the way you want to be loved


“Rawr! I am Delirious, the most vicious monster in the whole wide world!” A scrawny man in a blue hoodie spoke. His face was nearly completely hidden by a hockey mask, and he had a machete strapped to one side of his waist. The normally solid forest ground was mushy under his dark blue boots, not that it bothered him nor his partner much.

“Oh yeah? That’s why you haven’t gotten one kill, huh?” Delirious’s “partner in crime”, so to speak, teased the shorter man. The partner, better known as Cartoonz, had skin the color of blood, a missing right eye, and short, dull horns. He had a pair of bat-like wings that currently kept him aloft, dark red claws instead of fingers or toes, and a thin, razor tipped tail that only ever drooped. His clothes were loose, often ripped and dirty.

Neither were good at what they were supposed to be, but neither truly wanted to be.

“Look ‘Toonz, I need a better introduction! The last people we found laughed at me.”

“Yeah, I know. They laughed at me, too- Wait, did you hear that?” Cartoonz’s question was directed at an odd noise. It sounded both familiar, yet very different than any sound they’d heard before.

“I heard that! It sounds human!” Delirious spoke quickly, looking at his best friend. Before the conversation could continue, the mysterious noise squeaked out of a nearby bush.

“It’s coming from here. Stand back, Delirious. I’ll check it out,” Cartoonz whispered as he approached the bush. Moving carefully, he pulled the leaves to the side, revealing two small cloth bundles. He picked the noisier bundle up gently, and cautiously pulled the blanket away from the source of the noise.

“Delirious… Look at this,” Cartoonz’s voice was quiet and shaky now. Delirious crept up to his friend, and confusedly took the small bundle forced into his arms. Cartoonz then picked up the other cloth wrapped thing, and lifted the cloth away from it.

“…What is this thing, ‘Toonz?” Delirious questioned before a happy giggle floated from the bundle.

“I think it’s a little human. What were they called… 'babies’?”

“Makes sense. Hey, this little guy’s pretty cute!” Delirious smiled at the baby in his arms, which stared back at him. The baby had light blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. The other baby in Cartoonz’s arms also had blonde hair, but crisp violet eyes, rather than azure.

“Yeah, they are. Maybe we should ask the Wraith about them. He knows a lot about humans, so he’ll be able to help us take care of them,” Cartoonz offered the idea hesitantly, almost as if he was unsure. The thought that the babies would be abandoned by them was discarded by the pair before they even realized it was an option.

“Or maybe we should ask the Nurse. She should know a lot about humans from taking care of them so long, right?” Delirious pointed out as he began to walk towards a cabin. He and Cartoonz had long ago repurposed the empty house into a comfortable living space, and they both lived there.

“Yeah. Wait, we can’t tell them! If we tell them we’re taking care of humans, they’ll kill them, or they’ll tell the Entity!” Cartoonz realized, panic rushing from his words. The small babe in his arms blinked up at him and smiled, while the other just giggled and grabbed Delirious’s pointer finger.

“Not gonna happen then. Look at these two. We can’t just let them die!” Delirious agreed, allowing the baby to play with his finger until they put it in their mouth. “Ah! No! that can’t be good for you!” He yelped, pulling his finger away as the babies clapped and laughed. Cartoonz couldn’t stop his guffaws at the sight of his best friend waving a finger in front of a happy little baby.

“Well, if we’re going to take care of these two, then we should give them names, right?” The winged man questioned the other. When they finally arrived at the somewhat small log cabin they called home, they pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The living room was comfortably warm, with a pair of couches, a few chairs, and a fireplace that contained a blazing fire. There was a fluffy carpet spread on the floor, meaning no shoes were ever worn about in this room. The kitchen had a tiled floor and a small table with four chairs surrounding it. The counters were clean and the fridge was stocked. Upstairs, there were two bedrooms and a pair of bathrooms.

Delirious kicked off his shoes before stepping into the living room, cradling the child like he had done it before. A broken memory tugged at the back of his mind, but the second he payed attention to it, it was gone. He shook his head to regain focus, then spoke.

“Yeah, they gotta have names. Let’s each name one,” Delirious determined, grinning behind the mask he never took off. He plopped himself down on one of the couches, while Toonz took a seat in an armchair.

“Well, you go first then.”

At Cartoonz’s words, Delirious looked at the blonde babe who had fallen asleep in his arms moments before. “Uh… how about, uh… Wildcat? 'Cause-, 'cause he’s so fierce! Is that a good name?”

“Sounds good enough as a nickname,” Cartoonz shrugged, before turning his attention to the child in his arms who stared up at him with innocent purple eyes. “Well… what do you think of 'Bryce’?”

“Bwyce!” The babe gurgled out, beaming as they tried to say their name. “Bwyce! Bwyce!” Cartoonz felt a flash of an emotion he hadn’t felt in a long time. Pride. He lifted the baby off his lap and up so he could look them in the eyes.

“That’s right. Bryce,” Cartoonz affirmed. Bryce giggled and clapped his hands together, smiling tiredly, before he yawned and fell asleep. Delirious cooed at his partner, who’s face turned another shade darker. After a second of silence, Delirious sat up, seeming to come up with an idea.

“Alright, I’ve got it! How about 'Tyler’? 'Cause it sounds like tiger.”

“You will not let the cat thing go, huh?”

“Shush up! It’s a cool name.”

Cartoonz laughed at Delirious’s indignant response. Before they knew it, both humanoid monsters were yawning and falling asleep themselves.

Countries Reacting to Australia's Emu War
  • England, on the phone: oh Australia, you finally picked up. I'm thinking of having diner with the fam, do you want to come- ... what is that noise??
  • Australia: huh? Oh just a bunch of bloody, motherfucking Emus charging towards my direction to try and kill me the third time~
  • England: ... why?
  • Australia: well, long story short, they were disturbing some people and I'm currently in a war against them.
  • England: ... is that gun noises??
  • Australia: huh? Oh yeah, it is. I was nearly pecked to death, so this war has escalated to death con.3. Oh, by the way, I would love to come for diner! I'll bring you a couple of these bloody, shitty, motherfuckers for diner, if you want~?
  • England: Australia, please!!

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The one ask that was comparing the two stydia kisses was so right! Stiles becomes so calm and just at peace when they kiss. his whole face looks concentrated on the kiss but not because of nerves but cuz he's just like yes this feels so right. And Lydia was so frantic and showing so much more emotion than normal in both of their kisses. She becomes so passionate, a lot more than we've seen when she kisses other guys. She is finally feeling what real love feels like and she can't get enough!

I think you really hit the nail on the head with your last line– figuring out what love feels like, real life, made Lydia incredibly eager to discover it more. She wants it. It’s new and she’s… well… thirsty for it, so to speak. Stiles makes her burst into feeling. 

Whereas Stiles has known what it’s like to love like he’s on fire, so when she kisses him, in a way, he’s experiencing this intense calm of being right, being loved, being satisfied. I think you and nonnie are both right that they have these opposite reactions to each other, but it’s exactly what they need, you know? 

Lydia gets woken up by Stiles after she tried to tuck her feelings in a box for so long. And Stiles, who is always antsy and nervous and moving, just lets his brain shut off and his word slow down. 

My kids. 

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I just wanted to let you know that you and Jaxx are absolutely precious and make me want to be a better girlfriend and supporter of bi people everywhere. But especially for my girlfriend. Because I'm a lesbian but she is bi and I feel like I'm not vocal or aware enough when it comes to biphobia. So thank you for that and your constant funny and good vibes. Love you guys ❤️

Yeah man of course! Support for your SO is so important. Jaxx and I listen to each other’s unique queer experiences that we both have from being different in some deeply rooted ways and we learn from what each other goes through in that regard. That being said there is also so much that we connect w on that we both go through as well and that brings us together too. 🌈✨💖💜💙

Personally I think that part of our relationship is really beautiful and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

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They're running across a sunlit field. Slow motion. The music swells. But then Yuuri trips, right onto Viktor's face. The triplets had tripped him because Phichit was Done™ with the suspense.

They ran across a sunlit field, towards each other, time seeming to slow with each footfall. Wildflowers danced in the breeze, bowing low and then reaching towards the sky as if waving in encouragement.

Yuuri had waited too long to see his prince, who had been gone for weeks making his visits to the outer regions of the kingdom (the baker was dearly beginning to regret that request).

And the prince had longed to return straight into the strong arms of his baker (because who knew that kneading dough daily could give you biceps like that, damn).

Both wanted nothing more than to embrace, full of love and gentleness amongst the flowers of the field, to hold each other tight and warm, in the same way of which they had written to each other in their letters.

They neared, a breath away from touching, and Yuuri’s foot snagged on something.

He fell. Not into the prince’s arms, but onto the prince, clumsy and heavy, knocking them both down to unceremoniously smash flowers underneath.

Much like in the way Yuuri’s face nearly smashed into Victor’s. Yuuri managed to save himself from potential pain by bracing his hands against Victor’s shoulder.

Except his lips braced against Victor’s, their first kiss stolen by the fall.

Yuuri blinked, wide-eyed, in near horror, mouth pressed firm against Victor’s. The prince’s all-too-close expression also twisted in shock, but only for a moment. Because he then threw his arms around Yuuri and proceeded to kiss him breathless amongst the colors of the wildflowers.

“Fucking FINALLY!” Phichit exclaimed, bursting into existence to high-five the triplets that crouched hidden amongst the flowers waving in celebration.

They grinned cheekily, and wound up the rope they’d pulled across the ground to trip Yuuri.

“Eleven fucking chapters of tooth-rotting fluff and no kiss, I was so done with this shit,” Phichit grumbled and then snatched the license which burst forth from the air in a spectacular explosion of glitter.

Like a Fairytale: The Kiss™ Guessing Game

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I totally agree with you when it comes to Irene being gay. She said it herself multiple times. But I do believe that she was in love with Sherlock in some way, or just really liked him and wanted to get closer to him. Again, I totally agree with you, I'm just putting this out there.

“I agree with you, but I don’t agree with you :> just saying”

I’m sorry but truly, am I supposed to care what you think

“This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today”

-  Space Oddity (David Bowie)

“Shepard Commander, what are you listening to?”

There we go again, I commissioned the wonderful and brilliant @kayaczek to draw my beloved Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect video games. I wanted to show her a bit more private in this one, spending some of her rare and dear free hours doing what she loves most - relaxing and listening to music on her ancient music player and headphones. She loves Space Oddity from Bowie and could listen to this masterpiece for hours. She was pictured so perfectly here, I love her face and her eyes, I love the colors and all the perfectly drawn details. Thank you so much @kayaczek, people  run over and commission her! It won’t be the last time for me, since her style fits soooo perfectly for my beloved Blue :) Thanks again!

I never really saw myself loving anyone. I couldn’t even love myself. I never felt connected to anyone, even as I got older, even though I had my fair share of lovers. I just couldn’t find that connection. I felt isolated. I felt like I didn’t belong, and as hard as I tried to get close to someone, I just never could. I wont deny I hurt a few people in the along the way, but I could not, for the life of me feel like I could be with anyone. I felt alone and I just didn’t feel like wasting my time, or anyone else’s anymore. I didn’t want to hurt anyone else, including myself. So I gave up, and for some time I was doing just fine on my own…Then came you. And you flipped my whole world upside down. You taught me how to love in a way I never imagine I was capable of loving. With you I felt a connection, not only with you but I felt connected to everything around me. You gave me a sense of purpose. You made me feel alive. From our random road trips, to a simple night of looking at the stars. Because of you I learned to love the parts of me I hated most, because of you I saw life with color. I hope you never leave, I hope you stay.

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Sad thing is, there's only one neighborhood cat. I'd have tried to befriend them all if there were more. So far, I've left milk out. The cat took a few days to drink it the first time, so I refilled it yesterday and it's just sitting there. I just want it to love me, Ash, what do I d o ?

Adult kitties are actually lactose intolerant, so it’s not really a good idea to be feeding it milk! I’d try buying some treats (inexpensive are fine) and leaving them out on a little plate at night. Or if you see the cat, let it see you put the treats out and then walk away. It might slowly learn that way that you’re trying to feed it and make friends and not want to harm it!

(Or some soft food. Kitties love some good soft food)

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Hi, again I was the nonny that sent you the ask about Jules (Dr. Evil & Forest Gump). I just want to say that I am amazed at how invested in your sims and legacy it really shows in the way you replied to my ask. Evil Toddler Jules tickled my curiosity and I'm defo going to read way back in your legacy, it seems all off your sims have unique personalities and it will be fun reading them all. Hope you have a lovely day <3


You are the sweetest thing ever! Thank you for coming back and for considering checking out my blog! Hopefully you get through the cringey parts okay >_

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Imagen that threw out the game, Henry gets more and more injures. By the end of the game he's dripping with blood, and he knows he isn't going to survive, so in a last ditch effort to help his old pal Bendy... he finds a way to revive Boris, and release him from the table. Just as Boris wakes, Henry falls unconscious. Eventually Bendy finds boris and theirs a loving reunion, he wants to find Henry and thank him but... well, you get the idea. It's then up to Bendy to see if he can save him.


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Rap line and Jungkook reaction to their gf stuffing their bra bc they're insecure about their small chest size? I used to be mocked so the habit stuck I hate going out without stuffing first. Pls and thank you, love you guys!

Rap Monster would attempt to show how much he likes your chest the way it is, that there’s no need to fake it or anything. But if you kept on feeling insecure and would not want to go out without stuffing your bra, he would try to ease you into it as the time goes by. Just for him to be happy that you’re happy the way you are :)

J-Hope would not be very pleased about that, but at the same time you would hear the endless amount of boob jokes from him. Not in the negative way, they’d cheer you up a lot, I’m sure about that ;)

Jungkook and Suga wouldn’t pay much attention to this issue. They would ask you what exactly the problem is that you stuff you bra, because they very much know what’s inside of that bra anyway. If you explained it, they both would just brush it off.  If you feel better after doing that, then good on you!

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Today has just been one of those days. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s really hard.
I’ve had some anonymous messages that have attacked my personal religious beliefs. I’m tired of being attacked for being a Christian. I have done nothing to deserve the things that have been sent to me.
I will no longer be posting the messages that have hate or that I don’t want to get into on my blog. There’s a good chance I’ll take anonymous off if it continues. I can’t take it.
I come on here to escape, to share my writing, and to be with “family.” I don’t come on here to be ridiculed because I believe something different than others. 
For people who talk about love so much, you sure have a funny way of spreading the love.

So, thanks for the spike in my anxiety. 
I’m just gonna go write and listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and the Past Five Years soundtrack. 

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Do you have any suggestions/advice for significant others of those that are transitioning?

Reassure your partner about your attraction to them. They most likely hate their bodies and that is why they want to transition, they need to know that you are supporitive and will love them no matter what happens during the tranisition. Remind them, compliment them, send little reminders their way so they know that you won’t leave. - kyra

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There are some nights that feel like I’m but a lost ship, victim to the currents of your rage. As if at your hand I’d face my end, willingly so for whatever wrong I’ve done unto you. I’d have died for you a thousand times over but there’s some irony in facing the morning light with you still by my side, warm, the true fire of my soul that ignites a want to live if just to see the emotions in you light up for me one more day.

(Pt 2.)To love the force of nature that you are for just another day that you’ll let me I’d fight to stay atop every wave of anger you sent my way. Navigate every whirpool of emotion you couldn’t quite grasp and every rise and fall of your tides to walk the beaches in the soft morning light when everything has calmed and only slight scars of your wrath remain.- Dazai






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your writing is so awesome!! How would revali react to his s/o saying they loved him? And how would he say it back??


-Mod Pinks

Being told I love you for the 1rst time (Revali)

  • Y-you.. what?”
  • It would happen when Revali and s/o were at home, and Revali was being a stubborn butt about getting into so much trouble.
    • Please, you clearly don’t remember who you’re talking to. This is me we’re talking about, I never get hurt-”
    • “ooooh you’re lucky I love you Mr. I-don-t-care-if-I-get-(name)-all-worried-again.”
    • “…Y-you…what?”
  • They honestly hadn’t meant to say it outloud, and they look at him all flustered and nervous because shit, this wasn’t the way they had wanted to tell him.
  • And this was not the way Revali had ever imagined it coming out.
    • He’s absolutely flustered, and tries to regain his cool, unable to look them in the eye
    • I… You’re…You’re lucky that I love you too…”
Just wanted to say a wee Thank you

My 16 days of Outlander Revisited posts featuring Sindy Claire and DDPJamie have received so much appreciation, support, and love over the last few days, that I am quite overwhelmed!

Thank you so much 😊 I’m so glad that I can make you all smile.

I’ve been having so much fun, digging through the back catalogue of Doll Fraser pictures that I have, to create fresh ways of looking at the Season 1 episodes.

And it has inspired me to finish the series. Before Christmas I had managed to cover up to Episode 1.12’s Lallybroch, but now I am determined to complete what I started….

So all new Doll Fraser scenes are coming…..VERY SOON! 😏

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So I was listening to I was feeling down, found a nice witch we're friends (amazing song by the way) and just wanted to know the feeling you got once finally completing that song (or the whole healing ep) and I also wanted to know if you honestly had a story about either the album in and of itself or that song (was feeling down find a nice witch) on why it or they were made. Love the music and you :) P.S was also wondering your favorite music but I got to many questions as is

hey, yes i have a huge story i want to tell, and healing is only a chapter

when i was doing i was feeling down, i was experiencing an episode of derealization and high anxiety, so i don’t remember it well but i didn’t sleep all night because i was happy i made the song

i don’t know if i have a favorite song but flowers ans i was feeling down really mean something for me

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Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and say that I really loved your Sidon/Link fanfics. They were so extremely good! I especially loved how King Dorephan wasn't offended over the fact that Sidon wanted to court him, only that he needed to do it properly. That made me smile so hard.

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! 

The way I figured is King Dorephan:

1) Had a child that suffered in the name of duty, and died for it

2) Doesn’t want his remaining child to suffer in the name of duty

3) Honestly doesn’t care that much. Before the whole Ganon thing, I’d be surprised if there weren’t cross-species couples, especially with how connected the five races seemed to have once been