the weasly house

I have more school pride for Hogwarts than my actual school.
Potterhead problem

The number one potterhead problem I’ve really found recently is looking at uncaptioned fan art and thinking James and lily or Harry and Ginny

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of witches and wizards to grow up with, that is if you grew up in the 90s-2000s. Some of our favorite characters are also our favorite famous humans in general as well. Hermionie knows her potions and facts like the back of her hand while Emma Watson aims to fight the good battle of women’s rights. Harry, the chosen one, fights to save the wizarding world and humanity while Daniel Radcliffe is busy being 4ft0 and acting in plays that will never add up to Harry Potter glory. Ron or Rupert Grint, well he is basically the same on and off screen plus or minus a little modeling. In real life or in the movie, which version of these stars/characters, would you want to be friends with?

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Music in Hogwarts
  • I really hope that the muggleborns/halfbloods terrified the living daylights out of the purebloods by randomly singing songs,
  • *silence in the classroom*
  • person: *screams* FREEZE
  • muggleborns/halfbloods: *ferociously clapping and scare the live daylights out of purebloods*
  • or
  • muggleborn/halfblood: i knew you were trouble when you walked in... *shouts and all the others join in* NOW IM LYING ON THE COLD HARD GROUND.
  • purebloods are sat there having a bloody heart attack and accidently tip ink and stuff all over their work or dropping books.
MBTI Reactions To...

Planning (Requested)


“Planning. Is. Imperative. I’ll see you in a few hours, days or weeks if needed.”


“It really depends on what I’m planning for….” - Nadia


“Excellent in most cases to get work done efficiently; however, for other things like travel it’s best to leave room for improvisation.”

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Newt Scamander

Newt scamander is honestly the most adorable person ever and if you hate him then you’re wrong.

I was reading order of the phoenix the other day and reminder that Harry was included in molly weasleys boggart which makes me cry so much

Remus lupin aesthetic

I kanda like this one but also kinda don’t I dunno. This was requested by someone so thanks for the idea :3 if anyone has anymore requests for anything then send them to my inbox


Lily Evans aesthetic

Yey! I really like making these and I’m gonna do some peeps from the marauders era and stuff like that. If you want a certain character then tell me :3