the wayan bros

White Chicks

I saw this picture on Facebook laughing at the similarities between the characters in these two images.

and someone commented “ Lol, so when black people dress up as white people is okay, but when white people dress up as black people it’s racist.”

I replied:

“White people dressed up as black people is fine so long as they do not aim to exaggerate black features in a mocking way. It’s not exactly the same, but Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder, may be a character within a character within a film within a film lol but you’ll notice it’s not seen as racist.

However, "black face” is racist because the skin was mocked as being extra dark, the hair was purposefully the worst type of unkept, rough afro hair and the eyes and lips were obviously done in a way to mock one or two stereotypes of black people as well as it was also in a time when many black people weren’t allowed on TV in an appearance they chose for themselves. This in itself makes it unfair and biased because it meant that a stereotype was being pushed with nothing to balance it out and show it doesn’t represent all black people.

In this case, they (The Wayan Bros) are dressed up to look like two socialites with bad attitudes, and they are in no way saying “this is all white people (they are all skinny, superficial and air headed)” they are aiming for one specific joke as well as there are other white counterparts to balance out this tiny picture being painted for one film, on one set of girls (not to incl. the fact that not ALL of the white girls in this film are portrayed in the same way that these two are). Mainly because they are silly socialites, not just because they are white. Despite the film title (mainly to attract attention).

This is just my random opinion,
I know some people do believe that and in some cases it’s said to be true, but in this case it’s a bit different I think.

blessings and peace be with you,
I hope the film (mediocre) and my opinion doesn’t offend you.


I hope my opinion of the film doesn’t offend him… I genuinely do think it’s mediocre :-P


“we’re brothers we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored! give me a high five!” <3 lmfao.

Dear Netflix,

We the Black Community request the following tv shows to be put on Netflix for our viewing pleasure:

Martin (R.I.P Tommy)
Living Single
The Wayans Bros.
The Parkers
The Jamie Foxx Show
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
In the House
Smart Guy
Sister, Sister
Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

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6 Things I Learned Watching Every Wayans Bros Movie In A Day
It's almost one o'clock in the morning. I'm ten movies deep into an 11-movie Wayans Brothers marathon that began at 7:15 a.m. the previous day. I'm tired. I'm angry.

Just like the Internet, Chicken McNuggets, and so many other things that kids these days must think have been around forever, Fox barely existed in 1990, the year In Living Color first aired. And that show pretty much made Fox into a legitimately competitive network.