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Nights Like This- George Weasley Imagine.

“Beautiful out isn’t it?” George broke the comfortable silence between the two as they walked along the road. 

“It really is.” Y/N smiled. looking up at the sky with a light squeeze to Georges hand. 

“Sorry for being irrational today… I don’t know whats gotten into me.” she spoke quietly moving her (Y/H/C) hair over her shoulder. 

“You know darling. I don’t care. Nights like this I couldn’t care less about what happened in the past. I’m out here with this beautiful girl who’s wearing my plaid pajama pants. were walking under the beautiful starry sky, and that girl I mentioned earlier. Yeah that beautiful one. I’m dating her. She gets along perfectly with my family and she just helped me pull a prank on my brother.” He looked down at Y/N smiling.

“George Weasley you think your so in right now.” He smiled at him. 

“What are you talking about?” He chuckled.

“You said all that to get into these plaid pajama pants of yours.” She giggled. 

“Did not.” 

“Did too.”

“Did it work?” He smiled beginning to walk again. 

“Yeah it might have.” you winked. Both of them stayed silent for a while before bursting out laughing, 

“Seriously though babe,” He smiled, “I love you. From your pretty (y/h/c) locks, to your bright red converse.” He pointed down to her shoes. she looked down at them and chuckled before looking up at him. 

“I love you too.” Y/N stood up on her toes kissing him gently. they continued to walk down the rode after a little bit and listened to the rocks cracking noise under their feet making light chatter every few minutes. Eventually they did make it back to the Burrows. 

“M’lady.” He opened the door. She smiled and walked in he followed behind and both of The laid down in front of the fire. 

“We should do this again.” he smiled turning his head to look at her.

“We will.” She smiled, looking back at him pecking Georges lips.She got up walking to the stairs, “Night Weasley.”

“I though I was in!” He called after her sitting up on her forearms. 

“Oops I lied.” She giggled calling back, ‘Of coarse.. that is a perfect ending to nights like these.” she smirked looking back at him. 

“Hell yeah.” He smiled getting up and following after her. 

RIP Fred Weasly

One day George was walking down the joke shop and fell upon a box of extendable ears.

His first thought was when Fred and him were spying at 12 Grimmauld Place and how proud Fred was of their creation.

With tears in his eyes he reached to the sky and hoped that for a tiny secound he would hear fred’s voice one last time.


Imagine: The Weasley Twins helping you through your depression and self-harming. They always make sure to make you smile and feel important.