day on my Weather Channel app. Thus far, this has been a fulfilling experience and I kind of wish I had dreads now so I could enjoy this minimalist lifestyle a lot longer haha.

Also, I have been taking Biotin 2500 mg tablets for the past week and a half to aid in hair health and growth during this time so we’ll see if this boost in vitamins makes any difference. Thanks for reading!

Straight White Boy Problem #825

When you go to a cookout with your bros at the park and you take off your vineyard vines shirt to play volleyball but then you realize the weather is now overcast so now you are lowkey mad because you wanted to get rid of your farmers tan, but you keep your cool and check The Weather Channel App on your iPhone but there is 100% chance of rain at 6 PM so now you hope that David hurries up with those burgers and hot dogs or else the bros will go hungry

Straight White Boy Problem #637

*looks at The Weather Channel App on my iPhone 5S bc my parents don’t trust me with the 6* what the heck? it feels like 20 degrees outside ?I’m glad I’m wearing my hoodie but i need more… *puts my new Chicago bulls snapback on my head and then covers the snapback with my hoodie* I’m really warm now!!