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Snow flurries

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Request - The Reader is really excited snow, but he tries to talk them out of going in it because the thinks they’ll get sick. 

Pairing - Kurt Wayner X Reader  

Word Count- 987

A/N - Hey guys its Day 3 of my Christmas requests and my first real time writing Kurt so if you could give me some feedback it would be much appreciated.  

You were waiting for the first snowfall of the year, why? Because you loved snow, the way it felt in your hands as you formed a snowball, the beautiful white scenery that always appeared when snow formed on houses and trees creating perfect sceneries for Christmas cards.You also loved the juxtaposition that the snow could bring, while it looked soft and harmless it could also form into something tough and strong.It often reminded you of your boyfriend, Kurt Wagner…

 When the first snow of the year did eventually fall over the institute, you were thrilled you were finally able to go outside and enjoy the cold crisp winter’s air with the glittering snow crunching beneath your feet. As your excitement grew, your excitement did not reflect your boyfriend’s mood. He was much more subdued about the snow. You had been excited not only for yourself but for Kurt. This would have been his first real experience with snow. But when you realised that Kurt refused to go out in the snow and was hesitate for you to do so, something was definitely wrong. 

More snow had settled on the ground and you were definitely determined to go outside. But you didn’t want to go out there by yourself, not when everyone had made plans last night to go outside today and have some fun. You desired to have this one memory, maybe after he went out in the snow he would realise that it wasn’t so bad after all. 

Knocking on Kurt’s bedroom door which he shared with Peter, tapping lightly. Upon hearing a muffled come in you entered, Kurt was laying on his bed reading. 

“Hey love, will you come outside with me and the others?” You asked softly, moving further into the room before sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No. I am sorry, Mein Liebe, I do not zhink you should go outside either. It’s very dangerous, you could get sick.” So that’s what Kurt was worried about, Kurt was scared that you were going to end up getting sick. You smiled, as you leant forward kissing your boyfriend’s lips softly. 

“Vhat vas zhat for?” Kurt asked while you took his three-fingered hand in his. 

“That is for caring, but, Kurt the snow isn’t going to hurt me. There are ways to protect me from getting sick, like scarfs and coats and gloves. Besides, after we have been out in the snow there is a very special way to warm up afterwards” You knew you had Kurt’s interest peaked, you raised an eyebrow at him before he sighed. 

“Fine, but as long as you vrap up varm. I don’t vant you to get sick.” With a squeal of excitement, you leant down again kissing Kurt thankfully before running out to finish getting ready. Kurt was feeling better about the white monster outside…especially if you kept kissing him. 

Wrapped up and ready to go you waited for Kurt by the front door. As sudden BAMF and Kurt was standing in front of you, you took his hand in yours before you opened the door to the mansion looking at the large pile’s untouched snow. The others were already outside beginning to mess around in the snow. 

“Are you sure you want to go outside I know I was hasty before.” You questioned, Kurt smiled as he leant down and kissed your forehead. 

“Yes, I am zure. Besides, I am most curious as vhat is this special vay of varming up is.” Taking Kurt’s hand you lead him outside, letting him take his time. The snow was like freezing cold candy floss, you crouched down picking some up in your gloved hand, holding up to Kurt, Kurt touched the snow before pulling away. 

“It is very cold. But maybe not zo bad. Vhat do people do in zhe snow?” Kurt asked as you began walking cautiously down the stairs, after making it down. 

“Some people make snowmen, some make snow angels and some have snowball fights.” 

“Vhy don’t ve make a znowman. That zeems harmless.” You and Kurt found your own patch of snow and slowly and surely you began to teach and build a snowman. The more Kurt realised that the snow wasn’t going to hurt him as long as Kurt respected it. Everything would be fine. 

After spending time out in the snow everyone began to head inside to dry and warm themselves up. After you dried off and got changed into some comfortable clothes you walked towards the kitchen to show Kurt exactly what special way of warming up meant. Making two steaming ways of hot chocolate you were met with a BAMF and a puff of smoke. Kurt’s arms wrapped around you from behind as he leaned his head on your shoulder. 

“So vhat is this special vay of varming up is?” Kurt asked as he kissed your cheek softy. You took the two mugs and walked away with Kurt following behind you when he noticed you had walked away and into the librabry, Kurt noticed that the fireplace was now lightly lit and a warm plaid blanket laid on the couch just waiting to be used. 

“You know if ve always varm up like this, zhen maybe, zhe snow von’t be so bad afterall.” Putting the cups down on the table you quickly sat on the couch as Kurt joined you on the couch draping the blanket over the pair of you as you laid your head on Kurt’s chest, his tail wrapping itself around your waist. 

“Ya know, I hope that I get to experience many more things vith you because you always find a way to make them special. ich liebe dich, Y/N” You smiled at Kurt’s words before surprising him at what you had been learning 

“Ich liebe dich auch” You replied and Kurt smiled before enjoying the rest of the day with you by his side…


II LOOSEN UP - model: Armando Cabral - photographer: Thomas Goldblum - stylist: Wayner Gross - groomer: Mann Nance - prop stylist: Linda Keil - MAXIM September 2015

  • featured designers: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture - Louis Vuitton - Dunhill - Polo Ralph Lauren - Tommy Hilfiger - Giorgio Armani - Salvatore Ferragamo